Empowering Women & Driving Change – Here’s a list of the Top 5 women entrepreneurs in India

Leading Women Entrepreneurs – Empowering Women & Driving Change

New Delhi (India), March 9: Dynamic women from various sectors have challenged gender stereotypes and spearheaded powerful initiatives that benefit society and stakeholders. They have acted as agents of change and made a significant impact. In recognition of these women’s leadership roles in their respective fields, SRV Media, an integrated marketing agency with headquarters in Pune and a presence across India, has curated a list of five remarkable women. These women are determined to ignite a chain reaction of social & economic development through their initiatives.

Sundari Ganapathy, Director of “I Am An Author”

Sundari Ganapathy, a gold medallist from Anna University and M.Tech (IIT Madras), co-founded SpiralUp Solutions in 2010 to provide editorial services to international publishers. In 2020, the global economic downturn led Sundari to question why her company had remained in editing instead of creating books themselves. This sparked the birth of “I Am An Author,” the publishing imprint of Edisun Consulting Services. “I Am An Author” is a self-publishing house providing a platform for first-time independent authors which includes child authors. They have published over 250 English, Tamil, and Hindi books globally, featuring over 200 child authors and 50 debut authors. They believe their books can inspire positive change in the world.

Rea Oberoi – VP Elgin Hotels and Resorts & Writer

Rea Oberoi offers a gateway to the vibrant world of North East India, where she combines the region’s rich cultural heritage with a luxurious retreat amidst the stunning Kanchenjunga mountains. As a seasoned hospitality professional and a native of this land, Rea has an intimate understanding of the local roots, traditions, and diverse communities. This inspired her to write a forthcoming book that illuminates the culture, ancient customs, and origins of the Himalayan people. The book is a distinctive fusion of the luxurious hotel experience and the mystique of the Himalayas. 

Shivangi Ruperee, Technologist & Author

Shivangi Ruperee is a rising star in the technology industry and a celebrated young author. Her debut novel, Through Lemons & Peaches, was launched globally last year and quickly became a bestseller in India, receiving high praise for its representation of contemporary young women’s ambitions and emotions. As a valedictorian since high school, Shivangi has also worked as a radio jockey for a popular FM station in Jaipur. She went on to become an MBA merit holder from SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy, soon after which she won a prestigious Under 30 Industry Award for delivering impactful business outcomes to global corporates. Shivangi inspires young professionals to combine science and creativity to create new opportunities. 

Aanyaa Oberoi – VP Elgin Hotels and Resorts

Aanyaa Oberoi fosters unity and empowerment among women in our industry by advocating for equal employment opportunities and fair compensation. She actively promotes local employment and skill development for women in North East India, Sikkim, West Bengal, and Scotland in the UK. The hospitality industry in India currently has a limited number of female representatives, making it a challenging yet crucial area for growth and advancement. This is the primary motivation behind Aanyaa’s endeavours. As a luxury brand entrepreneur, she propels the Elgin brand forward by introducing innovative marketing strategies and forthcoming projects.

Priyanka Nawani, Director, Flicka Cosmetics

Priyanka Nawani, the founder of Flicka Cosmetics, is a resolute entrepreneur who embodies confidence and determination. While running a business requires a village and years of hard work, Priyanka’s journey demonstrates that it only takes one person to start the journey towards success. Today, with over 300 women employees, she shares some key philosophies that have contributed to her successes, failures, downfalls, and triumphs. Priyanka emphasizes the importance of patience as the biggest ally, valuing people, keeping one foot in reality, holding your values close, and not needing to know everything, is what helped her grow FLiCKA . Her journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the business world.

Throughout history, women have overcome numerous obstacles to achieve success both personally and professionally. SRV Media intends to use this list as a platform to showcase the accomplishments of strong women and to emphasize their impact as trailblazers in their respective industries.

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