Rise Hydroponics organized a 2-day workshop on hydroponics & soilless farming in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], November 24: Rise Hydroponics organized a two-day offline training workshop on basics to advance hydroponics/soilless farming at Rise R & D Hydroponics Farm Ahmedabad.

The two-day workshop was attended by business people, entrepreneurs, professors, scientists, IT professionals and students from PAN India. More than 50 participants visited from around 17 different cities of India, to understand the commercial viability of hydroponics farming as a business. As more and more industrialists, businessmen& corporates are looking to diversify and get into the evergreen business of agriculture.
In the workshop – technical, operational and financial aspects of Controlled Environment Agriculture were discussed along with marketing and selling strategies of hydroponically grown produce. During the workshop, participants also had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the different methods of hydroponics farming.

The key note speaker was Mr. Vivek Shukla, Co-founder of Rise Hydroponics with 6 years of experience in Hydroponics Farming. He spoke on the broader contours of the Controlled Environment Agriculture methodologies like what are the different techniques used in Hydroponics farming, different types of protected cultivation structures, crop planning, irrigation design, crop management, how IoT automation helps us to monitor and control important parameters in the farm, how autofertigation unit provides accurate nutrition to the plant, how to do feasibility study, Investment and ROI Calculations, Tax benefits, what are the different subsidy schemes of government& how to avail the benefit of subsidy. The event was also graced with sessions by technical experts from companies like Netafim Irrigation, Suncool Essen Multipack, Yuksel Seeds, etc.

He also explained that how a lot of soil-based polyhouse farmers have been suffering over the years due to various issues being faced by them to run their farm profitably, and how soilless farming in polyhouse can be a solution to this problem. By understanding few technical and operational parameters any one from any background can run a soilless hydroponics farm successfully.

“Rise Hydroponics is carrying out extensive research on nutrient compositions, using different seed varieties & various hydroponics techniques. We have developed our own nutrient formulations for all different crops and are constantly working to improve the recipe of each, so as to decrease the costing while increasing the production per plant. We have already developed our own Auto Fertigation System as well. We will be going for patent application of these soon.” told Mr. Meet Patel, Founder at Rise Hydroponics.

Mr. Tusshar Aggarwal, Co-founder at Rise Hydroponics, in his address, apprised the audience about the different types of protected structures, advantages, disadvantages of each, how to select the best type of structure as per your location, weather conditions and the kind of crop you are doing.

When asked about their future plans, Tusshar says “We plan to cover atleast 200 acres by the end of 2025 under soilless farming across India. We already have our presence in 25+ cities of India, and are rapidly expanding our footprints. We are developing around 30 acres of soilless farms in the next 6 months and plan to start exporting fresh vegetables by the end of this financial year. We want to make agriculture a sustainable and profitable business.”

A farm visit to Rise Hydroponics R&D Unit was also arranged where the participants got to experience the different soilless farming methodologies, all under one roof, making it easier for them to compare and understand all the techniques at one single location. The main objective of the programme is to impart training and practical exposure to the participants towards Hydroponics & Soilless Farming.

When asked about his experience to one of the participant, Mr. Ajay Patil, he tells “The training conducted by them was really informative, we got to learn everything from basics to advance, the two days were really worth the time and expense for me to come from Karnataka and stay here. Anyone thinking to do this business commercially must attend this 2-day workshop by Rise to make an informed decision.”

Rise Hydroponics is an Ahmedabad based Agritech company which develops commercial hydroponics or soilless farms on turnkey basis. They also work in Joint Venture model. They offer a host of commercially profitable agribusiness opportunities. Their next workshop is scheduled for 17th& 18th December’22 in Ahmedabad. Started in 2020, this company has quickly become the leader in the category by developing more than 35 large scale commercial projects across the country& training more than 35,000 people since its inception. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or for more details please visit  or call on 7575809576.

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