Biz365 is now Shopivana- Unveils New Corporate Brand and Logo

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], May 18: With a vision of connecting more with its existing user base and extending its market, recently Biz365 has unveiled a new name and new logo as a part of its extensive rebranding initiative after getting its Pre-Series A fund from Innovana Thinklabs Limited.

“This rebranding of Shopivana is a major step forward towards aligning itself with the accelerating digital market. It is also a unique opportunity to establish Shopivana as a household name and provide a convenient platform for SMEs to digitize their businesses.”

Biz365, India’s first own eCommerce Website building platform has announced its extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and recent investment from Innovana ThinkLabs. At the core of this rebranding lies a change of the brand name to Shopivana and an update in the corporate logo.

In the past year, Shopivana has established itself as the emerging platform in the eCommerce business segment by helping small to medium businesses go online and assisting them in accelerating their online growth.

To date, Shopivana has helped 12K+ businesses to get their first website in order to boost their online presence. This growth reflects the increasing recognition of the website builder platform amongst large and small businesses. Unlike the other competitors in the market, Shopivana focuses on providing extensive services to the customers to build and manage their websites.

“This rebranding of Shopivana is a major step forward towards aligning itself with the accelerating digital market. It is also a unique opportunity for us to establish Shopivana as a household name and provide a convenient platform for SMEs to digitalize their businesses,” said Navaldeep Singh, the Co-founder of Biz365 Tech Pvt Ltd. He further added, “With this rebranding, we aim to evolve our market position and become synonymous with the technology powering this digital age.”

The name Shopivana is deeply related to the term ‘ECommerce Nirvana’. This ideology is illustrated in the company’s commitment to serving the businesses and helping them grow in this age of digitalization without getting into the technical hassle. Shopivana aims to deliver the best services to build eCommerce and brand showcasing websites and become a one-stop solution to all the business needs of its customers.

About Shopivana

Shopivana is a platform that offers an easy way to create stunning websites with affordable rates and high-quality professional results. It aims at providing premium services to freelancers, home businesses, startups, and MSMEs to start, manage and grow their business online across mobile and web with just a few clicks.

Shopivana offers many features to help run businesses with ease. They include an easy-to-use shop theme, various payment gateways, and analytics tools for both customers and products.


In a World First, Yokogawa and JSR Use AI to Autonomously Control a Chemical Plant for 35 Consecutive Days

– Putting into practical use a next-generation control technology that takes into account quality, yield, energy-saving, and sudden disturbances-

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], May 18: Yokogawa Electric Corporation and JSR Corporation announce the successful conclusion of a field test in which AI was used to autonomously run a chemical plant for 35 days, a world first. This test confirmed that reinforcement learning AI can be safely applied in an actual plant and demonstrated that this technology can control operations that have been beyond the capabilities of existing control methods (PID control/APC) and have up to now necessitated the manual operation of control valves based on the judgements of plant personnel. The initiative described here was selected for the 2020 Projects for the Promotion of Advanced Industrial Safety subsidy program of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Control in the process industries spans a broad range of fields, from oil refining and petrochemicals to high-performance chemicals, fiber, steel, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, and water. All of these entail chemical reactions and other elements that require an extremely high level of reliability.

In this field test, the AI solution successfully dealt with the complex conditions needed to ensure product quality and maintain liquids in the distillation column at an appropriate level while making maximum possible use of waste heat as a heat source. In so doing it stabilized quality, achieved high yield, and saved energy. While rain, snow, and other weather conditions were significant factors that could disrupt the control state by causing sudden changes in the atmospheric temperature, the products that were produced met rigorous standards and have since been shipped. Furthermore, as only good quality products were created, fuel, labor, time, and other losses that occur when off-spec products are produced were all eliminated.

The AI used in this control experiment, the Factorial Kernel Dynamic Policy Programming (FKDPP) protocol, was jointly developed by Yokogawa and the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) in 2018, and was recognized at an IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering as being the first reinforcement learning-based AI in the world that can be utilized in plant management. Through initiatives including the successful conduct of a control training system experiment in 2019, and an experiment in April 2020 that used a simulator to recreate an entire plant, Yokogawa has confirmed the potential of this autonomous control AI and advanced it from a theory to a technology suitable for practical use. It can be used in areas where automation previously was not possible with conventional control methods (PID control and APC), and its strengths include being able to deal with conflicting targets such as the need for both high quality and energy savings. Given the numerous complex physical and chemical phenomena that impact operations in actual plants, there are still many situations where veteran operators must step in and exercise control. Even when operations are automated using PID control and APC, highly experienced operators have to halt automated control and change configuration and output values when, for example, a sudden change occurs in atmospheric temperature due to rainfall or some other weather event. This is a common issue at many companies’ plants. Regarding the transition to industrial autonomy, a very significant challenge has been instituting autonomous control in situations where until now manual intervention has been essential and doing so with as little effort as possible while also ensuring a high level of safety. The results of this test suggest that this collaboration between Yokogawa and JSR has opened a path forward in resolving this longstanding issue.

Yokogawa welcomes customers who are interested in these initiatives globally. The company aims to swiftly provide products and solutions that lead to the realization of industrial autonomy.

JSR believes that this demonstration shows AI’s potential for addressing challenges that previously could not be resolved at chemical plants and will investigate its application to other processes and plants with the aim of achieving further improvements in productivity. Going forward, the two companies will continue to work together and investigate ways of using AI in plants.

