Meet Top 20 Indian Influential Personalities Making Waves in 2023

New Delhi (India), September 15: In 2023, a cohort of visionary individuals is reshaping industries and communities across India. These influential personalities embody excellence, innovation, and impact, setting the stage for a transformative year. From the realms of audio technology to healthcare, education to fine arts, these leaders are igniting change, inspiring others, and driving progress. Their diverse journeys, rich expertise, and unwavering commitment make them the trailblazers to watch as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of 2023.

Aditya Kashyap

Aditya Kashyap, a dynamic figure in the audio industry, stands out as an influential personality in 2023. As the founder of Caroler, a hub for exceptional Voiceover, Audio Content, and Sound FX services, Aditya’s impact resonates through his dedication to quality and innovation. With a rich six-year journey as a Voiceover Artist, he’s not only mastered his craft but also nurtured emerging talents, fostering a community of growth and excellence. Aditya’s commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction sets him apart, making him a true influencer who shapes the industry’s landscape, inspiring and empowering fellow artists.

Ameen Rahaman

Ameen Rahaman is a dynamic Business Development Manager (BDM) renowned for his relentless commitment to the field since 2017. Armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kerala University, his journey began with a strong academic foundation. His remarkable blend of business acumen, adaptability, and strong analytical skills sets him apart. Ameen excels in identifying opportunities, creating innovative strategies, and fostering client relationships, all vital for his firm’s success. His flexibility, time management, and problem-solving abilities further elevate his performance. As the “Captain of Business Development Wing,” he continues to drive growth, making him a key asset in the industry.

Anshuman Naik

Prof. Dr. Anshuman Naik.MBBS, MD, Dip in Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes, FEACD, PhD(HC) in Diabetes and Consultant Diabetologist telemedicine, I.e. WhatsApp no. 9556477997. He cares for & gives the latest advanced treatment through Telemedicine to patients with Diabetes, Obesity/Overweight, Thyroid problems, Polycystic Ovarian Disorder, Post Menopausal Syndrome and Sexual problems. He aims to stop diabetes and ‘make life Sweet ‘ for all diabetes patients. He does ethical practice and follows National Medical Council guidelines. Stopped & decreased medicine in many Diabetes individuals, which helped them to decrease their financial burdens. He was awarded as Enemy of Diabetes, Best Diabetologist of India & Odisha Awardee. He treated more than 1 Lakh Diabetes patients in just 10 years. Established Sweet Life Diabetic’s Care & Research Center in the tribal-dominated Sundergarh District of Odisha for caring tribal people

Ashish Bhatti

Ashish Bhatti is a renowned expert in life coaching and business coaching, specializing in Corporate Training, Career Excellence Coaching, and Brain Science Training. His holistic approach sets him apart, providing a comprehensive learning experience. His personalized guidance and expertise ensure tailored support for individual growth journeys. Ashish’s integration of brain science offers practical insights into optimizing growth and performance, coming to proven, tangible results in personal and professional life. With a diverse skill set, he equips clients with the tools and techniques for desired results. As an influential and dynamic personality, Ashish is passionate about empowering youngsters and entrepreneurs to thrive igniting transformation through corporate training. Beyond coaching and training, he contributes to societal betterment through various social activities.

Divyani Makharia

Divyani Makharia, the visionary founder of Tree Tonic India, champions the transformative power of natural skincare. Her unwavering belief that nature holds the key to compelling skincare fuels Tree Tonic’s mission: offering affordable, science-backed skincare free from harmful chemicals. What sets Tree Tonic apart is its commitment to using the highest-quality natural ingredients, backed by collaborations with leading scientists and dermatologists. Beyond skincare, Mrs. Makharia’s compassion and diligence drive her to create employment opportunities and positively impact society. She strives to challenge the notion that quality skincare must be expensive, resonating with customers tired of ineffective, pricey products. Tree Tonic is rapidly expanding its product line, ensuring skincare is an attainable goal for all.

Dr. Amit Kumar C Jain

Dr. Amit Jain, a distinguished Diabetic Foot Surgeon, heads Amit Jain’s Institute of Diabetic Foot & Wound Care at Brindhavvan Areion Hospital, Bengaluru. The hospital’s diabetic foot wing is honoured, recognizing his groundbreaking contributions. Setting him apart is his seminal work, establishing modern and supermodern diabetic foot surgery in India and having 6 world records. His original innovative principle and practice in diabetic foot earned him the title of “Father of diabetic foot surgery”, as per literature. He embodies dedication, passion, vision, and original innovations, making him an exemplary role model for healthcare professionals. Dr Jain’s philanthropic efforts include Amit Jain’s Charitable Trust Project, and he runs “The Amit Jain’s Show”. 

