WILDFIT launches its new branch in Kalyani Nagar; Eyes further expansion in Baner

New Delhi, May 31: WILDFIT, an exclusive top-rated Nutrition and Personal Training Studio, is all set to open its branch in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. The brand aims to create a foothold in Baner, Pune, in the near future, with its enthusiastic training experts and ambition to transform people’s fitness journey. The studio is on a mission for global expansion. Just like their successful transition from being just a nutrition clinic to nutrition & personal training studio, the company strives to replicate the same through its expansion plans. 

Founded in Kharadi, Pune, in 2019, and since then, the fitness studio has been dedicated to working towards offering the best of health and fitness to people. The brand is a top-rated studio in Pune, one-of-a-kind nutrition and personal training facility, focusing on body transformation with the support of highly skilled nutrition experts and personal trainers. The fitness studio has successfully transformed over 3000 clients and received incredible feedback from its customers.

Both founders, Shailesh Darekar and Arya Pandit, began their careers in the corporate sector, but their passion for fitness enabled them to realize their ambition of opening a nutrition clinic and a fitness studio. They have achieved countless milestones while leading a fitness revolution. Team WILDFIT envisions expanding the fitness industry and backing training technology with science to provide customers with a result-driven transformation. 

WILDFIT offers invigorating workouts paired with technology specifically designed to monitor the intensity of the exercise, which is a game-changer for everyone looking to push themselves to a healthier lifestyle. Along with that, the studio utilizes advanced training equipment that efficiently aids body transformation. As the founders saw the need for different fitness clubs, they introduced various departments for clients, such as personal training, provision of nutritionists, body composition analysis, powerlifting, yoga, athlete performance, sports rehabilitation, injury prevention, and much more. 

Furthermore, the fitness studio recently introduced its result-oriented prime package, ‘MAINLINE SERIES’. The program is developed and curated by nutrition experts after extensive research. The MAINLINE SERIES pivots around performance enhancement and transformation in a sustainable way.

WILDFIT Founder Shailesh Darekar says, “Today, we have been able to achieve several milestones while operating WILDFIT. We are a team of qualified functional nutritionists and wellness coaches with several years of expertise and certifications in more than four fields. We curate customized fitness programs for our clients that will help them reach their goals. Along with that, our one-on-one training sessions ensure that the fitness plan is being implemented with utmost perfection”.

The brand has recently associated with global entities such as Symbiosis University and has also lined up several corporate tie-ups. WILDFIT is actively participating on social media platforms like Instagram, Meta, YouTube, and LinkedIn to expand on a greater scale. The brand motivates clients through these platforms by constantly uploading their new products, services, daily activities, and fitness shoutouts.  

According to Arya pandit, Co-Founder of WILDFIT, “Associating with WILDFIT, clients can lower the burden of diseases through cost-effective integrative health regimens, to encourage a healthy and wholesome living. Not just that, we also provide the mental encouragement, inspiration, and social interaction that has been proven to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals faster than going at it alone.” 

The fitness and training studio also plays its part in social initiatives like dog feeding, free health assessments for the underprivileged and government schools and much more. 

In conclusion, WILDFIT’s new studio propagates health and fitness awareness across society by utilizing cutting-edge technology that can secure a disease-free existence. The studio is attempting to offer the best fitness and wellness experience to clients by providing the greatest available options.

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Ed-SaaS AI Company, InventtEd launches 360-Degree Unified AI Platform to Transform Education

Hyderabad, May 31: InventtEd is a leading Ed-SaaS AI company that is on a mission to revolutionize the education sector with next-gen AI solutions that deliver real results. The ERP was launched in April 2022 in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The company offers a one-stop centralized platform for schools, from basic ERP to advanced AI. The highly intelligent and advanced applications are packed with features powered by its proprietary technology. InventtEd has become a force to be reckoned with in the education sector with its suite of cutting-edge applications.

InventtEd is ground-breaking and intelligent platform that has been designed from the ground up to reinvent every facet of education in the institutions. This AI-enabled cloud platform is centralized, fully advanced, innovative, customizable, and integrates easily with the institutions from increased productivity and administrative efficiency to an engaged student-teacher network. The platform is designed to ensure holistic improvement of student performance in both academic and non-academic journeys. It’s a one-stop solution for schools, from basic ERP to advanced AI, making it the best learning management system in India and one of the best in the world.