Sajiv Nath, MD, Yokogawa India, talking about the innovation comments, “Yokogawa has always been pioneers of innovation helping companies and societies to become sustainable and adopt and leverage new technology. In one such application and for the first time in the World. Yokogawa and JSR used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to autonomously control a chemical plant for 35 consecutive days. It has never happened before and we feel we will be revolutionising the way manufacturing will evolve in the future. Indian Industry has always been in the forefront of adopting newer ways and means to make the process more and more productive. Companies are extremely concerned about process safety and environmental issues. I see a high level of enthusiasm among Indian customers to understand the usage, benefits, and challenges of adopting Industrial Autonomy. This AI technology enabled by the FKDPP algorithm will change the way for Indian manufacturing in the future. Being versatile in nature, this specific FKDPP-based AI technology can be implemented in a broad range of industry segments. I strongly believe we in Yokogawa will foster a new era in Indian manufacturing and will help the Indian economy to grow and become sustainable. This will be in line with the new Indian perspective of helping Indian manufacturing grow in the midterm to the long term and help make Atma Nirbhar Bharat a reality.”

Dr. Hiraoki Kanokogi, General Manager, Yokogawa Products Headquarters, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, shares, “The biggest takeaway from this field test was that we can ensure safe autonomous control with AI that improves productivity and reduces cost and time loss. In the industrial AI sector, the vast majority of AI is what we call “problem analysis AI.” This kind of AI analyses the data that is provided to detect anomalies for predictive maintenance, predict quality, or determine the cause of issues. It is generally used to support human decision making. In this case with the chemical plant, we are talking about “autonomous control AI,” which actually searches for the optimal control model by itself, and then implements that. We are certainly looking to work with customers on field trials for other processes and applications to confirm the versatility and robustness of our AI algorithm FKDPP, and demonstrate the value in terms of the profitability and sustainability benefits it can deliver.”

Takamitsu Matsubara, associate professor at NAIST, remarked, “I am very glad to hear that this field test was successful. Data analysis and machine learning are now being applied to chemical plant operations, but technology that can be used in autonomous control and the optimization of operations has not been fully ready until now. The reinforcement learning AI FKDPP algorithm was jointly developed by Yokogawa and NAIST in 2018 to realize autonomous control in chemical plants. Despite having to refer to a large number of sensors and control valves, the AI can generate a robust control policy in a limited number of learning trials. These features helped to improve the efficiency of the development process and led to the achievement of autonomous control for a long period of 840 hours during the field test. I think this very difficult achievement of autonomous control in an actual distillation column and the fact that the level of practical application has been raised to the point where the entire production process and safety are integrated into one system have great significance for the entire industry. I look forward to seeing what happens next with this technology.”


Runaya Group certified as The Great Place to Work® in 2022

We are taking a step toward building Trust, a high-Performance Culture organization

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 18: Runaya Group, one of India’s fastest-growing manufacturing start-ups has been accredited as a Great Place to Work-Certified in India. ‘Leadership from Within’ has always been  the growth philosophy at Runaya Group, which is now the testimony of how the organization always  strives to achieve the most-valued leadership practices for the growth of its valuable employees. The accolade follows the organization’s “people-first” philosophy. Runaya has a structured procedure to recognize and nurture the best performers and develop the Leaders for the future, not only for the respective business but for the entire group of companies.

According to Naivedya Agarwal, CEO & CO-Founder, Runaya Group, “We are honored to be certified as a “Great Place to Work”. We have always believed in building and cultivating a people-first culture organization. This is a very big boost to our growth journey. This validates our effort to initiate a culture that intensifies the potential of our employees, based on the strong foundation of equality and rewarding the right talents.”

Speaking about the achievement, Group HR Head Ms. Sujata Mohanty said, “This certificate from The Great Place to Work® is proof of the inclusive and employee-friendly work culture that Runaya group offers. This milestone sets the company apart from other start-ups by setting an example for them through its ‘people-first approach. As a start-up, this achievement will further boost our confidence to take regular initiatives to promote a more inclusive and balanced work culture among our employees.”

Runaya Group feels elated to be certified as a Great Place to Work-Certified. This certification credits the organization’s goal towards creating a trustworthy and non-discriminatory environment, and owing to the employees and its management, Runaya Group has been able to achieve the abovementioned goal. As a result, the entire process has boosted the company’s productivity and engagement within the organization.

Over the years, Runaya Group has introduced several path-breaking policies, practices, and initiatives for various segments of the workforce. The Company has been constantly revolutionizing and innovative people practices in the realms of hiring, engagement, diversity & inclusion, rewards & recognition, employee relations, security, and career & development. Being a manufacturing start-up the company has been pioneering worker welfare schemes even during the pandemic and introduced the Agile Working Model in 2020.

In the manufacturing start-up space in India, the company has been pioneering a few of India’s best  employee growth and welfare policies and initiatives like the Leadership Growth Program, Talent  Review Council, Parents Connect, R Connect, Fostering innovation and creativity, Runaya Unit  Mancom, An Open Door Policy, Non-discriminatory recruitment policy, and practices. Runaya Group has also introduced schemes such “Long Term Incentive Plan” for 100% of our employees which is very unique and rare in the country. This path-breaking design has made the scheme robust with an objective to place greater emphasis on superior individual performance while keeping all employees accountable for business delivery and ensuring greater wealth creation opportunities. Employees see better career opportunities with such kind of unique and rewarding schemes in place. Apart from Health Insurance Policy, WFH Policy, Jobs for Partner Policy & many others.

Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with the Great Place to  Work®️ Institute for assessment, benchmarking, and planning actions to strengthen their workplace  culture. Great Place to Work®️ Institute’s methodology is recognized as a rigorous and objective work culture assessment process. It is considered the gold standard in identifying and recognizing great workplace cultures.

About Runaya:

Runaya’s vision is to deploy cutting-edge technology to enable innovation, sustainability, and efficiency improvement in the natural resources industry. Founded by Naivedya and Annanya Agarwal (sons of Vedanta Limited Vice-Chairman Navin Agarwal), the key focus is on executing projects that enable a circular economy and promote the concept of waste to wealth. In addition to ground support products, Runaya’s portfolio includes sustainability solutions for the aluminium industry, minor metals recovery; gas atomized metallurgical powders, and other semi-finished products for the telecommunication cable and steel industries.


Ourea’s Journey from primordial Greek myths to a successful Branding company with the specialist – Anooja Bashir

May 18: With the advent of the new age technologies like Internet of things, artificial intelligence, Machine Learning blockchains and more, the world of business and marketing has seen a drastic change in their approaches and outcomes.  The Idea of design thinking along with new age technologies have completely transformed how businesses interact with the needs of their clientele. But with the changing trends this has made the market highly competitive and saturated. Amongst these Ourea, a business consultancy firm is a breath of fresh air, rising above the challenging circumstances of the pandemic they have been able to help various brands understand and cope with the highly competitive market structure through their fresh ideas, top notch strategic marketing approach and hyper personalised branding solutions.  Ourea is a brand of hope, a brand of ambition, a brand of teamwork. They flaunt their strength that lies in its versatile design-centric approach blended with tech-savvy implementations. The perfect mix of experts with more than two decades of experience in the industry teamed up with passionate youngsters to bring out the best in them, to deliver the best for their clients.

What makes this venture stand out?

They aim to position the startups, SMEs, SMB, and MSMEs in this competitive market instead of running campaigns blindly. The ultimate goal is achieved through a well-balanced marketing, design, content, and technological approach that enables businesses to capture the attention of their target audience.

The Founder, Anooja Bashir herself, is an experienced marketing strategist and a brand custodian. A customer-driven marketing expert with more than 20 + years of corporate experience in multichannel marketing and customer experience strategies helping brands elevate awareness, and engagement, and delivering exponential sales conversions along with managing clients from diverse fields.

Entrepreneurs like her firmly believe that a thorough competitive SWOT analysis is required to curate a marketing plan tailored just for customers. This also helps in evaluating the current stand of the venture and where it needs to be taken. The unique model they have created with a prompt 360 business service support via branding, designing, digital marketing, web and app development along with IT support gives them an extensive competitive advantage.

Delivering over 100 brands so far belonging to extensively diverse segments, Ourea has served several satisfied enterprise clients throughout their journey! Their efficient team has also been a great aid to a few startups that even subsequently got themselves featured in Shark Tank India Season 1!

Anooja and her Co-founder Vinod joined hands to develop some “no less than revolutionary” plans for Kerala startups to bring the deserved and adequate attention and visibility. From designing the unthinkable to taking a technologically driven approach, they put their heart and soul into your brand’s success. Ourea plans to be with you till you reach the peaks of success and contribute their major role to building a brand for you, from scratch to zenith. If you wish to add that flavour of success and life-changing innovation to the rollercoaster ride of your business journey and make it worth your while, they are undoubtedly and indeed the right choice.

They propose strategies to your brand with the time and precision it demands, along with optimum efficiency and dedication. Everything they do is a result of a deep and careful analysis of your target market, competition, customers, potential audience, and basically every small or big stakeholder of your firm.

With the changing era and the sudden turmoil of the pandemic there has been a significant impact on each one of our lives, particularly employees, because their abilities and skillets needed to be enhanced in some way or other. This requirement came in because it suddenly, yet largely, was regarded as inadequate to match the new working setup, to the rapid changes in working style and environment. Only rare skills were assumed worth the limited funds of companies.

LIKES, i.e., Learning Innovative Key Employability Skills, is one such initiative by Ms Bashir, which focuses on training the graduates, professionals, and women entrepreneurs for two months to make them industry-ready, the perfect move at the perfect time!

Here, the training is not undertaken by just anyone from the industry, but by only the Industry Experts. The cynosure of LIKES is that post the training, the participants are assured of a job using Ourea’s network, with utmost faith and sincerity.

Ms Anooja Bashir is also the Co-founder and CMO of Flexi Cloud- a managed cloud hosting company. This specific area is a complete business solution provider to start-ups & organizations, again a need for the industry. She also runs an ed-tech platform called LIKES, and a social entrepreneurship saga called Anooja Initiatives that actively takes part in helping the underprivileged with a societal welfare goal of social commitment.

With Ourea, you will always be able to advance to a higher level, no matter how high or low in the graph you already are. Using latest SEO techniques to provide your brand with widespread visibility in the online social sphere, to attract the correct audience, Ourea employs the most visually appealing designs and videos. They narrate your story in the most exquisite way, hence justifying why they visibly stand out in the crowd and make sure, their clients do so too!

