Gerino Launch First Time in the World DIFI Currency

May 24: Gerino, the virtual destination for digital assets and the first fully decentralised world, has launched the worldwide sale of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), as it seeks to raise funds for expansion.

Gerino is offering 120 million GNC, the native token in the DeFi GNC platform, for a pre-sale price of $0.04. The price prediction is $0.10 in three months, i.e. two-and-a-half times. Gerino plans to launch more GNC in the coming months at a significantly higher price. It seeks to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years and grab a larger pie of the fast-growing virtual asset market.

“The launch of the Gerino ICO is a landmark event in the journey of cryptocurrencies, which have emerged as a very popular investment avenue among investors and large corporations around the world. The ICO is an excellent opportunity for investors to own a piece of the (Decentralised Finance) currency. We will use the funds raised to expand our offerings further,” said Vince Hoang of Gerino.

Gerino is controlled via the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which owns its most important smart contracts and assets.

The company aims to launch its game portal, an all-encompassing hub for the NFT gaming, and serve game studios, players, traders, and investors in one place. Also, in the offing is a social media platform based on blockchain. Gerino is also launching a DeFi platform with the aim to provide a solution for DeFi to access e-commerce such as shopping mining, shopping staking, automated shopping making, and much more.

Gerino is also in the process of launching its exchanges, including BYBIT, KUCOIN, P2PB2B, and others, and aims to have over 500 million active users on its platforms.


Pramod Bharal awarded the Samaj Bhushan by the Governor of Maharashtra

Mumbai, 24th May 2022: Mr. Pramod Bharal and his contribution to humanity transcend his corporate standing. For over 50 years has worked tirelessly to change the face of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, to acknowledge and celebrate his impact on human life with his pharmaceutical company and philanthropy work, he was honoured with the Samaj Bhushan award by the Governor of Maharashtra on the occasion of the Mahaveer Jayanti Janmotsav celebration at Raj Bhavan last month. Accepting the honour with humility, he beautifully narrates the episode as a ‘bolt out of the blue, that fills him with gratitude and pride’.


Here’s a look at the exemplary life he has led so far. A man of great grit, compassion, and determination Mr. Bharal is a revolutionary and innovator in spirit and has over 5 decades celebrated the idea of shouldering for a cause through his unwavering efforts.


He started his company with a meagre Rs.500 in his pocket, but as they say, when you have the determination to reach for the moon, nothing can stop you on your path. Mr. Bharal’s unwavering spirit and his determination helped him achieve what many can only dream of. Founded by him, PSA Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd is a technology-driven pharmaceutical company. It is a leading name within the industry and the company was born out of its vision to bring affordability to the medical fraternity and has been established as a firm in the year 1985 to render technical services in the API manufacturing sector.


Under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Bharal, PSA has evolved into one of the few companies with an identified and robust product pipeline for each market in the world. A chemical engineer by degree, Mr. Bharal has always eyed the right formula and has worked unwaveringly to bring a new wave to the varied facets of pharmaceuticals. His optics were never short-sighted and he always eyed the long-term growth and development of the entire ecosystem, thus he identified the opportunities ahead of the curve with a single-minded focus on bringing the company to a prestigious position.


With core competence in the field of Manufacturing and Exporting Finished Formulation Medicines, PSA Group offers solutions to ailments ranging from Cardiovascular, Pain management, Tuberculosis, Antibacterial, Macroloids, Dermatology, and many other therapeutics along with Herbal and Nutraceutical products. Today, after having tasted success with PSA, Mr. Bharal is motivated to flag the start of a new company Rainbow Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. to bring to consumers 100% plant-based ayurvedic medicines.