“We are excited to offer our unified AI platform to schools to augment their teaching and learning experience for their staff and students,” says Mohammed Mehraj, Founder and CEO of InventtEd. “Education sector is evolving rapidly in this digital-first world. Old school teaching and learning styles simply do not cut it anymore. Today, teachers and students need advanced academic tools that incorporate the latest technology. Our flagship AI platform has been built to elevate education to the next level and optimize the learning experience for students.”

The Ed-saas Al firm was founded with the COVID issue in mind. The creator sympathized with the employees who had a toll on their job and whose wages would make them financially unable to pay their children’s fees. Mohammed Mehraj, the founder, saw that in order to become digitally and technologically sound, schools outsource the system, which is costly and adds to the ordinary family’s price burden. The founder decided to provide schools with free ERP for one academic year to solve this problem. This offer was only available to some extent for all the academic institutions.

As educational institutions worldwide scramble to provide the best academic infrastructure to their stakeholders, they are waking up to the benefits of AI-driven integrated end-to-end software applications. This has given ERP and LMS applications a big boost as institutions gear up to adopt and integrate them into their academic and business processes. As a result, there is a surge in demand for reliable technology partners who can set it all up. InventtEd is accredited by startup organizations and the Make in India Institute, making the system more reliable. Furthermore, the brand is well-positioned to play a significant role in helping educational institutions make a swift transition to smart AI solutions customized to map their work processes.

“Reliability of systems and prompt technical support are important when it comes to deploying ERP at full scale in education institutions. At InventtEd, we are well equipped for this challenge. Our applications are modular in architecture, which enables us to create new processes and interactions quickly and efficiently and customize them for our clients,” remarks Mehraj.

The platform helps students enhance productivity with smart tutoring systems, which aim to provide immediate and customized instructions or feedback. This helps learners grasp concepts and interact fearlessly with teachers, which also provides an advantage to students to assess themselves and improve accordingly. It also supports schools and institutions in saving 90 % of their digitization costs while improving productivity by 200 %.

InventtEd creates an AI-driven performance analysis report for each student in the class. Based on these reports, teachers can guide individual students or the whole class to work on the possible areas of improvement. InventtEd takes care of most repetitive activities such as marking attendance, analyzing reports, creating assignments, quizzes, etc. This saves a significant amount of effort for the teachers.

The platform has a personalized app for parents to help them understand the performance metrics of their children. Parents can also opt to get regular updates and announcements from the school.

“Our vision is to help students apply their learning and transform, as we believe applied learning is key to excellence,” notes Mehraj. “Given our team’s background and years of experience in the education sector, we understand the challenges faced by the academia. Our application has been engineered to fill the learning gaps and bring all the stakeholders – students, parents, schools – on a single platform.”

With the help of advanced and cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the platform provides useful visual analysis, analytical reports, and collaboration tools. These parameters help track students’ performance and individual subject performance matrix and grading system.

“Every student deserves the best opportunities in life. That is why our mission is to empower the education ecosystem with AI, which helps educators and students realize their potential,” says Mehraj. “We will continue to invest in research and development so that we can always provide the best ERP and LMS platform to our users.”

InventtEd is an Ed-SaaS AI Company based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The company provides a one-stop centralized 360-degree unified AI platform for educational institutions.

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SVP Global Textiles Ltd reported Annual Results; net Revenue of Rs 1778.37 Crs up by 25% and PAT of Rs 71 Crs up by 187% Y-o-Y

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 31: The Textile Industry is undergoing continuous stress due to rising cotton prices during FY 22. The pressure is likely to continue till the arrival of the new crop in Sep 22. The spinning mills have taken a major hit. In spite of the prevailing situation, SVP Global Textiles Ltd has reported financial results in FY21-22 with a net profit of Rs 71.28 crore (Net Profit Margin 4.00%) for FY22 as against a net profit of Rs. 24.85 crore (Net Profit Margin 1.75%) in the corresponding period last year, a growth of 186.84%. Income from operations for FY22 was reported at Rs. 1778.37 crore, higher by 25.03% over the previous fiscal’s same period income of Rs. 1422.40 crore. EBITDA for FY22 was reported at Rs. 303.61 crore (EBITDA Margin 17.07 %), a rise of 29.64% compared to EBITDA of Rs. 234.19 crore (EBITDA Margin 16.46%) in FY21. EPS for FY22 was reported at Rs. 5.67 per share as compared to Rs. 1.98 per share in FY21.