Likewise, they understand the importance of a freshly optimized website and critically compose each component, be it videos, designs, or content and hence provide the best quality services to cater to the requirements. They never lag behind to ensure that you fetch the desired engagement from the target audience and are capable of preaching your brand values among the new users.

Ourea is not an ordinary firm with sugar-coated promises; they are backed by results and pleasant client experiences. They aim to be the wings to your dreams by providing creative solutions to all your problems and helping the target audience put faith in your brand. Ourea respects and strives to maintain a global atmosphere where they value and encourage diversity. Being righteous along with preciseness is the ultimate goal that they constantly strive to achieve.


Linktree Enters Web3 with New NFT

Linktree launches new Web3 features to continue to empower creators

New Delhi (India), May 18: Linktree, the link-in-bio category leader enabling creators to streamline their online identity and monetise their following, today announced a new set of NFT features for creators in the Web3 space. Linktree users can seamlessly showcase NFTs and build a community around ownership, adding more value to creators across the digital universe.

While Web3 remains at a nascent stage, it offers creators tremendous power through new models of patronage, future investment and ownership. With the introduction of the new NFT capabilities, Linktree is solidifying its commitment to empower the creator community by enabling new ways for creators to monetise their craft and curate a digital identity.

These features mark the first steps in a key partnership between Linktree and OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Following Linktree’s recent $110M USD raise, the business is focusing on introducing new revenue streams and creating further value for creators and brands. With a significant and continuously growing creator base with a strong affinity for Web3, Linktree is excited to empower these individuals to showcase, curate, and grow these digital offerings.

Linktree’s Web3 features include:

● NFT Gallery Link: The NFT Gallery link allows Linktree users to showcase NFTs right on their Linktree. Creators can add the URL of an OpenSea collection to generate a preview, and have the option of connecting their Metamask wallets to verify ownership of the collection. Alternatively, creators can connect their Metamask wallets and pick up to six owned NFTs to display them in the NFT gallery. Visitors can then click through to OpenSea to view and purchase the available NFTs.

● NFT Profile Image and Background: By connecting their wallet, creators can use their NFTs as their profile images or backgrounds on their Linktree. Verified NFTs will be displayed in a hexagonal frame to make them stand apart as profile images, and backgrounds will have a verification badge at the bottom of the creator’s Linktree. Visitors can then click to find out more about the NFT on Linktree. Linktree is leveraging OpenSea and Metamask to power this verification.

● NFT Lock: NFT creators can lock their links using a smart contract address. Only visitors who own NFTs from a particular collection can unlock the link by connecting their wallets to prove ownership. This feature allows creators to make the distribution of benefits easier, thus making it more worthwhile to own an NFT from their collection.

Alex Zaccaria, co-founder and CEO of LInktree, shared: “Web3 and the power of blockchain has granted creators exciting ways to monetise their passions and build their community. As the creator ecosystem migrates towards this new iteration of the internet, Linktree is excited to provide a home for creators to aggregate their digital assets and showcase what’s important to them.”

“Linktree is hyper-focused on empowering all creators through partnerships & integrations with the platforms they rely on to grow and monetise,” says Nick Rizzuto, Head of Partnerships & Innovation at Linktree. “Millions of people have chosen Linktree as their ‘digital home’ to bring together what’s most important to them, and so we wanted to give users a tangible means to display their digital art. OpenSea has been at the forefront of introducing the world to NFTs and is already widely popular on Linktree, so they were a natural partner to help power this functionality.”

Ryan Foutty, VP of Business Development at OpenSea adds “The new Linktree x OpenSea integration allows users to prominently display the work they’ve created or proudly collected, now just one click away on Linktree. We know many NFT creators and collectors already use Linktree to link to their collections on OpenSea, and we’re excited that the Linktree integration makes NFT displays that much more seamless and engaging.”

Linktree is dedicated to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion as it continues to empower creators around the world. To amplify this mission, Linktree has purchased a ‘World of Women Galaxy’ from the ‘World of Women’ collective, which is a community who are taking action to increase diversity in the NFT space, educate and onboard the next generation of creators, and promote equal opportunities for all . Linktree is also committed to maintaining its climate positive status by continuing to invest in green projects as it adds more Web3 features.

As one of the top 300 most popular website destinations globally, with over 1.2 billion monthly views, Linktree continues to prioritise the needs of creators, consumers and brands.

About Linktree
Linktree enables creators, brands, artists, publishers, agencies, and businesses of all sizes to curate an online ecosystem, engage with their audience and monetise their passion. Linktree is among the top 300 most popular website destinations globally, with 1.2 billion unique visitors a month.

In 2021 alone, Linktree enabled over 1 million artists to generate 90 million visits to streaming providers – twice as many artists and three times as many clicks as in the year prior. The platform is utilised by more than 24 million creators, artists, and brands globally including TikTok, Selena Gomez, Noah Beck, Bella Poarch, Red Bull, Shawn Mendes, the Los Angeles Clippers, Comedy Central, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and HBO.


From Renovating furniture to renovating homes- LitupSpace is Catching up on the $20 billion home improvement industry

May 18: Living in Megacities and considering remodelling your home/Office or renovating the kitchen or the bathroom?; in that case, your search should end at LitupSpace– a renowned home interior and renovation company. The company is steadily making a notable mark in the 20-billion-dollar home improvement industry.

