Delphi Infotech and TitanHQ Announce New VAD Partnership

Delphi Infotech and TitanHQ Announce New VAD Partnership Providing Business with Leading Email Security.

May 19: TitanHQ has announced the new, strategic partnership with New Delhi based MSP, Delphi Infotech. Delphi Infotech has partnered with TitanHQ to become a value-added distributer for India. Email security solutions are now more essential than ever in order to protect businesses from malicious email threats. More than 90% of data breaches in 2021 had occurred due to phishing attacks.

SpamTitan is an industry-leading email security solution that blocks all email threats including malware, phishing, ransomware, CEO spoofing, BEC, and can identify malicious links in emails.

The CEO of Delphi Infotech comments on the new partnership with SpamTitan, saying, “Since partnering with TitanHQ with SpamTitan Email Security, we have seen an elevated level of phishing protection for our clients. Our clients are much happier with SpamTitan. It has excellent email filtering abilities, affordable pricing and deployment process to clients was seamless thanks to the brilliant support staff.”

About Delphi Infotech

Delphi Infotech is an IT consulting company headquartered in New Delhi, India, specializing in cloud security solutions. Founded in 2017, the company went from providing services in a select few states within India to catering to organizations across APAC in four years. Delphi Infotech envisions helping companies across the globe in leveraging their IT infrastructure and ensuring the utmost security of their systems. With a customer-centric focus, the company aims at providing proactive services to all its clients as per their specific needs and preferences. Its goal is to help businesses optimize technologies to get the traction they desire.


Chennai’s Biggest and Most Awaited Luxury Lifestyle and Wedding Event “The Luxury Affair 10th Edition” Was an Attraction for Fashion Enthusiasts Across the Nation

Chennai, May 18th, 2022: Razzmatazz group, India’s leading event organization that showcases many events all over the nation, recently launched “The Luxury Affair 10th edition” dedicated to fashion admirers. This is India’s one of the best lifestyle events that focused on wedding expo at center stage, and Razzmatazz group hosted it for two days along with a fashion walk and awards to celebrate this event. The event is the brainchild of Joe Michael Praveen, founder of Razzmatazz group to present new wedding styles and luxury products to the participants.

The Luxury affair started on May 15th, 2022, at Taj Coromandel. It created an inclusive environment, and major vendors for clothes, jewelry, decorations, and travel accessories exhibited products for the customers. On the first day of the event, Luxury Affair hosted ‘The Fashion Walk’ which was filled with leading fashion designers from South India, reputable retail shops, and jewelers presenting their latest collections and designs. The Fashion Walk was choreographed by acclaimed choreographers that grabbed a lot of attention from the visitors. The designers and showstoppers on the first day event were J.R. Silks represented by Upasana RC, Envy Me, Saleema Kamal’s Sara boutique represented by Aishwarya Dutta, Avira diamonds represented by Tej Ashwini, and Diadem Lehanga sequence represented by Mehandi Jashnani.

On 16th May 2022, the Mrs. Tamil Nadu award function was organized. It was dedicated to distributing awards to exceptional women entrepreneurs and achievers across 25 categories. It also included Razzmatazz wedding awards and luxury Affair Awards distributed to the wedding pioneers and vendors of the wedding industry and renowned fashion designers and fashion houses for their contribution. It also included a fashion walk with famous models and influencers including Prince Phinehas with Avira diamonds represented by Sakshi Aggarwal, Designer Chaitanya Rao represented by Reba Monica John, Krish and Avira represented by Yashika Aannand, NAC (JR silks and 8 black dress) represented by Dushara Vijayan, Designer Sidney Sladen represented by Sanjana Singh & Sonia Agarwal and Diadem Gown sequence represented by Meenakshi Govindarajan.

Razzmatazz Luxury Lifestyle Expo and Wedding Expo was inaugurated by Mr R. Purushothaman ACP and Actors Niroop Nandakumar along with Abhinay Vaddi of Bigg Boss Fame. In a luxurious and glorious event, ten exceptional people from Tamil Nadu were awarded the ‘Face of Tamil Nadu’ for their contribution to the society. The awardees included Aachi Masala, Panimalar college, Advocate Kanimozhi Mathi for the Keeladi issue, and social activist Father Jegath Gasper Raj among others. Joe Michael Praveen, the founder – of the Luxury Affair, said, “Razzmatazz group is privileged to organize such an event. The Luxury Affair always had a lot of potential to offer to all the fashion enthusiasts. The reason I set this event up, is to expose the latest wedding trends and to get them recognized at the international level. The award function brought in a lot of positivity. Overall, the event grabbed unexceptional attraction with heavy footfall.”