Today, PSA’s products have a significant presence in over 30 countries and a registered product base of more than 400 products worldwide. But what sets the company apart from the rest is its vision to make affordable medicine accessible to all, furthered by Mr. Bharal’s leadership. He is always looking for a chance to serve the needy and in an effort to do so, he has been bringing out rare disease medicines. From sclerosis to breast lumps to several pain treatments, he and his team have identified over 18 such ailments whose treatment and medicine costs are unaffordable for most of us. From offering them the same medicine at an affordable price to sometimes supporting the needy by paying for their medical expenses, Mr. Bharal is always focused and committed to the greater good.


Through his efforts and PSA’s and now Rainbow’s strong R&D team, Mr. Bharal does not want to leave any stones unturned to make rare-disease medicines affordable and easily accessible for everyone. He wants healthcare to be accessible and in his efforts, he tries to make it so for everyone. However, the effectiveness of the medicines is never compromised, and it is ensured by going that extra mile.


Pramod Bharal is a man who believes in shouldering responsibilities and extending a helpful hand to every needy. So, he goes out of his way to support those who reach out to him to let him know their worrisome state. This award serves to be an acknowledgment of his life and effort so far. He says that it only fuels him to continue his mission and energised him to live the remainder of his life with even more gusto and dedication toward serving people.


“Women need to be financially independent” Seema Singh, Meghashreya Foundation

Distribution of books, school bags to children and sewing machines to women by Meghashreya Foundation

Patna, 23 May 2022: A special program was organized for the children in Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Didarganj, Patna by Meghashreya Foundation, a leading social welfare organization for the betterment of the underprivileged and especially the hungry people. . In the presence of social workers Seema Singh, Shrey Singh and school principal Dr. Mrityunjay Kumar, many other essential items including educational materials like books, notepads and school bags were distributed to the needy children in this program. Sewing machines were also distributed to the needy women in this program, with the help of which they could become self-dependent. On this occasion, Seema Singh laid special emphasis on women’s empowerment in society.

Ms. Seema Singh is a leading Social Entrepreneur from Mumbai. She is the founder of the Meghashreya Foundation, which works relentlessly towards the well-being of the underprivileged and feeding the hungry in India. As a homemaker to become a social entrepreneur, Seema Singh was inspired in the year 2000 to set up an NGO working with underprivileged children, youth and young women and their families, with the aim of creating a better life for them. The future was to be built. She has made a significant contribution to humanity at large through the operation of her Meghashreya Foundation, which is working in the areas of children’s education, women empowerment, food donation and much more. From her early days, she always aspired to make a positive change in society and make the world a better place to live by helping needy people. To fulfill his mission in life, he started various social initiatives 15 years back. Over the years, Meghashreya Foundation has organized many food distribution campaigns, education-related initiatives, sapling distribution campaigns, blanket distribution drives, and many other social activities.

Seema Singh is not only supported by her family in her social welfare work but also contributes to bringing about a change in her own way. He has always received a lot of support from both his children in all his social activities. In addition, the Seema Singh Meghashreya Foundation carried out a vaccination campaign for the citizens of Mumbai. He also honored the Covid 19 warriors at BKC Jumbo on the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day of India. He has received recognition and awards from leading international and domestic authorities.

Meghashreya Foundation was conceptualized with the aim of helping the underprivileged, empowering women and providing quality life to children. Seema Singh along with her children Dr. Meghna Singh and Shrey Singh has been at the forefront of various programs. Seema Singh started the Meghashreya Foundation on behalf of her children Dr. Meghna Singh and Shrey Singh. Meghashreya Foundation works towards the betterment of underprivileged children and feeding hungry people across India. So far, through 25 programs and initiatives, we have transformed the lives of over 10,000 people across India.

On this occasion, Seema Singh said that Meghashreya Foundation was started with two main objectives to serve the underprivileged people of the society and secondly, to give better opportunities to the people of the backward classes to move ahead in life. Today is the time of women’s power. Power begins with education. Every woman can make herself financially independent through education.