Big cities adorn an exclusive landscape where every inch is expensive. Home and workspaces are small. To make the most out of the available space needs creative designing, determination, and a bit of patience. Especially while renovating older homes, one should approach a professional team with experience in all technical know-how of renovation and structural understanding. Again, the major benefit of choosing a proficient service partner like LitupSpace is the assurance of customisation, timelines, costs, and immaculate finishing.

“In a big city, living life in the fast lane with work and hectic lifestyle makes home renovation a very tedious task, we at LitupSpace provide hassle-free renovations and a clear professional approach”, quips co-founder Anirudh Rathi.

Explaining the growing demand among households seeking professional renovation services, Almas Johari, another co-founder of Litupspace states, “Homeowners are looking for professional service providers who can add a personal touch to their dream home vision and can fulfil every customised requirement. The growing aspirations among people to reside in a well-designed beautiful home is a piece of welcoming news for the home interior and improvement industry. At LitupSpace we as teamwork on our laid objective of “complete with precision guarantee” to ensure client’s satisfaction.”

A home improvement service provider works on all home & commercial improvement projects by ensuring that it delivers quality alongside efficiency in its construction processes. Highly Professional renovation platforms operating in metro cities offer the best aesthetics for interior and exterior remodelling services corresponding to your budget. The range of services includes providing construction services in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, basement, painting, flooring, patios, and more as far as the home renovation is concerned. Additionally, the businesses are also excelling in redoing hotel & corporate renovation. Their renovation ideas not only incorporate most of the available workspace in accordance with the floor plan and dynamic market standards but also keep in mind employee wellness initiatives while designing the ergonomics.

Their in-house architects plan tailor-made interiors. All construction products like civil, electrical, decor, furniture, and lighting are under warranty. These companies also provide a post-installation service for proper maintenance and upgradation as and when required.

One such premium service provider in this segment is Litupspace. The renovation company has already assisted many big corporate clients like Taj Group of Hotels, Himalaya Wellness, Wipro Technologies, Biocon, etc., to name a few in styling their workspaces with the latest contemporary global trends.

The particular home interior platform is the brainchild of two school friends turned co-founders, Almas Johari and Anirudh Rathi. The former is an alumnus of the University of Nottingham and London School of Economics (LSE), and the latter is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. They both launched the venture with an initial vision of furniture renovation under the name ‘’, but within five years, their hard work and diligence turned LitupSpace into a full-fledged home improvement vertical in various cosmopolitan cities that includes Bangalore, Hyderabad, & Mumbai.

The team uses technology and great minds to deliver best practices in renovation.


Success Coach Manuj Matta – Bringing Change in people’s lives through Public speaking and coaching

New Delhi, May 18: We live in a competitive world, and we run every day to meet the two ends. Individuals & Students go through various challenges in their careers like office politics, sustaining the toxic environment, tuff bosses, stagnant growth, no clarity of career, unfulfilling careers & lack of career guidance. At some point in life, we all wish to have hand-holding by a supporter who can teach us the right skills to solve this issue & narrow down our doubts. It consoles us and comforts us to move forward in life, giving us a clearer method to move forward from clutter to clarity and assuring us that there is still a long way to go. Manuj Matta is one such public speaker & life coach who believes has given strength to Individuals to up-skill for personal success through complete personality transformations. Also, it has the power to motivate them to make impossible things possible. Manuj Matta’s coaching & speeches not only motivate people but give them an efficient step-by-step method to solve all the problems at the root level, along with the ability to open doors to new possibilities as part of the solution.

Manuj Matta is a Personal Success Coach & keynote speaker who is determined to help people with his speaking skills and soothing words. He has already empowered more than 1000+ people to get through the major career difficulties & confusions that they face in life. Manuj believes that difficulties and setbacks are common to everyone, but one should not be devastated because of them. He says that every problem has a solution, and that solution has to be found in a good and proper way.

In our daily life, we come across many people. WE have to deal with several critical situations in our work life. It is indeed an accepted fact that one might feel exhausted and devastated about life. Things might cause people to suffer and face the consequences.

Some of the main career problems:

  1. Slower Growth: Some people might work so hard and put in so much effort, yet they remain in the same position and do not get the promotions or appraisals that they deserve or land up doing the job which they are not meant.
  2. Office Politics: A workplace consists of various types of people with different mentalities and objectives. There is a space for a variety of political issues in many workplaces, and this might hurt the feelings of some sincere employees, as their efforts go in vain at times.
  3. Career Guidance: At times, most people find themselves in a dilemma about how to proceed forward with their careers. With a wide range of opportunities being available in the industry, it’s quite common to get perplexed about them. Manuj Matta helps such people by guiding them to take the right step through his in-depth Phycology based Career Counselling which is available online even at late hours or on weekends.
  4. Unsatisfied Career: Some people are not satisfied with their careers. They want to either switch their career or want to start their own business or look for passive income, or even not satisfied with their current role, wherein the feeling of being stuck takes over, giving rise to unnecessary mental health issues, which needs to be addressed timely by imparting skills of success. Manuj Matta helps even those kinds of people. He helps their lives become more exciting and happier.
  5. Lack of guidance on how to follow passion / start own business or switch careers.

Speaking is a powerful skill, and those who can manage to speak in both soothing and motivating tones at the same time are the best public speakers. At one point, Manuj Matta realized that speaking would empower the masses, but is that able to put them in a good state? People who are depressed or devastated regarding their professional life need special attention to bounce back. That’s when Manuj started coaching people. He became a successful coach by spending more time with his clients, helping them with their problems, and then putting them back in a healthy state.

