NITTE Deemed To Be University Offers Scholarships For B.Arch Program

NITTE Institute of Architecture

New Delhi, June 28: Nitte University has launched scholarship schemes in 2022 to support meritorious students seeking admission to the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program at the Nitte Institute of Architecture (NIA). 

Nitte University is accredited with an ‘A+’ Grade by NAAC; awarded Category ‘A’ status by MHRD GoI, and ranked 77th in NIRF 2021. The University is in the 401-450 band in the QS Asia University Rankings 2022 and the 201-300 band in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2022. 

The 5-year (10-semester) B.Arch program is approved by the Council of Architecture (CoA) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The curriculum combines hands-on training with theory-based education. Students can explore design through materials such as clay and wood. Design structures are taught using models and scenarios that occur in real life so that students can learn in an actual and professional manner. Thus, students studying at NIA are ready for the market and professional careers in the world of architecture. 

Merit Scholarships: Students who have passed Class 12 in India with more than 80% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics are eligible for fee concession.

Excellence Scholarships: 40% of the seats are earmarked for Excellence Scholarships which will be awarded to students based on NATA scores. Students who have passed Class 12 in India with more than 85% marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and good NATA scores will be shortlisted under this scheme. Selected candidates will be charged a tuition fee of Rs.90,000/- per annum only.  

If more than one candidate has the same NATA score, merit will be determined by the PCM marks. 

Full Fee Waiver Scholarships: The top 3 students under the Excellence Scholarships category will be granted a full tuition fee waiver. 

The five-year BArch Program of Nitte University is recognized by universities worldwide. Thus, students who have completed the program will be eligible to apply to various postgraduate programs in Architecture, Urban Design, Planning etc.

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A Reality Show contestant Divya Rai on knowing Mika Singh

Divya Rai

Mumbai: A very popular show is being telecast on Indian television wherein well-known singer Mika Singh, brother of Daler Mehndi will choose his bride in a nationwide drama that viewers will get to see weekly. The singer, known nationally and internationally, has a huge fan following. With several hit numbers, from singing solo songs to Bollywood numbers, Mika has done it all. He even has acted in a movie, made music albums, and judged reality shows. Mika will now get to choose his would-be wife on live television. It would be a visual treat for viewers waiting for the singer to marry.

Auditions took place to select the contestants participating in the show and being part of the “Mika di Voti’’ reality TV. The show is streaming on Hotstar.

Several participants from all parts of the country have auditioned to be part of this show. The selected candidates are equally excited to know about the singer apart from his ultra-rich lifestyle. The different facets of Mika as a person came to the fore as contestant Divya Rai from Buxar Bihar told the media.

As the contestants’ journey of the contestants began, Divya was happy to qualify and be on such a big stage among so many great people who came as guests on the show. It has been a tough journey to qualify among several contestants, each unique and having multiple talents wanting to be part of the show. Divya Rai feels lucky to be part of it and get selected. It would be the first time Divya Rai will be on national television on such a vast scale, where it will capture many viewers. An excited Divya could not contain her happiness to perform and participate in person with the great singer. She said it was such a learning experience.

Divya Rai is a rather jovial, completely extroverted person who liked this kind of exposure, and it would definitely be a turning point in her life. About her experience shooting for the show, she exclaimed that Mika Singh was extremely emotional and would break down in tears when moved by any situation, whether in the movies or real life. This aspect of Mika really was a surprising facet the contestants learned about as well as his nature to make everyone around him feel comfortable. Initially, there was a kind of intimidation. However, Mika Singh is a generous man who ensured that all of the people on the set were well cared for, and none of them felt out of place from then on.

Contest Divya Rai was all in praise for the show. She was extremely happy to talk about her time at the show, how she got to meet Singer Shaan, and how polite and supportive his demeanour was when he was on the set with them. Overall, it was an exciting as well as a lifetime experience she will definitely cherish as the show is currently airing on tv, showcasing every contestant and their journey in the show.

