Indian Institute of Art & Design’s Graduate Show ‘UNFOLD’– 2022

June 27: Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD) organised ‘UNFOLD –  Graduate Show 2022’. The two day event showcased the innovative exhibitions featuring the work of our graduating batches from the four disciplines – Fashion Design (FD), Communication Design (CD), Interior Architecture & Design (IAD) and Fashion Business Management (FBM).IIAD studios were transformed into unique exhibition spaces through projection mapping, audio-visual displays, art installations, furniture display, 3D Interior walkthrough and performative installations, reflecting the hard work and creativity of the students and their faculty during the four intensive years at the institute.

First day of the Graduate Show was dedicated to CD and IAD departments where students from the CD department showcased projection mapping, branding projects, User Interface & User Experience projects along with some illustrations on various socially relevant topics.

While the students of IAD department exhibited their interior architecture projects on transforming spaces through modular systems and better design. They showcased some of the industry linked projects based on the idea of social awareness along with their furniture designed of reclaimed wood.

The Communication Design students were awarded prizes by Amardeep Behl – Managing Director, AB Design Habit & Co. Pvt Ltd  and the Interior Architecture and Design students were awarded by Asha Sairam – Design Principal, Studio Lotus and Mr. I.M Chishti – Partner IF Studio.

The second day of the Graduate Show was dedicated to the Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management department. A performative installation was done by the Fashion Design department – it was a live interactive display of their collection to the audience.

Mr. Upendra Singh (Secretary, Ministry of Textiles) and Rajeev Sethi (Founder The Asian Heritage Foundation) awarded the Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management students for their outstanding performance to the students. The students also received awards from the guest of honour and renowned celebrity designer – Amit Aggarwal.

Addressing the occasion Mr. Rajeev Sethi, India’s first scenographer and Padma Bhushan award winner said “It is necessary for all the students to stay vulnerable and tempted to do more with less and keep learning in life”. He also added, “Imitation is mediocrity and we all should create our own unique identity”. The speech filled the students with excitement, joy and pride.

Speaking about the occasion Dr.Jitin Chadha, CEO & Founder, IIAD said “We believe that design education plays a critical role in shaping the world for a better future. The Graduate show is a major event in the college’s calendar, as it presents an opportunity for all graduating students to showcase their talents as they emerge from the campus environment to embark on their career. We are delighted and look forward to seeing them prosper as professionals”.

Respected Dr. Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament), also shared a short video clip encouraging students  andsaid, ‘I am confident that as you embark on your next steps, you will soon establish your credentials of excellence and passion in whatever you choose to do next.’Link


The Indian Institute of Art and Design is a new-age institute providing immersive design and business courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Located in New Delhi, IIAD aims to bridge gaps and build bridges in design learning. It offers academic facilities in unique and professional areas like Interior Architecture and Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Communication and Fashion Business Management. The institute works in collaboration with Kingston University, London, which is among the leading 10 universities in London. IIAD was awarded the ‘Excellence in Design Education’ by the Economic Times in 2021.



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The Supreme Villa- Luxury Holiday Destination with a Pocket-Friendly Appeal

June 27: “The Supreme Villa” group of holiday properties is an Asif Rozani business venture. Asif is a successful businessman with interests in diverse business fields. These fields include the health & fitness sector, real estate, and hospitality. Asif is a business disrupter who enjoys shaking up the market and creating value for his customers. The serial entrepreneur with a deep business insight has also been featured in dailies and newspapers including Mid-Day and others. “The Supreme Villa” was started in 2020 to provide luxury and comfort with a personalized touch that truly portrays a home-away-from-home experience. This is different from the impersonal services provided at conventional hotel chains that leave a lot to be desired. This philosophy differentiates “The Supreme Villa” and makes it the place to be for holiday goers and vacationers.

“The Supreme Villa” group of luxury properties include tastefully done villas and bungalows located in Lonavala. Lonavala is an idyllic hill station in close proximity to Mumbai. It boasts of picturesque locations, splendid mountain views, and an excellent climate. The villas and bungalows are spacious and equipped with all modern amenities and facilities. You can choose from 2, 3, 5, and 7 BHK luxury villas as per your holiday needs. The artistically decorated interiors include a living room, dining area, a fully stacked modular kitchen, and spacious and airy bedrooms with attached bathrooms. An attached, dedicated, and secure parking space is available so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation without worrying about the safety of your vehicle.

