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Young Socio economic sensation Khanak Hajela’s endeavour for a delightful and a Better India

Indore, Madhya Pradesh [India] : It is not fortune and riches that one requires to lend help and pursue charity, but it is rather thoughtfulness and compassion towards fellow human beings that makes one person reach out to others. A thirteen-year-young girl from Indore, M.P. is one of the best examples of the 21st century to help humanity understand the same. Khanak Hajela, a 8th grade student from The Delhi Public School Indore, is creating ripples with her thought process and efforts to make this world a beautiful place to live in. This young girl has broken all the stereotypes and thinking of how people should consider charity and humankind once they are well-settled & mature enough to understand the needs & that is  not  enough for her, as she  is also presenting a self-sustained model for the implementation of her plans thru the substantiation  of her  innovative & unique social channel “GupShup with Khanak” – A YouTube channel on financial literacy taking India’s giant financial inclusion program  to the grass root level.

Khanak Hajela is one of the youngest socio-economic activist, who wants to  change the world,  the way  it  thinks. What makes her approach unique and different from most of the NGOs and social workers out there is her mission to “delight” as she  thinks that “In being Happy” and “In being  Delighted”  has  an intrinsic difference in it. Happy humans can perform and can give the best but a delighted person can add a Tint ( or Tadka) of freshness and creativity to the same activity  and  can do the  things with a difference. The  fact that many of the NGOs  and social groups helps the underprivileged  section of the society by providing things that are just needed or are in surplus or not in use & old, but  Khanak who is participating in such events  since  her childhood always has a pink balloon questions – They are getting the  things what is been  provided …. But are they Happy and delighted ….. do they  have  a right  to choose ?- “ Mera wala pink”

She feels “Yes”  they have a right to choose, they should  get the  things of  their own choice. She believes that  it is there right “to be delighted” as in absence of delightfulness, The creativity, passion and art in them  may  be suppressed at a very nascent stage.

Inception – Story behind the Initiative

It all started a few years back when young Khanak was at a donation drive, where toys and bags were being distributed at a local orphanage. She saw the expressions of a little girl in the queue, who wanted a pink bag and knew they would end by the time it is her turn to receive. The fact that she will receive a yellow bag surely made her happy, but receiving the desired pink bag would have made her delighted instead. This made Khanak wonder about the difference between the state of being happy and delighted, and how being delighted would change the world into a beautiful place. Understanding it, Khanak decided to spread delightfulness, not merely happiness in the world.

This incident changed her life and thought process, where she believes that everybody has a right to choose, and receiving things of choice will make underprivileged people delighted.

Flutters of the Tiny Wings

“When I started towards my destination, I was all alone in my efforts,
but as I made progress, others came forward and joined me and we became a force to reckon with.”
– Majrooh Sultanpuri

Starting in the year 2018, Khanak began the journey of her vision and soon enough her noble efforts started getting noticed by many. She conceived and implemented  her  idea  through an  annual fund raising event “Prayas… Ek Nanhi Pehal”.

Watching her dedication to serve the masses and bring a positive change to society, her Dance Guru  and winner of India’s Got Talent season 5 , Guru Maa Dr. Ragini Makkhar ji , joined the noble cause to support “Prayas…. Ek Nanhi Pehal“  through her dance school – Naadyog. Moving ahead, Khanak’s school ….The Delhi Public School, Indore came in to join and support the campaign for helping the underprivileged. Principal Sir Mr. Ajay K. Sharma ji always motivated Khanak through his special mentions about her drive on various Public & private Platforms .To support the drive, Her family and friends formed an NGO “Anandam.. Team to Delight”.

In 2019 this tiny step helped few of less fortunate Children with 200Kgs of branded milk powder -Cerolac, Tuition fees for few , 400 study material kits, medical equipments like Nebulisers, Sterilisers etc  for old aged, medicines,  clothes, daily use items of  their  choice.

Today, The NGO Anandam is supported by many organizations including NICT Technologies and Rusan Pharma Ltd., enabling it to function freely and to help the less fortunate to the maximum extent and shift them towards the  top  of  the pyramid.

When the fluttering of  her  tiny  wings  are  just set  for a zooming flight, it got hit  by the pestilence of Covid 19 , where the world got locked up, She denied to bow down and says that  it is  a lock down Not a shutdown and moved on with her efforts thru a new innovation – GupShup with Khanak– A  weekly you tube Series with 2-3 minutes  episodes covering the most uncommon information of Common things.