Pizlio Models- A Socially Responsible Organisation Giving Wings To Aspirations Of Talented & Rising Models

May 19: One of India’s leading model management companies, Pizlio Models, has been giving fleet to the aspirations of exceptionally talented and rising models in India. By serving with some rich and unforeseen modelling opportunities and relevant support to help them shine brighter than ever under the modelling industry spotlight.

Nowadays, most truly talented and capable models in India are left waiting for a big break that never comes. Their limitless potential, priceless hard work, and profound dedication are left unexplored because of some money-making and unscrupulous modelling agencies. This leads to ever-escalating modelling industry frauds that leave passionate first-time models grieving the loss of confidence and motivation in the industry.

Realizing the widespread fraudulent applications and practices of some top-rated professional modelling agencies, many new and committed model management companies such as Pizlio Models are here to the rescue. To faithfully and honestly guide all the newcomers and talented models with the best-suited and steadfast modelling opportunities.

Pizlio Models has been a leading name in the Indian modelling industry since in inception on the 11th of July, 2019. Founded and governed by The Lodhi Family, the sole objective of this prestigious and top-notch organization is to become a leading name with its genuine and trusted professional modelling practices. Over the years, the modelling management company has helped over 500+ models fulfill their dreams and aspirations by connecting them with 50+ brands to date.

The leading modelling management company has been successfully running its modelling operations in the heart of Lucknow, Mumbai, and Delhi under the outstanding leadership of Vivek Lodhi, the present Chief Executive Officer of Pizlio Models. The company has surely achieved unanticipated heights in the modelling management industry under his constructive and enterprising support.

“My teammates, Chief Operations Officer, Anuj Lodhi, and Manager, Jatin Dubey, have been my pillars of strength all this time. Pizlio Models would not have been what it is today, without their help”, shares the CEO of Pizlio Models, Vivek Lodhi.

As a socially responsible organization, Pizlio aims to help people in need across the nation with its dedicated efforts. It keeps hosting some applaud-worthy charitable events now and then as well. One of their most publicized charitable events was the “Feed The Need” campaign held in association with the Ruhail Academy.

The main objective of running the “Feed The Need” campaign was to help the people adversely affected during the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic. During this campaign, they distributed cooked meals, biscuits, face masks, and monthly dry rations to the needful elderly people, children, and others.

Getting in touch with this leading model management company is very easy. You can simply head to their official website and submit your details to get the most desired modelling and acting jobs. You can also learn more about them by using the live chat feature available on the website. We are sure the group of specialists and well-versed acting and modelling professionals at Pizlio Models will be right by your side to help you get the big break you deserve.

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India’s Best Online Payment Gateway Service Provider with Lowest Transaction Fees – PayG

May 19: According to Statista, online payments in India are expected to increase by more than 20% CAGR between 2019 and 2023. By the end of 2023, it is estimated that 660 million Indians will use online payments. However, thanks to the pandemic, the penetration rate of online payments has increased dramatically. With a population of over 1.3 billion, online payments offer great opportunities. If your business wants to accept digital payments, you need to understand the payment gateway charges.

How do I choose the best payment gateway for my online business?

When choosing a payment gateway, evaluate the following:

✔     Provider performance

✔     Compliance record

✔     Security

✔     Reliability, availability, scalability, and performance

✔     Features

✔     Supported payment types

✔     Ease of use

✔     Customer service

✔     Price plan

PayG is a customized, fully integrated, Omnichannel payment solutions provider that will help your business to grow by collecting payments from customers easily and securely through any device in any mode. PayG can also provide the following services within the payment suite, probably no other payment gateway in India can offer you all these in a bundled solution: Customized payment gateway (scalable vertically & horizontally), Virtual POS & Future POS. You can create payment links or buttons, products or services, or request payment directly.

