Chennai to host biggest pageant for men in India – Rubaru Mr. India this October

Chennai, August 12: The city of Chennai has been chosen to host India’s biggest pageant for men – Rubaru Mr. India in the month of October. The national finals of the prestigious competition will take place on October 5, 2022, at the hotel Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park. Chennai was announced as the host city for this year’s Rubaru Mr. India competition by the vice president of the Rubaru Mr. India organization, Pankaj Kharbanda, in the press conference held on August 12 at Crowne Plaza Adyar Park. It is for the very first time in history that the Southern part of India will host this prominent national event. In the past, states like Maharashtra, Goa and Haryana and the national capital, New Delhi, have hosted this colossal event. Candidates from different states of India will travel to Chennai to compete for the coveted title of Mr. India 2022.

The prestigious event will join hands with Jineshwar Infra Ventures Pvt. Ltd., represented by its director, Pramod Chordia, who will be the event’s associate and investment partner. SNT will be the event’s travel partner and will take care of all the transportation and travel arrangements for the competition. One of the most well-established social media marketing firms,j Social Edge will be the competition’s event and marketing partner. Both the enterprises – Social Edge and SNT, are owned by Sachit Sahoonja.

The event will also be attended by some of the finest and most influential personalities in the fashion and pageant industry. Celebrity choreographer based in Tamil Nadu, Karun Raman, will be the show director for the event, and one of the foremost fashion photographers in the world, Amit Khanna (based in Mumbai), will travel to Chennai as the competition’s official photographer. In addition, ace fashion designer Vishal Thawani from Mumbai will showcase his exquisite collection on the fashion runway during the glitzy evening of the competition.

The event will be covered by the world’s biggest international pageant media house – Missosology (based in the Philippines). India’s first all-male pageants magazine, Imagecity, will be the official magazine partner for the competition. Famous online media enterprise, will be the online media partner of the event, and Aaj Tak News will be the media and news partner for the competition. Along with that, international fashion designer Julius Pegarro Jaguio from the Philippines will also travel to India as a special guest for the competition. At the event, international swimwear brand Pegarro Swim will be officially introduced in India via the Rubaru Mr. India competition. For this year’s edition, the Rubaru Mr. India competition will be joining hands with the Sahodaran NGO to work for various social causes, including supporting the transgender community.

One of the finest hotels in India, the Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park, will serve as the host and hospitality partner for the event. A subsidiary of the IHG Hotels and Resorts, the Crowne Plaza Chennai will welcome some of the most handsome and talented men from all across the nation for this year’s Rubaru Mr. India competition. The hotel, which is in close proximity to numerous cultural attractions, such as Mylapore Temple, Mahabalipuram, and Dakshina Chitra, will be the perfect destination to host such an extravagant national event.


Kiran Hospital announces free organ transplant, and complex illness treatment for 750 children on the occasion of India’s the 75th Independence Day

Surat (Gujarat) [India], August 12: There is a good news for parents of children suffering from complex illnesses that necessitate organ transplantation and congenital birth anomalies. For the first time, Surat-based Kiran Multi Super Speciality Hospital has announced free surgeries and treatment for 750 children under the age of ten to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence—Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

“We wanted to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mohatsav uniquely with our service to the nation and the next generation,” said Shree Mathur Savani, chairman of Kiran Hospital. “The Kiran Hospital’s board of trustees has decided to provide free treatment for complex illnesses and organ transplants to an estimated 750 children under the age of ten from across the country.”

Kiran Hospital has estimated that the treatment of 750 children from across the country will cost Rs 100 crore. Trustees, the majority of whom are from the diamond industry, have decided to contribute to the noble cause as part of the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Mr Savani informed that parents of children with complex illnesses and those in need of organ transplants may register their children with all medical reports within one month, beginning August 12. “We are inviting children from all over the country to register.” To receive the benefits, parents must submit all relevant medical reports for their children.”

Mr Savani, Kiran Hospital is the first in the country to offer free blood to patients admitted to any hospital in south Gujarat.

With this kind of noble cause-driven program, Kiran hospital became centre of excellence in Pediatric surgery field.

Registration can be done on the official website

For more information, contact


Sun Interiors Pune Redefining Interior Designing Solutions for Residential Properties in Pune

August 12:  Pune’s top interior design and architectural firm is redefining the concept of interior design by providing solutions that turn residential spaces into distinct lifestyle destinations.

Sun Interiors Pune, an established and renowned Pune interior design and architecture firm, is now offering high-end solutions to Pune-based residential properties. Sun Interiors, with its team of expert architects & interior designers, has geared up to offer turnkey residential transformations, all provided by one in-house group.

For every new client, Sun guarantees a carefully selected, multi-disciplinary team of professionals and residential architects in Pune who are best qualified to collaborate with clients at the highest levels and help realize their vision. According to CEO Sampat Mhaskethis means working together as part of a team to visualize, design and create trend-setting spaces that make client dreams a reality.

Sun Interiors Pune, with its best practices and creative approach, transforms residential spaces into distinct lifestyle destinations. Their white-glove service methodology built on a traditional model of listening closely to clients, and paying attention to details, sets them apart from their competition.

Their services include concept creation, design development, material sourcing, purchasing, project implementation and logistics, budget management, contractor and subcontractor sourcing, final staging, and styling.

Their team boasts of interior decorators and architects well versed in contemporary, modern and transitional styles and take pride in being the best for setting industry standards. As Sampat Mhaske describes that Sun Interior Pune values the trust that clients have in them and that they go beyond to live up to the expectations that it entails.

Visit for more information:

About Sun Interiors Pune

Sun Interiors Pune has been providing the top luxury interior design and decorating for residential properties for 20 years. Their team is composed of professionals who are best suited for varied needs and tastes. Sun Interiors is also a renowned name in furniture manufacturing, with a specialization in bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and many other items of décor that will leave you spellbound with the aesthetic finish and fresh design. It is their ability to develop accurate project estimates at project inception and work with responsible and trusted contractors, vendors, and other partners to deliver projects on time and within a budget that distinguishes them from the crowd.

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MilesWeb Announces the Biggest Independence Day Sale on Web Hosting

August 12: To commemorate India’s 75th Independence, MilesWeb, a decade-old and foremost Indian-based web hosting provider, has announced the “Big Freedom Sale”, unveiling impressive discounts on top web hosting.

As a part of the company’s big sale, web professionals, business owners, and digital dreamers can save a flat 75% off on web hosting. In addition, the attention-grabbing deal is that customers get a free domain name on the purchase of a web hosting plan.

For example, their basic plans start at Rs.50 per month after a 75% discount, with a free domain. Moreover, web hosting with a free domain is indeed a spectacular offer! With this, the company is also offering great discounts on its range of services, including reseller, VPS, dedicated, WooCommerce, Cloud hosting, & more.

MilesWeb has always strived to provide quality and competitively priced web hosting solutions, and this latest offering signifies the commitment right.

Since its founding in 2012, its organizational goal has remained constant, to follow a customer-driven approach, and meet client’s requirements to the fullest.

Speaking about the special Independence Day offer, a spokesperson at MilesWeb stated, “This Independence day is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to get independent online and succeed! And we’re here to help you on every step of your online journey.”

“With MilesWeb, every customer can experience the industry’s best hosting experience, as they have the right infrastructure partner that helps to skyrocket their business,” he added.

It’s great freedom for customers to save big. MilesWeb hopes customers will take its benefit and meet their digital needs.

With the slashed prices, customers will enjoy 24×7 exceptional customer support and a 99.95% uptime guarantee for match-winning performance.

The sale is live until 20th August. To take advantage of the sale


About MilesWeb

Founded in 2012, MilesWeb is one of India’s prominent and fastest-growing web hosting companies. They take pride in offering high-quality and feature-packed web hosting solutions to small and big businesses alike. MilesWeb has been steadfast in customer satisfaction and thus, has made a track record of serving 40,000+ clients worldwide. The company’s end goal is to deliver the best internet experience.

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Aman Sai Has Created A Unique Name For Himself Among Youngsters With His Crypto Training

August 12: Those youngsters are special who have a clear vision of their future. But exceptional are those who start working towards their goals at an early age. Aman Sai, a digital marketing and crypto expert was in college when he knew his target and started working towards it with full force.