Experience the best of luxury and comfort with a unique personalized experience. Our housekeeper will be with you 24/7 to take care of all your needs along with the hospitality manager. Wake up to the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. View the brilliant rising sun while sipping on the brew of your choice. Make full use of your vacation by exploring nearby places. Marvel at the beauty nature bestowed on this enchanted place. Or relax at the pool and play games like football, cricket, or a much more relaxed bout of chess. Have your fill of the delicious multi-cuisine home-cooked food. Order the meal of your choice from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to midnight snacks all courtesy of the housekeeper available 24/7. And it does not end here. In the evening gather around a bonfire with your friends, family, colleagues, and significant others. Enjoy the marvelous views and scintillating conversation with generous helpings from the delicious backyard barbeque. Finish the day with a bang with an outdoor moonlit dinner surrounded by nature. Call now at 9967860823 to experience this surprisingly pocket-friendly slice of heaven today.

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India Diva Award (IDA) 2022 (Season 4) organised by Diva Planet Magazine felicitate 125 Awardees throughout the India

June 27: Diva Planet Magazine, solely women based magazine that cover different stories of women every month from different aspects of life & organise Virtual Award Shows on big Scale (National & International Based) It is Founded by Youngest Entrepreneur Aarti Sorout under her Crown Times Organisation.

Aarti Feels that Every Women has her Own Identity and We need to bring out that Identity in front of Society and to raise their Voice.

With this view she always try to come up with some unique Ideas.

From All Over India We selected the 125 Wonder Women, So lets Witness the prestigious Awardees of the India Diva Award 2022.

