The Real Diamonds of Surat are its People – Col. Rajeev Bharwan

Surat (Gujarat) [India], August 17: A captivating event titled “Azadi Ka Rang, Ek Fauji Ke Sang” initiated by Social Army Group,  took place at the prestigious Sardar Patel Smruti Bhavan on 15th August, 2023, leaving the audience profoundly inspired and motivated. The event featured renowned motivational speaker and life coach, Col. Rajeev Bharwan, from Infantry and Airborne regiment who shared his invaluable experiences from his 21 years of military service and highlighted how these lessons could be applied by the common man in their everyday lives.

The event commenced with an enchanting performance by Rushab Agravat, who melodiously rendered some of the nation’s most cherished patriotic songs, setting the stage for an evening of patriotism and inspiration. RJ Akash, the charismatic host of the event, masterfully engaged the audience with his words and presence, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

The highlight of the event was Col. Rajeev Bharwan’s captivating speech, which drew the audience’s unwavering attention from start to finish. Col. Bharwan’s speech resonated deeply with the attendees as he shared the untold stories and the invaluable lessons he had learned during his service.

Col. Bharwan’s humility and respect for every individual were particularly striking. He recounted an incident where the people of Surat offered him a private jet, which he politely declined, expressing that he would never use something he couldn’t afford himself. His words emphasized the importance of modesty and staying grounded, regardless of one’s achievements.

During the engaging Q&A session, the youth of Surat had the opportunity to interact with Col. Rajeev Bharwan, asking questions that he answered with sincerity and depth.

One of the most touching moments of the evening was the selfless gesture of a young girl who donated her entire savings of rupees 25000 from her piggy bank. Her act of kindness prompted many in the audience to consider the importance of giving and helping others, which goes above material objectives.

Col. Rajeev Bharwan offered his heartfelt solidarity and thanks to the families of three courageous jawans who gave their lives for the country. He handed donations to these families in recognition of their efforts and to demonstrate the unbreakable bond that exists between the armed services and the citizens they defend.

The event, “Azadi Ka Rang, Ek Fauji Ke Sang,” not only celebrated the spirit of freedom, but also lit a fire in the hearts of all who attended, thanks to the Social Army Group who made this event possible. Col. Rajeev Bharwan’s journey from a defender of the nation to a source of inspiration demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the improvement of the country.