Dr. Apoorva HC

Dr. Apoorva HC, a Clinical Pharmacist and Specialist Diabetic Foot Wound Care Pharmacist, is making an indelible mark in healthcare. Based at Amit Jain’s Institute of Diabetic Foot & Wound Care in Bengaluru, India, she consults and manages crucial sub-wings within the Institute. Co-hosting the unique ‘The Amit Jain’s-Apoorva Show,’ she shares invaluable insights on diabetic foot care. Dr. Apoorva’s distinction lies in being India’s first Diabetic Foot Wound Care Pharmacist, mentored by Dr. (Prof) Amit Jain, the Father of Diabetic Foot Surgery from India, for his original work. With more than 11 original research publications in modern diabetic foot surgery and the title of Best Achiever of 2022 at IKGA, Chennai, she’s a role model for healthcare professionals, especially clinical pharmacists in our 2023 roster of influential personalities.

Dr. Debanjoy Goswami

Meet Debanjoy Goswami, an exceptional 23-year-old entrepreneur reshaping the skincare landscape with his dedication to affordability and effectiveness. Emerging from a middle-class background, Debanjoy embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. As a medical practitioner, he founded DGCOSMETICO, an online platform specializing in skincare products and consultations. His personalised approach sets him apart – beyond offering quality products, he provides free doctor consultations and follow-ups. This commitment ensures customers achieve tangible, satisfying results. Personal challenges, financial constraints, and unwavering self-belief mark Debanjoy’s journey. His vision is to expand DGCOSMETICO into the largest digital skin clinic, democratizing skincare access and impacting the industry and society.

Dr. Joseph K J Kakkanattu

Dr. Joseph K J Kakkanattu, a native of Kerala’s eastern hill tracks, has traversed an extraordinary path rooted in holistic living. Initially a mathematics teacher for over two decades, he nurtured a global network of students. Concurrently, he honed his skills in martial arts, notably karate, eventually becoming a renowned martial arts guru. He became a full-time karate teacher and yoga guru and gained worldwide recognition. Dr. Joseph set multiple world records, including breaking iron rods barehanded. Beyond martial arts, he is celebrated as a yoga guru, naturopath, and proponent of a healthy lifestyle. His practical philosophy promotes naturopathy, vegetarianism, and disciplined daily rituals, inspiring thousands to embrace pure and natural living.

Dr. Nitnem Singh Sodhi

Dr. Nitnem Singh Sodhi is a renowned mental health expert and is recognized as the world’s youngest neuropsychologist. He is known for his innovative approach to counselling and therapy, which provides complete relief within three to four sessions, unlike conventional therapy, which may take months or years. Dr. Nitnem Singh Sodhi has helped over a thousand patients, and his expertise and results speak for themselves. His visionary research works, theories, scientific models, assessment tools, and pioneering treatment methods have gained recognition from many esteemed organizations, making a significant impact in the field of mental health. He is serving as a distinguished Psychologist for the Indian Air Force while maintaining a reputed private practice in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Dr. Pradyumna Chaudhuri

Dr. Pradyumna Chaudhuri, a distinguished management consultant, embodies versatility. With expertise in transformational leadership, stress management, and education, he catalyzes positive change in individuals and organizations. Over three decades, he has led global teams, founded strategic business units, and designed optimized processes. His rich international exposure and deep understanding of the Indian market set him apart. As a prolific author, his storytelling transcends historical fiction into management practices. Dr. Chaudhuri’s accolades include international jury memberships for esteemed learning awards and recognition as a master mentor in the IT domain. His influence extends to education, cognition, wellness, and communication.

Dr Shailendra Singh (CoachTSS)

Dr. Shailendra Singh is a Global Icon in Motivation, Leadership, and Transformation. As The Founder of The Sixth Element, He has Inspired Individuals Across 7 Countries, Including India, since 2016. Also known as CoachTSS and Mr. Excitement, He Kindles Personal Growth, Dreams, and Hope Through Seminars, Webinars, Videos and Counseling. Beyond Competition, He Unveils People’s Potential and Reinvigorates Their Lives; He Saved Over 250 Lives from Depression and Suicide. Dr. Singh’s Dedication Earned Him an Honorary Doctorate from Columbia Pacific University and Prestigious Accolades like The India Leadership Brilliance Award and India’s Real Hero Award etc. He’s also been a Pivotal Whistleblower During The COVID-19 pandemic, shed light on the Vital Role of Medical Store Pharmacists and earned accolades from the Entire Industry.

Indu Indra K. (Explorer)

Introducing Indu, a former TV media professional with a 20-year-long career producing TV programs on economy and IT. Her passion for solo world travels led her to create the travel blog Indu Travel Tales. Indu has travelled across all 7 continents of the world. In 2020, her journeys took an unexpected turn when she embarked on an epic journey on foot for 5645 km on both banks of river Ganga in India for the cause of Ganga rejuvenation. Indu completed her monumental walkathon in 2021, making her the only woman in India to do so. She has shared her unusual experiences in her memoir. She continues exploring Ganga and inspiring people to contribute to the river’s cleanliness.

