We The Chefs’ (WTC) collaboration with O-Fish heralds the beginning of the finest frozen seafood delivery at your doorstep

One-Stop Destination for heavenly food experiences served on your platter

Gurugram (India), May 25: We The Chefs is a one-stop online destination for food that caters to anyone who loves devouring good healthy food. As India’s fastest-growing community of food lovers, it is also meant for all those who want to share their passion for cooking with everyone. In a recent tie-up with O-Fish, the platform will also provide options for the best quality seafood in the country. The multi-year partnership will see O-fish sell products through We The Chefs across Delhi NCR. This partnership allows ‘We The Chefs’ to exclusively deliver O-fish products. The products available have been handpicked by specialists with years of experience in consistently providing the highest quality standard.

On this partnership, Ashish Kumar, Co-Founder, O-Fish, said, “This is a Win-Win initiative for both the companies. It helps enhance availability and allows us to associate with a company with a similar vision of providing hygienic seafood to the customers. Given that the frozen supply chain in India is evolving leveraging the existing ecosystem to expand reach at optimized cost will continue to remain a focus area. Our objective is to be the catalyst in bringing a unique option to food lovers by providing authentic home-cooked Indian and international cuisines across India.”

Vishal Sinha, Founder, We The Chefs, too was confident of tasting the phenomenal success of their collaborative efforts and said, “We have studied the market and have done extensive research on the numerous options available to consumers in India. This partnership will enable us to deliver a very strong range of O-fish products, including epicureans’ favourites, such as Silver pomfret, Crab, Salmon, Maha Jumbo XL Prawns, Chettinad Fish Fillet, Surmai Fillets and many other lip-smacking delights to the customers’ doorstep. We are aware that convenient delivery as a trend is growing across the country as consumers become more aware whilst having lesser time on their hands due to a busy lifestyle, and we are confident that our consumer-centricity and extensive reach will complement our capabilities to enhance the overall value offering for the customers.”

About We The Chefs

Located in Delhi NCR with more than a hundred chefs on board, the company’s vision is to automate the processes for home chefs that would, in time, convert to empowerment and financial gains. The organisation caters to a work-friendly environment that fosters transparency in services with no hidden costs.  For a customer, if you’re looking for a hard-to-find cuisine or a dish, the platform gives you the flexibility to find it and gives economic empowerment at a massive scale due to the network effect.


Making A New Wave In The Musical Scene With Endless Love Is CLOSER Singer And Song-Writer JoaQimein Martin!

May 25: Making a new wave in the music scene is JoaQimein Martin, born November 22, 2000, and better known by his stage name Kxng Tres. The 22-year-old is an American singer-songwriter who is filled with a love for music and the love of his life while being fearless in showing it to the world!

Music is a part of his soul, and Martin proves it from his very childhood days. Ever since he was little, he has always wanted to sing, dance, and create his own music. As a child, he grew up listening to artists such as Michael Jackson, The Temptations, New Edition, Ne-Yo, Usher, Big Time Rush and many more, giving him the inspiration to do more.

However, Martin’s love for music pushed him to start singing with the Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir. Even at such a young age, he was talented enough to lead songs in the choir, such as “Walk Like Jesus”, “God Is On My Side”, “Searching”, and “Still Waters”.

Singing at his church for a few years gave him that much-needed push in the right direction of music as he decided that he should share his talents with the world. He set foot into this world with the help of his producer and good friend Jacob Green, aka SIR JAY, and Martin decided to kick-start with two songs just to test the waters and see if there were people in the world who would actually want to listen to what he had to say. The songs he covered were “Rock Wit’cha” by Bobby Brown and “Back At One” by Brian McKnight.

When the cover songs were released into the world, and people heard them, all of them absolutely fell in love with his talents. His fans encouraged him to create music of his own. Hence, after much pondering and praying to find his next path into the music world, he decided to give his fans what they asked for. He was going to do an original song.

