Rowel Star- The new shining Star of the Rajasthan Music Industry

The Rajasthani music industry is going leaps and bounds, celebrating the new singing star Afjor Khan aka Rowel Star. This new generation of Rajasthani singers is making headlines for his outstanding singing style and making the world shake legs with his unique Rajasthani songs.

June 25: The Rajasthani music industry is going leaps and bounds, celebrating the new singing star Afjor Khan aka Rowel Star. This new generation of Rajasthani singers is making headlines for his outstanding singing style and making the world shake legs with his unique Rajasthani songs.

Afjor Khan, popularly known as Rowel Star on Social Media, has created a sensation in the Rajasthani music world with his mesmerizing voice and affective tone. “I am an ardent fan of Guru Randhawa and take his inspiration for my songs. I want to create some unique mix of folk songs with blending hip-hop and wanted to give something new to the music world, says Rowel Star.” He recently gave his voice to two new songs, “Tera Shoot” & “Nahiyo Jeena”, making the Rajasthani cultures a step ahead in this ever-evolving music world. The shoot of these songs has recently been completed in Dubai and will be out very soon to rock the floors!

About his upcoming projects, Rowel Star will be seen sharing the floors with renowned Rajasthani Singer Sumsa Supari. They together have shot the song recently in Dubai in various amazing locations. The song will be out soon and published on the YouTube channel Sumsa Supari Films.

Rowel Star’s songs, Maro Sajaniyo, Bannasa ke Mijaj, and Jai Jasol Maa album are the most popular and trending, creating a sensation on his YouTube channel and blessing him with millions of views and subscribers. 

Born and raised in a small village in the Panawara district of Barmer, Rajasthan, Afjor has been fascinated by the music culture since he was five. He was sent to his maternal house at Sindhari for schooling. During his school days, he sang songs and attracted many ears listening to his soulful voice. His teacher once gave him a chance to sing a song on Republic Day, which grabbed praise from the entire school. 

It was the year 2007 when Afjor Khan won the hearts of millions for singing the famous Rajasthani song of those days, “Maharana Pratap”, which rolled out tears from listeners’ eyes. His soulful voice created a huge impact on people’s minds. Afjor won the gift price of Rs.1500/- for his singing. 

After the impressive response to his performance, there was no looking back for Afjor Khan, and his journey of becoming Rowel Star has kick-started!

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KalonGens becomes the first private organization to make NON-PARTICIPANT CERTIFICATE mandatory for all current and future employees against Violent Protest & Vandalism

June 25: KalonGens have implemented a NON-PARTICIPANT CERTIFICATE for the first time, which has made KalonGens the first corporate entity to use the NON-PARTICIPANT CERTIFICATE.

A property is vandalized if it is destroyed or damaged in a way that defaces, tarnishes, or otherwise diminishes its value. Public or private property is damaged or defaced by vandalism. In addition to damaging or destroying objects that are important to people, vandalism can also negatively impact their quality of life. It is paid for directly and indirectly by business owners and, of course, citizens of the country. Through higher prices, businesses and the government shift vandalism and security costs to customers and the citizens.

Violent protests took place in numerous states across India over the Central government’s Agnipath armed forces recruitment scheme or Gyanvapi Masjid Case, during which the disruption of trains and roads was caused, stone-pelting to the security forces or normal ordinary civilians.

With the ongoing protests becoming violent in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Punjab, KalonGens has launched the NON-PARTICIPANT CERTIFICATE for the prevention of vandalism and violent protest in India. This initiative’s main objective is to ensure that KalonGens can hire the right people, not the criminals who believe in vandalizing government properties or violence.

Business owners must maintain constant vigilance and a consistent approach to prevent vandalism or violent protest. According to this certification, KalonGens’s employees will be not part of violent protests or vandalism. They would require every new employee to submit a local police verification declaring that they were not part of vandalism. Thus, helping the company clean up vandalism, stone pelting, and violent protest from the society.

Keshav Singh, the Founder and Chief Executive at KalonGens, says, “Someone vandalizing your country can be both frustrating and frightening. This violates the citizens’ sense of security and leaves them feeling helpless to stop it from happening. But our new NON-PARTICIPANT CERTIFICATE will enable us to assess our prospective employees in advance for vandalism and violent protest and create a society which believes in non-violence.”