Vara Lakshmi Polina Joins Clouds Odyssey As The COO For Handling Operations In The Asia-Pacific Region

She joins the Cloud Odyssey team from Singapore with the intention of helping the company drive digitization in the APAC region

Cloud Odyssey, a Salesforce Consulting Partner and IT solutions provider, expands its management team by welcoming Vara Lakshmi Polina as the COO for handling operations in the APAC region. With an experience of 17+ years in the IT industry, Vara joins Cloud Odyssey to leverage its processes and help the company provide robust services to its clients, especially in the realm of eCommerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation.

With a background in IT, Vara has worked for a range of different domains throughout her professional life, including Hospitality, Retail, Insurance, Telecom, and eCommerce. She started her journey as a Test Engineer and built her career to finding a place in the top management of global enterprises. After spending a few years in the USA, Vara moved to Singapore and has been handling operations for the APAC region for quite some time. Moreover, Vara has always strived to build an inclusive workforce within an organization by having competent professionals from different cultures, ethnicities, genders, and walks of life working in the same team for achieving common organizational goals.

By joining Cloud Odyssey, Vara aims at optimizing the rising potential of CRM in the APAC region. “CRM would be an $80 billion market in the next 2 years,” she says, “More and more companies are embracing digitization for managing their customer records and providing personalized services to their clients across multiple platforms. Looking at its performance over the last two decades, it is safe to say that Salesforce would continue holding a major stake in the CRM market in the years to come.”

Talking about the importance and relevance of eCommerce, Vara believes that platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) would allow businesses operating at all scales to set up and manage their eCommerce ventures. She says, “Gone are the days when people preferred shopping physically. Right from buying expensive electronic gadgets to groceries, everything is available for sale online. By implementing platforms like SFCC, businesses can build and manage multiple online storefronts using a centralized platform. The advanced tools and features offered by the CRM platform relieve users from performing repetitive tasks and focus on the core business processes. At the end of the day, driving digitization is all about minimizing conventional efforts and maximising results!”


Renowned Digital Creator and Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor

Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor

Shares her views on life without Social Media

New Delhi, 24th May 2022: Renowned Digital Creator and Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor recently shared her views on the importance of social media in today’s time.

After changing her social media handles from mishi_mia_mommy to mishi_mia_mansi, Mansi has gotten a lot of traction from the brands and it helped in expanding her brand portfolio. Her dynamic personality has helped her and a lot of new brands in fashion, skincare and travel domains have come into her kitty.

With Social media, we can all now easily connect to anyone around the world with just a click.

Lately, Social media has gained a lot of popularity as a business tool in recent years, especially during the Covid times. With more and more users joining social media every second and using it regularly. Social media is bound to become bigger and more important in the upcoming years. The industry is going to boom like never before and this new set of bloggers and influencers has arrived in the market which is also a low-cost promotional tool used by corporations and companies.

It helps business firms to rockpile their relationship with the customer. By interconnecting with them through social media, businesses get to know what their customers like and what they are looking for – as well as what the consumers don’t like and what they don’t want. Social media gives you a trench through which you can create awareness of their products and services by offering them eye-catching deals.

Social media has impacted not only our lives but our businesses too. It has opened endless doors to lots of opportunities for the business world. Social media provides us with a platform where we can interact and attract a large amount of the public. Now the businesses are no longer dependent on specific customers as the businesses can now reach out worldwide and that too within minutes.

Just by giving a little spice to social media can do wonders for the business. 81% of the consumers are likely to talk or recommend the brand if they have a positive experience with the brand on social media. So Mansi focuses on this belief that if you don’t get much engagement, likes and traction, please don’t lose hope.


GICW 2.0 Brought Glitz And Glamour On The Runway

Bollywood Showstoppers walking the ramp at GICW 2.0

24th May 2022: The tech city of Gurugram was all drenched with the B-town celebrities as they witnessed the season 2.0 of Gurugram International Couture week.

