Dharmendra Singh Chandel says, “I believe human emotions are more powerful than money, status or any other mundane desires that one might have!”

New Delhi (India), August 22: Dharmendra Singh Chandel, a rising star in the entertainment industry, embodies the power of passion and authenticity. Rejecting the allure of a stable corporate career, Dharmendra Singh chose the unpredictable realm of acting, driven by a deep-seated belief in the unparalleled strength of human emotions. He has carved a niche for himself in the ever-evolving world of cinema and beyond.

Upon asking Dharmendra what was the drive behind leaving his lucrative corporate job offers and choose acting, he replied: “I believe human emotions are more powerful than money, status or any other mundane desires that one might have, and that is one of the main reasons I love this craft. An actor gets numerous opportunities to absorb and express those human emotions and to experience multiple lives.”

If you have the confidence to follow your passions and have enough faith in yourself, your dreams and passions could take you anywhere. But only a small number of people had the fortitude to work hard enough to make their goals come true. One of them, Dharmendra Singh Chandel, is a dreamer as opposed to an everyday boy. a man who is enthusiastic about many other things, including Bollywood, the arts, music, dance and acting. a man who had the guts to pursue his dreams unapologetically. a person who is passionate enough to let their enthusiasm carry them to tremendous heights. And his determination and persistent faith in himself has made him a star in the industry.

One of Dharmendra’s followers said, At the start of his career, Your sixth sense will tell you that Dharmendra is going to become more and more famous if you pay attention to his acting, particularly its variety and breadth. Dharmendra’s career has progressed steadily and smoothly, from stage productions to commercials to television shows like DHARM and now to significant television commercials for household names like Coca-Cola and Robot Haro 360 (WLKATA).

Today, I can definitely declare that the level of Dharmendra Singh Chandel’s creative production reaches far beyond the confines of traditional film, to paraphrase Kamesh Karna, the renowned editor from Bollywood who is also the editor of the television series DHARM. For instance, a few months back, I watched one of his commercials for Coca-Cola and was mesmerized by how his presence on screen carried the entire commercial. His acting style was intriguing in that it had the vibe of a movie trailer and had the ability to arouse people’s interest and pique their curiosity to the point where they searched for more information online. Dharmendra Singh Chandel essentially personifies “star power”, as it is known in the business, in each of his performances.

Dharmendra recently had the lead role in the critically acclaimed short film “One Last Sunrise,” directed by Rohith Guttamidhi, in which he portrays Mr. Roy. Film has garnered numerous honors. Awards include Special Jury Award at DURBAN International Short Film Festival, Best Silent Short Film at Indo French International Film Festival, and Best International Short Film at the Qatar Independent Film Festival.

In his most recent movie, LOST, in which he plays the lead part of an investigating police officer, Dharmendra shines. Dharmendra’s ability to play a variety of characters in this role was put to the test. You can watch him go from being the nice guy or boy next door to a commanding character named “Blaze”, who is hunting criminals and fighting crimes with the guts of a superhero, performing every aspect of the role with the utmost credibility.

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