Siddharth Rajsekar’s ‘I CAN COACH’: A Comforting Embrace of Inspirational Stories from the Digital World

New Delhi (India), October 4: Leading Digital Coach and Visionary Founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, Siddharth Rajsekar, launched his latest book, “I CAN COACH – Stories Of Transformation Volume 1” at his signature event ‘The Freedom Business Retreat’ at the Leela Palace in Chennai. “I CAN COACH – Stories Of Transformation Volume 1” is already an Amazon Bestseller, leading the charts in the Home-Based Businesses category. 

This comes after Siddharth’s other international Amazon Bestseller, “You Can Coach,” which is the perfect manual for individuals to plan, build and grow a digital coaching business. While “You Can Coach” serves as an essential guide, ‘I CAN COACH’ delicately spoons out stories of resilient transformation and growth from the heart of the Internet Lifestyle Hub Community. 

With an impressive ten years of in-depth research, complemented by half a decade dedicated to fostering thriving digital communities, Siddharth Rajsekar masterfully unveils the profound impact of digital coaching. As the realm of education undergoes swift and significant shifts, “I CAN COACH” confidently rises as a testament to the future of adaptive, individualized, and transformative learning.

The book unfolds over 45 awe-inspiring tales from everyday individuals across different walks of life, all of whom have embraced the Freedom Business Model process. Their stories are a testament to resilience, passion, and the indomitable human spirit.

Siddharth remarks, “‘I CAN COACH’ is more than just text on a page. It represents a wave of change, a clarion call urging us all to reshape our paths and make meaningful changes in others’ lives. We’re eager to continue enlightening and influencing more souls with the forthcoming editions of ‘I CAN COACH’.”

“I CAN COACH” is a revolution encouraging readers to believe in their capacity to inspire, lead, and live a life abundant in purpose. Siddharth’s Internet Lifestyle Hub has been a catalyst for ordinary individuals morphing into digital mavens and influential coaches. This book acts as both an inspiration and a roadmap for anyone keen on exploring their inherent greatness.

Dive into its pages and let each story fuel the fire within to chase dreams and aspirations with unwavering tenacity. As the title succinctly asserts, the phrase “I can” is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

The book, published by Clever Fox Publishing, is available on or for INR 199. 

Praise for “I CAN COACH – Stories Of Transformation Volume 1”

“This is not just any book. Every single story is a tale of the indomitable human spirit. I congratulate Siddharth for spearheading the ‘I Can Coach’ book series. Writing the foreword for the first volume was an honor. With every new edition, we’ll uncover more insights impacting the current and next generation of trainers, coaches, and experts.”

Surendran Jayasekar, CEO-Success Gyan

About Siddharth Rajsekar

A digital coaching pioneer, Siddharth Rajsekar founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018. Now one of the world’s largest communities for experts, coaches, and creators with over 27,000+ members. Siddharth’s innovative methods have empowered numerous individuals to unlock their potential and pursue their dreams. This book underscores his dedication to forging a world where knowledge is the key to freedom and prosperity.

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