Korean Children Brand Puttisu Now in India, K-Beauty for kids

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 9: Since time immemorial, little girls and boys have wanted one thing – to grow up!  Putting on mommy’s high heels and jewellery, and smearing faces with lipstick (or pieces of beetroot!) and blush, using felt-tip pens as nail polish and coming close to strangling themselves with scarves and ties, playing dress-up is a almost a rite of passage for every child.

Korean born Puttisu  has a full range of children’s skincare and make-up products from easy to use sunscreen sticks to non-toxic nail paint (which can be peeled off to remove, avoiding the use of harsh chemical based nail polish removers), cheek tint and lipstick as well as kid-sized, natural sheet masks and more. The products just launched with the nail paints, sunscreen, sheet masks, nail stickers and hand cream along with blush, lip crayon and lip gloss in the Indian market.

Puttisu is aimed at young, Pre-teen girls, teenagers and also older girls and every woman. Accompanied by its mascot, a fairy sheep that adorns every product, Puttisu hopes to provide a safe, natural and exciting way for the new generation to learn more about themselves, inculcate healthy skin care habits and express themselves creatively.

While the idea of younger children and pre-teens using make-up is controversial, with naysayers believing that social media, popular culture and the ‘Tik-Tok’ world has influenced kids and pushed them to grow up faster, there is also a compelling argument to be made in favour of brand like Puttisu.

Two mothers, Neha Varghese and Manasvi Shah, are the pillars behind bringing this popular Korean brand into India, and here is what they have to say about allowing their daughters to play around with make-up. In attempts to limit screen time, parents find themselves indulging and even encouraging children’s desire to dive into their skincare, cosmetics and closets to keep themselves entertained and to imbibe selfcare as a life principle.

Says Manasvi Shah, ‘During the pandemic, we saw our kids enjoying experimenting with our makeup and skin care products. At a time when self-care, sheet masks and more have skyrocketed in popularity, they didn’t want to be left out. The fact is, even if we try to stop them, kids will always find a way to get their hands on our lipsticks or nail paints and play around. This way, with a brand like Puttisu, specially created for kids, with safe, 100% natural ingredients that are suitable for their young skin, they are free to safely express their creativity and find new ways of self-expression.’

We also found that home ‘spa-days’ with our little girls where we painted their nails or let them put a tissue paper soaked in water over their face like a sheet mask was a wonderful bonding experience with our kids. It was something we could do together and that was amazing”, adds Neha Varghese.

Says clinical psychologist Priyanka Fernandez, “Oh mumma! I just want to be like you…be as beautiful as you.’ Isn’t it every girl’s wish to look as their moms get ready and just do the same things to look as gorgeous as them? Mothers are the biggest role models for girls at any age. Have fun dressing up your girls, having some good girly time with basics and enjoy the bonding time. Also make sure you make your child realise they are beautiful regardless of make-up but at the same time it’s nice to pamper yourself sometimes and look even more prettier and have fun with your friends and moms. Taking care of yourself includes grooming and only makes one’s self-esteem and confidence better.”

According to Market Research Future the global children’s cosmetics market is projected to be 1,795 MIL USD by 2026 and the Asia Pacific market is projected to be 408 MIL USD by 2026 which is around 7.25% market cap.

Puttisu hopes to expand further to tier 2 cities as well as untapped global shores.

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