On September 14, 2020, Martin wrote his first song with the help of his girlfriend, Aaliyah. He titled it “Me and You”. This much-acclaimed song is about his heart being full of love for his significant other, Aaliyah. The song talks about their tale of love for each other which spans the time of three-plus years, and how it has been nothing but happiness. Just as told, the young artist is in love, and he isn’t afraid to admit it.

On October 28, 2020, Martin released the special song to the world. “Me and You” did pretty decent numbers, although Martin knew he could do better. So, he decided to write a new single titled “Closer”. “Closer” is Martin’s personal favorite. This time he poured his entire heart and soul into the song.

Taking a different route, unlike “Me and You”, “Closer” had a slow, sexy and seductive vibe to it. Martin expresses his want and desire to get CLOSER to his lover in the song. The song often has his lover asking him, “What can I do for you?”. He simply responds by saying, “It’s nothing major. Just let me get closer to you.”

On March 16, 2021, “Closer” was released to the world. The fan reaction to “Closer” was amazing. It was pretty clear that Martin had made his turn around and was on the way to paving his own success in music. After this, on September 22, 2021, Martin released another single, a smooth guitar mix of his first song, “Me and You (Smooth Guitar Mix)”.

However, unlike the original score, the mix version, this version was slower and had a more blues feel to it. It opened up with beautiful blues guitar chords playing out, and Martin opening it up by just talking to his audience, like sitting in a cafe and offering to tell them a story about how he interacts with his lover on a daily basis. He then repeats some of the things that he had said in the original “Me and You”, with some minor adjustments and changes to the mixed version. Basically, it has him telling the audience everything he loves about Aaliyah, from her smile, laugh, jokes, and cries to many other things that he loves about his woman. The song ends with a sweet telephonic conversation between Martin and Aaliyah.

Fans of Martin are eagerly awaiting the next Kxng Tres single. Whether it with overpower the love he has got for his previous singles “Me and You”, “Closer”, and “Me and You (Smooth Guitar Mix)”, only time will tell that to us. All we can do is keep a lookout for this breakthrough of a singer making it big with yet another upcoming single soon in the musical market.


Swarnendu Bhushan’s Debut Fiction, Mir Qasim’s Tunnel, Unveils Secrets of the Ancient Times

Swarnendu Bhushan launches Debut Fiction – Mir Qasim’s Tunnel

India, May 25: Swarnendu Bhushan announced the release of his fiction thriller, Mir Qasim’s Tunnel, a novel based on the culture and heritage of Bihar’s Munger district. The Delhi-based publishing house has published the book – TreeShade Books and has been launched simultaneously across online and offline stores all over India.

The book offers a blend between history and fiction with Munger’s history, ancient stories, and folklore. The story revolves around the three protagonists, Shakti, Binod, and Rakesh, who give in to their curiosity about the mysteries that lie beneath the city of Munger and go on a quest to unravel a few of the most debatable secrets of Ramayana in a present-day adventure. The author aims to highlight his hometown and shed light on its rich history with this book. Munger is known to be of great importance in Ramayana and Mahabharata and British and Mughal eras. Its historical site, Mir Qasim’s Tunnel, remains mysterious and unexplored.

“Mir Qasim’s Tunnel is inspired by the living legends around ancient sites of the historic city of Munger. Growing up in Munger, I would often hear several stories passed on from generations about the city’s historical relevance. I always wanted to highlight the history of my hometown in some way or the other. And then, my interest in writing germinated when I was writing research reports for institutional investors, advising them on managing their investments. That’s when I realized that the art of conveying was as important as the subject. I’m sure this book would take readers into ancient times through a modern-day adventure full of mystery and intrigue”, said Swarnendu Bhushan, speaking on the book’s nationwide unveiling.

“Swarnendu’s latest book Mir Qasim’s Tunnel, is an engrossing tale of three youngsters as they explore the mysterious tunnel in the city of Munger. Swarnendu is a gifted storyteller and has produced a brilliant thriller with a twist of mythology that keeps the readers on edge throughout”, said Vikas Misra, Chief Editor & Vice President – Publishing at TreeShade Books.