Find Divya on Instagram Facebook

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Game institute India launches CareerSure Courses to learn Gaming, Coding, Animation, Tech, VFX, Comics (AVGC) sector and Artificial Intelligence -careersure program with pay after placement opportunity

June 28: Game institute India launches CareerSure Courses to learn Gaming, Coding, Animation, Tech, VFX, Comics (AVGC) sector and Artificial Intelligence. Students can join and make their dream career in the video game and tech industry with after placement. Game institute India supports Skill India, Atmanirbhar Bharat and Digital India initiative of govt.

The gaming industry is now being seen as an important pillar of the economy. This upcoming sector could create lakhs of jobs in the country. Several gaming startup firms are expected to firm up hiring plans to support growth in the next few years. Today world is digitally well known and Artificial Intelligence Added a major role in Gaming Industry. Gaming is well popular among all age groups for entertainment and fun.

There were no courses available in our childhood as we wanted to make career in Game industry that time in India. We were not able to fulfil our dream, but we decided that there are many people like us who wants to make their career in this elite Industry that’s how GAME institute India was born. Mehul Acharya and Gopal sharma Are Founders of Game Art And Multimedia Engineering Pvt LTD (GAMEPL) With The Social Aim Of Providing Education To All Talented Indivuduals With Fee Support Too.

After helping thousands of students to make their career we realized that in current scenario the industry is in dire need of skilled professional at large and very few people are available, so to bridge this huge Gap we decided to come up with an affordable courses, So interested students can join and make their dream career in the video game and tech industry. This industry totally depended on the professional skillset, and we strongly support the governments SKILL INDIA, DIGITAL INDIA and AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT Initiatives. On top of that in the budget also our Hon. Fin. Min. Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman indicated that the government is taking initiatives to help Animation, VFX, Gaming, Comics (AVGC) sector.

We also observed that there are many aspirants who wants to make their career in gaming and tech industry, but they don’t know how to start? GAME institute India brings a unique CareerSure programs to cater and help such aspirants to make their dream career in gaming and the tech industry. We feel proud to share with you that we are awarded the company of the year 2021 in technical education by entrepreneur Insights.

In today’s world, gaming is not limited to entertainment and hobby, it has become a good career option for all those who love creativity and have a passion to develop new video games. In the past few years, India is witnessing tremendous growth in the video gaming industry. The video-game industry could be one of the greatest beneficiaries of the pandemic, growing 23% in 2020 from the year prior.

The CareerSure programs are designed according to the international standards with targeted approach emphasizing on skill-based learning where you just pay 10% fees and remaining 90% after we teach, train and provide Placement to you with minimum package of 5 LPA.

A survey we conducted earlier this year found that almost half of the teachers in the U.K. and the U.S. have turned to gaming to try to engage their students during periods of virtual learning, with 91% claiming it’s helped. Such has been the rise in classroom gaming.

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Producer Mayur Gharat sheds light on impact of cinema and screen on youth

June 28: Since the inception of existence, humans have been discovering different ways for recreation. The power of audio-visuals has been exploited politically, socially, and economically throughout history. Out of which, cinema has continued to be an extremely popular source of entertainment worldwide. Generically, the first few thoughts that comes to the mind on this topic are the negatives like stereo types, gender roles, objectification and many more. However, like everything, there are two sides to it. Producer Mayur Gharat, who is popularly known for his movie Shivamrut and has co-produced several other Marathi movies shares insights on this topic.

Cinema is an excellent source of entertainment that fuels imagination and is highly instrumental in giving us a break from our routine life.  As we evolved through times, cinema changed, and it changed the way of life. It is not just a source of relaxation for people around the world, but it is also a prominent medium for publicity, education, and culture.

“Cinema not only mirrors culture but also shapes culture and teaches us history” says Mayur. Every movie mirrors how we coexist as people in society and what we believe in. It’s easier to see our concerns, attitudes, flaws, and strengths in films than it is to decipher them from our daily interactions. “It reflects and shows us the crude reality of society. Through purposeful cinemas, social injustices and stigma can be brought to light and opinion against them can be put forward.” added Mayur. When our prevalent beliefs and ideologies are challenged in films, it compels us to think and eventually embrace change. And thanks to audio-visual translations, people can watch movies and understand the cultures of diverse communities spread across the world. It has helped us to become united even when our cultures are so different.

