Tedco Education Sets Up Its New Campus Goodrich Tedco School of Bakey Arts in Association with Goodrich Carbohydrates and Chef Sahil Mehta

May 21: Over the past few years, the food services industry has emerged as a critical segment of the Indian economy. In fact, this vibrant industry has witnessed rapid growth in the recent past, and experts suggest that it will continue to grow in the coming years. Looking at this growth opportunity, Tedco Education, a renowned name in the professional Culinary and Bakery education, has set up a new campus, namely Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts, in Kailash Colony, New Delhi, in Collaboration with Goodrich Carbohydrates Ltd and Chef Sahil Mehta dedicated to Bakery and Patisserie. Tedco Education Is a subsidiary of the prestigious Tedco Group of Companies, which shares more than 30 years of legacy supporting innovative research and economic and entrepreneurial development worldwide. Tedco School of Culinary Arts, New Delhi, is a state-of-art facility where students get to learn culinary skills from the best chefs, bakers, and culinary artists. After emerging as the harbinger of Culinary and Bakery education in India, Tedco has now launched its new campus – Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts – to take its game to the next level. As the name of the new campus suggests, Tedco Education has now joined hands with Goodrich Carbohydrates along with Chef Sahil Mehta. Goodrich is already an established name in India’s Food Processing, Bakery, and HoReCa industry. As a result, Tedco expects to scale its growth multifold through this joint venture. The institution has at its helm India’s First Certified Bakery, Pastry, and Chocolate expert – Chef Sahil Mehta – to curate a cutting-edge culinary courses.

He is a highly trained chef specializing in Découpage de fruits de Mer et Fromage, Flambage, Blind Chocolate tasting, innovative pastry creation, bar management, and restaurant and patisserie management. He has curated and will teach the “12 month Diploma in Bakery” course at Tedco Education for the next-gen chefs along with his team of award winning chefs, including gold medal winning chef Saurabh Baghel and Adityan Sinha Biswas. Talking about the new campus, founder Rahul Misra shares, “Tedco Education has already helped many individuals to carve a successful career in the hospitality industry through advanced culinary education. With Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts, we have become able to bring Tedco, Goodrich, and Chef Shail Mehta under one roof to shape the future of the Next-generation bakers and patissiers. We are proud to associate with Goodrich and Chef Sahil Mehta, hoping to turn this collaboration into something extraordinary.” Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts has a state of the are 6200 sq ft facility in the heart of South Delhi and offers a City and Guilds IVQ Diplomas in Bakery, 3 month Certificate program in Bakery Arts and Offiline and Online Hobby Chef programs. Moreover, all the courses come with domestic placement and international internship opportunities. Its placement partners include names like Vivanta Hotels and Resorts by Taj, The Lalit, Haldiram’s, Marriott. Undeniably, Goodrich Tedco School of Bakery Arts will add a new feather to Tedco Education’s success cap.


BeautyKart, Co-founded by Santhoshi Reddy emerging as India’s most loved Destination for All Things Beauty and Lifestyle

May 21: Last year, BeautyKart accomplished the milestone of serving as the most loved one-stop destination for beauty and personal care in India. This year, it is all set to make its mark in the lifestyle segment by adding innovative products to its dynamic portfolio. The beauty and lifestyle hub recently announced the introduction of high-end inclusive brands that are ready to fill the market gap with innovation and diversity. “BeautyKart is curating a multi-category portfolio that constitutes beauty, personal care, and lifestyle brands driven by innovation and quality,” said Santhoshi Reddy, CEO of BeautyKart. Customers can now find beauty and lifestyle products that are ground-breaking at all levels on the e-commerce platform.

Further, the dynamic platform uses state-of-the-art technology and testing to curate innovative brands under one roof so users can shop high-end products hassle-free”. She further added, “BeautyKart champions better quality when it comes to its brands so customers are guaranteed to get only authentic products.”

No matter whether you fancy local beauty and cosmetic brands or look for international standard lifestyle products, BeautyKart is a one-stop solution for all your beauty and lifestyle needs. There exist many innovative brands under its umbrella that screams high-performance products and quality. From innovative skin products to using technology for offering customised product solutions that allow users to find the right product, BeautyKart is successfully bringing technology-driven innovations to the customers.

