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Top best astrologer near you: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

New Delhi [India], May 13: Best astrologer near you or anywhere is a great honour for anyone. Holding a title like the top best astrologer near you or anywhere is a peerless and unmatchable status any person can achieve. When we look for the best astrologer, we should have some idea about the basic methodology & essential criterion for any good astrologer to have.

A good astrologer must be an astrologer by design and not by default. It means the astrologer must abide by certain basic rules of Vedic Astrology. Let us know more about some of these basic principles of Vedic Astrology.

  1. A good Vedic astrologer knows how to co-relate your horoscope with your past life. We know that a horoscope is a direct manifesto of your past life(s) Karmas and all planetary positions are not any random allocation but well-judged results of our past life deeds.
  2. The astrologer should know how to verify your accurate birth details and if there is even an error of one minute, (s)he should know how to ascertain your right birth time through birth time rectification. Date and place of birth are generally known in many cases; accurate birth time is not known.
  3. Any good astrologer should not discuss a child’s horoscope until the child reaches the age of 12th Year unless there are severe health or very uncommon behavioural issues. It is logical to get a child’s horoscope made as it plays an important role, but only when the child reaches the right stages of life like education subject selection, career selection, business decisions, marriage purposes and other similar stages of life.
  4. Your horoscope has both negative & positive planetary positions. The good astrologer should not let the person feel being cursed due to negative planetary position and the same way, blessed or pampered throughout life. Instead of this, (s)he should tell you how to keep the negatives in the horoscope pacified and how to activate positive ones. That is called the Theory of Karma and not the ritualistic way of astrology.
  5. One should know how to advise the child and parents while choosing the best education subject keeping in mind what will be best for the future career of the child.
  6. The advice for a career should not be given only based on the horoscope of a specific person but also, after visualising the potential of any career in the coming times. All Careers do not remain the same, as we have experienced in these Pandemic times.
  7. Any good astrologer should be able to advise on the predictions for the future life partner, timings of the marriage and what would be better for a person, love or arranged marriage. One can read much more on https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/marriage-astrology.php
  8. When it comes to checking the marriage compatibility between two persons, it should be based on the Golden rules of relationship compatibility and not only based on simple mathematical Gun Milan. It helps to check the compatibility of two persons for sexual, behavioural, adaptability and mutual respect with each other. A good astrologer can also help to know about out the possibility of extra-marital affairs post marriage.
  9. Any good astrologer should be able to read the connection of married life to a person’s career. The 7th and 10th house are strongly interconnected & complementary to each other; many astrologers may not consider this while advising on these two aspects separate
  10. Also one should check if you are interacting with the Main astrologer directly or with the juniors in an Astrology Compound.

Like this, there are many more basic rules of Vedic astrology which any good astrologer should consider in giving astrological guidance to a person.

You cannot confine the expertise of any good astrologer to a particular region or country. The best astrologer will remain the best and a good astrologer will remain the good irrespective of area geographical boundaries. In today’s time when the communication modes are so well available, one should focus more to verify the basic qualifications and overall practical experience of the astrologer. One should try to review public exposure and most importantly, people’s reviews about any astrologer. A person depends on an astrologer for getting good guidance thus it is better to know a few things as explained above. Rest is all a fate of the human’s efforts. One can read more on www.vinaybajrangi.com

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Astrology for business: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

New Delhi, [India]: Success in business does not come only from the planets; else, probably people experts in reading planets would have been the most successful people, but they are not. However, another fact is that many new businesses close in a very short span of commissioning? The remaining fifty percent of these businesses close in the next few years? Why most expansion plans for any business fail to give the desired results, and sometimes these expansions become an added financial burden on the native? We have seen many such cases in recent times in India, including some big business houses. Also why many keep succeeding in whatever business they do but many tumble even in the first business attempt. Another fact is that many fail in some businesses but excel in many others. Then consider why some established business houses have vanished, but then many new start-ups have gained also immense success over time.

Why – is that the above phenomena keep repeating themselves year after year and from persons to persons? Because the native over-enthusiastically or under some compulsions chooses a path promising easy money without realizing the traps which he/she will encounter.

For a promising success in business as a career, you need genuine intent, skills, and efforts in tandem with what your horoscope indicates towards business success. Any factor out of these three missing will create troubles in business success.

While the skills, efforts, and intentions are in a person’s self-control, to understand the intricacies of horoscope towards business success, you need an expert astrologer. Do you know for success in business, first and foremost, a person should have a potent “business Yoga” in the horoscope? The person should know which business to do, when to start and when to expand the business, what type of investment one should put in, with whom you should associate for doing the business. What will the impact of Govt. and its policies on your business? Another essential factor to consider here is the potential of a particular business in times to come. Each business cannot be good at all times. Let me tell you that your horoscope has adequate answers to all these factors responsible for business success.

The methodology for ascertaining the presence of a business yoga and success in business is loosely described as below:

  • The strength of the Lagna
  • The strength of the Lagna Lord.
  • The Strength of the 10th house and its Lord.
  • The strength of the 7th house and its Lord.
  • The strength of the Saturn viz to viz the 10th house.
  • The strength of the 10th house from Saturn.
  • The strength of the 6th house viz to viz the 7th house.
  • The strength of all the above in the Dasmansa or D-10 chart.
  • The strength of all the above in Shastiamsa or D-60 chart.
  • The Hora or D-2 chart.
  • The period or the Dashas of the relevant planet.
  • The transiting planets.
  • The AsthakVarga

Calculating the strength of all the above significations and interpreting the prevalent Yogas is not the job of a novice astrologer. Therefore, one must look for any astrologer who has decades of experience to do some justice to the reading. I have explained all these factors on https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/business-astrology.php on my website www.vinaybajrangi.com. I have seen the horoscopes of many natives who languish due to a piece of faulty advice from novice astrologers. The so-called astrologers fail to establish the proper linkage between the various Yogas present in the horoscope, and they misguide the already anxious native. If a person having an employer Yoga in his horoscope starts a business in a favorable Dasha(period), he nullifies his chances of failure. I don’t say I am the best business astrologer, but I can tell you how to judge a good astrologer by applying a small cheat sheet. So spend a few minutes reading all that you need to know for not only getting success but also how to maintain this success journey. For further information, one can contact my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.