The Board of Directors has decided to take adequate steps to substantially reduce the debt. In a major restructuring, the Company is adopting the assetless model and venturing into forward integration of the textile value chain. Under the new model, it will be manufacturing Technical Textiles for which the approval of the Ministry of Textiles under the PLI Scheme has already been accorded. It will also be venturing into the garment segment as a B2C model and manufacture finished garments, innerwear and other consumer items, thereby creating a brand image of its own.

Commenting on the results and performance, Maj Gen OP Gulia, SM, VSM (Retd), CEO, SVP Global Textiles Ltdsaid, “Company reported steady performance during FY22 backed by strong operational and financial growth in the testing times post-Covid. The current geopolitical situation, rising cotton and other input prices, along with problems in the supply chain and exports, had an adverse impact on the textile industry. The Company is taking various steps to reduce the debt and venture into the finished garment segment. The value addition will create a brand image and maximize value for shareholders in the near to medium term.”


Homemade Curries, London’s most authentic Indian food by Sheetal Arora

London, May 30: Homemade Curries provide the finest Indian and Asian Catering in and around London. Indian Wedding Event management and catering. An artisan speciality foods product and catering company, catering in London and all across the South of England. Redefining the Indian food catering in London, providing fresh, authentic and innovative Indian cuisine. Committed to ensuring a memorable culinary experience with high-quality service. Authenticity and innovation are at the heart of the company. Launched in 2018, this company aims to delight you with exciting cuisine in a BIG way!


Sheetal Arora, company founder and owner, says: “I love bringing you authentic Indian food and showing you how fresh and exciting it can be. I believe that every event can be made memorable and special by serving delicious food that people enjoy.”


Homemade Curries simply love food, sharing their experience and providing Indian fine dining service from catering a Women’s Day 2021 special with Richmond Council at the PayPal office to serving many loyal and trusted clients like WPP, Holly & Co, CPG, Twickenham stadium, Silverstone F1 Racing, Motor GP, Farnborough, Reading Football stadium, St Stephens Church, Geff Acton (Mayor, Richmond upon Thames), FOSS (Friends of St Stephens school) and many more across London and the Home Counties. With food inspired by authentic and innovative Indian street food cuisine, Homemade Curries provide something special for all events – from an elegant buffet or seated service to exciting catering stations, bowls or finger food to a full gourmet meal.


Sharing the love of food and community through intimate dining experiences. Homemade Curries hosts sold-out Supper clubs throughout the year, presenting cuisines and dishes not often found in a restaurant, set within a private home or an intimate setting. The setting usually involves sharing the dinner table with strangers. Homemade Curries host Curry Night every Thursday at The Ailsa Tavern. Experience dining in with a wide selection of traditional Indian dishes combined with a more modern and creative approach to Indian food at the heart of St Margaret. From succulent, aromatic starters, mouth-watering mains and delicious vegetarian options, they aim to cater for all. 


Sharing their love of food and community through intimate dining experiences. Are you looking for incredible Indian catering in London? Homemade Curries got you covered with a specially curated, handpicked selection of bespoke menus to suit your tastes and personalities. 


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Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP)’s 30th center launched by Irfan Pathan in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], May 30: Former dynamic all-rounder and co-founder of Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP), Irfan Pathan, inaugurated the maidan centre of CAP in Bhopal. He was accompanied by the Managing Director of CAP, Mr. Harmeet Vasdev. The academy will provide world-class facilities and excellent infrastructure coupled with qualified coaches to teach and develop budding cricketers in Bhopal.

Irfan Pathan, Director, Cricket Academy of Pathans, said, “Bhopal is one of the largest cities in the region with a large appetite for cricket. With the launch of CAP in Bhopal, we are expanding in the heart of the country. We are looking to tap into the huge reserve of young cricket enthusiasts and give them world-class coaching infrastructure so that the city can start churning out district, state and national level players.”

He further added, “Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP) has grown many folds since its inception and has emerged as the most trusted brand in the field of cricket coaching. Due to its massive popularity, we are getting requests from foreign countries and gulf nations to open our cricket academy in their countries. We are in talks with a few such investors, and hopefully, we’ll be taking CAP at the international level.”