Swarnendu is a technocrat-turned-finance professional and a profound believer in higher education with master’s degrees from the National University of Singapore and Indian School of Business after completing his IIT graduation. The author’s hometown is Munger, which laid the groundwork for the plot and was further influenced by the stupendous history of India and the arcanum of its past.

To get a copy of the book, please visit:


Kamal Haasan reveals Vikram NFTs in Cannes

Mumbai, 25th May 2022: Kamal Haasan is the first Indian actor to lay the foundation for his Metaverse debut on VistaVerse. VistaVerse is hosting its inaugural metaverse ‘Experience’ as a first of a growing lineup, a few of which will be revealed at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Incubated by Vistas Media Capital, which also launched India’s first curated, celebrity & fan engagement platform Fantico, VistaVerse is set to be home to a whole suite of the best of web3, including virtual land, NFTs, and games. The Vikram World is a collaborative effort between Lotus Meta Entertainment and Raaj Kamal Films International’s much−awaited movie, Vikram. The movie stars the inimitable trio of Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, and Fahadh Faasil. This Lokesh Kanagaraj directorial has its music composed by Anirudh and is produced by Kamal Haasan and R Mahendran.

Kamal Haasan revealed Vikram NFTs on VistaVerse, at Festival Des Cannes 2022 to the entire global film fraternity. The NFTs are loaded with various privileges, exclusive access to experiences, interaction with the cast and crew in person, and tangible benefits to the buyers. These NFTs also provide access to rare artwork from the movie, personalized digital avatars, props, posters, mystery boxes, film memorabilia, fan interaction moments, and private screenings, along with access to attend the travelling VistaVerseDome party that will give the NFT holders exclusive attendance rights to the parties.

VistaVerse has a fast-growing list of signups from major celebrities, brands, musicians, gaming companies, artists, and production houses in India to offer a one-stop experience of a comprehensive metaverse.

Commenting on the Vistaverse and first-ever NFT drop, Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO of Vistas Media Capital, states, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Vikram NFTs in VistaVerse which will solely be the first utility-based NFT platform in India which will benefit multiple owners. VistaVerse believes itself to be India’s first realistic and tangible metaverse, endorsed by 350 creative enthusiasts across all the 7 Vistas Media Capital portfolio.”

Commenting on the launch of Vistaverse and the first-ever NFT drop, veteran actor Kamal Haasan said, “It has been my privilege to be associated with VistaVerse. We have long waited for this moment to launch the NFTs of Vikram. VistaVerse has effortlessly created a location that will bridge the gap between fans and ardour their talent in a language assembled on the platform, which the youth can easily link with. We aim to capitalize on the associated virtual reality and metaverse stocks to benefit from the newly accumulated and hyped digital world.

 About Vistaverse:

VistaVerse, launched by Fantico Pte Ltd, is a brand incubated by Vistas Media Capital (VMC). VMC is a leading media content and technology company headquartered in Singapore that operates and invests in ventures across the various ecosystems of the global media and entertainment industry. VMC’s businesses and venture investments are diversified across global content production and distribution, streaming platforms, animation & VFX studio, Blockchain technology & Metaverse applications, gaming, digital media marketing, events and award IPs.

For more details, please visit the official website:


How Paydeer changed the outlook of financial services in Rajasthan- A view

May 25: Paydeer has become one of the beloved services of Rajasthan, with several people associating with the Paydeer family either as a distributor, retailers, alliance officers, or purely as a customer. These citizens had very little or no means of financial services and had to travel to cities for transactions or resort to paying up middlemen who charged hefty fees. Across several villages, towns, and suburban regions, you will see that Paydeer has been able to bring so much convenience to people.