Besides mirroring our diverse cultures, the cinema has for a long time been shaping our beliefs and values. For example people copy fashion trends from actors, many aspiring athletes joined trainings after watching sports related movies, several things once considered as taboo are now well accepted society, etc. It is also common these days to find societies using figures of speech that are inspired by the film industry. At the very least, film solidifies selected cultural beliefs and renders some redundant ones. Even the history-based movies that are fact-based and, even fictional ones; connect the modern world with past generations.

Movies are evidently very impactful in today’s world. And because the positive impacts outweigh the negatives, it is our duty to choose the right content for the right audience. In any other artistic medium, whether it be music, painting, theatre, or photography, only a few of our senses are accessed. What makes film different is its ability to use both audio and visual to convey a story. In the end, a filmmaker is trying to evoke an emotion or response from the audience. “As filmmakers, the onus is on us to not just give entertaining content, but also deliver good quality content that impacts, inspires and motivates young minds” Mayur added.

As technology develops and continues to allow filmmakers to make the audience believe any reality and any situation, filmmakers have a responsibility to their audience and society outside the movie.

We are excited to see what Mayur comes up in his next project which he indicated to be working on currently.

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The Indian Heritage Fashion Show 2022

June 28: A few decades back, ethnic attire used to mean mononous attire in designs that were older than one could imagine. In the present era, people are desirous of being fashionable and expect uniqueness in their attire. Fashion has become a way of life and expression for many.

The Mumbai Edition of the India Heritage Fashion Show was organised on June 25, 2022 at Samarambh Banquets, Thane, where fashion truly met culture. The wholehearted people behind this grandeur were from Hey Foundation and Talentica India. It was a charitable event where emphasis was laid on the promotion of the varied and everlasting traditions and culture of India. Designers and make-up artists from different parts of the country gathered to prepare their suave models, who set the ramp on fire. The show was choreographed by Shiva Dada.

The runway models included were well established and even those who were struggling in their careers, but the performance that was put up by the participants was nothing less than a grand spectacle to be witnessed. The prime concern in the Indian fashion industry is handloom, which is reaching a slow and gradual death that needs to be curbed. “Handloom is much more versatile than we could ever imagine.” It is just that the handloom industry needs to be tapped and marketed well, “said Dr. Sangeeta Patil, founder of Hey Foundation.

The event also supported the women weavers of Paithani Saree, who have continuously  dedicated their lives to this art. “Being vocal for local” is what Dr Sangeeta Patil said when asked about the most important thing required in the fashion industry at the moment, apart from emphasising handloom. For more information, please visit

Designers- Dress4less, Sai Nauwari

Creations, Nagrik Fashion Tower, Raikishori Collections.

Showstopper-Dr Sumaya Reshma, Janet S Agarwal, Bhumika Sawant, Vikas Rao Nelli & Oscar Singh.

Grooming : Talentica India & Thane

Makeup- Lakmé Academy Thane

Technical-Tvatto India

Photo : Pixel Forest & Dreamers Studio

Venue – Samarambh Lawns & Banquets

Show Director-Shiva Dada

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Drug Abuse Awareness Campaign: Dr. Sohini Sastri

Kolkata, June 28: To curb the growing number of drug abuse cases in Kolkata, the city police has chalked out a plan to raise awareness among people in the run-up to June 26, International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

This year, the theme is #unitedagainstdrugs. The Kolkata Police has planned to reach out to maximum people through a rally.

Kolkata Police Club has organised an awareness programme on this occasion. Sourav Ganguli, the BCCI president, was the chief guest. Dr. Sohini Sastri, philanthropist, and famous astrologer was invited as the guest of honour. Both actively participated in the programme and express their concern about effect of drug abuse, especially in the young generation.

Other sports personalities like Laxmirattan Sukla, Alvitoh D’Kunha were also present in the campaign. Famous faces like Dev, Abir Chattopaddhyay, Debleena Dutta, Anindya Chattopaddhyay from Tollywood industry were also seen in this campaign.

After the flag hosting event, a cycle rally was also organised to reach maximum people. Laxmiratan Sukla, Abhisekh Dalmia was seen in the cycle rally along with the students participated.