In an interview, Santhoshi Reddy, CEO of the BeautyKart said, “BeautyKart is the destination for people from remote locations that are in quest for choicest products or brands and those who wish to shop international quality products right from their home.” She also shared that BeautyKart will soon expand into retail stores and set up luxury beauty and lifestyle stores in metropolitan cities.

BeautyKart has successfully revamped commerce in the global retail landscape with technology and Innovation. It is certain will to inspire the beauty audience and reinvent beauty e-commerce in India.


InkQuills Publishing House- An Evolutionary and Approachable Go-to Solution for Writer and Authors

May 21: InkQuills Publishing House is India’s fastest growing self-publishing house. They have published more than 100+ books and have helped more than 2000+ authors realize their potential. InkQuills has a global network for paperback and eBook distribution. Their worldwide reach helps you gather a vast readership and develop a fan base in more than 150+ countries. This publishing house has access to 39000+ stores as well.

There are several factors that govern the success of a book. InkQuills Publishing House is equipped with all those facilities. Editing, proofreading, cover designing, marketing, interiors and typesetting are to name a few. Professional services clubbed with one-to-one client assistance make InkQuills Publishing House your one-stop solution for book publishing. All the author needs to do is to have a manuscript ready.

After submission and selection of a manuscript, the publishing team gears up to provide support and guidance to the author. They ensure that the process is transparent and smooth. InkQuills Publishing House has had a 100% client satisfaction record. It is an author-centric publishing house that has a determined team as its backbone.

Publishing a book is indeed a long process; you need someone to hold your hand and help you take that long walk. InkQuills understands the nuances of the publishing process and offers you the easiest way to traverse through the path and become a published author.

InkQuills Publishing House can be reached at “”. Thereafter, the process of publishing starts. Clear and transparent communication is maintained throughout so that the client is comfortable in discussing and sharing their insights. Regular updates are shared so that amends can be made well in advance. The publishing house knows how to deal with each author as per their individual requirements. Right from the inputs related to cover designing to the feedback related to typesetting and spacing, the publishing house encourages authors to be an interactive partner in the publishing process. The details about the royalty are shared prior to the publication process and that makes it easy for the author to decide the next steps.

InkQuills has some predefined publishing packages which an author can directly opt for. Customization is also an option. Catering to the needs of the author is InkQuills’ top priority.

Their publication packages can be checked at: and the process that InkQuills follows can be checked at:


Counselor Rima K Women And Child Counselor Most Dignified Lady of Todays World

Counselor Rima K

(Author, women & child counselor, Tarot card specialist)

May 21: She has been awarded among the 40 strongest women for her psychic abilities and fitness mantras around the globe in Uttrakhand in the year 2019 January. She received awards in literature in 2021from Kiran Bedi, All India achievers conference, facilitated her in Delhi for her extraordinary talents in 2021.

She is a woman with multi-talents. She is an author, Tarot card specialist, and women &child counsellor. By nature, she is empathetic to those who need it. She is a face reader by choice. She believes in the world; there are three kinds of people—one who takes, one who gives and a third which takes and gives both. People who keep blaming and defaming are the wild takers who never confide in spiritual laws—the law of attraction, not its human nature. When you want to go somewhere, you will arrange your vehicle, but it depends on you which vehicle you will opt for; the same goes with human beings’ human nature. They trust, admire, and hate according to their own nature and experiences in life’s journey. Mother never waits when she delivers a child to feed him, a true mother would want to hold her child in her arms and would love to plant a kiss on her/his forehead, and her child’s innocence will drive her crazy to feed him. It is called compassion. So, whatever we do in life, if there is a sense of compassion, you will enjoy every human being to whom you have been connected. 2022 IT’S A WOMEN ERA; WOMEN OF COMPASSION AND TRUTH WILL WIN THE RACE, and the rest will chase. The superb blending of three two makes Venus, VENUS can only make women survive beautifully with emergence of emotions, and Three 2 speaks abundance of it. Women who suffer domestic violence proved to be more inclined toward social work and serving children, working on their own to make money. It is a problematic situation where women are put up, but we can grow hugely with our own life experiences if we see the positive side. EXPERIENCES OF LIFE TEACHES US TRUE LESSONS, not books or teachers.