Having started operations in 2020, Paydeer has reached thousands of people. This was the vision Vinay Parihar had set to achieve. Along the way, he realized that the people of the entire country needed such a facility, and his mission is now to make Paydeer available to the entire nation. To date, Paydeer has connected with more than 350 distributors and over 20,000 retailers. Paydeer has been able to cover ground in more than 33 districts and trying to reach every remotest corner. With 1200+ employees, 150 area officers, and 800 alliance officers working 24/7 to provide the best financial services, Paydeer is also working to scale up with several other value-added services.

Paydeer users have it all easy for them because this Fintech service has brought everything to your fingertips and the easy access means you aren’t dependent on anyone. You can sit at home and get both your DTH and phone charged with our services. You can go on to book your travel reservations either by road, air, or rail on your device with Paydeer to assist you every step of the way. Paydeer has gone to great lengths to create awareness about online finances by attending seminars that enable people to know more about Paydeer and its services. It will also give people a ray of hope to earn extra money by associating themselves with Paydeer Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Knowing about the services of Paydeer will enable you to use its services more effectively and make your life easier. You can be part of the educative and regularly held seminars that will allow you to fully understand how Paydeer can better your lives and why you should register with Paydeer to benefit more. You could also be a distributor, retailer, or even a store owner and be part of Paydeer and enable your finances and grow along with Paydeer.

For you to attend Paydeer seminars, you need to register in advance. You will then be formally invited to be part of this grand event, which will encourage you to utilize online finances and be part of Paydeer. This Fintech has revolutionized financial services in Rajasthan to a whole new level, enabling a social change in the way how finances are seen. Paydeer has empowered people in so many ways than one through this venture and brought confidence in making financial decisions regarding availing loans, buying insurance, and getting a Pan card. As part of seminars, Paydeer has never let go of our participants empty-handed and put up some exciting prizes to take home so that they can cherish being associated with Paydeer always.


Fuss-free summer fashion

London, 25 May: As the fuss over the pandemic seems to be ending in the UK and across the globe, unrestrictive fashion looks to be the flavour this summer.

London-based ethnic-fusion designer and the founder of the fashion brand, Myosutra, said: “Whether it is a casual day wear or wedding outfits, ‘fuss-free’ fashion will be the rage this season.”

Myosutra has been playing a key role in redefining fusion fashion by incorporating ethnicity into high-street fashion in their fashion ensemble for the last many years.

Roshni suggested an array of options from her Myosutra bundle to reboot fashion and styling as more and more people in the UK are embracing the changed equation in a post-pandemic sun.

Looking chic in a Myosutra summer collection saree emitting various shades of blue, Roshni said: “If it’s a summer outdoor BBQ, you can opt for Myosutra’s Baluchori-mini-skirt with a light wool blend top or a Dhakai Jacket if you want to keep it fully ethnic. Whatever you choose to have to be comfortable. Bold floral prints can be worn for a casual outing this summer.”

Myosutra’s summer bouquet has something for everyone. If one thinks of traditional attire but wants to do things a little differently than a saree, Myosutra’s Jamdani Salwar Kameez range might be the answer to the dilemma.

However, if someone wants to touch her inner Labonyo from Shesher Kobita around the time of Rabindra Jayanti, Myosutra still has the solution to that.

According to Roshni, Summer gives the option of flaunting bright colours and heavy embroideries. Especially during the wedding season, it is that time of the year to flaunt those Banarasis and Patolas. Roshni said: “Whether it’s a day party or an evening one, it is best to choose traditional sarees for a wedding. There’s no other occasion which gives you a better chance to flaunt bright colours, heavy embroideries, and heavy pieces of jewellery.”

Last but not least, Roshni rounded up the summer fashion conversation with her suggestions for the celebrated Royal Ascot Races, which are just around the corner. Her suggestions to turn a few heads at this snob and chic English events were gorgeous florals or Myosutra’s much acclaimed and celebrated creation, the London skyline saree!!