From Bollywood megastars to Miss India, here are all the celebrities who made our heads turn at the GICW 2.0. Some of the names are Ameesha Patel, Anupriya Goenka, Harshdeep Kaur, Manika Sheokand, Pavleen Gujral, and Sanjay Gagnani.

The three-day event featured runway shows and entertainment for both established fashion brands and up-and-coming designers. This was the second “fashion week” to take place in Gurugram for which the ways have been paved by an increasing number of fashion exhibitions and shopping events.

Some of the International designers who showcased the collection were House of Byfield from the Netherland, Charini, Michael Lombard (USA) Christine Storm (USA), and Indi Yapa Abeywardena from Srilanka while Indian designer Samant Chauhan did the grand finale.

On the occasion MD GICW Mr. M Satya said “GICW is a platform that was conceptualized purely with the intention of bringing raw talent to light and creating a platform to bridge the gap between the Indian Fashion industry and International Trends.

With the Presence of the celebrities, the designers definitely got a boost in their promotions. With season 3 scheduled in the month of November 2022, GICW is every fashion connoisseur’s imagination for a whole new exposure to the world of fashion and creative minds coming together to redefine trends. GICW also aims to provide a platform to various designers who are at their start-up level to showcase their collection and grow their skills.” adds Mr. Sidharrth Director at GICW.


Philanthropist Rohit Tripathi- Empowering the underprivileged through the UDYAT Foundation

May 24: The parameters of measuring success are not the same for everyone. Some people seek success through the success of others. Rohit Tripathi is one such socially responsible individual who formed an NGO in 2012 to render help to the underprivileged segments of society.

A management graduate and a successful pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Rohit has closely seen the plight of the poor who can’t afford the basic necessities of life. To address this, he started an Indian non-profit organisation in 2012 that addresses social issues such as health, education, the environment, and skill development, among 42 other social aims. The trust is registered with NitiAayog and has been operating for the past nine years without any outside funding, relying solely on Mr. Tripathi and his team of dedicated volunteers.

Active participation in all the social activities of the UDYAT Foundation has been a motto for Rohit. Rohit oversees all the work of the trust with the team of his dedicated volunteers who equally strive for the upliftment of the underprivileged.

His unique and technological approach to a problem has gained importance in the Government Circles. His suggestion to implement Trommel machines at landfills in Bhalswa, Okhla and Ghazipur lead to efficient management of waste. Udyat Foundation has been the first choice of the Delhi Government to deploy Government schemes and activities related to Nation Building, Women Empowerment, Health and hygiene, etc.

Udyat Foundation ( by distributing free nutritious foods to slums across Delhi NCR and has continued to do so for the last 9 years, with a focus on children aged 5 to 15, where nutritional issues such as protein-energy malnutrition (PEM), anaemia, and vitamin A deficiency continue to affect a large population of the above age group.

Since its inception, UDYAT has been developing ideas to address the air pollution problem in Delhi. Medicinal plants, Rohit noticed, were more helpful to purify air rather than general flowering plants. With an aim to uniformly structure the state with a medicinal plantation, Rohit has been working with his team to implement the plantation of medicinal plants in Delhi and the NCR region. Addressing the global issue of climate change and global warming, a 12000 medicinal plantation drive was conducted by Rohit on 24th July 2020 roping in celebrities like Hans Raj Hans, local RWA associations and with the involvement of other environmentalists, Delhi Police Personnel and local authorities.

Many such activities create awareness and education amongst the citizens. A peek into various projects and camps undertaken by UDYAT would give a glimpse of their deep involvement in the social arena.

  • Vaccination Campaign for Children Residing in Slums 

UDYAT Foundation completed the Delhi government’s very crucial project, Slum Vaccination Drive. With the unwavering efforts of Rohit and his team, 1.3 lakh children aged 15 to 17 years were vaccinated in a record time of three months during the COVID-19 vaccination drive. The Times of India featured the efforts on the front page. The DM praised the work of Rohit and his volunteers and expressed gratitude for the neatness of vaccine implementation.