K. K. Bajaj

 K. K. Bajaj, the Vice Chairman of RNB Global University in Bikaner, is a trailblazer in the realm of higher education. His accomplishments include founding RNB Global University and securing an impressive NAAC accreditation of B++. Notably, he obtained 2f approval for the university from UGC. As a leader, he plays an active role in university administration, overseeing academic planning, monitoring, and execution. K. K. Bajaj’s vision extends to promoting socio-economic development in rural areas, and he has fostered over 40 collaborations with academic, research, and corporate organizations. He ensures excellence through mandatory internship programs and innovative value-added courses. K. K. Bajaj is also a staunch advocate for women’s empowerment, Indian culture, moral values, and sustainability, solidifying his influence in higher education.

Nagarjun Karnatakam

In India’s education realm, Nagarjun Karnatakam stands as a remarkable figure, transcending the traditional educator role. As the Managing Director and Edupreneur, he’s revolutionizing education in Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh, spearheading the visionary Penguin Montessori School & Montessori School. What sets him apart is his additional role as an Education Consultant, offering invaluable guidance to preschools and schools. Nagarjun embarked on his journey as an education pioneer at the young age of 24, marking the beginning of an exceptional career. Notable accolades include ranking among the top 50 alumni of Christ University, Bangalore, and holding the esteemed title of India’s only educator with the SNA Qualified designation, signifying a Senior National Arbiter in Chess. Nagarjun’s mission revolves around holistic child development, recently earning him the prestigious Edupreneur of the Year 2023 Award by GSLC.

Raajan Maluuja

Raajan Maluuja, an acclaimed Fine Artist based in Delhi, India, boasts an impressive list of accolades, including the Bharat Gaurav Ratna Award, a Doctorate from the World Human Right Protection Commission of India, and the Rashtriya Pratishtha Puraskar by the Worthy Wellness Foundation. Notably, he’s been honoured with the Emerging Fine Artist award from the MSME Times Excellence Award. His artistic prowess shines in his captivating portraits, featuring prominent figures such as former President Ram Nath Kovind, Shikhar Dhawan, Manoj Tiwari, and Chief Justice of India Uday Umesh Lalit. What distinguishes him is his remarkable ability to encapsulate the essence and character of his subjects in his artwork, creating truly distinctive and powerful visual representations. 

Sudhanshu Chanderwal

Sudhanshu Chanderwal, an Advertising Professional with over 12 years of experience, currently serves as the Head of Marketing at Amritara Hotels and Resorts. He’s not just another negotiator; Sudhanshu is a master of the art, adept at resolving complex situations effortlessly. His creative prowess shines through with a plethora of viral ideas that transform brands’ visibility both online and offline. What sets Sudhanshu apart is his unique ability to think creatively and negotiate effectively. But his influence goes beyond that. He believes in the power of relationships, ensuring that they remain intact to facilitate seamless task execution. His creative thoughts are not just noticed; they’re celebrated by his professional peers.

Talat Jawed

Talat Jawed is a seasoned mind coach and educator on a mission to empower people through mindset transformation. With over half a decade of experience, she has already positively impacted over 10,000 lives, helping individuals achieve stress-free, quality lives. Her goal is to extend her services to another 100,000 people, fostering personal growth and success. Talat’s influence goes beyond individual coaching. She is the founder and CEO of AAWF and BRIGHT BRAINS, organizations dedicated to educating underprivileged children and providing skill training to less fortunate women. Her commitment to social impact has earned her recognition, including the Women Icon Award in 2022 and the Swami Vivekananda Award in 2020.

Yash Paleja

Yash Paleja, a prominent figure in the real estate landscape, wears multiple hats. As a Real Estate Sales and Marketing Strategist, he empowers Indian developers to enhance sales revenues and collections efficiency. His scientific and measurable approach leverages market research trends, AI-based digital lead generation, and distribution channel optimization. Yash’s unique selling point lies in his transparent, low-key, and high-value methodology, delivering results without unnecessary noise. Acknowledged as an influencer in the real estate industry, Yash’s reputation is built on respect from peers, connections, and followers. He actively contributes to the sector by sharing insights as a speaker at various real estate forums and summits. Yash’s upcoming AI-based platform aims to foster knowledge-sharing experiences for Real Estate Brokers and Developers.

Yash Suryavanshi

 Yash Suryavanshi, a beacon of financial prowess and social responsibility, leads Technocyber Finance Consultancy. Founded in 2018, Yash’s venture imparts financial growth insights, international market strategies, financial advisory, and trading concepts. His exceptional acumen, networking skills, and adaptable stock market approach set him apart. Born in a remote Maharashtra village in 2003, Yash’s journey from modest beginnings to acclaimed Financial Consultant and Philanthropist is inspiring. His investment, trading, leadership, and social impact expertise positions him as a young entrepreneur influencing international stock markets and driving financial empowerment.

As 2023 unfolds, these 20 influential individuals are not just making waves but creating ripples of transformation across India and beyond. Their stories of dedication, innovation, and resilience testify to human potential and the power of visionary leadership. They continue to inspire and drive change in diverse fields, from healthcare to education, fine arts to finance. As we celebrate their accomplishments and contributions, one can eagerly anticipate their profound impact on our world in the coming year. These are the trailblazers shaping the narrative of 2023, lighting the way for a brighter, more innovative future.

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