Nowadays, depression has become the most known disease, but being a psychologist, she proved that our health is no such thing. Most intelligent, kneen observers and love seekers are suffering from this. HOWEVER, psychiatry proves this ailment, but as we know, MOTHER OF KRISHNA ALSO WENT THROUGH MOST ROLLER COASTER PHASE, AND SHE SUFFERED THE SAME its called losing someone to whom you love most. She treated many women who suffered from this, making her all fit and fine without medication. She is the most influential woman among 100 educationists and authors. She knows to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. Radio city honoured her with a prestigious place on their list of dignitaries. She is a woman of mass. She deals with her clients online and loves to provide them with all the skills to fight society’s taboos. She served many homemakers, corporate ladies, principals and teachers as well. She created a niche to help women in her style; hence she is her brand. She stands by her clients and never looks to watch as she says that when you get suicidal tendencies, you need to be with a person, and tendencies never come on time. So, as a passionate counsellor, she believes that she is like a doctor and has to be present with her clients anytime they need, may it be midnight too.

Love is the only source of human survival then comes MONEY. However, money brings honey, but true honey will bring money; DEPRESSION means deep rest of love. Those hearts who finds nobody’s love makes them unwanted in family and society.

“Prem hi maan” is her book available on Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle, and ShopClues.

As A Tarot Specialist, It’s Her 100 Percent Prediction About Congress: An Educated People Can Understand The Importance Of Knowledge Which Builds A Nation And Destroys Too.

Congress Will Win All Over, 2022, Kon Karega Congress Ko Grace, Its Itself Is A Grace And The Biggest Racer. The Divine Blessing, The New Age Of India. Tarot Card SPECIALIST.


Artist Management Premier League Red Cherry’s AMPL – Overarm Cricket Tournament

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 21: Despite Hockey being the national sport of the country, it is cricket which rules over the hearts of the citizens. It creates a lot of excitement and frenzy amongst the fans. Cricket is like a religion and the most-watched sport in India. It unites Indians like nothing else.
In short, it is safe to say that cricket is not merely a sport but an emotion in our country which makes people come together for good.

Like IPL being the IP for India, AMPL “Artist Management Premier League”, an IP created by Red Cherry Entertainment supported by “JSK247 Book”, is one such initiative to connect people from Bollywood and Entertainment Industry.
The idea behind AMPL, supported by “JSK247 Book”, is to bring artists and the Entertainment industry together and give them time to relax, have fun, and connect through Cricket. The USP of AMPL is to bring the celebrities together and bring the people who work hard behind the scenes under one roof for the first time in India.

Mumbai is the hub of Bollywood and the Entertainment industry; the two previous seasons of AMPL – ‘Box Cricket’ and ‘Overarm Cricket’ were organized by team Red Cherry in Mumbai itself. Both the events sailed through flawlessly with high spirits, sportsmanship, healthy competitiveness, & excellent PR coverage with famous celebrities, who graced the crease with their presence and participated in the playing teams. Like in the previous seasons, we witnessed the who’s who of the TV & Bollywood industry, to name a few Sunny Leone, Munmun Dutta, Meet Bros, Rakesh Kumaar, Aditya Narayan, Mohammed Irfan, Divya Kumar, Sabri Brothers, Abhijeet Sawant and many more.

This one-of-a-kind initiative by Red Cherry Entertainment is a brainchild of Mr. Keyur Sheth, MD & Founder of Red Cherry Entertainment LLP, Mumbai, an Artist, Event and Theatre Management Agency.
Due to the previous season’s immense success and great reception, Red Cherry’s AMPL is set to return with Season-2 of Overarm Cricket Tournament from 24th to 26th May at KaVeerNi Sports Arena Borivali West. This whole event is supported by the “JSK247 Book”.

For the people who cannot attend the event, the entire tournament will be telecasted live on the YouTube Channel, which is ‘Artist Management Premier League’.

So, everyone can watch it from the comfort of their own homes, anywhere in the world. And those who wish to attend the event physically and watch the live on ground cricket action are welcomed to join in.

With the support of “JSK247 Book” team, Red Cherry Entertainment hopes to rock this season of AMPL yet again.