PayG payments solution is one of the most trusted payment gateway service providers in India. It provides the most affordable payment gateway for all types of businesses with the lowest transaction discount rates and no extra charges applicable. PayG is featuring over 120+ payment options which include various banks’ credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wallets to accept payment easily. We provide trouble-free fast-onboarding and Easy integration-technical support and to feel the service strength we provide 24/7 quick customer support through chat, call, and email.

Their rates are low and technical & customer support is very responsive. The PayG folks are continuously evolving the product

PayG’s special offers for startups can be lucrative and elusive for those who want to start an e-commerce business without spending a lot of money on another pricing gateway. There are many other PGs available at no setup cost, but PayG is a bit at hand.

We offer very competitive pricing to match your business needs.

Sign Up now

  • Maintenance charges: zero
  • Setup fees: zero
  • No hidden charges
  • Integration fees: zero
  • Transaction Fee: From 1.50% to 2.00% depending on the payment mode
  • Minimize chargeback ratio

Multiple Payment Options:

It provides various payment options including debit cards, credit cards, wallets, net banking, UPI, & QR code.

Secure & reliable:

It is PCI DSS compliant, and it is the highest level of security compliance for the payment processors that transfer or process the sensitive card information.

Smart Dashboard:

PayG merchant dashboard includes the graphical representation and analytics of the transactions done through its payment gateway. So, this way you can save a lot of time with this ready analytical data. Your orders, payments, refunds, settlements, payment links, etc, all the required functionalities are available too in the dashboard itself.

Without website:

In case your business is not operative through a website or application, then also it is possible to collect online payments with it. This is possible with the help of payment links.

Easiest Integration Ever:

It is easy to integrate ready plugins and SDKs, you can also avail of free integration services after the easy activation of your merchant account. Finding and integrating the right online payment gateway is the key choice that you need to take for your business.

Fraud Prevention:

A database of fraudsters gets refreshed on live premises. Payments are recognized and blocked, considering the suspicious history of card bins and people.

Closing remarks

The outlook for India’s payment gateway is changing rapidly. Apart from traditional payment gateways, you can now use mobile wallets to accept funds. The government is also promoting digital payments by deploying UPI and Bharat QR. Currently, subscription payments are also accepted by Indian banks. In my experience, when choosing a payment gateway in India, you must look for various payment options, easy integration, and most important support.

PayG Payment Gateway makes trading easy for you as well as your customers. It’s certainly a one-stop solution for all your payment-related needs.


Pari Innovation Provides High-Quality & Eco-Friendly Bamboo Products At Affordable Prices

Assam, 19th May: Assam-based Company Pari Innovation empowers buyers across India with high-quality bamboo products such as bamboo cottage houses, gazebo furniture, bamboo products, and many more bamboo projects at economical prices. To help people across the country adopt an eco-friendly sense of living from a wider perspective.

Bamboo is one unique gift of nature that offers a tremendous range of benefits such as little or no wastage of resources, makes a great absorbent of greenhouse gases, makes a phenomenal renewable resource, and more. But did you know bamboo also has great applications in flooring and furniture apart from just making paper? You have probably been to a bamboo cottage but you wouldn’t have looked closely to know. However, bamboo has certainly become a hot-selling product as premium-quality bamboo wholesalers such as Pari Innovation are on the rise.

Pari Innovation is a wholesaler of genuine and premium quality bamboo products. Established in 1999 and located in Pathar Quary, Assam, they are recognized as the leading manufacturers of bamboo cottage houses, gazebos, huts, resorts, farmhouses, pre-fabricated cottages, readymade huts, readymade gazebos, handicraft items, planters, flower pots, hanging lights, lights, garden furniture, folding furniture, and more, all made of bamboo.

The main objective of this company is to transform bamboo into a low-cost and eco-friendly substitute for plastic, steel, wood, and more. The quality-conscious company has been strenuously working to offer premium quality bamboo products to their customers at highly affordable price ranges. What makes this new-generation and socially responsible company so unique is its wide distribution of network, prompt delivery, spacious warehouse, client-centric approach, and ethical business policy.

Nowadays, innovations are always on the rise. One such innovation that seems to be bringing a positive change in the lifestyle of humans today is the emergence of new applications for various species of grass such as bamboo. From applications in food to applications in making bridges, manufacturers and customers around the globe are looking at bamboo with a completely different perspective than ever anticipated before.

Overpopulation, deforestation, and global warming are also having a huge impact on the choices we should be making for a better future. One such choice that people are finding easy to add to their day-to-day lives is substituting the use of plastic, wood, or steel with eco-friendly products such as bamboo.

Professionals in bamboo constructions such as bamboo folding furniture and bamboo cottages amongst others, Pari Innovation, have been around for over 20 years now. Their technical and skilled labor force is well-versed in all kinds of bamboo techniques including treating bamboo and termite proofing bamboo. This helps them ensure that they supply durable and guaranteed bamboo that would last a minimum of 25 to 30 years.

Opportunists and entrepreneurs looking to start their own bamboo business or franchise can get in touch with Pari Innovation. They are well renowned for offering a nice margin with reliable business companionship all over India. Whether it is crystal clear suggestions and guidelines or cost-effective bamboo products, Pari Innovation certainly has it all.


Manakamna Group launches Home Square- A one-stop mall for all interior solutions need

Home Square, an interior solution mall launched in Siliguri

India, May 19: Home Square, a one-stop-destination mall for all interior solutions, has been launched in Siliguri. A brainchild of Manakamna Group, the shopping mall will bring together diverse interior decorating and furnishing segments under one roof to give the people of Siliguri ease of access to all their décor necessities.

Located on the lifeline of Siliguri, Sevoke Road, Home Square is a spacious structure with the perfect blend of light, fresh air and nature which resonates with the spirit of the city. The shopping mall will house multiple brands offering solutions pertaining to electronics, lighting, furniture, fixtures & fittings, paint, tiles, wallpaper, art, glass, sanitation, kitchen and many more.

The B+LG+UG+5 structure is an amalgamation of modern design and aesthetics with wide corridors for easy movement. The big shop fronts will allow brands to showcase their collection to buyers seamlessly. This arrangement is also advantageous for interested buyers who can scout products from a distance even before they enter the store to get a proper look and feel.

Siliguri, a quaint city, at the foothills of the Himalayas is a thriving market for businesses. A gateway to the Northeast, Siliguri, over the years, has developed steadily and has attracted more and more people to build homes, settle and make a life out of the resources it presents. Home Square will cater to more than 50000 homes that have come up in the city and the areas around it.

One of the biggest challenges that people face in Siliguri is the availability of parking spaces. Most interior solution stores are standalone shops on the main road with no parking areas reserved. Home Square has bridged this gap by building basement parking facilities.

Siliguri has great strategic importance in West Bengal because of its connectivity. Apart from being a gateway to Northeast India, it also shares international borders with China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Home Square’s location makes it a suitable choice for businesses to set up offices. Therefore, in addition to interior solutions, Home Square also has exclusive spaces for corporate offices and other business ventures.

The Manakamna Group wanted Home Square to be more than a shopping destination. They wanted to give the people of the city a place to hang out, unwind and be one with the scenic beauty that Sevoke has to offer; which is why the mall has dedicated spaces for restaurants, food courts and a sky lounge to give people a panoramic view of the Himalayas around.

Sahil Chaudhary, Executive Director, Manakamana Group said, “We at Manakamna Group believe in turning properties into landmarks. Keeping that vision in mind, we came up with the idea to set up Home Square, a combination of 3 C’s: Comfort, Convenience and Connected to ensure business, shopping and leisure. With the boom in population in Siliguri and West Bengal being a lucrative market for real estate, interior solutions have become a major industry. Along with that, people today have become really innovative when it comes to home or office decors. So, we came up with a one-stop solution for all interior needs. A major USP of the project is the parking area we provide because Sevoke road is infamous for its traffic and lack of parking space.”

The Manakamna Group was established in the year 2000 and has completed construction work of 1 million sqft to date. The Group has undertaken several projects ranging from affordable residential buildings to luxury apartments. While the Group has won several accolades for its immense contribution to the real estate industry, the Manakamna Group mostly looks forward to winning the hearts of the people of Siliguri with their Home Square Project.

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