Former Boxer and a 50m Rifle Shooter, Keshav Singh further adds, “As a result of the expenses associated with cleaning and repairing the vandalized property, vandalism can also have real consequences for society’s well-being. There is no problem protesting as long as it is peaceful, without violence and vandalism. I completely condemn these sickening scenes of looting, stone pelting, vandalism, thieving, and people attacking police forces. This is pure criminality, and it should be confronted”.

As the first corporate to take up the NON-PARTICIPANT CERTIFICATE for vandalism and violent protest, KalonGens has established new standards for all operational and upcoming corporates in India. As most violent protestors and vandalizes are youngsters as per recent statistics, the global community-wide issue can be best dealt with proactive measures such as this mandatory document.

KalonGens, a global HR and Staffing company based in Lewes, Delaware, the United States, with offshore offices in India, helps local businesses, international businesses, and professionals achieve advanced business success through talent-driven solutions. The organization is a premier provider of temp-to-hire, direct-hire, and executive search services. It also has a specialized division that provides IT and speciality staffing services. Reach out to them for premier staffingcareer advicehuman resource, and recruitment services today.

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Physiotherapy and Chiropractic home care treatment that your body needs

How physiotherapy and Chiropractic home care treatment can help you by relieving pain

June 25: Physiotherapy is a medical treatment that is a combination of injury recovery, muscle recovery, and healing. It is one of the best choices to recover from long-term pain.

A physiotherapist treats the pain from its source. They treat the areas that are stiffed or are causing pain by physical exercises or therapies. There could be multiple reasons to visit a Physiotherapist which include muscle pain, wrong posture, strains, or any injury which is affecting your body movement. Physiotherapy services maybe consists of the following;

  • Strengthening exercises- For this, machines, bands, and your body weight are used. It works on the core and other parts of the body.
  • Pain relief exercises- Pain relief exercises are mainly targeted to the problematic areas, or where one has muscle issues. It helps you to move better.
  • Low-Impact aerobic training- This form of training is supposed to level up your heart rate, and relax your joints.

Why Physiotherapy and Chiropractor Treatment Are Important

Everyone today is looking for a healthy life. But this does not make the physical problems any less. Medication is not the only way today to recover from physical pain, but Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments have done wonders in treating such problems. If one has back pain, neck paid, cervical pain, joint pain or any stiffness in the body, then the best recommended treatment is Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatment.

How physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment can save you from painkillers

There are many advantages of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment in pain relief, this not just helps you move and function better but also can save you from heavy medications. Here are a few ways in which physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment can save you from painkillers.

  • Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment helps you to relieve pain– The biggest benefit of getting physiotherapy treatment from an expert physiotherapist or chiropractic is the relief from the pain. The throbbing pain you experience in your body can be because of many reasons. But if the aggravation starts to hinder your day-to-day life, then accept it as a sign to plan a meeting with a physiotherapist or a Chiropractor.
  • Provides you better movement- Individuals who are recuperating from a physical issue or medical procedure are generally prescribed bed rest, so it takes them some time to get back to their normal movement. In this situation, the normal movement could be difficult in some cases, and performing everyday tasks might appear to be exceedingly difficult as a result of the pain. This is where physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment can be of great help. With the assistance of a decent physiotherapy treatment, your body will recapture the strength and gain flexibility.
  • Prevents you from extensive surgeries- The recovery time after a medical surgery will require the assistance of physiotherapy since it will assist with flexibility and movement. Also, if you have a physical issue that does not need medical surgery, you will be offered a variety of therapies depending on the diagnosis. You can pick the therapy you need alongside the physiotherapy treatment. They assist with mending harmed tissues and act as a catalyst in recovering.
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment helps you avoid medicines- Painkillers might give instant relief, yet when taken for a significant stretch, they could adversely affect organs like your kidneys and liver. Also, taking medicines over a long period might prompt substance addiction, which can be inconvenient to an individual’s psychological and physical well-being. These pain killers could be consumed for a brief period and must be stopped once you track down a powerful option in contrast to them. This is where physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment comes in and these are safe and yet very effective options.

How chiropractic treatment can relieve pain

Chiropractic is an arrangement of treatment zeroed in on the function of the body, especially the spine. Chiropractors control the body’s alignment to ease pain, further improve function, and assist the body to heal itself.

While the backbone of chiropractic treatment is spinal manipulation, chiropractic care may likewise incorporate different physiotherapy treatments, including manual or manipulative treatments, postural and exercise instruction, and ergonomic training which included how to walk, sit and stand to restrict back strain. Chiropractors often work with primary care doctors, pain experts, and surgeons to treat patients with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and cervical pain to knee pain.

The Benefits of Regular Chiropractic and physiotherapy home care treatment

Chiropractic and physiotherapy home care treatment work on the principle that the body can heal itself and it provides you with the external help that is being required for that recovery. Chiropractic care basically focuses on the spine, but can also treat different parts of the body depending on the issues that you are dealing with. Following are the main benefits of Regular Chiropractic and physiotherapy home care:

  • Chiropractic and physiotherapy care improves neck pain eases back pain
  • Chiropractic treatment can reduce osteoarthritis symptoms
  • Chiropractic care helps to ease headache
  • Chiropractic offers affordable treatment for chronic back pain
  • Chiropractic helps to reduce scoliosis symptoms
  • Chiropractic treatment Improves posture


We all are aware that the advancement of technology has affected us in many ways. And due to our screen time and less physical exercise, it is very common to develop back pain, shoulder pain, cervical pain and neck pain to joint pain, etc. But Physiotherapy and Chiropractic care have treatment for these entire problems without taking any medicines. And if you are looking for home physiotherapy services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad to Indirapuram then book an expert home physiotherapist.

Relevium provides the best home Physiotherapy services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad to Indirapuram.

So if you are searching for an expert home physiotherapist to your nearest location in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad to Indirapuram then Relevium can help you. Relevium provides the fast recovery and satisfaction of their patients. And for that their Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment plans are designed according to your requirements.

If you are suffering from any of these issues and are seeking professional physiotherapist to help, Contact Relevium they offer physiotherapy services at home to the nearest location in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad to Indirapuram.

Book your physiotherapist at home for Back pain, Shoulder pain, Neck pain, cervical pain, Knee pain and more. – https://www.relevium.in/

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National seminar on sickle cell anaemia organised on the World Sickle Cell Day at Indore

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], June 24:  A national seminar on sickle cell anaemia was organised on the World Sickle Cell Day by the Greater Brajeswari-based Advanced Institute of Paramedical Sciences at Indore in association with the Advanced Homeopathic Medical research society.

Shanker Lalwani, Member of Parliament (MP) from Indore Loksabha constituency, invited as the chief guest at the national seminar, said, “I have seen people suffering from sickle cell anaemia and blood-borne diseases like Thalassemia, Aplastic Anemia etc. I raised the concern in the Lok Sabha and demanded that couples undergo mandatory blood tests for sickle cell and thalassemia before marriage. Action is being taken to prevent these diseases in the future.”

Dr. Vaibhav Chaturvedi, a renowned psychiatrist in Indore, said, “Before treating the victim, his family must be mentally strong. The role of a psychiatrist is important in counselling the victim’s family members.”

Dr. AK Dwivedi, member of the Central Council for Homeopathic Research, Ministry of Ayush, said, “Doctors do not pay attention to such diseases where the possibility of treatment is minimal. Experts should work together to prevent and cure such diseases if any path fails to deliver the desired results.”

A girl from  Dewas who is suffering from sickle cell anaemia attended the seminar & shared her experiences that she and her brother is suffering from sickle cell disease, having lots of health problems & severe pain, and due to that, their parents are also mentally stressed.

Dr AK Dwivedi presented a case of  22 years male with Sickle Cell disease suffering which was diagnosed in 2018, having lots of health problems with low body weight & poor growth 22-year-old boy from Burhanpur weighed only 33 kg, and he first consulted him on May 20, 2022, he is taken Homeopathic Medicines from Dr AK Dwivedi from Advanced Homoeo Health Center & Homeopathic Medical Research Pvt ltd Indore On his second visit to the clinic on June 17th, 2022, his weight had increased to 40 kg (from 33kg), and his haemoglobin increased to 12 (from 11) based on this example dr Dwivedi stated that homoeopathic medicines could help to reduce the suffering of Sickle cell anaemia patients as per dr Dwivedi if homoeopathic medicines can be given for longer time duration of blood transfusion can be prolonged & immunity can be a boost.

Dr. SK Mishra, the chief speaker at the national seminar, said, “The Sickle cell anaemia disease is witnessed in 90 per cent of the tribes such as Bega, Bahia, and Sahia. Both the Central and State Governments are making efforts for awareness, prevention, control and treatment of sickle cell among such tribes.”

The seminar was attended by DN Mishra, Rakesh Yadav, Deepak Upadhyay, Dr.Vivek Sharma, Vinay Pandey, Dr Jitendra Puri, Dr. Kanak Chaturvedi, etc.,

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aastey, India’s first sustainable size-inclusive brand, launches its first brand film

New Delhi (India), June 24: aastey, India’s first sustainable size-inclusive athleisure brand, unveiled its first-ever brand film giving a sneak peek of the sassy summer collection and the new unique logo.

The brand film is a lookbook that showcases aastey’s products, values, hopes and beliefs. It portrays the message of being active, moving, and taking an interest in your physical health while enjoying life’s mundane moments. The new logo represents the aastey tribe. It symbolises arms coming together, which refers to the aastey tribe coming together as a community.

Our newest drop is the extreme werk it set – the advanced version of our bestseller – the werkset. It comprises a sports bra and leggings, comes in five fresh colours, and has better functionalities. The sports bra has a firm hold and can be your go-to wear for low to high-impact activities. On the other hand, the leggings are high-waisted, have four pockets, and the crotch gusset and flatlock seams give one a sleeker look. Apart from the activewear and co-ord sets, the other offerings from aastey are the tic tac cycling shorts, live bold joggers, live t, gender fluid jacket, and pizzativity hoodies.

The new collection is moulded around precious childhood elements like cotton candy, tic-tac, and the true sense of freedom we had as kids. It is a blend of themes of nostalgia, reminiscence, and belongingness felt in childhood.

Talking about the brand film, Jeevika Tyagi, Co-Founder and CEO of aastey, said, “Our last werk it set was a bestseller, and our tribe’s reaction was enough to convince us for an advanced version. Currently, the new extreme werk it set in five colours, is doing great, and i’m happy reading the reviews! I think, as a brand, it is important to understand the consumer need and act accordingly, and at aastey, our tribe will always come first!” Kanupriya Mundhra, Co-Founder and COO of aastey, said, “The pandemic was an eyeopener for us. It gave us time to reflect and be grateful for all we have. Many of us tapped into our inner child and did things we did as a child – our new collection theme. It brings back the child within us with happy hues and designs that will encourage you to be fearless, stay confident, and move flexibly.”

aastey believes in the phrase live sustainably, and it is our dedicated effort to reduce our carbon footprint to protect the environment. We are working towards creating a closed-loop cycle for all our products and aim to be completely sustainable by 2023.

Campaign link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uShbOv7ZwFI

aastey is India’s first sustainable size-inclusive athleisure brand with a vision to create a

community that prioritises sustainability by using eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics with cutting-edge designs. As a brand, we believe in living at your own pace, no matter who you are or your destination. It’s all about enjoying the journey and #liveaastey.

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JustDogs hosts special screenings of 777 Charlie for pet owners/lovers

The movie, about the love and bond between a stray dog and a factory worker, leaves pet owners emotional

New Delhi (India), June 24: JustDogs (www.justdogsstore.com ), India’s largest speciality retailer of services and solutions for the needs of pets, hosted special screenings of 777 Charlie, a movie about the strong bond between a stray dog and a factory worker, for pet owners.

The special screenings of the film, which was released earlier this month has been receiving rave reviews and ratings, were organised in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune. Around 500 pet owners were invited to the special screenings.

“Every once in a while, there comes a film that celebrates the unconditional love between dogs and us and one that adds more joy to our lives every day. 777 Charlie showcases and celebrates the special relationship with such emotions. Being pet lovers, the film was a journey for us, and we knew we had to share the experience with more pet owners, and this is why we hosted the special screenings,” said Poorvi Anthony, Co-founder of JustDogs.

777 Charlie is the story of a human and one canine who find a kindred spirit in each other and set out on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. The film celebrates the absolute and unreserved love between humans and their pets and has struck an emotional chord with the audience, especially pet owners. The film’s Box Office collection has crossed Rs. 75 crore.

Pet lovers, who won the invite to the specials screenings by winning fun contests on JustDogs’ social media, described their connection with the film as magical and unprecedented.

“I am so glad I saw this movie on the big screen. I can’t wait to go back and hug my Buddy. I missed him so much, and, in my head, I planned a trip to the mountains with him,” said a teary-eyed Soumya Gokhale from Pune.

Raman Iyer, a young pet lover from Bengaluru, said, “This was my first movie since the lockdown, and I am so glad it was this one. As a techie living far away from home, my pet Tobby is the only family I have with me. I adopted him during the lockdown, and some scenes of the film had me fighting back tears thinking of Tobby and our journey. I loved it to bits.”

To know more, visit www.justdogsstore.com

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P&G Global Production – The Gateway For Indian Models In International Pageants

June 24: Today in the 21st century, from being the CEOs of the top global business houses to winning the titles like Miss Universe, Miss World & Mr World, Indians are ruling almost in every field. Moreover, when it comes to the International Pageants, the participation of Indian models has gradually increased in the past decade. Many of us might not know, but P&G Global Production, an emerging name in the Pageant Industry, has played a vital role.

P&G Global Production has strived hard to organize pageants regularly in the various parts of the country to give a chance to the models around the country. Well, such pageants help provide exposure to the upcoming models and help them get stage ready for major international pageants. This is how P&G Global Production has groomed several models around the nation.

Well, the budding models around the nation would be proud to learn about the upcoming pageants, which P&G Global Productions is organizing, in which the winners will be representing India on the International Stage! Upcoming Pageants by P&G Global Production include – 1) Mr. Glam India, (2) Miss Glamour Look India, and (3) Mrs. Glamour Look of the Year India.

Regarding the honour of representing the nation at the international level, the P&G Global Production’s official model Mr. Ashish Shinde will be representing India at the world finals of Mr. Petite Global, which is supposed to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 4th to 7th August. Hailing from the small town of Sangli, Maharashtra Mr. Ashish Shinde is a professional model who has been active in the fashion industry for the last two years.

Mr. Ashish has been involved in many national pageants, fashion shows, print shoots, etc. Now taking his career to the next level, Mr. Ashish is all set to represent India Internationally. Since day one, the person who has supported Ashish is none other than Mr. Mayuresh Abhyankar. Mr. Abhyankar is a multi-talented person specializing in fashion designing, makeup work, artist management, event planning, anchoring, etc. Further, Mr. Ashish Shinde will also be making his film debut in the later half of 2022, where we will see him working with top directors & producers.

P&G Global Production is also the official license holder of Mr. and Miss Petite Global for India. The upcoming pageants by P&G Global Production – Mr. Glam India, Miss Glamour Look India & Mrs. Glamour Look of the Year India– should witness participation from the whole country. Then a grand audition will be held in Mumbai, and the ‘Finals Contestants’ will be chosen.

In all these pageants, from audition to the grand finals, no contestant will be judged on looks & beauty; however, they will be judged on their talent, hard work, dedication, etc. The finals show will be held in Goa in September. From the Audition to Grand Finals, a top face from the fashion industry will be a part of the judging panel. The winner of this pageant will represent India in the Philippines, where many countries worldwide will be involved in the international finals. In addition, P&G Global Production plans to bring many international pageants to India to promote fresher talent, and support aspiring model careers & make India a dominant country in international pageants.

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Manastha: India’s Best Online Psychologist & Psychiatrist Consultation Platform

June 24: During Covid-19, when the country’s mental health was at its lowest, Manastha became the most prominent mental health service provider to 6 Lac plus people suffering from acute stress, anxiety, and depression. They were provided immediate consultation and relief by the trained team of mental health warriors. It was the most significant mental health drive taken by the esteemed organization during the crisis.

Manastha is an International Counselling and psychiatric therapy platform that provides online and offline counselling to people suffering from emotional and mental health problems in their life. Manastha was founded by the two alumni of Delhi University (Department of Psychology), Mr. Vikrant Yadav and Mr. Ankit Deswal. The vision behind the creation of Manastha was simple. The founders wanted a platform monitored and run by psychologists as they know counselling and therapy better than an entrepreneur.

The platform’s sole purpose is to heal people who require emotional support; profit-making and scalability are secondary. The organization has helped more than 10,00,000 people and has its presence in 120+ countries. Manastha’s vision is the provide quality and personal therapy to every individual suffering from emotional health issues. It is one of the biggest platforms in India for mental health that provides quality mental health consultation. More than 30K people visit the website monthly to seek mental health help.

India lacks quality mental health services and trained professionals as of now. This is where Manastha bridges the gap with the unique approach to training every professional and providing quality training before they commence taking therapy cases.

Manastha strongly emphasized the quality of the mental health sessions. In the initial days, Manastha trained a large population of psychologists in the practical approach of counselling psychology. By successfully doing so, they created a good team of verified in-house psychologists rather than a team of unverified per-session base part-time psychologists. 

These in-house psychologists have a longer commitment to the organization and hence a longer commitment to the clients. Every client is ensured with trust and long-term commitment from the psychologist.

Manastha is also the biggest EAP provider in India and provides mental health programs for corporates and their employees.

Top Companies & institutions like Wipro, HCL, LTI, IIT, World Gold Council, Jade Global, V-Guard, Airbase, SRF, and more esteemed organizations have been associated with Manastha. They have partnered to take psychological counselling and workshops to their employees. More than eighty such companies are impanelled presently with Manastha to maintain the healthy emotional health of their employees.

The future vision of Manastha is to make therapy more accessible and affordable for the Indian population who require frequent sessions but cannot afford it or find a quality professional. For this, Manastha is continuously in touch with the Indian Government to make a bridge between the public and private sectors and enable the certified psychologist/psychiatrist to reach the masses in India. In the upcoming times, you can see an amalgamation of AI and psychological therapies by Manastha to make the initial therapy sessions more precise, standardized, and systemized. This will save time and effort in identifying the root issues and symptoms of the client.

In the fall of 2022, Manastha will launch its App on Android and iOS platforms for all mobile users. It will give people a more connected and immersive experience with their therapists. The app will empower people suffering from emotional problems by providing them with real-time 24×7 psychological help. The app will make therapy more secure and confidential for all existing and future users of Manastha. 

With sincere efforts and good intentions, Manastha has shown a positive approach toward people in emotional need, allowing them to Reclaim Their Inner Harmony.

You can visit the platform ( www.manastha.com) to book your session if you want to consult the best online psychologist or psychiatrist. They will assign the best therapist as per your issues. Companies and organizations looking for employee mental health programs can also visit the website.

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Celebrities and Entertainment personalities honored at Mid-Day International Showbiz Awards Chapter 2 in Dubai

Vaani Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Isha Kopikar, Pooja Chopra, and Esha Gupta were honoured with Mid-Day International Showbiz Award, Dubai 2022

Dubai, 24 Jun 2022: The Mid-Day International Showbiz Awards 2022, was organized by Mumbai’s leading English newspaper, Mid-Day, and was held at the Festival City, Dubai last weekend. Top celebrities and entertainment professionals from the entertainment world were honored at the award night.

Bollywood actress Vaani Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Isha Kopikar, Pooja Chopra, Esha Gupta, Niharika Raizada, and Rakhi Sawant were honored. Actors Vivek Oberoi, Amrita Fadnavis, and Rahul Shukla had a special guest on the occasion. On this Occasion, Vibhu Agrawal and Anjali Raina were awarded for Atrangi TV channel, Ajay Harinath Singh for Darwin Group of companies,  Piyush Singh, Golden Ratio Films has been awarded for for Iconic CEO of the year, Jagdish Chandra – First News India News was felicitated with News man of the year and Ravi Panga was awarded for Kokasis for Mobility.

Kishan Mali – Iconic Director,  Ramkamal Mukherjee, Iconic Film Producer – Manju Bharti, Iconic Rising Actor Award  – Mukesh Bharti, Iconic Debut Award Vipin Kashyap, Nitin Kumar Gupta – Iconic Writer, and Director , Meena Sethi Mandal – Iconic Producer, Amit Sethi – Iconic Actor, Dr. Basim El Halaby- Pranay Jha- Iconic Debut in Song Oh Humnashi,  Wild Buffalo Films Divyansh Pandit- Iconic Production House in Short Film Category, Gaurang Doshi – Iconic Director, Vinod Bachchan, Soundarya Productions -Iconic Producer, actress Rakhi Sawant were honored.

Several companies and individuals were also awarded for marketing, promotion, digital campaign and various services in the entertainment world. Girish Wankhede, Jai Bhim App – CEO of the Year, Raviraj Singh – Vaghela Right TFX, Mohd Gulrej Alam -Teamlozzi, Payal Jaswami – 99 YRS Network LLC, Kush Goyal – Picture & Craft, Liaquat Gola – Dimension Pictures Pvt Ltd, Nagma Khan – Shazz Media Entertainment, Pritesh – Aks Talks, Turcars UAE, Kalpana, Shake Fazil – Bailey Casino Sri Lanka, Sachin Kumar – Sachin Enterprises, Shyamlal & Lavan Kumar – Sham Enterprises, Azam Shake – Myvin11.com were given the award.

Speaking of the occasion, Rahul Shukla, Business Head, Midday said that with the presence of big stars, the leading brand associations from the entertainment industry have made the Mid-Day International Showbiz Awards Chapter 2 an successful international event. We wish the midday group stars, technicians, and professionals all the best for a successful future .

Actress Raveena Tandon and Sonu Sood could not attend the event due to busy schedules and have sent their best wishes for a successful event through a video message.

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How Poonam Vishal Vidhate Has Made A Mark In Politics While Taking Care Of Her Family

June 24: Even in the 21st century, if you think women are meant to only manage the house, family and children, then you are probably living under a rock. There’s no profession or industry where modern women haven’t shown their potential. Poonam Vishal Vidhate is one of the powerful Indian women who has made a huge name in politics thanks to her hard-working and futuristic attitude.

Poonam from the National Congress Party (NCP) is trying to socialise through politics shoulder to shoulder with her husband.

Poonam Vishal Vidhate is a resident of Baner, Pune who has done B.Com from Appasaheb College of Arts, Commerce and Science. Originally from Ambegaon, Poonam’s father was a wrestler and had an excellent reputation in the village.

Poonam’s husband, Vishal Vidhate has been working with NCP leader Baburao Chandere since 2011. When Vishal was given the responsibility of the chairmanship in Ward No 9 of the Baner constituency, he has been working on the 80 percent socialism and 20 percent politics formula. During this time, Poonam continued to take care of the family and set an example in politics and sociology. Staying close to her husband, she tried to get people to understand her. From this, she developed a passion for social work.

When Nationalist Congress Party announced a 50% reservation for women, Poonam Vidhate started participating in the work of the party. Since then, she has tried to solve many problems in society. She also helped the self-help groups in empowerment, tree planting, blood donation camps, job fairs, distribution of food during the pandemic along with distribution of masks, sanitisers, and provision of oxygen beds when needed. In addition, she has contributed to connecting thousands of women through the Haldi-Kunkwa program every year.

On the occasion of Diwali, Baburao Chandere, along with Sameer Chandere, gave a helping hand to thousands of citizens through the equipment distribution program. She joined them and tried to solve various problems related to drinking water, women’s health, waste management, cemetery problem and more. An optimum budget has been dedicated to the development work in the ward and road-building-related works have been carried out.

Poonam has been working day and night for the ward while taking care of her family as well. She has a son named Shaurya and a daughter named Saurakshi. Her goal is to take care of them and educate them. She is also ready to contest elections and is eager to dedicate her life towards the development of the ward.

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