Myflowerapp Launches An Exclusive Gift Collection For Father’s Day 2022

Noida, May 25th: On this Father’s Day, June 19, 2022,, India’s fastest-growing e-commerce destination for gifts and flowers, is preparing to launch a special Assortment of Father’s Day Gifts. The company has created an exclusive collection of presents for men and women to assist them in finding the ideal presents. MyFlowerApp has a large selection of Father’s Day presents that can be easily personalized and customized as well. From fresh, handpicked Flowers to quirky cakes, coffee mugs, personalized gifts, and other items are available for delivery across India. The entire collection is extremely reasonably priced, and bulk orders are available with free shipping. It provides a unique selection of gifts for your father to express your gratitude, admiration, and love to him on this very special occasion. 


Our parents are our pride possession. Celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is not a responsibility but a chance to show our love towards them. With MyFlowerApp.Com’s express gift delivery on these significant events, it has become much easier and more reliable to send gifts anywhere in the country. They have a curated collection of all Father’s Day flowers, featuring gorgeous roses, gerbera, carnation, lilies, tulips, anthurium, and orchids, in their latest designs. These flowers come in attractive bouquets, paper and plastic sleeves, boxes, and various artistic arrangements in letter and number shapes. The flowers are handpicked and they reassure freshness of flowers by providing quick checkout and express delivery. You may also choose flowers n greetings cards, flowers n chocolates, flowers n soft toys, and many more gifts assorted with flowers. Celebrating Father’s Day will feel incomplete if you don’t let him cut a Father’s Day cake. Ordering cakes from MyFlowerApp.Com is even easier. Choose from their wide range of flavorful cakes around the party, make it sugar-free or egg-less with just a click and send it to anywhere your father is. 


From MyFlowerApp.Com, you will get a range of the most up-to-date collection of gifts, including thoughtful quotes, printed cushions, coffee mugs with Father’s Day quotes, photo lamps, photo mugs, personalized key chains, personalized photo frames, name personalized photo frames, indoor and outdoor plants, multi-tier chocolate arrangements, etc, at the best price. The gifts are further categorized into Gifts for father, Premium gifts, Gifts for him, and Father’s Day gifts, so that you will not miss a chance to pick nothing but the best for your dearest father. 


With MyFlowerApp’s hassle-free online gift delivery services, you can now show your love to your most beloved father. Send Father’s Day gifts to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida, or Gurgaon to honor the superhero of your life. They also cater 24/7 customer care services for all your queries and order-related issues. From guaranteed on-time delivery to guaranteed best quality products, you are sure to get a satisfying online gifting experience by choosing this gift portal. Avail of the very popular and exciting same-day delivery, midnight gift delivery, early morning flower delivery, and next day delivery by MyFlowerApp.Com.


So hurry up and put your order to make this Father’s Day memorable for your father. 


The Unity Leads empowering people with the know-how to make money online

The Unity Leads is educating people the right way for a digital India

May 25: Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, said, “Real education consists in drawing the best out of yourself.”

Nobody can deny the fact that education is one of the best ways to man’s overall development. In other words, the lanes of education are the highways that lead to human progress. Furthermore, proper education is the only way to achieve one’s life goals. Education is the one factor that can determine a person’s ultimate success. You need to keep educating yourself to bring out the best in yourself and achieve success in today’s world.

The world that we live in today has been significantly transformed by the internet, as it has affected almost all parts of our lives including how we work. You have to be internet-savvy if you want to succeed in these modern times. Today a large number of people across the world want to make money online while working from the home. This is where education plays a key role. That’s because if you want to earn money online, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to do it from an expert. If you are among the people who want to earn big online we have a solution for you called, “THE UNITY LEADS.”

The Unity Leads is a lead generation and online business educational center that provides you with the most up-to-date courses for improving your online marketing methods.

It’s a high-ticket and low-ticket offer training curriculum built specifically for Affiliate Marketers and Network Marketers.

It is a training program specifically developed for those who desire to earn money online comfortably from their home or as a supplement to their current career or business. We provide courses at a very low cost, taught by highly qualified mentors.