In her speech, Dr. Sohini Sastri requested to all responsible citizens to act against drug abuse, and she urges that it should not end with just a campaign, we have to stay united against drugs and help our young generation to stay away from

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‘The Tashkent Files’ Producer Sharad Patel’s Next ‘Vickida No Varghodo’ creates history, garners 5 million + views within 24 hours of its release!

June 28: Since the last couple of years, the landscape of Gujarati cinema has changed dramatically. Like other regional cinema, Gujarati cinema has undergone a makeover. Intrigued by the progress we see more people been awaked to the potential of Gujarati cinema and hence generating massively positive response from not only Gujarati but global audiences. The story telling of Gujarati cinema has changed its outlooks and the soon to be released tragicomedy ‘Vickida No Varghodo’ is also one such film which is ready to entertain the audiences in a very unconventional way. But before the release of the film, as soon as the trailer of the film was released, it has generated a huge buzz and created a stir on social media. The response to the trailer has created history by garnering more than 5 million + views within 24 hours, breaks all records till date for Gujarati industry.

Looks the like the audiences are going to bestow upon all the love and support for the film.

‘Vickida No Varghodo’ has been presented by Sharad Patel of Sp Cinecorp, who earlier produced National Award Winner “The Tashkent Files”, blockbuster like Chhello Divas, critically acclaimed “Buddha In A Traffic Jam” and more. Having a legacy of such creating landmarks, we shall be awaiting the most anticipated film to yet again create another landmark.

The film is written, directed and edited by Rahul Bhole and Vinit Kanojia , the duo who won the National award in Gujarati category their film  ‘Reva’.

This film has been produced by Shreyanshi Patel & Sharad Patel of Sp Cinecorp; Ajay Shroff, Pankaj Keshruwala & Vikas Agrawal of Janvi Productions And Ashissh Pattel & Nirav Patel of Rishiv Films ; Co-produced by Pritish Shah of Sun Outdoors.

The films boasts of some of Gujarati cinemas leading artists such as, Malhar Thakar, Manasi Rachh, M Monal Gajjar, Jhinal Belani, Chirayu Mistry, Alpana Buch and Anurag Prapanna.

Sneak peak into the plotline- Vicky – Vikas Majethia and his extended family of more than 40 members arrive at his wedding venue to celebrate the varghodo of their beloved only son. As we know more about Vicky and his life, we realise that Vicky’s arranged marriage is under the pressure of his parents. The girl is a simple, sweet and straight forward and is as nervous as Vicky. They decide to have a frank session where she finds out about Vicky’s past. As we say, its best to make peace with the past for it to not hamper our present but Vicky’s past had other plans. The situation turns tumultuous when his unfinished past stands right in front of him. The film is a perfect recipe of love, laughter, friendship and relationship with a dash of Masti in each bite. Watch the film to find out – Who will Vicky marry?

In this moment of leading light, SP Cinecorp is launching its own NFT platform, which will cater to its own content as well as content from other production houses.  Leveraging the power of blockchain tech, the movie will become the first Gujarati feature film to be exploited via NFT. SP Cinecorp will launch the film elements and related merchandise on its own blockchain platform geared to the film industry. The platform will offer the audiences to be a part of the film in much more meaningful way, trade NFTs, earn rewards and explore more potential going further.

Speaking on this occasion, The Chairman of SP Cinecorp, Sharad Patel, said “NFT’s now throw open a whole new world of opportunities in the sector – an entirely new funding, financing, and revenue opportunities into the movie industry and are the next great revenue stream for filmmakers.”

Blockchain expert, Mr, Raj Kapoor of India Blockchain Alliance said “I am truly excited to be a part of this partnership with Sharad. Blockchain technology has revolutionised many industries and has huge potential in Media & Entertainment Sector. And NFT’s are just the beginning of this exciting journey!

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Ajay Devgn to endorse brand Go Gas, Confidence Petroleum India Limited

June 28: Confidence Petroleum, Go Gas has appointed Ajay Devgn as its new brand ambassador. This is the first time Go Gas is using celebrities to promote its Brand. Market watchers point out that the move would help to add “newness” to the brand.