  1. Divya Darji – Excellence as a Hair Artist
  1. Aparna Banerjee – Excellence as a Model & Fashion Designer
  1. Priya Singh – Excellence as a Model
  1. Komal – Excellence as a Model
  1. Ila Sagar Rastogi – Excellence as a Field Writer & Author
  1. Dr. Sandhya Singh – Excellence as a Doctor
  1. Samarpita Sen – Excellence as a Social Worker & Content Creator
  1. Reetu Mourya – Excellence as an Author & Writer
  1. Divya Amit – Excellence as a Model
  1. Jeevitha Praveen Kumar – Excellence as a Social Activist
  1. Aditi Amit – Excellence as a Speaker
  1. Annie Mathew – Excellence as an Entrepreneur & Teacher
  1. T S Neha Shivani – Excellence as a Model & Artist
  1. Parul Sharma – Excellence as a Food Influencer
  1. Nital Raval – Excellence as an Entrepreneur & Sports Person
  1. Humera Khatoon – Excellence as a Writer /Art & Craft
  1. Ayantika Paul – Excellence as a Model & Motivational Speaker
  1. Dr. Shwetha Kamath – Excellence as a Model & Doctor
  1. Riddhi Aggarwal – Excellence as a Model
  2. Radhika K – Excellence as a Professional Celebrity Makeupartist
  1. Pragati Sharma – Excellence as a Model & Food Influencer
  1. Suman Shukla – Excellence as a Model & Singer
  1. Saartha Sameer Gore – Excellence as a Social Activist
  1. Bhavika Abhishek Mehta – Excellence as a Homebaker
  1. Narmada Sharma – Excellence as a Model
  2. Prisha B Shah – Excellence as a Model
  1. Hemamalini .M – Excellence as a Model
  1. Sakshi Dhiman – Excellence as a Social Influencer
  1. Vaishali Tyagi – Excellence as a Teacher & Yoga Trainer
  1. Mrugakshi .S. Devlikar – Excellence as a Dance Choreographer
  1. Akshara Closet – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Akshita Arora – Excellence as a Model & Blogger
  1. Bhakti Shrikishan Porwal – Excellence as a Dentist
  1. Bharti Goel – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat – Excellence as a Skin Coach
  1. Bisma Ayoub Najar – Excellence as an Author & Blogger
  1. Blenda Pereira – Excellence as a Tarot Reader & Spiritual Coach
  1. Chef Mrs. Monika Manji Patel – Excellence as an Entrepreneur & Teacher
  1. Dr. Noopur Kaushik – Excellence as a Pediatric Dentist
  1. Dr. Sandhya Patnaik – Excellence as a International Singer & International Fashion Jury
  1. Jituli Punjabi – Excellence as a Photographer
  1. Kavitha S N – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Lavya – Excellence as a Kathak Dancer & Model
  1. Madhuri Maurya – Excellence as a Makeup & Hairartist
  1. Manpreet G Sohal – Excellence as an Educationalist
  1. Padma Mani – Excellence as a Lifepreneur
  1. Pravesh Rawat – Excellence as a Model & Educationalist
  1. Renu Mangtani – Excellence as a Banker & Author
  1. Ritiqa Pachauri – Excellence as a Author & Entrepreneur
  1. Ritwika Ghosh – Excellence as an Author & Teacher
  1. Riya Bose – Excellence as a Banker & Model
  1. Sabreena Yaseen – Excellence as a Sportsperson & Author
  1. Seema Nigam – Excellence as a Writer
  1. Shalini Patel – Excellence as a Model & Entrepreneur
  1. Sonam Kumari – Excellence as a Model & Entrepreneur
  1. Sreemanti Bag – Excellence as a Doctor & Author
  1. Suchita Singh – Excellence as a Model & Social Worker
  1. Swapana Pramod Kode – Excellence as a Lawyer
  1. Usha Gupta – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Srijanita Maurya – Excellence as an Entrepreneur & Social Worker
  1. Swathikka P – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Amra Mansoor – Excellence as an Author / Co-author
  1. Disha Dhiraj – Excellence as a Makeup Artist
  1. Dr. Ex Major Deepashree Patil – Excellence as a Doctor/ Entrepreneur
  1. R. Alagunithya – Excellence as an Entrepreneur/ Artist
  1. S. Suganya Mohanraj – Excellence as a Social Worker/ Activist
  1. Mrs. Devadatta. C. Das – Excellence as an Astrologer/ Social worker
  1. Shilpi Bansal – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Kiran Sharma – Excellence as a Social worker & Entrepreneur
  1. Saranya Ravichandran – Excellence as a Teacher/ Professor
  1. Nivetha Bharath – Excellence as an Entrepreneur/ Artist
  1. Sangita Prajapati – Excellence as an Artist/ Social worker
  1. Payal Parashar – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Mansi Patil – Excellence as a Model
  1. Renu Singh – Excellence as a Doctor/ Model
  1. Meera Kumar – Excellence as a Sahitykar/ Social worker
  1. Deepisha Anandh – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Surabhi Aplesh – Excellence as an Artist
  1. Sandhiya – Excellence as an Entrepreneur/ Educationalist
  1. Imrana Fatima – Excellence as an Educationalist
  1. Suparna Nandy – Excellence as an Artist/ Painting
  1. A.Logatharshini – Excellence as an Entrepreneur ( 3D Baby Casting)
  1. Neetu Goodings – Excellence as a Makeup Artist/ Model
  1. Vinitha Dharmaraj – Excellence as an Entrepreneur
  1. Megha RC – Excellence as an Entrepreneur; DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER: ‘’STEP IN’’ ACADEMY
  1. R.K. Sathiyapriya – Excellence as a Social Worker & Activist
  1. M. FATHIMA NOWRA – Excellence as a Social Worker & Sportsperson

88.Mrs. Shunmathi Selvaraj – Excellence as a Best Fertility Coach

  1. Reni Shameera – Excellence as a Model & Influencer

90.Shivani Nyalpelli – Excellence as an Artist/Entrepreneur

91.Vidusha Kumar – Excellence as an Entrepreneur/ Makeup Artist

92.Thiruveni Subramanian- Excellence as an Entrepreneur (Interior Designer)