Irfan Pathan shared his cricketing experience with young cricketers and coaches!

Taking some time off from the inauguration ceremony of the Bhopal centre, Irfan Pathan shared his cricketing experience of playing at the international and national level with the budding cricketers of Bhopal. He stressed the mental aspect of cricket and asked the coaches to work with players on the same.

According to Mr. Harmeet Vasdev, Managing Director, CAP, “It’s encouraging to see that the goal of Pathan brothers, to provide talented players with a proper platform and the support to help them develop into a complete player, is being fulfilled. CAP is continuously producing talented players who are playing at the district and state levels representing their team. In the recent past, many of our players have gone on to play in Ranji Trophy, C K Nayudu Trophy, Cooch Behar Trophy and many more such tournaments. A total of more than 90 players from our various centres are realizing their dream. All these numbers are a testament to our success as a cricket academy.”

Talking about the technological advancement in cricket, he said, “Technology in cricket is now an integral part of the game. That’s why at CAP, we have modern cricketing technologies like PitchVision and Stancebeam, which tracks students’ performance in real-time via a cutting-edge technology program. These technologies close the gap between the Pathan brothers, coaches and the students.”

Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP) plans to expand across India in another 15+ cities, including Srinagar, Gulbarga, Salem, Berhampur, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, Palghar and Amritsar by the end of 2022.


Happyfares: A Hassle-Free Alternative For Booking Air Tickets At Fair Prices

Guwahati, May 31: Happyfares enables travelers across India to seamlessly book flight tickets at the best deals and fares. By helping them save money through exclusive coupons and discounts.


The inability to find flights at genuine prices along with a promising traveling experience makes it even harder to select a flight ticket at the best price. But new-generation online air ticket platforms such as Happyfares make booking air tickets at fair prices a completely hassle-free experience.


Happyfares is an online air ticket booking platform and an emerging market player in the online Indian travel sector. What makes Happyfares one of the most efficient online air ticket booking platforms is exclusive access to discount coupons, special offers, and promotions. The secure payment channel and user-friendly interface also help the users enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted flight ticket booking experience.


The main objective of this online flight ticket booking website is to help travelers find affordable and budget-friendly flight tickets. They do so by offering them exclusive discounts, coupons, and promotional offers and no convenience fee. They also offer discounted air tickets or separate fares such as defence and student fares. From popular domestic flight routes to popular international flight routes, they cover all kinds of popular airline tickets.


Happyfares offers a great deal of domestic and international flight tickets. From the most unbelievable offers on air tickets to some phenomenal deals, getting your air tickets online could not be any quicker and easier with them by your side.


The online air ticket booking platform offers Defence Fares with up to 50% discount for the Indian Armed Forces, Student Fares with added baggage allowance on domestic routes, and Senior Citizen Fares. The website offers a wide array of Flight Protection Plans for an amount as low as Rs 99/- to secure their customer’s travel plans against unforeseen circumstances. 


Another beneficial feature they offer is the “Buy Now Pay Later” that enables a buyer to purchase at present and pay for it in the future. They can pay in 3 equal installments over 3 months with no extra charges or processing fees. It is as simple as dividing Rs 6000/- ticket by 3 months and paying Rs 2000 per month for 3 months.


From flight delay insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 1000, missed flight insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 3000, trip cancellation insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 5000, airline cancellation insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 2000, Happyfares also offers added flight protection or travel insurance with easy claim process with its insurance partner “Acko™”.


Over the years, Happyfares has become a frontrunner amongst the most trusted and acclaimed online flight booking platforms in a very short frame of time. Happyfares is trusted by thousands of flight ticket buyers or travelers because of the unmatched flight ticket booking experience offered by them. The instant discount offers, no processing or extra charges, easy installment processes, and lowest fares of flights make them the go-to platform for buying domestic and international air tickets. happyfares maintains a 4.6* rating on Google Reviews amongst 2000+ reviews by travelers.


Happyfares keep updating its websites with the lowest airfares, newest deals, promotions and offers. Whether you have been planning to go, their quick booking, fast refund process, and secure payments will help you fetch the best-priced air tickets. Happyfares’ engaging list of promotional offers will help you indulge in an enhanced flight booking experience.