For more details, follow:

Facebook –

Instagram –

YouTube –


Manya Pathak Launches Poster of her New Film Pratyantar at Cannes Film Festival 2022 produced by Anjali Phougat

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 21: The 75th Festival de Cannes kicked started on 17th May in its full Glory and Glamour with World Famous Actors and Actresses walking the famous Red Carpet and Announcing and promoting their films, and with Hollywood and Bollywood fraternity in attendance. This year India is “Country of Honour” at Marche du Cinema. An impressive Indian Contingent led by I&B Minister Anurag Thakur joined the Festival, and India also celebrates 75 years of Independence this year. During the Cannes festival, a Star-Studded Gala event at JW Marriott Cannes was Organised to honour and Announce Global short films from all Across the world. Manya Pathak launched and Unveiled the Poster of her New Movie Pratyantar, in the presence of World Media from Germany, France, Asia, and the Middle East at the Cannes Global Short Film Awards Gala and Luxury Fashion Show 2022. Manya Pathak is an Indian TV Actress who rose to fame with Zee TV Dilli Datlings. Manya has done many Music Albums for Tseries, Zee Music, Showbox TV, etc. She was last seen in Dvand on MX Player.

Her Movie Pratyantar is Produced by Anjali Phougat, Co-Produced by Eon Films and Outworking Troop. Pratyantar is directed by Akansha Sinha. Anjali Phougat is an Indian Designer Based in Columbus, Ohio and the Founder of the luxury Designer Dream Collection Brand. Her style is classic and timeless and focuses on the rich cultural tradition and Indian Heritage. Her Movie Pratyantar is in Hindi Language and revolves around the concept of “is your Soul free?” It depicts life’s challenges after death and the agony and pain the soul faces after death. Pratyantar has already won 2 Official international selections in Global film festivals and is expected to release soon in India. This is a special film as most of the team members are females. Manya says, “this is such a big moment for me to represent my country and cinema on one of the biggest world stages. I am so happy to see our representation here at Cannes, and I cannot be more proud than this. I’m living my dream. This is a Cinderella moment for me. I miss my team, producer, and designer Anjali Phougat who has worked so hard to get this together.


Stylish beach and travel wear summer collection for men by Powerlook

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 21: Summer vacations are fun and exotic. But they get better when you have a trendy wardrobe that perfectly suits your travel plans or beach getaways. Powerlook has come to your rescue and launched a stylish beach and travel wear summer collection for men.

Summer will weave magic into your lives as Powerlook launches its spring collection consisting of stylish beach and travel wear. Amidst weather that makes you happy, a new men’s collection of bandana prints, scarf prints, and abstract prints will make your summers lovely and meaningful.

Raghav Pawar, Co-founder of Powerlook said “Powerlook has added an exclusive new collection to elevate your summer style like never before. Every piece in the collection is inspired by international trends but made in India to make sure that the customers can get them at affordable prices. The collection gives flight to our vision of introducing the youth to the best styles without compromising quality and comfort. We have introduced sporty designs in shorts made with premium comfy fabric. They are perfect for road trips or lounging by the pool. These shorts feature a combo of premium quality and modern design, making them durable and stylish.”

Raghav added, “Beachwear isn’t complete without printed shirts. Our trendsetting bandana prints, scarf prints, abstract prints, and striped shirts give the best vibes to your walks on the glowing beach sand. If you are looking to add some sophistication to your casual wear or want something cool on holiday, an abstract shirt will fit nicely. We are pioneering the incorporation of the oversized trend in shirts in the collection. We use premium rayon fabric to ensure that the shirts don’t compromise on comfort at any part of the day. For your love of travel and style, we have added new trendy designs in our co-ords collection. It features dreamy floral prints and trending Tie-Dye patterns. The soft fabric and construction of these co-ords make them lightweight, airy, and comfortable. These t-shirts with unique patterns, prints, and designs can be best paired with jeans, chinos, or shorts. All the trendsetting styles in this exclusive new collection ensure that you get your most stylish travel and beach wardrobe this year.”

For more trendy and latest menswear collection kindly visit :


2nd day of the Cinetalkies, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav hosted by Sanskar Bharti concludes with aspiring smiles

Moderator- Raviraj Pramani, Durga Jasraj,Anu Malik,Bharat Bala discussing about Bharatiya Cinema Sangeet.

~it was an experience in its own way, Cinetalkies the one-of-a-kind seminar gave us stories worth remembering and the future outlook of the cinema industry~

Mumbai, 21 th May 2022: Sanskar Bharti, one of the well-known organsiation working towards the promotion of Indian art and culture worldwide along with the Academy of Theatre Arts, Mumbai University, and IGNCA are celebrating the 75 years of Independence and the contribution of Indian cinema towards it. The 2nd day of the seminar, Cine Talkies, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav concluded with many visionary discussions and freedom stories of the unsung heroes.

Post, the successful completion of the inaugural day yesterday, Sanskar Bharti marks another efficacious day today. Today was fully dedicated to the contribution of Indian Cinema during the freedom struggle, the point it was reaching every household with the mesmerising screenplay and dialogue during the last few decades.

Among the few key dignitaries who were present on the second day of the seminar were, Padmashree awardee, renowned writer and CBFC chairman Shri Prasoon Joshi, Guest of honor Shri Nitish Bharadwaj – Vice President, Sanskar Bharti, Shri J Nandakumar – Convenor Akhil Bhartiya, Prajana Pravah and lastly Prof. Dr. R.D. Kulkarni – Prof. Vice Chancellor, Mumbai University.

Post a successful session, Singer-songwriter and music producer Mr. Anu Malik said, “ I always wanted to write one song on patriotism, and when I got the opportunity to make ‘sandese ate hai’, which is the biggest and finest song made in the history of Indian cinema till date. People walk up to me and describe the fineness of this song, I feel escalated that it was my creation. The patriotic songs recorded over the years have always moved me and will still be close to my heart. I am a proud Indian and I feel India is a county of magic, I make the songs keeping in mind that the people are elevated with the patriotism in them. Even today when the kids hear patriotic songs, they get all fascinated about it. We are still the same people who get emotional about our country due to our dedicated patriotism and love for our country. I am really impressed by Cinetalkies as they have put across almost every topic in the discussions today and how it contributes to the welfare of the country. I feel extremely proud to be here today.”

The seminar kick-started with the first session of the panel discussion on Bhartiya Cinema sangeet, a booster dose for freedom struggle with Mr. Durga Jasraj, Ms. Bharat Bala, and Mr. Anu Malik Moderated by Mr. Raviraj Pramani. Followed by the second session on Memorable films on the Bhartiya freedom Struggle hosting the panelists Mr. Vasant Sai, Mr. Akshay Kumar Parija, and Mr. Vishnu Sharma, moderated by Mr. Kaushal Inamdar. The panel sessions concluded with the last discussion with Mr. Om Raut, Mr. Abhishek Jain, and Mr. Sudipto Sen presided by Mr. T. S Nagabharana on Cinema as soft power, and the roadmap. The 2nd day of the seminar hosted delegates from all walks of life, especially the Indian cinema, filmmakers of various origins of our country, aspiring film students, critics, and cinema lovers.

On gracing the event, Padmashree awardee, renowned writer, and CBFC chairman Shri Prasoon Joshi said, “It is very important that the directors today come out of their disenchantment and create a world where a farmer’s son can get a platform to showcase his story. Others wise all we shall witness is a story of farmers depicted in the films or to correctly put, a fancy-dress show. It is very important, who is making the film, and what background and dialogue they belong to. If similar movies are being made then only certain aspects of the issues targeted shall be focused on. It takes a lot of courage to direct a movie, I say, a guy with talent has to make a movie not someone who has the will to do it. An intervention from the government and renowned names like Subhash Ghai ji can make a difference and bring out the talent unseen and undiscovered still. The roads which are tough and filled with hindrances should be cleared for the talents like them, only then the talents will get a way forward to achieve their dreams. In India, we believe in the felt truth and if we take that ahead then the real depiction of the culture and traditions shall be shown along with the screenplay of the movie. To bring into light the Indian cultures and tradition the correct ‘Sanskar’ has to be given, no matter how he depicts it in the movie, it will automatically be conveyed to the audience. we should set the foundation right. I am very delighted to be a part of Cinetalkies, platforms like these are very much needed in today’s generation to understand and make better content.”

The event was a success in its own way as it witnessed the stories of the journeys, the celebration of cinema, and the 75years of Independence. Everyone who was present at the event had a beautiful smile by the end of the day stating the nostalgic experience they felt throughout.

About Sanskar Bharti:

Sanskar Bharti is an organization that works to promote Indian art, fine arts, and culture from last 50yrs. Sanskar Bharti contributors included Indian intellectuals like Bhaurao Devars, Haribhau Wakankar, Nanaji Deshmukh, Madhavrao Devale, and Yogendra.


Ame organic launches best alternative for anti aging creams

New Delhi (India), May 21: Ame organic-A Skin and Wellness brand has developed an elixir of life which calms your mind, sooth your emotions, and most importantly reset your skin age. If you are searching google for best natural anti-aging creams, this is a perfect product for you.