Looking to the significance of Inclusive Society, This 13 years young girl, while working with abandoned children synergised her efforts towards the inclusive growth realizing the  pain  of non-inclusiveness of the society at such a young age realizing the pain of non-inclusiveness & being deprived.

In the time when  the world stopped, she Stood up and used the Social media as a tool to  play her role through financial literacy program as a part of  India’s world  largest  financial  inclusion program- Jan Dhan Yojana,  in about 32 non-stop episodes covering various topics, ranging from Currencies and Money, Origin of Banking and Banking  operations, Online payment  methods like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI, Understanding of swadeshi. Her dared effort  also made her channel as a prospective candidate for world record on the youngest person to release a non-stop financial literacy series at this young age.

Story till the date

It is an interesting take that a young girl has helped the world to understand that donation is not about dumping unwanted things or buying items in bulk to distribute. It is about understanding that they also have a choice and when that choice is fulfilled, the delighted mind can help them grow better and make a stronger society.

Khanak has been instrumental during the pandemic by arranging and distributing ration, medical kits and PPE kits throughout the lockdown to people and health workers. Her annual fundraising event – Prayas, planned in June this year got cancelled due to the corona outbreak, but she is determined to her cause and created a parallel online platform and also plan it on an even bigger scale in the next year.

Currently, she is working towards arranging 20,000 Litres of milk powder for infants and kids under 6 in orphanages, so that they do not have to deal with hunger. Further, she is collecting study material for kids, in order to provide quality education and build a stronger future. For medical necessities, she is arranging first aid kits and medicines for kids as well.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, Khanak aims at creating a system where all the orphanages and old age homes of Indore and then nationwide have a sufficient support, so that the residents have the freedom to choose and are not dependent on unwanted donations anymore. For achieving it, Anandam is working towards the creation of special vouchers that can be donated and redeemed by the people to get the things of their choice at no cost at all. Khanak is actively working for creating tie-ups with major stores in the city and online for accepting the vouchers.

It is a sign of relief and treat to eye to see such a young blood working towards the betterment of society and creating a better and informed Society. Khanak being one of the trailblazers in the field, India surely has a brighter tomorrow with satisfied people and delighted souls.



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Ride for Gujarat Pride:  Jagdish Italiya along with Dr Dharmesh Balar completed  1600 kms  Cycling in 5 days all around Gujarat

While we were busy celebrating Diwali, one Surti named Jagdish Italiya toured Gujarat on a bicycle.

Surat, Gujarat [India] : Diwali is the biggest and most celebrated festival of Hindus and New Year is very important festival for Gujaratis. While most of us were engrossed in Diwali celebrations,  a well-known Surti by the name Jagdish Italiya rode day and night through Gujarat on a bicycle. The bicycle tour was organized with the aim of enhancing the pride of Gujarat and promoting cycling in Gujarati community. Jagdish Italiya successfully completed the cycling tour of 1600 kms which is called Ultra Cycling Tour in the world of cycling. After successful completion of the tour, Jagdish Italiya’s first reaction was that once a Gujarati makes up his mind about something, than nothing can be impossible for him. Jagdish appreciates the immense support provided by Dr. Dharmesh Balar, his cycling companion who stood like a rock with him during the entire cycle tour.  He further added that a cyclist’s job is to keep cycling for 20-21 hours a day while his support crew members line up all the other things like route, rest, stretching, food intake etc.

Our forefathers used to say that the harder the journey, the more fruitful is the outcome. Another saying goes that in order to achieve something, we have to sacrifice something. Both Jagdish Italiya and Dr. Dharmesh Balar proved these sayings with their Ultra Cycling Tour. In the festival of Diwali, when you get a break from your professional life and wish to enjoy moments of leisure with your loved ones, it takes courage to make good use of this time for social cause. Indeed Jagdish Italiya and Dr. Dharmesh Baler have shown tremendous courage to sacrifice their Diwali break and go on a cycling tour.

Jagdish Italiya started Garvi Gujarat Cycle Tour with his friend Dr. Dharmesh Balar from his residence at Piplod in Surat at 9.30 pm on November 12 on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras. Their cycling tour route was from Surat to Bhavnagar and from Bhavnagar to the entire coastal region of Saurashtra, Diu, Somnath, Porbandar, Dwarka, Jamnagar, Rajkot and again from there to Surat. This was a very challenging tour because 20 to 21 hours out of 24 hours were spent in cycling, without caring about day or night. The mere thought of so many hours of cycling would give goosebumps to anyone, yet Jagdish Italiya was adamant that he would complete the Garvi Gujarat cycle tour in 5 days at any cost. After completing their mission of cycling 1600 running kms in 5 days, Jagdish Italiya along with his cycling partner Dr. Dharmesh Balar returned successfully at 6.30 pm on November 17 and were given a warm welcome by their friends and families.

In a media briefing after returning to Surat, Jagdish Italiya said that ‘in the Garvi Gujarat Cycling Tour, we completed an average of 300-350 running kms per day. This was a kind of Supportive Cycling Tour, wherein 2 crews with 3 members in each supported us during our entire cycling journey. The crew members played different roles in the 12-12 hour shifts. The two crew also worked to provide protection against the movement of other vehicles by staying behind us on the highway at night and also looked after our water and food provision during the journey.’

Bhavnagar, which was the most difficult route, extended the tour by one day.

When asked which was the hardest part during cycling, Jagdish Italiya said that the real problem was when he approached Bhavnagar. The bicycles they had were kind of a road bike which could run properly only on the good quality roads. Due to the poor condition of the roads from Bhavnagar to Mahuva, Talaja, Rajula we had to face a lot of problems while cycling in these areas, especially at night. So our plan to complete it in four days got delayed by a day and finally we completed the Garvi Gujarat Tour in five days.

They had a thrilling time while cycling through the Gir Jungle.

Jagdish Italiya said he was passing through some parts of the Gir forest on the Diu-Somnath route from Rajula at night. Every 300 meters they encountered a board stating that they were passing through the territory of the lions. They even spotted foxes and snakes on this route from Gir. Crossing a jungle like Gir at midnight on cycle sure gave them a very hair-raising experience, one which they will cherish forever.

There was a tremendous response from music lovers also along the way.

Jagdish Italiya himself is a good singer, and he has recently launched a Gujarati bhajan album called Ram Sabha. That’s why many music lovers in his circle came forward to greet him throughout the cycling route. He was overwhelmed by the surprise visit from Hardik Dave and world famous Gujarati singer Praful Dave who came to meet them in Madhavpur, just before Porbandar. Many local cycling groups also cycled together at different places in Porbandar, Jamnagar and Rajkot and inspired and motivated them during the tour.

They are grateful to everyone for their love and support throughout the cycle ride and after the ride. They are amazed by the wonderful hospitality from the people in Gujarat and hope they can inspire many others in the state to do cycling.

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Croma’s Navsari outlet honours Jamsetji Tata through a unique portrait made from E-waste

Surat, Gujarat [India] : IDT’s 1st year fashion design students got the opportunity from Croma, India’s first omni channel electronics retailer from the Tata Group, to come together and work on a unique portrait of the founder of the Tata Group, Mr. Jamsetji Tata made using components of E-waste, at its newly opened outlet at Navsari, Gujarat. The portrait has been created to honour the founding father of the Tata Group at his birthplace and the location of the newly opened outlet at Navsari.

Under the mentorship of IDT’s faculty Ms. Aarushi Upreti, this unique piece of art has been crafted skilfully with the intelligent use of dysfunctional electronic components ranging from the use of wires for the embroidery, capacitors as ornaments, keyboard keys for eyebrows, camera lenses in the place of eyes etc.

Mr. Anupam Goyal, Director IDT said, “Art can be made from anything as long as one is willing to try. Our students got a great opportunity to delve into their potential and work on this marvellous design”

Croma has always been at the forefront of helping customers buy, for Croma now, the calling was to do a little more, not just for the customers but also for the environment, and that’s how Croma’s e-waste Programme; ‘E-Ware’ came into existence. This programme, promotes safe and responsible e-waste collection and disposal without harming the environment. That’s not all, for every e-waste that is collected, Croma also plants a live tree in the customer’s name for it.

Speaking of the portrait, Mr. Ritesh Ghosal, CMO, Croma said, “With our 176th outlet opening in Navsari, the birthplace of Mr. Jamsetji Tata, we wanted to do something special, but also unique. Responsible consumption is one of key brand pillars, and when this opportunity presented itself, we felt it was the right way to honour the contribution of our founding father. I would like to thank the Institute of Design & Technology, for putting this beautiful piece of art together’’

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Kingston Partners with CSDin APAC to Unleash the Power of Memories

Face Mask Design Competition Awards Prizes WorthUp to USD $14,400.

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Moving forward its vision of preserving memories, Kingston Technology, a world leader of memory products and technology solutions, today announced a creative alliance with CSD, a leading brand of facemasks, to kickstart a one of a kind initiative, Kingston x CSD APAC Mask Design Competition, centered around the theme of ‘There’s Strength in Memory.’Kingston and CSD call upon all creative minds across markets to unleash the power of memories, a new initiative aimed at inspiring people to come up with compelling designs for face masks based on their enchanting memories and life experiences. The winners of the competition stand a chance to win exciting prizes worth up to USD $14,400.

A collaboration echoing the singular vision‘There’s Strength in Memory’

 Kingston and CSD have worked for many yearscreating quality products that are a part of everyone’s daily life. The partnership comes out of a shared visionas both companies believe that during thisunfortunate, unprecedented time, our memories have the power to hold us together and give us immense strength like nothing else.

Commenting on the unique partnership,Kevin Wu, sales/marketing and business development Vice President of APAC region, Kingston, said, “We at Kingston believe that our memories connect us to our inner strengths. For over 30 years, we have worked consistently to empower our customers to create, manage and preserve their digital content on the move, with best-in-class products. Through our partnership with CSD, we are thrilled to announce the Kingston x CSD APAC Mask Design Competition to capture the most enthralling memories on face masks. We expect that this initiative will certainly motivate consumers to come up with something unique for the rest of the world in the form of beautiful face masks. Our partnership with CSD will help us turn a new leaf in our journey to bring people closer to their memories which they really love; and, to embody that Kingston is with you during these life moments.’’

Commenting on the competition,Jonathan Chang, COO of CSD, said, “In the past decade, CSD has been looking at the consumer healthcare sector with a new perspective—changing the monochromatic impression of the consumer healthcare sector by injecting lifestyle and designer elements into it. With over 70 years of the medical industry experience and 5 years of reinventing the concept of what a face mask is, we have successfully invented a series of face masks that not only provides protection for your health, but also acts as a statement of personal style. The Kingston x CSD APAC Mask Design Competition is another step towards reinventing the concept of what an everyday item can be; creating something unique and personal through a collaborationwith our consumers, as they turn their individual memories into a fashion statement.”

An opportunity of a lifetime– ‘Kingston x CSD APAC Mask Design Competition’ 

All the creative folks across markets should not miss the chance to win prizes worth up to USD $14,400.consisting of cash prizes, Kingston products, self-designed face masks, trophies and certificates.Depending on the categories, the artwork submitted by the participants will be judged based on two criteria. First, 3 Colors Creativity, which emphasizes creative interpretation of the theme and quality of artistic composition allowing up to three colors. Second, Unlimited Colors, which underscores the use of colors and overall impression of the art as well as allows color gradients.

 Timeline and Awards:

  • Submission of artworks/design: November 24,2020- December 24,2020
  • Announcement of results: February 9, 2021
  • Fan Favorite Awards: Top five winners per category will receive a product package from Kingston & CSD (market price approx. 300 USD).And will be ranked based on the number of likes on the designs. Onlinevotingstarts on November 24 and ends on December 27, 2020. The results will be announced on January 6, 2021.
  • Best Design Awards: Separated to
    • Grand Prize: The winner of each contest will receive a 5,000USD cash prizes, a custom-made face mask of 50 pieces and a trophy.
    • Consolation prize: 2nd – 5th of each contest category will receive a 300USD cash prize, a custom-made face mask of 50 pieces and a trophy.
  • Special Awards: The finalists for brand selection will receive a 1,000USD cash prize and a custom-made mask of 20 pieces.

Jury members will announce thefinalists on January 27, 2021, followed by online voting from January 27 to February 7. Winners will be announced on February 9, 2021.

The competition is open to residentsinAPAC such asTaiwan, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Audience can vote for their favorite designs every day, hence, don’t miss the golden opportunity to submit your design early in order to get maximum likes from the audience and win exciting prizes.

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LANXESS again achieves top positions in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : LANXESS’ commitment to greater sustainability is again paying off in fiscal 2020: The specialty chemicals company is at the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Europe in the “Chemicals” category, as it was last year, and improved to second place in the DJSI World. LANXESS is thus included in the DJSI Europe for the fourth consecutive year and in the DJSI World for the tenth consecutive year. The company achieved particularly good results in the areas climate strategy, human rights as well as management of water-related risks.

“Sustainability has long been firmly anchored in our corporate strategy and we are constantly working to sharpen our ESG profile.
We are therefore pleased that our efforts have been particularly recognized this year,” said Matthias Zachert, Chairman of the Board of Management of LANXESS AG. “Also on the capital market, sustainable criteria are now at the top of the priority list.”

For the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices financially relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are evaluated once a year. Only the best 10 percent of the global companies analyzed in each sector are included in the DJSI World, while the best 20 percent of companies headquartered in Europe are included in the DJSI Europe.

Sustainability rating agencies upgrade LANXESS

In addition, the rating agencies ISS and MSCI, which specialize in sustainability, have upgraded LANXESS in their renowned ESG ratings.
ISS-ESG has upgraded LANXESS this year by two notches from C to B-. The specialty chemicals company also received “prime” status for the first time, placing it among the top 8 percent of the 170 companies listed in the “Chemicals” sector. ISS-ESG evaluates more than 100 industry-specific indicators. LANXESS scored particularly well in the areas of environmental management, corporate governance and business ethics as well as eco-efficiency.

MSCI ESG Research has also upgraded the rating for LANXESS from BBB to A. The climate strategy, the well-formulated principles of corporate governance and the robust efforts in the area of chemical safety have led to the improvement. The MSCI rating shows how resilient a company is to long-term, financially relevant ESG risks.

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 6.8 billion in 2019. The company currently has about 14,400 employees in 33 countries. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. LANXESS is listed in the leading sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World and Europe) and FTSE4Good.

India, November 17, 2020

Forward-Looking Statements
This company release contains certain forward-looking statements, including assumptions, opinions, expectations and views of the company or cited from third party sources. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could cause the actual results, financial position, development or performance of LANXESS AG to differ materially from the estimations expressed or implied herein. LANXESS AG does not guarantee that the assumptions underlying such forward-looking statements are free from errors, nor does it accept any responsibility for the future accuracy of the opinions expressed in this presentation or the actual occurrence of the forecast developments. No representation or warranty (expressed or implied) is made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, any information, estimates, targets and opinions contained herein, and no liability whatsoever is accepted as to any errors, omissions or misstatements contained herein, and accordingly, no representative of LANXESS AG or any of its affiliated companies or any of such person’s officers, directors or employees accepts any liability whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the use of this document.

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The Public Relations Society of India congratulates union Education Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal “ Nishank” on receiving the International “ Vatayan Award”

Dr. Nishank brings another honor for the country with his Literary Contributions

Delhi [India] : Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ who brought a revolutionary New Education Policy to India has also made the country proud with the international recognition of his literary writings. The award was presented to him by the prestigious organisations ‘Vatayan’ and ‘Vaishvik Hindi Parivar’ at a virtual celebration in London in presence of top literary luminaries. Dr. Nishank has authored more than 75 books in Hindi which have been translated in various Indian languages. He has been honored in more than 15 countries for his literary contributions.

Public Relations Society of India, National body of the Public Relations and communication professionals congratulated Dr. Nishank on this great honor. Congratulating Dr. Nishank, National President Dr. Ajit Pathak said, “his literary expressions depict pain of a poor boy from hills who acquired his education walking 9 kms daily, became a teacher and understood the miseries of the society. His concern for the poor appreciation of the need for education , opportunities for people and social scientist approach took him to the position of the Cabinet Minister and Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and finally to the position of the Union Education Minister”, added Dr. Ajit Pathak.

Dr. Nishank dedicated this award to the youth of India who are engaged with dedication to once again make India, the world leader. Speaking on the occasion he said that I always wanted to see every young man and women with a meaningful job opportunity and the New Education Policy gave me an opportunity to contribute my bit for the cause.The NEP will empower with options , opportunities and skills to the youth of the country to build new India, added Dr. Nishank.India has the largest population of youth in the world and I want to see every youth decorated with good education, skills and respect for Indian values and culture, said Dr. Nishank.

Dr. Nishank complimented Vatayan and Vaisvail Hindi Parivar for their sustained contributions to popularize Hindi. Hindi reflects our thoughts, values and culture and has the potential to lead the world, he said.

Amit Pokhriyal, chairman Public Relations society of India, Dehradun chapter along with A.N. Tripathy, Vice Chairman, Anil Sati, Secretary, Suresh Bhatt, Treasurer, Akash Sharma Executive member and whole of PRSI family also congratulated Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ for the prestigious ‘vatayan international summit award’. Amit Pokhriyal said that we are feeling proud and honoured as Dr. Nishank comes from Uttarakhand. Amit Pokhriyal told Public Relations Society of India, is serving the profession for over six decades, launched the“ Vijayi Bharat Abhiyan “ in July,2020 with the firm belief that India will re-define the economic development, global business and inclusive growth based on our traditional treasure of knowledge, innovation and creativity. Once we win over Corona , the movement of ‘ Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘ Make in India” will put India on top of the world. This Abhiyan was flagged-off by Dr.“ Nishank”. Public Relations Society of India www.prsi.org.in

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Now Kashmiri residents will work with embroidered machines, Alliance Embroiderry office opens in Srinagar

Surat, Gujarat [India] : In life, a person is successful who keeps his positive thoughts and does not restrict those thoughts to actual thinking and actually puts them on the ground. Subhash Dawar, an embroidery machinery businessman from Surat, is one of such rare personalities. When Article 370 was withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir, he had a thought in mind that why not the machines of his Alliance Embroiderry should be installed in Kashmir and provide a new opportunity for development to the residents there who do different kinds of workmanship on clothes.

Subhash Dawar has given real thought to this. The Kashmir office of Alliance Embroideries was inaugurated near the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Subhash Dawar told about his new venture that the local people in Kashmir have been engaged in the handloom industry for centuries. They make many kinds of famous things, among which Pochu, Shaul, Kurti, Carpet etc. are prominent. On these products, these people, in the language of embroidery, do the work of chain stitch and silver brocade and they do all this work with hands. Since they do all the work by hand, it takes several days to make one thing.

Subhash Dawar said that people in Kashmir are traditionally involved in this work of manual work. There are no industrial areas for this purpose ideologically. People do this work in their homes on a small scale. Keeping this in view, his company Alliance Embroidery has designed special machines according to the need of the artisans there, which people can install in their homes. This will benefit these Kashmiri residents, that what takes them a week to make things, they will make in a day.

Subhash Dawar said that by doing this work with embroidery machines, not only will the design get variety but the work will also be of great quality. Also, 80 percent of their products on the machine will be used and they will be able to do 20 percent of the work by hand, which will also maintain their traditional skills. Machines will also increase the production of artisans and this will also increase their trade.

Subhash Dawar said that he has made a local entrepreneur from Kashmir his business partner who has been working on machines that are decades old. As a representative of the Alliance, he will make people aware of how beneficial use of embroidery machines can be done in Kashmir. From time to time from the company’s Surat office, engineers and designers will also go to Kashmir and organize workshops so that the artisans there can get an idea of ​​what kind of work they can benefit from the machine. The Alliance Company will provide them with all types of service.

Subhash Dawar also said that if he got the support of the Government of India, he dreams of building an embroidery park in Kashmir so that this industry can be solidified there. In such parks, machines can be made available to artisans at concessional rates and by large scale industrial production, things can be transported to the mandis of the country and exported abroad. Dawar says that his aim is to connect the people of Kashmir with the main stream of the country and to realize that we are all one and together we can move forward on the development path.The dreams of Modi ATAMNIRBHAR BHARAT also supports ATAMNIRBHAR KASHMIR.

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Chennai, Tamil nadu [India] : You might not know about OMG Labs and their founder, Kasi S. Chettiar. They quietly grow their in-house brand and their expertise developing health, food and wellness products. Kasi moved from the UK to India on a whim to manufacture whey from dairy since India is the world’s largest dairy producer. After realising that this was not possible due to logistical constraints but realising there was still a huge market for high quality premium protein he started going about getting the certifications and compliance to create a high quality premium organic whey and plant protein brand.

Kasi has built a strong farm-to-table plant based protein with his brand, Vegan Protein Company, a sustainable, plant-based protein using unique Moringa protein. Over the last 5 years, through renewed interest in health and wellness and their high growth subscription transformation model, OMG LABS has grown from a niche Indian healthy food brand to a B2C health and wellness giant.
Not coming from a business family and having access to capital, Kasi credits his success to his lean methodology and customer retention. He runs a very tight ship and believes in upskilling resources as opposed to hiring excessively. OMG Labs exports to 8 countries and as a brand has national presence offline and online delivering 2000 orders monthly with an average order value of 1800 rupees with just a team of 15.
India’s emerging venture capital  community doesn’t understand his sector and there are not many investments of note in the fitness space in India so he has no choice except to learn quickly, adapt and grow. Additionally, not growing up in India has affected his ability to grow since he doesn’t have the traditional networks to help hiring or raising money. However, these have helped him flesh out new innovative products and slow burn growth strategies focusing on low cost of customer acquisition and high lifetime value. Necessity is the mother of innovation. His economics and finance background long forgotten, he identifies mostly as an entrepreneur trying to make retail shelves healthier.
When asked why he is here when everybody is doing the other leap of leaving India, he replies ‘that the Indian Market is growing, people are generally unhealthy and protein deficient so why not? Also, it is strange since I don’t know the industry and I don’t have a food technology degree so I approach problems differently. Also, if everybody just stuck to their degree the world would be a boring place and India would just have engineering firms’.
If you ask why now? Why protein? He replies ‘well, we don’t just do proteins but also create meal replacements. We realise protein deficiency and meal balance is the problem. We care about balance. A healthy life is just balance, whether it’s a balanced meal or a balanced work life. So we create products which help you balance out your diet. Starting from powders to now beverages and snacks. “Abs are made in the kitchen”. We want to remove the idea that processed food can’t be healthy’.
So why do more people not know about OMG? ‘Awareness is a function of retail presence, pr and marketing. We focus on creating subscriptions and transformations. Then these people automatically become product evangelists and the referrals take over from there. We rely mainly on word of mouth referrals and we don’t promise any transformation we can’t achieve. This has helped us stay alive and not be over leveraged or chase high cost growth. This has made sure we are profitable and are able to grow even during Covid-19.
Essentially, if your friend lost 30 kgs over a year by not doing anything drastic, you would notice and then become a customer as our subscription programmes create gradual change over a period. We aim to create an integrated remote platform for you to get all the goods and services you need to be healthy in one nifty subscription. It’s not just fat loss, but muscle gain, blood sugar control, growth and immunity gain are among the main reasons people use our products currently’.
If given a choice between biryani and protein shake, biryani is always going to win. However, protein shakes are supposed to help you achieve a goal, not just be tasty. So we help them achieve this goal by providing a subscription which includes a fitness trainer, doctor and dietician constantly providing you tools to help you achieve the goal along with our nutrition products and a basket of tasty, healthy high-protein foods fresh from our kitchen. All of this for a price lower per month than a mid-level gym membership.
We provide the entire transformation rather than have them buy a protein and let it languish in their kitchen. So we made proteins fun and accessible by making them heat stable, organic and made them available in 20 natural flavours.
I end it by asking if he thinks he is a fitness disruptor? “Not at all”. He says “We have a long way to go before we can call ourselves anything. We are just a tiny drop in the wellness ocean. I just think the industry was not focusing on the ‘why’. This happens when you and your distributors have timely sales targets and you are constantly looking for new leads and you don’t know your customers. Without knowing your customers you can’t help them transform, the crux of our business is our transformation manager who is a relationship manager who guides you through your entire health journey. Traditional brands can care less as the whole industry runs on referrals and commissions.
We have taken a more telemedical approach. The customer essentially is a stakeholder and he builds his own journey. We don’t sell protein or fitness. We sell health as a subscription. We offer you dieticians, fitness trainers, doctors, workout charts, diet plans, medical reports, workout gear, protein enriched foods and our award winning protein itself all for a fixed fee lower than a gym subscription. It’s taken us 5 years to learn, pivot and grow but hopefully the tortoise wins the race”.   For more information https://omglabs.co/
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Anjana padmanabhan Multitasks and juggles between her passion and studies successfully!

Bangalore, Karnataka [India] : Anjana Padmanabhan, Child prodigy, who bagged the trophy of the 1st ever Indian Idol Junior while she was 10 is all grown up now and is doing some great work. Post her victory she is learning Hindustani classical music as her Prime Style, supplemented by Carnatic and basic western classical. She also did many stage shows in India and outside the country.

Of late Anjana has been wearing many hats , she did an excellent job in her recent releases where she has sung the background score for the movie ACT 1978, her spiritual song Ram darbaar has just been released, while on the other side being a 12th grader she also manages her time with studies and along with that does her music. She also did exceedingly well in academics in the past.

She has been a part of many noteworthy projects recent one being a concert on the occasion of World Childrens Day by UNICEF with Ricky Kej and many other well-known artists such as Hariharan , Jonitha Gandhi , Neeti mohan , Benny Dayal and many more. The concert was focused on Climate Change and Impact of Covid-19 on children and Child right. For the same she was also part of Two hour telethon on a national television channel. Prior to this she did a series of 26 songs with Grammy award winner Ricky Kej for UNICEF on Sustainable Environment. She has also worked on some interesting projects such as National Anthem with CRY and a song on Improving Sanitization. In her Punjabi and Kannada debut she sung Mukkmal na hui Chahat and Nannedeolage.

And what’s more! She also juggles her academics along with her musical pursuit! Given the festive season her recent releases include Chatushloki in Sanskrit, a devotional song for a music label and Ram Darbaar. During the promotion of Ram Darbaar she met renowned entertainment personalities and government dignitaries such as Tejaswi Surya , Deputy CM of Karnataka Ashwath Narayan sir , Puneeth Rajkumar sir , Charan Raj sir and many more.
Most of these have received amazing responses and its interesting to see young talents taking interest in such songs. We wish her all the best for her future.

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Nidhi Agarwal put down light on blogging industry in this pandemic situation

Jaipur, Rajasthan [India] : Nidhi Agarwal; a lifestyle blogger (@treasuremuse) and fashion designer (Vadhini by Nidhi), is Jaipur’s leading influencers. With around 90k+ followers all over her media portals, she continues to work for both local and international brands and labels promoting both lifestyle and fashion. She started her career in 2015 with blogging under “Treasuremuse” and since then she has been footing herself competently in the industry. Until now she has collaborate with 370+ brands like Paperboat, Gionee India, Vivo India and international brands like Max Fashions, Reliance Footprints etc. She introduced her first collection “SERAPH” at a fashion show with the Banaraswalas. She was seen in a video shoot for veet with Sherry Shroff and also as city lead in Jaipur PopXo 2015. She was titled “BEST LIFESTYLE BLOGGER 2019” by Bnbmag. She featured as Top fashion blogger of Jaipur by ‘Jaipur Talkies’.

The one potential industry that’s proved to be of help and service in this time of pandemic, to all others is the social media.She is always seen wearing a mask in every post of hers and that’s a good influence. When everybody was busy baking banana breads and making ‘Diys’, Nidhi concentrated on addressing mental issues. She believes that mental health is an issue which needs the most spotlight today. Child upbringing and depression is something she usually talks about in her Instagram feed.On Nidhi’s page you find numerous posts where she talks about spiritual understanding and divination. She’s a staunch believer of non-material ethereal connectivity.

Nidhi says “When I am working with a brand, I know I am a bridge between the product and someone who actually needs it.And in the time when the world’s fighting a pandemic, it has taken a toll on everybody’s mind and body. Awareness was and is necessary in this time so I made it a pursuit and talked about masks and social distancing on my portals.”

Every millennial today has an opinion about situations and circumstances, and they find ways to project it out and social media is its one form. But it’s not about one’s particular opinion, it’s about them which when delivered, do the world good. But what’s internet worth when it can’t preach positivity to the world. It’s not only about what you wear and eat, you have to understand your audience, what they like to see. Your content is something that establishes a connect with your followers and something that attracts others to come at your page.

Bloggers, Vloggers and social media influencers advertise the brands, creating clientele for them and on the other hand they invite attention to the targeted audience creating mutuality. Nidhi Agarwal, have always been passionate about fashion and lifestyle since an early age. She collaborates with both local and international brands advertising their products. She has been invited to speak on blogging and as a guest to various prestigious events.Nidhi has always found something serious and important to talk about on her social media platform and welcomes everyone that focuses on mediating a better lifestyle. She is one of the genuine bloggers of Jaipur, who engages her followers in fun and genuine giveaways.She’s someone on whose feed you can find nooks and corners of the pink city to explore.

Nidhi further adds “I was always an ardent speaker, always up for giving my opinion and reflecting my thoughts.Do Whatever that calms your soul and makes you happy. Hard work, honesty and patience are virtues you need in this industry. These are what which connects to your audience”.She’s currently focusing on expanding her instagram family with whom she’s completing 5 years. Enthusiastic and fun-filled, Nidhi Agarwal looks forward on making legitimate and discerning content and celebrating her five years as ‘TreasureMuse’. Visit www.Treasuremuse.com   for more Information