PUMA India Launches its First Store in the Maldives

Enters the Maldives, a top spot for inbound tourism since the pandemic

Maldives becomes the latest addition to PUMA India’s Business in the region

New store to cater to the growing local football and futsal community

Launch comes in time with the Maldives celebrating its Golden Year of Tourism in 2022


Male [Maldives], May 31: Sportswear brand PUMA India has opened its first store in the Republic of Maldives, entering the popular holiday destination that has witnessed a triple-digit surge in inbound tourism over the last two years. With this, Maldives becomes the latest market to join PUMA India’s syndicate, including 19 other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.


Located in the capital city Male’s iconic shopping street of Majeedhee Magu, the two-storeyed PUMA store is set to be a one-stop destination for tourists and fashion enthusiasts besides the growing local football and futsal community. The store launch also comes at a time when the Maldives is celebrating its golden year of tourism.


Commenting on the launch of the first store in the Maldives, Atul Bajaj, Executive Director – Sales & Operations, PUMA India, said, “The Maldives is coming up strongly as a travel destination, especially post-Covid. The number of resorts has swelled up over the years, and the tourist-friendly economy has prompted good demand and consumption of global brands. We are excited to expand our presence in this country.”

PUMA has partnered with Maldives-based sports & lifestyle marketplace Sonee Sports to launch the brand in the island nation. Under this partnership, the brand will expand its offline retail presence and also explore eCommerce, sports clubs and other distribution channels in this new market.


Tourism is the mainstay in the country, which managed to keep its Covid caseload low and luxury resorts open to attract tourists from across the globe. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the tropical island nation, the Maldives witnessed a 138% increase in inbound travellers in 2021, the highest year-on-year growth rate recorded by the Maldives in the last decade. The Ministry yet again estimates a 15-17% jump in arrivals so far in 2022 over last year. In fact, India, Russia, the UK, Italy and USA were the top source markets for the Maldives during this two-year period.

Atul Bajaj added, “The Maldives is also maturing rapidly as a football and futsal playing nation, indicating a real passion for sports. In Sonee Sports, we have found an experienced partner with a strong background in driving sports and lifestyle business in Male. We are looking forward to closely working with sports associations and clubs to provide access to the right sporting gear in the country and propel our commitment to the growth of sports and fitness culture with our range of apparel, footwear and accessories.”


Commenting on the partnership, Ahmed Kaleem, Managing Director, Sonee Sports, said, “At Sonee Sports, we aim to continuously present our customers with BIGGER, BETTER BRANDS. We are pleased to introduce PUMA, one of the leading and fastest-growing sports brands in the world. As our focus remains on improving the lives of sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts on and off the field, we are confident that PUMA fits like a glove.”


Spread over 1800 square feet, the first store in the Maldives will offer consumers a unique shopping experience and elevated product showcase. It will sell footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and kids for their sports and lifestyle requirements.


The store is strategically located on Majeedhee Magu, the most popular shopping street in Male, known for handloom textiles, traditional apparel, local craft, cosmetics and accessories for travellers. 


In the fiscal year ending December 2021, PUMA cemented its leadership position in India’s sports and lifestyle market, earning a revenue of Rs 2044 crore. The brand added 51 stores in 2021 and has a total of 450 exclusive stores in India so far in the current fiscal.


Aspirational luxury brand Sastajoota witnessed 400% YoY growth since its inception in 2019

India, 30th May 2022: Sastajoota, a renowned e-commerce platform for branded shoes, has witnessed a 400% growth since its inception. Seeded in 2019, Sastajoota has had an awe-inspiring journey with an average monthly growth of approximately 30-40%. With a diversified range of premium quality shoes, Sastajoota consists of a consumer base of over 11 lakhs.

Understanding the trends and growing aspirations amongst new-age consumers, Sastajoota consists of an elaborate product portfolio of shoes across categories. Keeping in mind the existing gap in consumer needs, Sastajoota imbibes the ideology of providing affordable as well as aspirational luxury to everyone.

Highlighting his journey and substantial growth in the last 2 years, Brijendra Singh, Owner of Sastajoota, said, “The trend to have a premium product is increasing day by day. But it is not an affordable option for everyone. So as a solution to this problem, I started my business with a dropshipping model in 2019. We provide the best quality and branded sports and formal shoes for both men and women at very competitive prices with Free shipping all over India.”