93.Komal Jaiswal – Excellence as a Model

94.Soneeya. R. Asrani – Excellence as a Tarot Reader/ Akashic Record Reader

95.Puja Dutta – Excellence as a Life Coach & Tarot Reader

96.Revathi – Excellence as a Beautician

97.Chinky Suresh Dube – Excellence as a Doctor/ Social Worker

98.Snehal Vindhara – Excellence as a Reiki Grand Master/ Crystal Grand Master

99.Nirmala Pramod Jadhav – Excellence as an Educationalist

100.Prajakta Sheela Londhe – Excellence as an Artist/ Blogger

  1. Elakkiya. K – Excellence as an Artist
  1. Dr. Rosalin Parida – Excellence as a Cosmetologist (Ecologist)
  1. Reshmi Haque – Excellence as an Author
  1. Dr. S. Selvapriya – Excellence as a Doctor
  1. Seema Sarvjeet Singh – Excellence as a Model
  1. Annu Pandey – Excellence as an Author & Blogger
  1. Anupama Trigunayat – Excellence as an Artist & International Curator
  1. Aradhna Malik – Excellence as an Educationalist
  1. Astha Saraswat – Excellence as an Aspiring Model
  1. Babli Mukherjee – Excellence as a Social Worker & Activist
  1. Dr. Lipika Nanda – Excellence as a Professor
  1. Heena Sehrawat – Excellence as an Entrepreneur & Social Worker
  1. Itishree Sahoo – Excellence as an Educationalist & Fashion Faculty
  1. Mahima Soni – Excellence as an Artist (Kathak Dancer)
  1. Malathi Murali – Excellence as a Social Worker & Activist
  1. Masterchef Neha Rajen Thakkar – Excellence as an International chef
  1. Mrs. Sushma Vashisth – Excellence as a Social Worker & Activist
  1. Prabhati Dass – Excellence as a Fashion Model & Educationalist
  1. Priyanka Dewan – Excellence as a Sportsperson
  1. Rashmi Namdev Rao – Excellence as a Social Worker & Activist
  1. Sangita singh Banafar – Excellence as a Writer
  1. Syed Bisma Amin – Excellence as an Author
  1. Yeeshita Proddot Sahoo- Excellence as a Model
  1. Deep Shikha – Excellence as an Entrepreneur & Model
  1. Mamta Kumari – Excellence as a Model & Software engineer

How adopting technology in its working helped Smile for All become one of the most transparent NGOs ever

June 27: India runs the most extensive free education program for children under 14. India has also implemented a right to education act for underprivileged children to enjoy inclusivity and study in a private school. Yet, according to the union education minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, approx. Fifteen crore children were out of school as of 2021.

For a long time, NGOs have been frowned upon for lacking transparency in the utilisation of their funds. One of the reasons most NGOs have only been able to do a little good is that there is limited public participation from those outside the NGO’s Ecosystem. Keeping this in mind, We keep transparency and accountability at the centre of everything we do at SFA. SFA is running a public participation program trademarked “Happiness Subscription“, where donors take the onus of becoming mentors to a child living in a makeshift home, which happens in a transparent and accountable environment.

Patrons bear a subsidised fee for educating the child in a private school. SFA adopted the world-famous Netflix subscription model and redesigned it to facilitate communication between the Patrons, Parents, the schools and the children and ensure trust and accountability among all parties pivotal for continuous and quality education of the children.

Now, What makes SFA’s “Happiness Subscription” so transparent is the personalised dashboard, which allows each donor to:

  1. Track the child’s monthly progress and attendance in the school,
  2. Fetch the receipts of the payment to the participant school,
  3. Get in touch with the child, parents and teachers in a supervised environment.

People can visit SFA’s website and register as a contributor; they can scroll through a list of children awaiting sponsorship and log in to their account to follow the child’s progress.

Behind the scene is a massive team of 6000 SFA volunteers making it all happen. Carrying out awareness drives, Conducting evening classes in Slums and remote areas, Convincing parents, Doing family interventions, Identifying children in need, And Keeping a constant eye on children’s progress, are some of the responsibilities carried out by SFA volunteers.

Starting in 2019, from Chitransh Public School, Jaipur, with just 42 children, SFA has enrolled more than 1700 children into private schools as part of its Happiness Subscription program.

More than 125 schools from 12 states in India, including Rajasthan, Bihar, J&K, Jharkhand, Punjab, Haryana, and West Bengal, have joined the cause and enrolled more than their share of RTE admissions to accommodate as many children as possible.