  • Counselling and care for HIV kids

Udyat Foundation made special arrangements for HIV Kids with Desire Foundation by organising expert sessions on mental health and soft skills and personality building exercises and celebrated Diwali 2021 and Christmas 2021 with all HIV Kids to raise awareness among citizens and help the children live a respectable life. Rohit has collaborated with smaller non-governmental organisations to help him achieve his goals. Rohit, being a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, has witnessed how HIV children are affected mentally, which led him to take the initiative.

  • Eye Health Check-up

Without the assistance of the government, the UDYAT Foundation organised an eye check-up camp for Delhi Police and distributed free eyeglasses in accordance with the government’s goal of providing free health care. It is a significant and admirable fact that UDYAT has carried out all of its activities without any outside support. Rohit has committed to organising 25,000 eye screenings in 2021–22 and 2022–23.

3,500 screenings have already been completed with various Govt. and Non-Govt. Organizations like Delhi Government, Delhi Police Family Welfare Society, Delhi Women Commission, Delhi Police, National Commission of Women, RWA Association, and many slum clusters such as Hari Nagar, Janakpuri, Yamuna Khadar, Geeta Colony, Bhalswa, Shalimar Bagh, Shahdara, Uttam Nagar, Dabri, Govind Puri, and others.

  • Empowering Women

Whether it is sanitary health awareness and distribution or fighting for women’s rights, UDYAT has always lent a helping hand to women and cared for and nurtured their rights. Rohit and his team handle government-sponsored schemes, women’s safety, vaccination, banking schemes for girls and women, self-help groups related to employment, basic education, etc. Rohit’sperennial supply of sanitary pads to the BPL and slum women ensure their hygiene and health.

  • International Women’s Day Celebration

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, Udyat Foundation collaborated with TATA Power DDL and Just Events to organise a career counselling session, an expert talk on menstrual hygiene, and an expert talk on balanced diet and nutrition at Parag Jyoti School. It was followed by the distribution of sanitary pads, the awarding of prizes for the best use of waste, and a play about sexual harassment. Guests of honour such as D.M., Ms. Chesta Yadav, Directorate of Education, and Lect. Ms. SeemaJha attended the session.

  • Cancer Detection Camp

In collaboration with India’s leading cancer society, UDYAT Foundation has successfully organised and conducted cancer screening camps in the Delhi NCR Region, making a significant impact in cancer early detection, as early detection is the only way to prevent cancer-related deaths. 

Udyat is also found in other states.

It has made a significant impact in the field of education by expanding Udyat Foundation’s presence in other states such as Haryana and Himachal Pradesh through the organisation of multiple basic education programmes for street and slum children and the distribution of basic education books.

Mr. Rohit Tripathi has been donating to poor and underprivileged slum clusters, government schools, and other street vendor children for nearly a decade.


A 12th dropout, supporting Tribal Women through a unique Jamun-based Social Enterprise Model

May 24: Rajesh Oza, a 12th dropout is now the CEO of an Agro-Food Company. With merely 1000 rupees (INR) in his pocket and a family to support, he started his entrepreneurship journey of connecting the roots of the tribal areas with the growth and development of the modern world. With absolutely no knowledge of agriculture and no familial farming history, Rajesh Oza with his wife Pooja Oza left the comforts of “Sapno ki Nagri-Mumbai” to embark upon their journey of helping the less fortunate section of the society – the Grasiya tribal women of Udaipur. Starting right from the scratch, his company Jovaki (literal meaning to enlighten) is currently valued at 20 crores, expected to grow 10 times in the coming two years. Rajesh Oza’s success story is truly a source of inspiration for today’s youth and young entrepreneurs.