Manuj Matta attends numerous sessions and participates in various meetings, and has helped more than a thousand people. Manuj Matta believes that his words have the power to turn unhappy people into happy people. He wishes to reach the masses and more people through online apps such as Josh Talks or through the renowned platform TEDx or various other speaking platforms or colleges to impart skills of success and convince people that problems are common, but one must beat them out. Manuj wishes to spread as much positivity as possible and help people develop their skills to react to various issues such as career problems, workplace politics, passive income, and stagnant growth.


Bapatla-Based IT Company “MALtech Solutions” Speeds Up Path of Urbanisation In Andhra Pradesh

May 18: Bapatla a new district of Andhra Pradesh-based, early-stage startup IT service company, MALtech Solutions Private Limited speeds up the urbanization process in the state. The bootstrapped company provides a range of tech services such as software development, web development, app development, and email infrastructure for marketing. The company also launched LocalShoppi, a food and grocery delivery platform in the state recently.

Urbanization is still not prevalent in some states of India yet. There are still many misconceptions and stereotypes that resist the growth of key technological aspects in a few backward regions, districts or states in India. But few rooted people and ideas emerging from these very regions are becoming change-makers helping them urbanize. One such early-stage startup company that deserves all the recognition in the present day is Bapatla-district-based MALtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is started by Mr. Madhu Kiran Kallu.

Mr. Madhu is an IT professional who has spent most of his time in working with new technologies being a complete workaholic. He worked for more than 8 years after completing MTech from JNTU Hyderabad, he joined in an IT organization (Startup) and spent lot of hours in managing and developing SAAS applications.

After Years of gaining knowledge he left the organization with a view to start his own venture “MALtech Solutions” which is an IT service company. The main objective of this IT service company is to offer its clients excellent services so that they can fully concentrate on building the finest quality products by exemplifying processes. In order to help their clients feel inspired and implement the right solution. The vision of the company is to become the most preferred technology partner over the years. By offering universal access to innovation and development.

The company recently launched a new service, a Swiggy/Zomato/Dunzo – like platform called LocalShoppi in 2021 “One stop solution for all your local Needs. It is an online food and grocery delivery service serving in those regions of Andhra Pradesh where Swiggy and Zomato find it hard to operate their food delivery services. This idea was brought into existence by Mr. Madhu when he tried initially to get franchise from Swiggy, Zomato and many other platforms but none showed to be interested.

LocalShoppi has tremendously transformed Bapatla’s unorganized and huge landscape. They have done so, by giving significant attention to the art of development and innovation. From allowing its users to order staples such as vegetables and fruits to considerably more items like food, eggs, meat, dairy products, and electronics, they deliver everything to the doorstep with just a tap of a button. Without having its customers worry about the quantity or quality of the products they order.

The state-centric food and beverage service platform, Local Shoppi makes the one-stop destination for all kinds of basic needs. Locals will find the best deals on products and get speedy delivery within 60 minutes, be it in the case of groceries, food items, or more. They can order from a wide range of categories and get doorstep delivery. Businesses or entrepreneurs looking for beneficial and new franchise opportunities can apply for a LocalShoppi franchise in the Andhra Pradesh region. With franchise being expanded to other major rural areas like chirala, localshoppi has integrated new services which enables all in one Home Repair service and one click Taxi service.


Students from all over India come to get admission at Sardana sir’s coaching and school

May 18: We may not know Sachin Tendulkar if he did not have Guru Achrekar with him. There are many similar children but they do not get desired success because they do not get the support from their teacher. Parents spend lakhs to admit their children in big coaching and schools in hope of getting good teacher but institutes only work towards increasing crowd and collect money but do not make results. Coaching institutes are deprived of good teachers, they run on big advertisements, forging results and claims. Teacher are able to teach a handful of topics properly.

It’s a bitter truth that coaching institutes and not making student’s results but toppers and making result of coachings.  Amongst thousands student coaching are making names because of the topper students and expanding their business. If that was not the case just think why would coachings need to have scholarship exams, reach out student’s home and schools to get admissions. Coachings do sweet talkings to parents and increase crowds and later students lag in not just competitive exams but school exams as well. Everyone knows that Coachings institutes pay big amounts to buy results. Big Institutes are giving commission to schools to steal money from parents. Nowadays giving coaching in schools is trending but there also results are missing. Such institute close down in some time.

We need to understand that big city, big coaching or big name do not make results. Results are made by coordination between students and teachers. If in reality you are looking for good teacher and expect good results and overall development, then send your children to honest and experienced teacher far from home who will work hard for getting good results for your children.

Industrial area of M.P. has such school and coaching where for last 25 years IIT-JEE All India 243rd rank holder Lalit Sardana sir instead of depending on any other faculty is teaching physics, chemistry and mathematics and Dr. Sweta Sardana is teaching biology. They have not opened any other branch for greed and they dedicate their complete time to school and coaching students. Here you will not find any show off or luxurious campus but you can see results being made. Your children’s results will be far better at Sardana than any other place, Students and parents both say that all schools and coaching are on one side and Sardana sir is on other side. Students from all over country come here to get guidance and success.