This website is for anyone who wants to make money online but is unable to do so due to a poor approach, a lack of leads, or spending too much time handling or convincing trash leads.

Why join The Unity Leads

There are several key benefits that you will enjoy once you become a part of The Unity Leads. These benefits include:

1) ISO Certification

2) 70%-80% Commission on each and every product.

3) Passive Income Opportunity.

4) Excellent mentoring and training.

5) Weekly Payout

How to join The Unity Leads

This brings us to the question of how you can join The Unity Leads, which is as easy as counting 1-2-3. All you have to do is to follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Join The Unity Leads training to learn step by step process

Step 2: Follow the actions taught in the training & apply all the steps you learned

Step 3: Start getting highly qualified organic leads every day

Step 4: Enjoy getting 100s of leads every month & also enjoy the perks added to it.

How was The Unity Leads born?

Shagufta Khan, the founder, and CEO of The Unity Leads is a successful businesswoman and professional affiliate marketer who wants to help individuals discover new and enhanced talents by giving them structure. She is really passionate about providing a forum for all Affiliate Marketers and Network Marketers to learn about courses related to affiliate marketing at a low cost from highly competent mentors.

Miss Shagufta Khan struggled when she started doing affiliate marketing. But, she does not want people who are eager to profit from marketing and online business platforms to experience the same difficulties she had. This prompted Miss Shagufta Khan to launch The Unity Leads with the mission of teaching people in an effective and easy manner and to digitalize India.

Miss Shagufta Khan believes in only one motto for success: “Keep Educating Yourself,” which according to her is the only way to achieve success.

She says, “I am very excited for this, really want to contribute to the betterment of all those who want to make a career in Affiliate Marketing. The Unity Leads is covering very useful & informative courses that include Instagram Mastery Courses, Youtube Mastery Courses, LinkedIn, Facebook, Personal Branding, Skill Development courses, Social Media Marketing, and many more.”

Miss Shagufta Khan invites you to know more about The Unity Leads and join the family through


Global IP authority & former top IAS officer Dr Pushpendra Rai joins the Advisory Board of the Centre for Innovation in Public Policy (CIPP)

  • Dr Rai was also Director with the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization
  • CIPP is an NCR-based think-and-do public policy tank
  • A week ago, On 17 May, CIPP had announced IT stalwart Ganesh Natarajan’s joining its Advisory Board

New Delhi (India), May 25: Former IAS officer Dr Pushpendra Rai, a renowned global authority on intellectual property, has joined the advisory board of the Centre for Innovation in Public Policy. CIPP is an NCR-based think-and-do policy tank whose mission is to design and build practical, new-age implementable solutions for the largest public good.

Dr Rai’s joining comes a week after the announcement of Dr Ganesh Natarajan, a renowned technology futurist, business builder and entrepreneurship mentor, coming to CIPP’s advisory board.

Dr Rai was earlier Director with the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, and headed the Intellectual Property and Economic Development, Division. Between 1999 and 2015, he coordinated WIPO’s activities and studies related to intellectual property and economic development, implemented programs to assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition, made strategic use of the intellectual property for development, and developed synergistic strengths with other international organizations and specialized agencies. He also headed the Organization’s Asia-Pacific office in Singapore for a couple of years.

A self-funding agency of the United Nations with 193 member states, WIPO is the leading global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation.

Before joining WIPO in 1999, Mr Rai worked for several years in policy formulation and implementation as an IAS officer in the Government of India at the union and state levels. His varied public policy and governance contributions have included economic development, energy management, international trade and cooperation, and intellectual property rights. He last served the Government of India as Joint Secretary, Ministry of Industry, in which capacity he supervised the office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks. He was the Secretary of the National Expert Group on IPRs; Chairman of the National Committee for Amendment of Patent Rules; Member Secretary, Foreign Investment Promotion Council; Alternate Director for India at the Asian Productivity Organization and Nodal officer for India for two disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the area of TRIPS. For several years, he represented India in various bilateral and multilateral economic and trade negotiations.

“CIPP is extremely privileged and fortunate to get the opportunity to have a stalwart like Dr Pushpendra Rai joining our advisory board,” said K Yatish Rajawat, Founder – of CIPP. “Dr Rai has few peers and equals in public policy strategy and implementation at global, country, state and local levels. CIPP looks forward to Dr Rai’s mentorship at all levels of our organization.”

“To ensure that intellectual property (IP) becomes an important tool for public policy, India has to adopt creative, strategic approaches for the optimal implementation of value-added public policies,” said Dr Pushpendra Rai. “In CIPP’s think-and-do model, I see the prospect of innovative, practical solutions being offered to address public policy challenges. I look forward to helping CIPP’s diverse team of expert Fellows, and a new generation of public policy professionals bring about positive, impactful change that benefits all sections of society.”

About Centre for Innovation in Public Policy (CIPP)

The Centre for Innovation in Public Policy is a think-and-do tank whose mission is to build the best implementable solutions for the largest public good through collaboration and alliances between the social sector, government, the private sector, and civil society. CIPP aims to be the glue that stitches these alliances together and forge a common platform for them to perform.

To bring about impactful change in agriculture, industry, and financial inclusion, CIPP has been involved with state and central governments to improve existing policies. Proper implementation and bridging the gap between administrative goals and on-ground policy impact.

To join India’s most happening think-and-do public policy team, please visit the “Openings” page on our website for internship opportunities.


Caul Mobile launches a range of stylish keypad mobiles

New Delhi (India), May 25: Caul mobiles, a young entrant in the space of telecom, has launched various variants of stylish keypad mobiles to cater to the needs of Bharat.

Having launched its operations in 2022, the company is committed to revolutionizing the telecom space and aspires to be among the top 5 brands in the coming months.  For the first financial year, the company aims to sell at least 5 lac handsets and launch a range of smart gadgets before Diwali.

The company has recently launched the following models and plans to add at least ten new models by Diwali.

C1810 & C1820

Screen – 1.77”, Camera & Torch Available, Wireless FM, Auto call Recorder, Battery – 1000 mAh, Vibrator alert, BT Dialler, King Talker, Contact Icons.


Screen – 1.77”, Camera & Torch Available, Wireless FM, Auto call Recorder, Battery – 1200 mAh, Vibrator alert, BT Dialler, King Talker, Contact Icons.

CP 1850

Screen – 1.77”, Camera & Torch Available, Wireless FM, Auto call Recorder, Battery – 1800 mAh, Vibrator alert, BT Dialler, King Talker, Contact Icons.

CP 2410

Screen – 2.4”, Camera & Torch Available, Wireless FM, Auto call Recorder, Battery – 1800 mAh, Vibrator alert, BT Dialler, King Talker, Contact Icons.

C 2420

Screen – 2.4”, Camera & Torch Available, Wireless FM, Auto call Recorder, Battery – 2750 mAh, Vibrator alert, BT Dialler, King Talker, Contact Icons.

Sandeep Mehra, CEO of Caul Mobiles, said, “As we launch this impressive set of keypad mobiles, we are looking at grabbing the lion’s share of this industry.  With a great range of products as our back-bone, we are confident connecting very well with Bharat.”

Caul is an Indian mobile brand launched in the year 2022. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India. With a commitment to providing high-quality mobile phones to Indian consumers, the company aims to be in the top 5 soon. The company is backed by Shine Group, established in the year 1996. A strong proponent of the Government of India’s Make-in-India initiative, in 2016, the group started a full-scale own manufacturing unit of mobile phones, mobile batteries and smartwatches in Sonipat, Haryana, one of India’s first manufacturing companies to have a state-of-the-art fully functioning manufacturing unit in Sonipat.

For more information, kindly visit the website –

Facebook – Caul.India

Twitter – Caul.india

Instagram – caul.india.official

Linkedin – Caul.India