Bhopal-based Aman Sai was in college when he learned about digital marketing, business development, and crypto. Not just that! Once he got the knowledge, he started working on helping others with the same. Today, Aman Sai has become an ideal for the youth of society by gaining the trust of the people and making his own identity.

Before entering any market or industry, one needs to understand it completely. The knowledge of every market comes through deep analysis.  Keeping this in mind, Aman started taking digital marketing experience back in 2012 while studying in college. He also started taking the work of website development, marketing, and business strategy.

Aman initially started freelancing website development and marketing and later he extended his business work under the name Business Blow. With this, he provided services like business marketing, sales, and even business planning. He used to help people start a business in the market, develop their website, do market research and development, marketing and sales module, and let them prepare market projects.

With time, Aman Sai entered the market of crypto as well. It was difficult to help people understand it initially but with its great utility, he was able to do it. Aman started analysing the market more in 2014  and started understanding concepts like crypto transactions, volume, and cryptocurrency mining. Only after doing proper research till 2019, Aman officially started giving training about Crypto Investments to people.

Aman also guides people on Facebook and other social media channels. Due to this, the confidence of the people in him kept on increasing. So far, Aman has helped more than 1500 people understand crypto and how to generate profit in it by doing the right investments.

Aman Sai says that he provides market analysis, shares the right investment strategies, the art of profit booking and risk-taking to the people who get training from him. He has created a community of crypto enthusiasts on social media and as an expert, Aman makes sure people get the best possible knowledge.

“People do not have experience in crypto trading, yet they do trading. Later they have to face financial loss. Therefore, trading should be done only after taking complete information or with an expert,” he says. “It is also important to stay updated about what is going on in the market,” he adds.

Going forward, the goal of Aman is to reach people and increase the community by promoting crypto.

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Shah Keshav Kumar— An ambitious aesthetic creator with mesmeric dreams

Mr. Harshu AKA Shah Keshav Kumar

August 12: Shah Keshav Kumar, also known as Mr. Harshu in his professional life, is a passionate aesthetic creator. Having a keen interest in photography and videography, Mr. Harshu decided to take these as part of his profession. He is also a nature lover as he feels that nature is the healer of all his sorrows, which made him begin his journey as a professional nature photographer.

Born and brought up in Bihar, Shah Keshav Kumar, aka Mr. Harshu, currently resides in Ahmedabad. For most of the month, he stays outdoors for his work. He has travelled to different places, such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, etc., where he has clicked some amazing pictures and shot some mesmerising videos. Mr. Harshu is proficient in using a professional camera; currently, he is using the Apple iPhone 13 for his photography career. Shah Keshav is pursuing a diploma course from AAFT university to fulfil his dream with a vision of becoming a renowned photographer, videographer and VFX editor.

Shah Keshav Kumar, an 18-year-old independent individual, started his journey as a photographer. In the initial stage, he started with his Apple iPhone XR, but Keshav bought an Apple iPhone 13 pro due to certain technical problems. He had also purchased a laptop which he uses for editing purposes. Besides his journey as a photographer, Keshav has a YouTube channel where he shares tutorials for editing photos and videos for people interested in this field. His urge for photography has made him travel to different places, and since then, he started developing an interest in travel vlogging.

Mr. Harshu had gained around 700K followers on TikTok and currently has close to 127K followers on Instagram. Post the ban of Tik-Tok in India and losing his old Instagram account, which amassed 180k followers, Shah Keshav decided to start everything afresh. Keshav has always been a hardcore nature-lover. He says, “Being close to nature has always calmed me down during hard times and has motivated me to fight back the harsh situations that life has in store for me.”

Keshav began his endeavour as a nature photographer by treating nature as a healing power. Earlier because of the financial crisis, Mr. Harshu used to go for wedding photoshoots but slowly, as things became stable, he became a professional nature photographer. Sharing his experience, he says, “Recently, I’ve been to Somnath, Dwarka, Assam, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, and many more places. My motive was to explore all the places close to nature, and my mission was to show everyone how my mother, India, actually looks. I feel that to some extent, my photographic skills could do justice to my dreams.”

Shah Keshav Kumar is a very down-to-earth individual and an intense lover of nature. He believes that nature is the healer of every illness. He feels that when medicines fail to cure a person, the serenity of nature is the best medicine for healing the wound. Mr. Harshu has his website, whereby he uploads all his clicked pictures along with short nature video clips, which are helpful for many people who want to use them for their work. The talented photographer has received numerous positive responses from different people, and there has been an increased demand for his captured photos. So, Keshav opens his telegram page, whereby he uploads the shot and edited clips on nature. A videographer by passion, but a nature lover and photographer by heart, Shah Keshav Kumar, also known as Mr. Harshu, is a proud self-independent aesthetic creator.

To know more about Shah Keshav Kumar, aka Mr. Harshu, please visit:

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75 innovations in 5 years, Jogani Group’s commitment on 75th Independence Day

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 12: Jogani Group, a diversified conglomerate and a pioneer in all types of reinforcement fibres and fabrics, is celebrating the upcoming 75th Independence Day in a novel way by committing to 75 innovations in the next five years.

Jogani Group is engaged in the trading, import, and export of technical textiles, engineering fibres, basalt fibres, PVA fibres, green fibres, plaster mesh, and engineering fabrics and other reinforcement products for building, infrastructure and other industries.

“The 75th Independence Day is a big milestone in the proud history of our country, and this reflects in the manner in which the whole country is taking part in the celebrations of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. At Jogani Group, we are committed to helping a New India and are proud to announce our commitment to 75 innovative solutions for the reinforcement industry in the next five years. We are confident that our innovations and solutions will contribute to the durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly growth of the building and infrastructure sectors,” said Mahesh Kumar, Director of Jogani Group.

The team at Jogani Group has already started working with greater zeal to come up with greener and smarter solutions for industrial reinforcement and crack reduction, playing its part in nation-building and taking the Indian economy to new heights of growth.

For more than 17 years, Jogani Group has been providing reinforcement and crack reduction products, solutions and technologies to all types of infrastructure and building projects. Its engineering fibres, engineering fabrics and other reinforcement and crack control products are proven solutions to reduce cracks and improve durability and service life of construction and infrastructure industries.

Jogani Group has received a number of awards and recognition in this long journey and associated with the Federation of Indian Export Organisations, Indian Merchants’ Chamber, India Chapter of American Concrete Institute, Indian Society of Structural Engineers, and various prestigious national and international bodies.

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ITM Institute of Health Sciences Organized an Educational Seminar Highlighting the Sea of Opportunities in the Paramedical Sector

New Delhi (India), August 12: ITM Institute of Health Sciences, a Navi Mumbai-based leading educational institute, hosted an educational and engaging seminar on the 23rd and 24th of July at Panvel and Thane. The seminar was organized focusing on aspiring youths who want to secure a career in the paramedical sector.

Reputed speakers from the medical fraternity, Dr. Vidyashankar, Dr. Sujatha Arun, Dr. Dhiren Kalawadia, and Dr. Rakesh Shah, interacted with, guided and counseled 200+ students on this occasion. Students learned about the infinite opportunities and possibilities emerging within the futuristic paramedical industry. The speakers enlightened the young aspirants about the field of Optometry and Medical Lab technicians. They spoke about the fast-growing career opportunities in the paramedical field. They shed light on the scale of employment ventures and reputed careers based on their wisdom and self-experience.

ITM Institute of Health Sciences is a part of the ITM Group of Institutions. ITM Group has been committed to delivering value-focused education leading to positive and life-changing outcomes for more than 30 years.

ITM IHS is recognized as a center of excellence for studying health science. It offers a wide range of industry-oriented health sciences courses such as Bachelor of Optometry, B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology, and Masters of Optometry. Since its inception, the institution has been creating a roadmap to help its students secure a booming career in the paramedical field.

The institute assists students in developing productive professional partnerships with expert healthcare team members to acquire, evaluate, and communicate information efficiently. The industry leaders design its courses to help students identify and manage illness and maintain health in patients. Moreover, the ITM Institute of Health Sciences aims to redefine the healthcare sector by producing reliable and competent healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the institute boasts a 100% placement record for over 10 years.

The latest event was attended by respected dignitaries who graced and uplifted the value of the event. Among the present guests were honorable Dr. Sankalp Rao (Deputy Director, ITM Group of Institutions), Prof. RSS Mani (VP, ITM Group of Institutions and Immediate Past President, BMA), and Mr. Santosh Kargutkar (General Manager, ITM Group of Institutions). The event turned out to be a grand success because of their presence. ITM Institute of Health Sciences welcomes aspiring students who want to carve a career in the healthcare space by being a part of a top-end paramedical institution.

For more information on the same,visit their website or contact them at   76663 71147.

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Promoters of Amar Ujala and Shanti Group launch Sigurd Ventures to promote tech enabled startups solving real life problems

New Delhi (India), August 12: Promoters of Amar Ujala and Shanti Group recently launched Sigurd Ventures to promote startups with scalable solutions that have a large impact. Sigurd, which means “Victory”, has been launched to scale the adoption of high-impact solutions with wide applications and help Startups to be victorious in their business journey.

Sigurd focuses on a holistic approach to grow and nurture new business ideas. New entrepreneurs who struggle with the concept of management will be given an ecosystem for growth that helps them to focus on Market and Sales Strategy, Execution of Business Model, Partnerships and Influencer Connect, Additional Fundraising, Team Building, Advertising, Marketing, PR and Content Creation, Finance and Legal and many other necessities and requirements.

Sigurd is focused on helping the startups in several key areas where they face challenges today in addition to funding. For example, the high customer acquisition cost, Market insights from the hinterland of the country, Market strategy for a long term business, Connects with the relevant people or organisations which have complementary businesses – these are elements that can be the difference between victory and defeat in the marketplaces. Sigurd with the unique strengths of its promoters brings all this to tha table to provide a strong accelerator platform to the startups.

Amar Ujala’s wide presence across the hinterland of India and at the highest echelons of India Inc helps startups find insights into their customer base wherever they are. Access to resources and the readers of Amar Ujala’s 4 million users ensures visibility for the startups and reduces the customer acquisition costs that are almost always the biggest expense of any startup.

The network that startups and new businesses will get through Amar Ujala and Shanti Group will include mentors, industry stalwarts, celebrities, etc. Once Sigurd decides to support a startup, all these will help them chart their growth plans. Startups will not only be funded but also be able to collaborate and partner for investment opportunities, get new insights about their audiences,  and interact with experts in their respective domains. Sigurd expects to nurture organisations with sustainable business models that will continue to impact society for over 40-50 years and more.

Sigurd is a collaborative, long-term accelerator for growth, helping Startups in the areas of their biggest challenges – customer acquisition. Helping them on their path to ‘Victory’.

Founders Tanmay Maheshwari and Harshit Agrawal bring with them a diversified experience and have an extensive experience in the startup ecosystem with personal investments in trailblazing startups such as Bharat Pe, Shiprocket, Clear Dekho, PeeSafe etc. Marketing and promotional tieups, unicorns and trusted brands such as Amazon, byju’s, unacademy, Big Basket, present many opportunities to the Startups associated with Sigurd.

On the occasion of the launch, Tanmay Maheshwari, Founding Partner, said, “Indian startups scenario is rapidly changing. We launched Sigurd to nurture innovation and new ideas that will deeply influence our lives. The accelerator seeks to support startups creating out-of-the-box solutions in their respective business domains. Our support is much beyond funding alone. Our biggest asset is the access to 4 mn daily users accessing Amar Ujala Content.”

On the occasion of the launch, Harshit Agarwal, Founding Partner, added, “Funding is pivotal for new businesses. However, we believe that startups need more than that. Sigurd is an accelerator launched to provide an ecosystem for startups to help them scale up their business. Our networks and connects in India Inc. have created an ecosystem for rapid scale. Our focus is to encourage startups creating innovative products and solving real-life problems at scale.”

Among the first investments made include an undisclosed amount in, a Web3 Fintech company, which aims to bring futuristic solutions to the masses. The brainchild of entrepreneurs Vikas Singh, Abhishek Kumar Gupta, and Mohammed Sirajuddin, Bliv.Club was launched in 2021. In 2022, the NFT market size reached $45 billion, indicating a significant rise compared to the market size of $100 million in 2020. Bliv.Club will collaborate with many NFT Marketplaces. It is a platform that will ensure the masses can participate in the NFT space by simplifying the entry barrier and facilitating liquidity into the NFT ecosystem via derivatives. It will launch the first sports city in the Metaverse in collaboration with renowned cricketer Shikhar Dhwan. Bliv.Club will work on constructing a seamless, high-tech platform that is simple to use and thus support a typical individual in coming into the retail house in Web3.

Sigurd Ventures ( is an accelerator backing tech enabled startups solving real life problems. Providing a platform for innovation and scale. Promoted by Amar Ujala and Shanti Group, Sigurd is leveraging its wide network of mentors and influencers to help startups scale up their business and accelerate growth. The company aims to provide an ecosystem for businesses to grow, enabling startups to scale through capital, domain knowledge, network. Strong promoters, Partners, team and advisors. Sigurd is focused on identifying and encouraging startups that are solving real-life problems and have a global play field.

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Vatsyayan plus clinically approved Herbal Power Supplement

August 12: Vatsyayanplus is glad to announce today the re-launch of its more improved and clinically approved herbal power enhancement capsule for men. Our herbal power enhancement for men is clinically approved by prestigious Government hospitals and approved by the Ministry of Aayush.

Great sex is a prerequisite to having a great relationship. It is a vital key that upholds relationships. But more often than none, many men experience difficulties in their relationship because they cannot sufficiently please their spouse, or they are not sexually compatible. Additionally, sex has a significant impact on one’s general wellbeing.

So, if you are experiencing low drive and energy levels, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, or premature ejaculations, you don’t have to suffer or deprive yourself of the virtues and benefits sex holds.

A man’s mental health may suffer greatly if he is unable to enjoy sex or please his wife. Different sex enhancement pills can adequately procure a solution to this challenge. However, not all the supplements are effective enough, as claimed by the companies that produced them.

As a result of this, we came up with a powerful male supplement in 2013 to bridge the gap between men looking for effective sex enhancement pills and the producer.  Our herbal power enhancement capsule for men delivers the utmost result. It helps men to satisfy their partners, thereby enhancing the bond within their circle. Vatsyayan plus is clinically approved by the Ministry of Aayush and is tested at KLE University, Belgaum — a leading super-speciality hospital situated in Karnataka. The test results proved Vatsyayan plus to be beneficial in increasing Testosterone, Sperm count, Sperm Motility, Erectile Dysfunction, and Premature Ejaculation.

We bring уоu ѕресiаllу curated eco-friendly natural-based products. We strive to mаkе high quality and Ayurveda-based products readily аvаilаblе, аnd affordable fоr consumers fаr аnd wide. We want these products to deliver unrivalled satisfaction that exceeds the expectations and demands of our consumers.

The product is made using formulas thаt rеѕресt nature, which рrоvidеѕ уоu with a sensorial experience unique in оur оwn way. Our standards fоr our herbal power enhancement capsule for men аrе thе highеѕt in thе world rеgаrding thе uѕе оf natural ingredients. Experience the ultimate sex indulgence through a natural enhancement pill made out of nature.

Explore оur ѕitе аnd уоu will find mаnу uѕеful articles аnd tips put together bу оur professional staff tо hеlр уоu maintain аnd improve уоur wellness, and health by being sexually active as well as enjoy your sex life with your partner. We offer quality support and are always enthusiastic about helping men cope with the difficulties of enjoying their sex life.

Always have it at the back of your mind that our herbal power enhancement capsule for men contains all-natural and herbal ingredients that will enhance your sex drive to release enormous amounts of sexual energy and stamina. With your libido activated and recharged, you will last longer with firmer erections. You will have improved semen quality, quantity, and mobility too.

Wе hоре уоu enjoy what our herbal power enhancement capsule for man offers аnd tаkе the advantage and other products available on our site that will hеlр уоu live уоur healthiest аnd contribute tо thе health оf thоѕе уоu love.

If wе саn assist уоu in аnу way, рlеаѕе dо nоt hesitate tо contact оur customer service department. Wе аrе happy tо answer уоur questions оr offer guidance in уоur pursuit оf enjoying your sex life.

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