No compromise with Discipline

Post Corona due to online classes a lot of students addiction to mobile games, social networking sites, porn etc. is increasing a lot. A bitter truth is that students in big coaching, hostels in big cities and schools get involved in bad company and spoil their future. Students their not only loose their life discipline lie but become victim of mobile, porn, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc.

Opposite to this, at Sardana discipline is given utmost importance. Student in hostel must follow all the rules. Management does not hesitate to take strict actions against the students who do not follow the rules or make the environment of hostel polluted. It is clear that one rotten mango will spoil all other mangoes in the basket which is why students who repeatedly break the rules are rusticated from the hostel.

Each day’s 24 hours schedule is predefined. All attention is paid towards all round development of the students. Lalit Sardana Sir and Dr. Shweta Sardana Madam stay at the school and hostel A.C. compound as the local guardians of the hostelers.

Student show great improvement in few days after being sent to Sardana. Parents become peaceful after learning that their children are away from household noise, city glare, social networking sites, mobile and other unnecessary things.

Along with Board exams top ranks and most selection percentage in competitive exams

Coachings in big cities achieve only 5 to 1 percentage of selections and a bitter truth is that 15 to 20 percentage of students of these institutes fail in board exams. How is possible that students are not able to pass simple board exams due to tough competitive exams. Students of big coachings join tutions outside for school examinations. Big coaching institutes are making children dummy students which spoils both board and competitive exams.

As opposed to that Sardana sir has achieved expertise in both board and competitive exams, which is why the students are along with board exams are achieving most selection percent and top ranks. Not just JEE and NIIT but along with that they are getting success in NDA, CLAT, CA and CM foundation along with preparation of UPSC.

Visit us at:-

Admissions in progress

Located in Dewas, 40 minutes away from Madhya Pradesh’s Indore and Ujjain and 2 hours from Bhopal,  for admission in Sardana’s “Sardana International Institute (SIS)”, “Sardana World School (SWS)”, “Sardana Public School (SPS)”, “Sardana IAS Academy” and  “Sardana Tutorial”  call at 9993431042 or WhatsApp.


Global Beauty Secrets unveils India’s first beauty ritual inspired by Indian Royal Heritage

The Royal range is curated in collaboration with Maharajkumari Mrinalika M Bhanjdeo of the erstwhile state of Mayurbhanj, Odisha.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 18: Global Beauty Secrets, the brainchild of Aishwarya Swarna Nir, collaborates with Maharajkumari Mrinalika M Bhanjdeo of The House of Mayurbhanj, to launch a beauty range inspired by the heritage and history of the erstwhile royal family of Eastern India. Global beauty Secrets has carved a niche for itself in the beauty segment by creating products that embed the collective wisdom of women from all around the world, and with this unique collection the focus is on ancient beauty secrets from the women’s zenana’s of Indian palaces.

The products developed for this range consist of hair dew, face oil, and a copper sculpting wing named after Santhali words inspired by the famous tribal community found in Mayurbhanj.

On the launch of this collaboration, Founder of Global Beauty Secrets, Aishwarya Nir Swarna, says, “At Global beauty Secrets, our ideology is to delve deep into each culture and re-introduce the wisdom of ingredients that is lost today. Our collaboration with the House of Mayurbhanj and Maharajkumari Mrinalika M. Bhanj Deo, is one such effort. We bring our consumers closer to East Indian beauty secrets with this range. Also, the collection is unique as Mrinalika M Bhanjdeo, the Princess of Mayurbhanj, is herself a certified Yoga teacher with expertise in Hatha Yoga and  passionate about sustainability and an advocate for organic brands in the health and lifestyle space hence the collaboration was a perfect fit for us .”

“Collaborating on a beauty range with Global Beauty Secrets is a dream come true, as it allows the world to experience first hand the community and culture of India’s best kept secret – Odisha! The curation of the three beauty products beautifully showcase the mélange of the communities and their indigenous knowledge of flora and fauna present in Odisha’s largest district – Mayurbhanj. I was certain that I could not find a better partner to introduce the world to Odisha’s beauty secrets- especially a brand who took the time to do the research and understand the region specific ingredients and rituals associated with beauty here. With the launch of this range, I aim to shine a light on the powerful heritage and customs from offbeat rural locations and pay homage to the communities who have preserved them for so long with utmost care.” Says Mrinalika M Bhanjdeo, Princess of Mayurbhanj, Belgadia

Global Beauty Secrets – Royal Beauty Secrets- Products

Harta – Beauty Secrets from the House of Mayurbhanj

The products come in a regal coffret that pay homage to the doorways of the 18th-century Victorian style Belgadia Palace, featuring the magnificent emblem of the Royals of Mayurbhanj.

Baha Hibiscus Hair Dew 

Our thoughtfully formulated hair elixir Baha Hibiscus Hair Dew is a multi-faceted serum that captures the traditional beauty rituals of the House of Mayurbhanj and the contemporary, creative vision of Princess Mrinalika. It is enriched with magical botanical ingredients that revive and rejuvenate the scalp and promote hair growth, infused with nourishing hibiscus essential oil. The lightweight serum contains hydrolyzed rice protein, a natural voluminiser with moisture binding properties that protect hair. The Ayurvedic goodness of Gotu kola stimulates hair growth, while aloe vera nourishes the scalp. These extracts deep condition hair, boost radiance, reduce breakage and add shine.