Once a Struggler, Now Founder of a Profit-making Social Enterprise

Rajesh while telling about his journey recalls the times when he did not have enough money to either support himself or his business and faced hardships due to the financial crisis. Many times he was criticized for not choosing a run-off-the-mill business career. He faced multiple disapprovals for opting for an agriculture-based career where he had to leave the comforts of a metropolitan city and live in the remote forest areas. Even though he knew what he wanted; the initial days were full of skepticism and challenges. Dealing with the tribal community was not an easy task, especially while convincing them to sell their forest produce to an unknown person. Despite slow progress in the initial days, he kept his approach very humble. Gradually his simplicity and people skills worked for him and helped him in building trust and a strong bond with the tribal community.

Social and Environmental Impact

Jovaki Agro Foods India Private Limited – the parent company is the source of livelihood for 1000+ tribal families. In southern Rajasthan, the company has set up village-level processing units and replicated the same model in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh also. Jovaki not only engages these women but also works towards their capacity development by providing them training on various steps involved in the processing of a fruit: Identification – Harvesting – Collection – Storage – Grading – Sorting – Washing – processing and packaging. The complete process is done by the tribal women.

While an average of 70 tribal women per unit are directly involved in the processing of fruits, another 150 women per unit are supporting the collection of the fruits, therefore directly engaging 1000+ tribal women. Jovaki with its intervention has been able to penetrate the deepest part of the forests and is providing a sustainable livelihood to the tribal communities, especially women. Almost 60% of the profit goes to the tribal women and has been able to improve their lives. Moreover, more than 25000 families are indirectly benefited from Jovaki’s innovative model. They are now actively participating in the plantation of trees and also preserving the already existing trees. In addition to it, their bargaining skills have also improved enabling them to sell their produce at a fair price.

The whole training process also captures the crucial part of forest and environment conservation and has helped in creating general awareness about the importance of trees and forests. The company is also running an extensive tree plantation drive in the region.

Innovation, Product Development, and Waste Management

From the very start, Rajesh Oza knew that without innovation he cannot reach his long-term goals. In the forest, he witnessed a large amount of custard apple and Jamun pulp being wasted. He identified this gap and foresaw an immense opportunity in the ‘processing’ of these fruits. The value addition through this processing of raw fruits is helping the tribal women to fetch a better price for their produce. While the “Custard Apple” pulp is sold in the B2B market mainly to the caterers, ice-cream, and dessert industry, the Jamun pulp is further processed to make innovative products such as – Flakes, Strips, and Green tea. Jamun seed is sun-dried and converted into a powdered form which is known for its medicinal properties. The core idea is that nothing should get wasted, therefore the rind/organic waste is used to make vermicompost, and a portion of seeds is used for the plantation purpose.

The Brand – Tribalveda: The brand TRIBALVEDA has started to market and sell an innovative line of products made from the processing of forest products. There are more than 10 products such as Jamun seed powder, Strips, Vinegar, Flakes, Green Tea, etc. which are made from fresh Jamuns and are sold through brick and mortar models. The products are available on both their website and e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

DBS Foundation Partnership

Jovaki has won the prestigious “Winner-DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Award 2021”. This year the award has been given to 19 companies worldwide, amongst which Jovaki was also one to bag it because of its unique “Socio-economic development” model. Jovaki is planning to process 5 lakh kg of wild fruits and vegetables yearly, sell 125 metric tons of produce yearly, and consequently, provide a sustainable year-round livelihood for 18,000 tribal families and preserve 15 million trees from deforestation in the coming years.

Jovaki’s Key Supporters

Considering the innovative approach and socially outreaching business model, many other supporters also came forward to join hands with Jovaki including Villgro Innovations Foundation, CCS NIAM- Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Skill Development, Knowledge Partner RKVY-RAFTAAR, MoA&FW, Gol Upaya Social Ventures, IIM Calcutta Innovations Park, and ICICI Foundation.


Entice Coin is gearing up for yet another major event in the crypto industry

May 24: Every activity in this world is digitising in the age of digitalization. Then how can money, the most important aspect of life, be ignored? The digital world expects digital money to be available by finger clicks on their phones. Although your mobile phone has always had money in the form of e-wallets, mobile banks, and other services, as technology advances, the entire human species advances towards comfort and ease.