Currently, 700 Happiness patrons are mentoring 883 children using the SFA platform, and SFA bears the school fee on its own for the rest of the children. This is nothing compared to the number of children in need of intervention, and only with support from an overwhelming number of Happiness Patrons SFA plans will be able to help as many children as possible.

Leadership also play a significant role in SFA’s success; led by Bhunesh Sharma as  CEO of the organisation, SFA leadership is taken care of by 24 state leaders and 250 city leaders who consistently thrive on learning & work for accountability, management of learning centres, admission of volunteers, school onboarding etc.

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Palli Food – Customized food for patients

June 27: Palli Food is the first-ever health Food Start-Up in India that caters to the food-need of only patients. The name has been coined from the Palliative care service, which focuses on the food part of a bedridden patient or under palliative care.

Palli food is one of its kind in the health care pharma and wellness sector as it is equally important as medicine or supplements our body needs. It is a unique kitchen service that prepares food for people who need customized food. They prepare the exact food that has been prescribed by the doctors in their diet chart and deliver the same to the doorstep of the patient.

The owner of this unique venture is Mrs Mallika Chatterjee, a food and tech entrepreneur who belongs to a doctor family and is well aware of the nutrition and diet of patients. “Invest in food than expending on Hospital bills” is the mantra she believes in, and she started this venture in 2017. She started her company backed by science and her creativity, and a huge experience of living a life with her doctor husband. She appeared in a very popular TV Show, and there was no looking back after that, along with medicine, her venture to become one pillar for the patients. Eminent doctors and dietitians have backed her venture.

During covid, she became the saviour in her area by serving more than 50 covid meals daily.

Currently, she is serving six categories of patients.

  1. Palliative Food for patients who are terminally ill.
  2. Chronic Disease Food: This category is for people suffering from chronic diseases, including diabetes, High BP, IBS, chronic liver problems, thyroid, kidney issues, and many more.
  3. Sudden Trauma Food: Sudden trauma like surgeries or accidents or jaundice, Pox, or COVID 19 disturb the core of the body and the family. Palli Food is the only option in such cases for the patients
  4. Pregnancy Food: This is one food company dedicated to managing the food and nutrition of a complicated pregnancy and people suffering from PCOS, PCOD and other hormonal problems.
  5. Health Freak Food: It is for everyone who chooses to remain healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Exam food: Absolute specialized food to beat the pressure of the exam.

Apart from these facts, this venture has a huge social impact as the cooks, labourers, and helpers are female from nearby slums, where they get training, knowledge and handsome salary, and they become financially independent. These cooks are also eligible to work in any hospital canteen as they know every part of cooking food for patients. Separately she is creating a delivery system of her own, and even there, she employs female riders. It is, on the whole, social entrepreneurship where growth is happening in every layer of society.

According to Mrs Mallika, “ in coming few years, Palli food will become a big community kitchen where every middle-class people will be able to save money of cook, gas, grocery, and also will be saved from the trouble to going to market, especially for the elder citizen of our city. Soon we will be one big Village where healthy living is not an option or choice but will be normalized”.

Soon she will start giving the franchise to different cities in India, and more and more people will join this initiative.

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Heritage-Sanatan Charitable Trust distributes books and bags among needy children

Ahmedabad, June 27: As the new academic session begins in Gujarat, the Heritage – Sanatan Charitable Trust has launched a special initiative for needy children living in and around Ahmedabad. Under this initiative, the trust has started distributing necessary materials, including study books and bags, among the children for their education.

The Heritage-Sanatan Charitable Trust conducts various welfare activities regularly to provide the necessary support to people of all ages, including children from disadvantaged sections of society, to move forward in life.

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HiDoc Dr. and the Institute of Medicine & Law join hands to promote the Dr. Archana Sharma MedLegal HelpDesk

New Delhi (India), June 27: The suicide of a gynaecologist Dr. Archana Sharma in Rajasthan earlier this year shook the conscience of not only the medical fraternity but of the entire nation. Charged with a case of murder (instead of medical negligence) and unaware of her legal rights, Dr. Sharma took this extreme step after an FIR was lodged against her to avoid harassment from the police and others.

The incident, as usual, created quite uproar for some time, especially among the medical fraternity but failed to take any firm steps to avoid a repeat of the same. Most doctors across the nation are unaware of the relevant laws, especially the unique protection provided by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in criminal cases.

The Institute of Medicine and Law (IML) launched the Dr. Archana Sharma MedLegal HelpDesk service on 8th May 2022, together with a few national medical societies, to address this important issue. The helpdesk aims to provide legal aid and advice to healthcare professionals threatened with criminal action by the police. It will also educate doctors about their legal rights in such cases. IML will also train volunteers (doctors) under the ‘Train-The-Trainer’ program who could, in turn, conduct more training sessions and awareness programs among their peers. The institute is offering all these services free of cost as a tribute to this country’s honest & hard-working medical fraternity. IML has also urged other medical societies, pharma companies, media, and organizations, especially from the healthcare industry, to come forward and be a part of this initiative.

HiDoc Dr., the country’s number one doctors’ networking platform, has joined hands with IML for this noble cause. “We welcome and support the great initiative of the MedLegal Helpdesk. Unfortunately, many doctors are unaware of the laws and the legal protection they are eligible for. In 2005, the Supreme Court, in the landmark judgment in Jacob Mathews v/s State of Punjab, had provided specific protection to doctors in criminal proceedings, irrespective of whether they are initiated in the police station or courts,” says Varun Gadia, COO, HiDoc Dr. “The medical fraternity has always been in the forefront serving and caring for people. Yet, they are also the ones to face the ruthless side. We strive for the betterment of this community and will stand by any initiative that safeguards the rights of our doctors,” he adds.

The Dr. Archana Sharma MedLegal HelpDesk aims to tackle this issue in three ways:

  1. Legal Aid and Service

Lawyers from the Supreme Court shall offer advice and consultation to doctors facing criminal actions. They may also speak to the police if needed. The legal team would immediately reach out to the aggrieved doctor to ensure minimum harassment.

The lawyers would also help the aggrieved doctors in filing a ‘contempt petition’ before the Supreme Court in cases where the police action is contrary to or inconsistent with the directions given in the Jacob Mathews case.

  1. Webinars for Medical Societies/Hospitals/Medical Colleges/Doctors’ Groups

To create awareness and educate the doctors about the concerned law, IML will organize webinars in medical societies, hospitals, medical colleges, or other doctors’ groups.

  1. Doctor-Volunteers (Train-the-trainer)

IML will train volunteer doctors who would, in turn, spread awareness through training sessions amongst their peers. IML would provide content, judgments, slide decks, commonly asked questions, and other reference material on this subject. Every effort will be made to keep the trainers updated on the changes in law, judgments, and relevant information.

As an esteemed partner, Hidoc Dr. will be providing all the above services on its platform to its huge network of healthcare professionals. The company plans to start with the webinars and would also be appointing a contact person with a dedicated number who can be called by any aggrieved doctor threatened with police action. HiDoc Dr. would also conduct training sessions for the healthcare professionals under the train-the-trainer program.

One can avail of any of these services by sending a mail at or call on the toll-free number – 1800-202-5091

For more details, visit

We at HiDoc Dr. are proud to be associated with The Dr. Archana Sharma MedLegal HelpDesk and stand by our community today and always.

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Jayanti Dalmiya inaugurates 19th chapter of Flo in Vadodara

The FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) 19th Chapter “FLO Vadodara” was launched on Saturday by Jayanti Dalmia, the 39th President of FLO.

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], June 27: FLO endeavours to promote women entrepreneurs and professionals and assist them in growing professionally. The launch of this Chapter will help bring entrepreneurs, both existing entrepreneurs and potential, and other professionals under the FLO umbrella.

“Often known as the ‘Jewel of Western India’, Gujarat represents the vibrance of India, while Vadodara is one of its leading industrial hubs known for its entrepreneurial spirit. This is the result of old-established business houses and the business acumen ingrained in the culture and tradition of Gujarat, and we look forward to working actively in Vadodara.” said Jayanti Dalmia, President FLO.

FLO Vadodara is an addition to the 18 existing Chapters of FLO across the country, with its headquarters in New Delhi. The new Chapter will aim to enhance the capabilities of women through appropriate awareness, training and development programmes that enable women to contribute to India’s socio-economic growth by fulfilling their individual potential.

Reshma Patel was announced as the Founder Chairperson of the new Chapter along with her dynamic team of Office Bearers, Barkha Amin (Sr Vice-Chair), Avni Bhayani (Vice-Chair), Rati Desai (Treasurer), and Avni Patel (Executive Secretary).

Talking to the media, Ms Reshma Patel said, “I am thankful to FLO for giving me this opportunity. The FLO Vadodara Chapter will work towards this direction and create the right thrust for women empowerment in the region with special emphasis on supporting entrepreneurship.”

The ceremonial event was further enhanced by the inauguration of the FLO Bazaar, ‘Ariso’ and was very well attended with a strong turnout of Vadodara Chapter members as well as the Presidium, Past Presidents and National Governing Body Members from around the country.

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Salasar Techno engineering board gives nod to fund raising of Rs 200 cr

New Delhi (India), June 27: The board of the engineering company on Wednesday approved raising upto Rs 200 crore via multiple fund raising options and enhancing borrowing limits to Rs 700 crore.

The company’s board approved raising upto Rs 200 crore through allotment of equity shares by way of a preferential allotment and/or through qualified institutional placements (QIPs), foreign currency convertible bond (FCCB), American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), global depository receipt (GDRs) issues, or allotment of shares to the existing shareholders on right basis, or in any combination thereof, in one or more tranches.

The board decided to appoint various intermediaries, merchant bankers, advisors, legal counsel etc, and constitute a board’s fund-raising committee for proposed fund raising program.

Further, the board also approved enhancement of borrowing limits from Rs 500 crore to Rs 700 crore.

The company said the shareholders’ approval for the same will be taken by way of passing resolutions through postal ballot.

Salasar Techno Engineering Limited is also going to turn ex-split stock in this week. The board of directors of the company has fixed 28th June 2022 as record date for stock subdivision. The company board has already recommended stock split in 10:1 ratio after which its existing face value will change from ₹10 per equity share to Re 1 per equity share.

Salasar Techno Engineering is a provider of customized steel fabrication and infrastructure solutions in India.

On a consolidated basis, the company reported a 0.4% rise in net sales to Rs 212.28 crore in Q4 FY22 over Q4 FY21.

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Ajay’s Takeaway Food turns over 100 people into successful entrepreneurs and creates 450 jobs in Gujarat

The Solanki brothers aim to open 500+ franchisee-owned stores by 2025 generating employment to over 2500 people

Surat (Gujarat) [India], June 27: Over 100 entrepreneurs from different parts of Gujarat have become ‘Aatmanirbhar’ (self-dependent) and they are giving employment to more than 450 people. Thanks to Ajay’s Takeaway Food, Gujarat’s fastest-growing Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain from Navsari town for opening a record number of 111 franchise outlets across Gujarat in the two years post-pandemic.

Ajay’s Takeaway Food ( ) is the brainchild of the two Gujarati brothers–Ajay Solanki and his elder brother Jaideep Solanki.  Ajay’s started with a single outlet in Navsari in 2014 and has now expanded to 111 franchise ( ) locations. Surat, Navsari, Valsad, Vapi, Daman, Silvasa, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Anand, and Vadodara are just a few of the cities where Ajay’s has opened outlets.

Ajay’s Takeaway Food has become popular in Gujarat for its Cold Coffee, Burgers and Desi Pizzas.

The Solanki brothers aim to open 500+ franchisee-owned stores by 2025 with one mission- Serving Good Quality Food at Affordable rates and access to all through their Franchise that empowers the youth to become entrepreneurs and generate employment and great profits.

Recently, on 10th June 2022, Ajay’s Founder – Director Ajay Solanki had a chance to meet Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi during his recent visit to Chikhli in Navsari district. ( ) PM Modi appreciated the efforts of Ajay’s Takeaway Food in generating employment for over 450 people and making more than 100 entrepreneurs Aatma-Nirbhar.

“It was a memorable moment for me to meet our PM, Modiji. Ajay’s Takeaway Food provides a unique opportunity for individuals to become an entrepreneur through our franchise model. This makes us move towards our vision of Serving Good Quality food at affordable rates to the Common Man of India,” said Ajay Solanki, founder-director of Ajay’s Takeaway food. ( )

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