Mr. Singh further added, “Optimum customer service is our utmost priority. Therefore, we ensure that we provide them with value for money and quality products. The Covid-19 pandemic was a temporary hindrance to the business due to the suddenly imposed lockdown and restrictions. The initial lockdown was a learning phase where we planned the website and deep-dived into various aspects of the trade like marketing, consumer outreach, promotional activities, product procurement, etc. We have witnessed tremendous growth in the last 2 years and are optimistic that we will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Sastajoota is one of the leading platforms for premium-quality shoes. Whether a consumer is a businessman, athlete, working professional, fitness freak, or college student, Sastajoota is a one-stop shop for a consumer’s trendy footwear needs. In addition to a user-friendly interface, the website also provides product videos for better understanding and informed purchasing.

Starting at a price range of INR 750, Sastajoota has a wide range of shoes for both men and women. Soon, Sastajoota plans to expand its horizon and introduce a new product portfolio with accessories and clothes – mainly in the sportswear category.

In addition to the existing platform, the brand is all set to launch 2 news portals to expand its consumer reach and make it easier for users to buy desired products.

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The East African Community (EAC) gets a New TRADE COMMISSIONER

Industrialist Anuj Agarwal appointed as Trade Commissioner India EAC division

Noida, May 31: In a get together hosted at the office of the East African Community, Industrialist Anuj Agarwal was appointed as the new Trade Commissioner of the India EAC division.

East African Community is a regional intergovernmental organisation of 7 Partner countries in the African Great Lakes region. With the official admission of the Democratic Republic of Congo as a member last month, the East African Community’s (EAC) membership has grown to seven. The other members are Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan.

On occasion, Mr. Anuj Agarwal, Industrialist and Trade Commissioner EAC division, said, “I am looking forward to a strong partnership with the India EAC Council and strengthening these collaborations. With my appointment as Trade Commissioner of India EAC division, my Noida office will cater to the EAC trade professionals from the region by giving support for commercial activity and meetings.

We have a full-fledged library that can cater to the needs of the exporters in India with commercial statistics, reports, studies and sector-specific enquiries that may be needed for Indian trade companies to do business in the EAC region. I have always considered the East African community the best compared to other sub-regional economic blocs in Africa in terms of free movement of people and goods, infrastructure integration, and trade, adds Anuj Agarwal.

On occasion were present Dr. Asif Iqbal, President Indian Economic Trade Organization and diplomats from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan.


FilmyToast Launches Its Newest ‘OTT’ Category Amidst Soaring User Penetration

New Delhi, May 31: As the latest celebrity news breaks, there remains no chance of it not floating across the internet. The carriers of such breaking news are websites like FilmyToast, with a motive to ‘post it as they know it’.

With the launch of their newest ‘OTT’ section, all the latest releases, premieres and hits, in addition to episodes in the form of written updates, will be made available here.

It comes at a time when the numbers for OTT users keep rocketing, expected to fill out to 3,930.3 million by 2026. The statistical plunge in the user penetration of 43.1% in 2022 is predicted to hit 49.9% by 2026, thereby rendering enormous opportunities and prolific growth scenarios.

Having said that, now, the viewers don’t have to worry about missing out on any of their favourite series and shows. Moreover, their obsession with the dearest characters and protagonists does not have to end with the episodes.

Categories on FilmyToast like ‘BIOGRAPHY’, ‘FAMOUS’, ‘VIRAL ZONE’ and many others uncover celebrities’ personal life, family, friends, latest events and affairs.

While the character’s development goes in the ‘OTT’ section, the current whereabouts of actors and actresses fall under ‘FAMOUS.’

The most visited segments on FilmyToast happen to be ‘VIRAL ZONE’ and ‘OBITUARY’, with a striking rise in their viewer traffic of 63% and 69% a month after their inception.

Apart from its core categories, the startup also caters to segments like ‘SPORTS’, ‘POLITICIANS’, ‘NEWS’, ‘JOURNALIST’, ‘INFLUENCERS’, ‘CRIME TIME’ etc.

Everything latest in the music industry is covered under ‘SOUNDS’. At the same time, ’FAMILY TREE’ makes another exciting section, tracing the lineage and ancestry of celebrities and famous personalities.

FilmyToast aims to grow its presence globally with a prime focus on nations like U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and India.

To get your hands on accurate latest celebrity gossip and matters of burning interest in real-time, please visit FilmyToast.Com.