The global economy is inexorably moving into a virtual ecology. From investment to money transfer, everything is done without paper. Cryptocurrency is the most recent and exciting addition to the virtual charge zone.


Entice Coin (NTIC), created by YaxSheth, Ebrahim Bangdiwala, Anshul Bisht, and Kunal Barad, has experienced meteoric success in FinTech using Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


They change traditional banking techniques and represent the notion of Crypto Banking. They felt that by utilising the invention of cryptography, the world will be able to enjoy online transactions.


Not only that, but Entice has built its crypto community on numerous platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and various media, allowing them to reach a wider audience. Entice coin had a tremendous welcome during its inaugural presale, demonstrating the co-founders’ passion and service. Recently, they destroyed 52,808.77 entice coins, demonstrating how burning events may generate significant profits and promote demand for a specific cryptocurrency, they grew in popularity and were discovered by big Crypto Fame celebrities all around the world.


With this good enthusiasm, Entice coin will have important events in the next months following the enormous success of Presale 1.


They are returning with their second round of presale, which will begin on May 22nd, 2022, and will also include the Affiliate programme, through which existing crypto investors will be able to participate in it. One can also take advantage of the free merchandise Entice will provide as a mark of appreciation, the presale price will be doubled this time.


Along with that, Entice will release another major shot for NFT sales, which will begin on June 15th.

They have planned a ground-breaking Beta game launch for the month of July, which will be a crypto-based gaming platform where one may earn Entice coins for playing.


Entice has crypto mini-games for all new digital world experiences to enrich the gaming experience with the crypto ecosystem. Entice’s Crypto Mini-Games will change the way people play crypto games. Two people can engage in one-on-one games for money. Playing the mini-game allows you to gain entice coins (NTIC). This will not only expand the gaming frenzy but will also create an entirely new manner of earning in the crypto realm. Being rewarded will encourage both gamers and non-gamers to explore and advance in this technology means of earning and growing.


Entice Coins (NTIC) is gaining traction in the commercial and finance sectors. They’ve set out to revolutionise traditional banking by introducing the concept of crypto coins and currencies. The entire world will be able to perform online transactions using cryptography technology with crypto money, they will aid you in having a comprehensive technological and digital asset as an investment. Soon, cryptocurrency will be used as a medium of exchange on a global scale, just like paper money or actual money is now.


It is reasonable and worthy, but one must take small steps at first, and after witnessing the advantages and benefits, one will undoubtedly return and secure more and more money. Go to the Entice Coins (NTIC) website and start exploring the new crypto world.


Laththi second look out- Action galore on the way

May 24: Indian actor Vishal Krishna released the second look of his upcoming movie Laththi and is delighted with the response he has received in all languages. This big-budget film is Vishal’s 32nd film which is made for the audience in India and worldwide.

His best friends Nandaa Dorairaj & Ramanna have become first-time producers for this movie. The movie is directed by debut director Vinodh. South actress Sunaina plays the female lead opposite Vishal. The movie will be released in five languages – Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada.

Vishal says “In this cop action entertainer, I am delighted to see myself in a completely different body language which is what I am really looking forward for the audience to see when Laththi hits the silver screens worldwide on the 12.8.2022. I play the role of a police constable in the movie which I have never portrayed before apart from playing a father to a six-year-old. I have been lauded for my action-packed performances all through my career but this movie is very unique. This is the only film so far in my career in which I have been bruised and injured the most while canning the high-intensity action sequences.

He adds “I am collaborating with one of India’s best action choreographers Peter Hein for the first time in my career. It was a different experience for me all together. As already mentioned, it is going to be firecrackers all the way since I have never shot an action sequence for so many days at a stretch. It has taken more than 60 days to shoot the last 45 minutes of the high octane climax action sequence.”