This newly launched skincare line is focusing on reversing ageing, a step ahead of anti-ageing creams in the market. This serum is the brain-child of well-known beauty and wellness expert and serial entrepreneur Nandita. With every purchase of a face serum you get complimentary skin consultations about your skin type, personality type and also get suggestions on anti aging diet, anti aging yoga, and right lifestyle for reverse aging.

This is India’s own women-led energetically charged skin care product line. With her 20+ years of experience in the field, and with a proven track record of multiple successful beauty and wellness ventures to her credit, Ame Organic promises quality and authenticity. As per her statement the latest trend in the scientific and beauty industries is no longer about slow ageing or anti-ageing, like with an anti-ageing cream; instead, it’s all about reverse ageing.

Even in India, we noticed that there was a big gap in the market when it comes to high-quality, Natural, chemical-free, cruelty-free, organic skin care serums with proper scientific research and testing.  Ame organic fills this gap perfectly. Ame is also unique in another aspect; this is a skin care line which doubles up as an anti-stress, anti-anxiety solution. They have named their brand of reverse-ageing solutions Amé Organic – a brand of natural skincare products.

According to founder Nandita Sharma, this line of skincare will revolutionise the anti-ageing skincare industry. She explains, “All Amé products are organic, 100% natural, and free from synthetic and chemical additives. Their formulations are a combination of natural oils, essential oils, and waxes, which have been time-tested beauty secrets carried forward through multiple ancient civilisations.”

These unique combinations have the power, much more than just an anti-ageing cream, to reactivate the cell regeneration process by working with the sensory inputs and calming the ‘stress/emotions and feeling’ related hormones leading to a natural glowing skin.

Ame Organic has recently launched two products: An age-defying day serum, and a cell renewal night serum. When used together, they balance the skin’s oil and moisture ratio and rebuild the skin’s acid-mantle (the skin’s outermost protective layer) bringing it back to the younger biological age and enhancing the skin regeneration. The brand claims that Amé’s serum doesn’t just work on your body and helps to have a calm mind, but it also helps to change the energy and vibrations of your body.

Equipped with all modern technologies and experience we have formulated the elixir of life for skin by striking the perfect balance between neurobiology and neurochemistry. Our age-defying day serum, and a cell renewal night serum can help us improve your skin metabolism and have a natural glowing skin for years. More and more scientists have now attested how to improve our skin health and heal multiple lifestyle disorders simply by rearranging our lifestyle. For example, by changing the way we eat, getting healthier and deeper sleep, and having a positive outlook on life, we can arrest the process of aging and prevent diseases and conditions.

These findings give us hope that good times are up ahead, and we are heading towards a period where humans will live much longer. Ageing or biological aging will be more about experience and awareness rather than physical weakness, diseases, and a breakdown of the skin and body.


Vikas Garg & Seema Garg to acquire up to 26% in Advik Capital Ltd. at Rs. 4.15 per share via Open offer

New Delhi (India), May 21: BSE listed Advik Capital Ltd. (BSE: 539773), is one of the emerging Non-deposits taking Non- Banking Finance Company (NBFC). As per announcement submitted by Advik Capital Ltd. on BSE, Mr. Vikas Garg (acquirers) and Ms. Seema Garg (Acquirers), along with Ms. Sukriti Garg (Person acting in Concert/’PAC’), have entered into a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) on May 18, 2022, to acquire 1,73,84,000 equity shares, representing 7.89% of the paid-up equity share capital of Advik Capital Ltd.

Further, the acquirers shall, via open offer, offer the acquisition of upto 5,72,50,253 equity shares of face value Re.1, representing 26% of paid up equity share capital of Advik Capital Ltd. from the public share holders of the company. The open offer is made at Rs. 4.15/- for each equity share.Being an NBFC, the acquisition of shares and control by the Acquirers and PAC as envisaged under this PA is subject to the prior approval of RBI.

The company is registered with Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi and is carrying on the Business of investing funds, assisting the financial accommodation by way of loans/advances and undertaking the business of leasing to finance lease operations of all kinds, purchasing, selling, hiring or letting on hire or all kinds of plant and machinery.

Earlier, Advik has started with some business plans being in process and certain capital raised via Rights Issue which is expected to be invested in funding the planned segments. The move is to boost up the core business and to expand it to consumer finance segments.

The company looks to diversify into personal loans and micro financing segments which offer higher returns on investments and considering the numbers (population size) and growth in consumption of durables in India, the company expects it to be a viable business model.