Go Gas, India’s leading Parallel marketer, LPG/CNG Company, has announced its partnership with Ajay Devgn as Brand Ambassador for confidence Petroleum India Limited.

Mr. Nitin Khara, Chairman of Confidence Petroleum India Limited, stated we are delighted to have Legend like Ajay Devgn on board, and this association represents the synergy of two prominent brands. This partnership will allow us to reach out to consumers across India, as Devgn embodies all of the virtues that go gas stands for.

The association with Devgn will further enhance the reach of the brand GoGas through digital & traditional media platforms. Go Gas aims to further strengthen its brand recognition and reach across the country with its association with the celebrity.

“While I cherish entertaining the audience, ensuring that what I’m endorsing is valuable and credible has always been my first focus,” Ajay Devgn stated. With  Confidence Group Go gas, I am confident will continue to rise to a new height of professional achievement.

Confidence Petroleum India Limited is a BSE/NSE-listed company and has diversified business interests in the LPG/CNG sector with a significant presence keeping pace with the nation’s energy requirements.

Confidence Petroleum India Limited is Asia’s Largest LPG Cylinder manufacturer and owns the brand Go Gas. Group is India’s Largest private sector LPG bottler with 58 LPG bottling plants, Operating a chain of India’s largest standalone chain of 209 Auto LPG stations, and a 2000+ Dealers network for Go Gas packed LPG in 22 states across India, Confidence Petroleum India Limited is rated NO1 company by MDRA.

The group has recently ventured into CNG & Hi pressure cylinder manufacturing with multiple manufacturing units. Confidence group has recently opened their first CNG station in Bengaluru, tie-up with Gail.

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R Madhavan, in partnership with VistaVerse to announce Free Movie Tickets and NFTs of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

~ VistaVerse offers a complimentary Rocketry gift bundle making a powerful Impression on movie fans and NFT collectors ~

~ Fans can watch the movie for free and even avail of valuable NFTs from the film on VistaVerse ~

Mumbai, 28th June 2022: Riding the phenomenal global wave of being on the metaverse, people’s desire to merge with the metaverse and own NFT collectables has increased exponentially. Adding to this phenomenon, Vistas Media Capital incubated its metaverse titled ‘VistaVerse’ with a collection of incredibly popular NFTs. After successfully releasing NFTs of the superhit film, Vikram, starring Kamal Haasan, VistaVerse has announced yet another set of highly collectable NFTs, this time for R Madhavan’s critically acclaimed upcoming movie ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect.

VistaVerse’s first metaverse ‘Experience’ began at the Cannes Film Festival this year, and the company has a strong and growing list of signups from significant celebrities, brands, musicians, gaming companies, artists, and production houses, with an offer of a one-stop creator experience for a comprehensive yet exciting metaverse presence.

Currently, VistaVerse, with the film Rocketry, plans to offer a complimentary gift bundle that benefits its community of followers and others. Free movie tickets will be provided to anyone and everyone who registers on the website, but only whilst the tickets last! This singular metaverse experience will offer benefits not just to the registered NFT users but also to those who intend to experience the newly acquired digital world.

All you have to do is visit the website register yourself. After registration, you will be granted a movie e-code which is your pass to earn the free ticket to watch the film. With this, you are also entitled to earn a free NFT of the movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect and a Free parcel of virtual land for the soon-to-be-launched VistaVerse.

Rocketry is a biopic on the life of Nambi Narayan, a one-time scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation who was falsely accused of being an espionage agent. The film is written, produced, and directed by R Madhavan, the protagonist of the film. Playing the female lead alongside R Madhavan is Simran. The film’s plot is set in Narayan’s days as a grad student at Princeton University, prior to him analysing work as a scientist and being falsely accused of being an espionage agent.

Commenting on R Madhavan’s Rocketry’s first-ever NFT drop, Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO of Vistas Media Capital, states, “We are delighted to announce the NFTs of such a powerful film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. We believe VistaVerse to be the perfect destination to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to experience the metaverse and all it can do. This will surely enable a wide reach of audiences worldwide.”

Commenting on Rocketry’s first-ever NFT drop, R Madhavan said, “This movie is a labour of love. It’s a dream I had, and the entire cast and crew gave it their all to bring it to fruition. I’m overjoyed that the long-awaited film on Nambi Narayanan is finally being presented on the epic stage it deserves. Along with the film, fans are offered a whole package deal which has allowed them to be a part of India’s rich modern history and experience the world of the film in the most gratis manner.”

To take advantage of the many benefits of this partnership, sign up at  and follow all social media handles of VistaVerse.

About VistaVerse: 

VistaVerse, launched by Fantico Pte Ltd, is a subsidiary of Vistas Media Capital (VMC). VMC is a leading media content and technology company headquartered in Singapore that operates and invests in ventures across the various ecosystems of the global media and entertainment industry. VMC’s businesses and venture investments are diversified across global content production and distribution, streaming platforms, animation & VFX studio, Blockchain technology &Metaverse applications, gaming, digital media marketing, events, and award IPs.

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Cinedubs to break language barrier in theatres, app launches with brand ambassador R. Madhavan’s Rocketry in India

New Delhi (India), June 28: Have you ever wished that you could watch a French, German, Korean or even a film in an unfamiliar Indian language, and understand what is happening on screen without having to read the subtitles? Well, R Madhavan is all set to break down this language barrier with Vineet Kashyap and Additya Kashyap’s ‘Cinedubs’ which is poised to revolutionize the movie-watching experience for cinegoers in India.

The innovative application will make it easier to watch the actor’s directorial debut, Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, when it arrives in theatres in July. The upcoming biographical drama based on the life of Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), will release in six languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Madhavan has been signed as the brand ambassador of Cinedubs.

‘Cinedubs’ will allow viewers across eight countries to enjoy a film in their preferred language. All they have to do is download the mobile app ‘Cinedubs’ from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, select the theatre of their choice and the show timing, choose the language they want to watch it in, and download the original soundtrack.

Once they are inside the theatre, as soon as they put on their headphones and hit the ‘Play’ button from the app, the soundtrack will automatically sync with the scene running on the screen and they can hear the dialogues in their own tongue even if it is playing in a different language. The facility will only be available inside the auditorium and will cease to play once outside so there is no threat of piracy for the filmmakers.

Talking about how ‘Cinedubs’ can make his film more accessible, brand ambassador R Madhavan reasons that while Rocketry will release in six languages, it won’t be available in all these languages in each city. “So, there was a good chance that residents from different cities, speaking different languages, might get deprived from watching the film. But now, thanks to ‘Cinedubs’, anyone in any part of the country will be able to enjoy the film in the language they prefer. I am very excited to be part of Cinedubs which will revolutionise the movie watching experience as it will break the language barrier even in cinemas.” he exults.

‘Cinedubs’ has been developed in-house by an Indian company, Dubswork Mobile Pvt. Ltd. It is the brainchild of technocrats Vineet Kashyap and Additya Kashyap. While Vineet has led software development and product management in companies like HCL, Newgen Software, Wirkle INC, Aricent (Altran) and Frog, Additya has almost three decades experience in the aviation, healthcare, information technology and ITES industries.

Vineet points out that ‘Cinedubs’ will not only bring world cinema closer to us, but given that the world’s largest film industry is working in so many different languages, Indian cinegoers can now also experience the beauty and versatility of regional cinema. “This, in turn, will significantly extend its pan-world coverage,” he asserts.

Additya adds that the film trade will also benefit hugely from their app with exhibitors able to draw different linguistic viewers into the same auditorium, thereby generating additional revenue from increased ticket sales and concessionaire.

“Also, our app can play in theatres anywhere in the world with the result that production houses can extend their reach without the increased cost of dubbing their films in multiple languages,” he informs.

The revolution starts with Rocketry, slated to release on July 1. The film has received an exhilarating reception at the screening in Cannes Film Festival this year in the presence of India’s I&B Minister Anurag Singh Thakur, Nambi Narayanan, composer A R Rahman and Madhavan, receiving a ten-minute standing ovation from the audience.

On a lighter note, Madhavan concludes, “Now, you have no excuse not to watch my film. ‘Cinedubs’ makes it possible to see it in any theatre and any show in your preferred language.”

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