The unique high potency, cruelty-free Baha Hibiscus Hair Dew brimming with natural ingredients brings nourishing, hydrating and healing benefits to your scalp and hair. An essential part of Harta – Beauty Secrets from the House of Mayurbhanj, the Baha Hibiscus Hair Dew stands at the crossroads of ancient beauty traditions and modern skincare rituals.

Net Vol: 50ml | MRP: Rs. 1900

Kukmu Mahua Face Oil

For generations, the enchanting Madhuca longifolia or Mahua tree has been revered by the adivasi tribes for its multitude of healing properties and is richly entwined with their folklore and livelihood. Its fleshy bunches of flowers, the gray, wrinkled bark and the shiny, oily seeds hold within themselves a treasure trove of edible and medicinal secrets. The high-performance Kukmu Mahua Face Oil is a lightweight and perfectly balanced luxurious elixir that transforms the skin with potent, cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients. In the local Santhali language, Kukmu is a doorway into a dream world. The mahua flower is Maharajkumari Mrinalika’s inspiration behind this natural formulation, celebrating the beauty of Odisha’s living tradition. A blend of nutrient-rich cold-pressed mahua seed oil with other emollients, Kukmu Mahua Face Oil is intensely moisturizing and rich in antioxidants. It feeds your skin with superfoods to leave it dewy. It is a potent mix of plant-based ingredients and oils with a natural affinity to the skin. Anti-inflammatory turmeric evens skin tone and reduces pigmentation. Rosehip oil, awash with essential fatty acids, hydrates and leaves skin feeling healthy. Almond oil slows down the aging process. Sesame oil reinforces skin strength, protecting it from sun damage.

Net Vol: 20ml | MRP: Rs. 2200

Pakhura Copper Sculpting Wing 

The sculpting wing is crafted from 100% copper or Tamra. As per Ayurvedic texts, this metal is closely entwined with the Sun that’s revered throughout the state of Odisha and represented through its architectural marvels, the glorious sun temples. Fabulous for just a simple message or lymphatic drainage, embrace the Pakhura Copper Sculpting Wing as a part of your daily routine or Dinacharya. Copper is antibacterial and has healing properties. Regular use of the Pakhura Copper Sculpting Wing boosts circulation, soothes the skin, and stimulates collagen production, banishing dullness from your face. Add just a few drops of Kukmu Mahua Face Oil to freshly cleaned skin. Take the sculpting wing and glide it upwards using smooth long strokes, massaging the nourishing oil into the pores of your skin.

Net Wt: 90gms| MRP: Rs. 2500

Sandal Dar

Blended with the warming notes of sandalwood extracts, infused with the exotic oils of Almond and Lemongrass, our Sandal Dar melts to give a sumptuous warm and woody aroma and soothes the mind, body & soul, giving a luxurious skin- warming experience for the ultimate body massage.

Light the candle for 15 to 20 minutes. Blow out the flame, let the oil cool for some time. Pour the oil over the skin and gently massage in. The first time you light the candle, let it burn for however long it takes for the entire top layer to burn evenly. This will keep the candle from tunneling.

Net Vol: 200ml | MRP: Rs. 1850

 Available at –

About Global Beauty Secrets

Founded in 2018 by Aishwarya Sawarna Nir, Global Beauty Secrets is a modern-day brand that imbibes women’s collective wisdom from across the world by combining scientific knowledge with ancient rituals and beauty secrets. The brand pays homage to the lost beauty rituals of queens like Cleopatra, the Japanese women from the Nara period, to exploring the secret traditions in Turkish Hammam that Turkish women in the Ottoman era whispered. Unearth the lost beauty legacies of Vedic rituals and experience Panchamrita re-imagined.

While the brand focuses on making the formulations high-performing, they are mindful of the current climate, and hence their packaging is sustainable with recycling programs for a few products. The brand has 27 products, most of which are in glass packaging and one in aluminum. They have also introduced aluminum refill packs for 4 of their best-selling offerings to become more eco-friendly. All of their products are Paraben, sulfate, and mineral oil free, and are not tested on animals.

About the House of Mayurbhanj   

The House of Mayurbhanj is a brand that encompasses the 18th century boutique property The Belgadia Palace and The Mayurbhanj Foundation. Maharajkumari Mrinalika M. Bhanj Deo is the owner of the boutique property which is her ancestral home and the Director of the Foundation which aims to empower communities in the district of Mayurbhanj and be a catalyst for sustainable development in the tribal dominated district.

Quality Policy followed at Global Beauty Secrets

At Global Beauty Secrets, we welcome you to our journey from product conceptualization to shelf that goes through our standard operating procedure to help us create a unique luxurious experience for our end users.

This journey starts with end user demand analysis & surveys, ingredient efficacy checks (certified and pure botanical extracts and power ingredients along with speciality actives), inhouse trials, sample feedback surveys and respective modifications, stability checks, FDA approvals and concludes with microbial reports for end product. Our emphasis was, is and will always be on user satisfaction, product quality, longevity and safety.

After the commercial production, product pH levels and stability is monitored for the control samples as a part of general user safety protocol. The product packaging is designed to help the end user experience luxury. Every product is carefully checked, tested, sealed and packed to ensure maximum efficacy and safety.

Global Beauty Secrets is available across India through major e-tail platforms like Nykaa, Amazon, Sublime Life, Vanity Wagon, and their website, They are also available in select retail stores of Taj Khazana. While in the US, they are available through and will be live in Singapore through the upcoming shopping portal Aardae.

For more information: