Tips Music launches singer Jigardan Gadhavi’s new song “Meru to Dage”

Tips music is introducing the audience to a new Gujarati song titled “Meru to Dage” sung by non another versatile singer Jigardan Gadhavi. Meru to Dage is a fresh genre of classical with a modern touch. The soothing voice of Jigardan Gadhavi is making this song very special.

On the occasion of the release of this song, Kumar Taurani says, “Meru to Dage is a refreshing song. And Jigardan Gadhavi’s voice adds more love and emotion to that. I am sure people will love this song.”

 Jigardan Gadhavi says, “Meru to Dage is so close to my heart. I personally believe that if this bhajan of the land of Saurashtra is assimilated, life will be much easier. This is an attempt to put this primordial bhajan in a new form in which we are talking about our melody and eternal religion.”

 “This bhajan of Gangasati addresses her daughter in law Panbai who is her disciple on the path of spirituality. There is a mountain called Meru which is said to be years old but still strong. Even if it stumbles, O Panbai, even if this universe breaks but the mind should not tremble.”

The speciality of Tips Music is selecting the right kind of music and making it astonishing and making the onlookers fall in love with the lyrics. also, a great piece of work. They have been the innovators as they have always stayed a cut above the industry.

Song Credits:

Singer – Jigardan Gadhavi

Music By – Priya Saraiya

Lyrics – Traditional

Director & Dop: Deep Panchal



Dr. Sameer Bhati & Dhan Singh Rawat inaugurated Free Portable Digital X-Ray for Char Dham Yatris at Kedarnath

New Delhi (India), May 16: Inaugural Ceremony of Free Portable Digital X-Ray for Char
Dham Yatris was organized by Six Sigma High Altitude Medical Services & Star
Wellness & Care Foundation. Chief Guests Sh. Dhan Singh Rawat, Minister of Health,
Education & Cooperative, Government of Uttrakhand, along with Sh. Bharat Singh,
MLA, Rudraprayag, Ms. Shaila Rani Rawat, MLA, Kedarnath, Mr. Mayur Dixit IAS,
District Magistrate, Rudraprayag, Mr. Ayush Aggarwal, S.P. Rudraprayag, Mr. Bindesh
Kumar Shukla, CMO- Rudraprayag, Mr. Naresh Kumar, CDO, Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj,
Medical Director, Six Sigma & Dr. Sameer Bhati, Founder & Director, Star Wellness &
Care Foundation glorified the occasion with their presence.
Talking about the Free Health Facility, Founder of the Star Foundation Dr. Sameer Bhati
said that, “Being Portable & easy-to-operate, this Digital X-Ray machine will be very
useful for delivering Quality screening & diagnosis in different remote locations,
especially in the hilly areas where it can be carried anywhere, anytime even at out-of-
hospital settings too. Due to the advanced technology, this will indeed help us to get
clear & sharp images immediately on phone facilitating in successful & accurate
diagnosis too.”
Sharing the views about the Campaign, Dr. Bhati said that, “Star Wellness & Care
Foundation is deeply obliged to serve the devotees with the Free Health Facility. Our
organization under its Programme Star Healthy India Mission is relentlessly taking steps
for Health Initiatives in various geographies so as to make the Health Services easily
accessible to all. We are happy to provide the Health Support in this Auspicious Yatra. ”


Assam Rifles Promoting Education in the North East, Plans to Set up Late Capt N Kenguruse, MVC Centre of Excellence and WellNess’ in Nagland

New Delhi (India), May 16: In a bid to secure a better future for the youth of Nagaland,
Assam Rifles on 13 May 2022, signed a Tripartite MoU with corporate partner Axis Bank
and training partner National Integrity and Educational Development Organisation
(NIEDO) to establish ‘Late Capt N Kenguruse, MVC Centre of Excellence and Wellness’
to be located at Chieswema in Nagaland. The project has been conceptualised as a
year-long fully residential coaching and mentoring facility for students from economically
weaker and under privileged sections of Nagaland to prepare them for competitive
examinations. The project is expected to be fully functional for the first batch of 30
students by the first week of July 2022.
The project was created by the Assam Rifles with an aim to use education as a tool to
optimize the calibre and talent of those children who due to economic conditions lack
access to high quality education facilities. The spade work of the project which began in
2021, was done by Brig Abhinav Gurha, then Cdr 5 Sector.
Assam Rifles has always endeavoured to uplift the underprivileged children of the
North-East and to this effect, in Nagaland, has been using education as a tool to bring
the children to the mainstream. In the past few years Assam Rifles began with a pilot
project in Nagaland to train children from the remote areas to facilitate their entry into
Sainik School, Pungalwa. In the past two years,102 students who have entered Sainik
School, Pungalwa have been trained by the Assam Rifles. In the current year, this
training to underprivileged children of the North-East has been extended by Assam
Rifles to Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland. A total of 496 Students
were trained by The Assam Rifles out of which 128 students have been selected and
are in process of joining Sainik Schools across the country.
The MoU was signed at Headquarters IGAR (North), Kohima in the presence of Sh
Temjen Imna Along, Minister of Tribal Affairs & Higher Education, Govt of Nagaland and
Maj General Vikas Lakhera, SM, IGAR (N). The MoU was signed by Brig Herjinder
Singh, DIG, 5 Sector Assam Rifles, Dr. Rohit Srivastava, CEO NIEDO and Mr
Rudrapriyo Ray, Head Corporate Affairs, Axis Bank. A special address was given by Lt
Gen PC Nair, AVSM, YSM, DG Assam Rifles virtually. DG Assam Rifles during his
virtual address conveyed that this was a significant milestone in people’s centric
approach of Assam Rifles as Sentinels of North East and further highlighted the
importance of education as a potent force of a social change and the role Assam Rifles
is playing towards the same. The opening address was given by Maj Gen Vikas
Lakhera, SM, IG Assam Rifles (North) who described the role of education in Nation

building process and the importance of this centre for the students of Nagaland. As a
special tribute Parents of Late Capt N Kenguruse, MVC were felicitated during the
This programme will mentor and guide children and aid their future growth story as well
as provide value-based education including soft skills training, critical life competencies,
leadership training, personal conditioning, wellness programs, vocational training,
personality development, and end to end grooming to aid them in becoming a
productive human resource for the nation.


Red Cherry Entertainment Celebrating 1000th Event!

Red Cherry Entertainment celebrated its 1000th Event in Mumbai with the biggest Trailer launch of recent times.

Seen in this event were the who’s who of the Bollywood & Indian Television industry.

With more than 1500 people showing up for the Trailer launch, it was one of the most memorable & best trailer launches seen to date.

Red Cherry Entertainment LLP – A leading Artist, Event & Theatre Management Company based in Mumbai, India. They have been offering services in this Industry for more than 15 years.

While managing 15 plus top TV & Bollywood Artists, they have also successfully executed the biggest of events & theatre plays worldwide in more than 42 countries.

It also has its own one of a kind IP which is AMPL – Artist Management Premiere League. An event where Artists, Artist managers & people from the entertainment industry come together for a Cricket Tournament.

The face & mind behind this venture is a Mumbai based young entrepreneur Mr. Keyur Sheth. He is the managing director of Red Cherry Entertainment. With over 20 years of experience in the field of event and talent management, he has created a trustworthy and reputable name for himself.

Additionally, over the years, he has also branched out to various other fields and has started multiple successful ventures. Other than Red Cherry Entertainment, he owns an empire of 22 companies, to name a few; Kiyana’s wardrobe (Clothing Boutique), Kal Ka Socho (Insurance Company), and Restaurant on Wheel – Hijack 2.0.

Recently he has partnered with actress Munmun Dutta, where they have launched a chain of 12 restaurants of different cuisines in India, which is already a great success.


Keyur Sheth has been recognized & awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke award, Mumbai Achievers Award & many other recognitions for his dedication & hard work in this industry.

Regardless of all the commercial success, he is first a Philanthropist who never misses an opportunity to work for the welfare of society. During Covid 2021, he has endlessly worked for the welfare of the needy & tribals, for which he has been appreciated by the Governor of Maharashtra as a Covid Warrior for his social work.

Another remarkable initiative is ‘Bappa ka Maan, Aapka ka Samman’ a campaign where he appreciates & honors the work of Mumbai Police.

At this young age with this amount of passion, knowledge, empathy & grit, he is definitely a man to be inspired from.

For more details follow:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redcherry.entertainment/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redcherryentertainment.IN


Chief Minister Pramod Sawant honoured the participants at the Iced a than 2022 Conference and Awards

Mega convention and awards night for Doctors, Dentists, Dermatologists, Surgeons
concludes at Iced A Than 2022, Goa
Goa Chief Minister Shri Pramod Sawant, Member of Parliament Dr. Thol
Thirumavalvan, Singer Hemasar Desai, Organizer Dr. VK Swamy, Director, Iced-a-thon
felicitated the winners.

Goa (India), May 16: Iced a Than 2022, a three day mega event for Doctors, Dentists,
Dermatologists, Surgeons, concluded with Award Night. The Chief Minister of Goa, Shri
Pramod Sawant, Member of Parliament Dr. Thol Thirumavalvan, Singer Hemasar
Desai, Dr. VK Swamy, Director, Iced-a-thon felicitated the winners on the occasion. The
three-day Iced A Than 2022 conference and workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Thol
Thirumavalavan, Member of Parliament. Dr. Thol Thirumavalavan is active in promoting

forensics and forensic odontology as one of the emerging disciplines. He also entioned
this in his speech in Parliament.
The keynote speakers in the program were Dr. VK Swami, Nisha Sharma, Prof. Guna
Chandran, Dr. V. Murugadoss, Dr. Ejaz Pasha KM, Dr. Chahal, Dr. Vidya Hari Iyer, Dr.
Akshata Shetty, Dr. Arun Srinivasan, Dr. Shorya Sharma, Dr. VR Ravi, Dr. Milli was
Arpan Shaw, Dr. Kanchan K. Mishra, Dr. Prashant Tripathi.
Iced A Than—first of its kind, proved to be a successful conference on emerging topics
such as Forensic Odontology, Medico-Legal & Emergency & Jurisprudence, Facial
Aesthetics, Cosmetology, Trichology, Implantology, Laserology, Stemcell, Regenerative
Medicine and Oncology.

Congratulations for the award night were Dr. Ashwin Hiremath, Dr. Pranav Raja Gopal,
Dr. Monogana Kolli, Dr. Gayatri Rao Kontham, Dr. Church Allwyn Raj, Dr. Saurabh
Parjane, Dr. Kajol Borge, Dr. Rani Priya, Dr. Shweta Kongi, Dr. Noel Francis, Dr.
Shobha, Dr. Dheeraj Naik, Dr. Monisha, Dr. Vignesh Sharma, Dr. Abdul Rahim Akbar,
Dr. Willam John, Dr. Shubhangi V. Arya, Dr. Gitapriya, Dr. Neelima Reddy, Dr. Ramu.K,

Dr. .Rokesh Kanna, Dr. Hariharan, Dr. Nandita Annad Kumar, Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty,
Dr. Srinath, Dr. Kalpana, Dr. Akil Parvil Subramaniam, Dr. Vidya Hari Iyer, Dr. Anurag
Rana, Dr. Shraddha Sharma, Dr. Jai Chamle, Dr. Neha Yadav, Dr. Kapil Sharma, Dr.
Lovlina, Dr. Naidu, Dr. Mohd. Jasoor, Dr. Ajins, Dr. Athira, Dr. Arnav Malhotra, Dr.
Sanjay Malhotra, Dr. Arshiya Merchant, Dr. Yasuratnam. Duddu, Dr. Mounika D, Dr. K
Akhilesh, Dr. Harish Waran, Dr. Sangeet Stephen, Dr. Vinodini, Dr. Hari Haran, Dr.
Muhammad Jasoor, Dr. Kahkashan Jabeen, Dr. K Abhirami, Dr. Prashant Tripathi, Dr.
Pooja Tripathi, Dr. . Jai Kumar Chamle, Dr. Chetan Sharma, Dr. Nida Syed, Dr. Ms.
Madhushree, Dr. Penaganti Sinhadri Naidu, Dr. Saravan Kumar, Dr. Sheikh Asiya
Sultana, JKKN Dental College, Dr. Sajid T. Hussain, Dr. Sunaina Kumar was awarded
for various categories for various achievements in medical service to Manipal.
On this occasion, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that "First of all, I want to
congratulate the doctor who came to Goa from all over the country, you came from
different parts of the country and attended the conference for three days. You all shared
something with each other. New learned and shared. I congratulate the entire team for
making the entire event a success. Dr. VK Swamy, Director, Iced A thon, the main
organizer of the event said that Iced A thon turned out to be a very successful event.
We respect all those people who have come from all over the country.
Singer Hemasar Desai made the evening of the event very special with his popular
song and made Iced A Than 2022 an unforgettable event.



IT stalwart Ganesh Natarajan joins Advisory board of Centre for Innovation in Public Policy

Dr Natarajan is Chairman of Honeywell Automation India Ltd and Independent Director on the Board of State Bank of India

CIPP is a ground-outcomes-based think-and-do public policy tank

New Delhi [India], May 17: Dr Ganesh Natarajan, a renowned technology futurist, business builder and entrepreneurship mentor, has joined the advisory board of the Centre for Innovation in Public Policy (CIPP), a think-and-do policy tank whose mission is to design and build practical, new-age implementable solutions for the public good.


Dr Natarajan is the Founder of 5F World, a platform dedicated to investment and mentoring start-ups, skills platforms and social enterprises. He is Chairman of Honeywell Automation India Ltd, Skills Alpha, Pune City Connect, and the Lighthouse Communities Foundation, and Co-Founder of Global Talent Track, Kalzoom Advisors, and Center for AI and Advanced Analytics.


He is an Independent Director on the Boards of State Bank of India, Principal Asset Management, Hinduja Global Services, LHI Digital, Educate Girls, 1 Crowd, and the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network.


Dr Natarajan led two corporate success stories with distinction: as Vice Chairman & CEO, APTECH, from 1991 to 2001, and as Managing Director & CEO, Zensar, from 2001 to 2016. He is an Independent Director on the Boards of State Bank of India, Principal Asset Management, Hinduja Global Services, LHI Digital, Educate Girls, 1 Crowd, and the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network.


He is a member of the Chairmen’s Council of NASSCOM and the National Council of the All India Management Association. He has been Chairman of NASSCOM and NASSCOM Foundation, President of HBS Club of India and served multiple terms on the National Council of CII.

An alumnus of BIT Mesra, NITIE, IIT Bombay, and the Harvard Business School, Dr Natarajan has authored four McGraw Hill Books on Business Process Reengineering and Knowledge Management and six other publications on the IT industry and inspired leadership of Gen Y.


“CIPP’s solution-oriented ‘think-and-do’ approach has brought new energy into, and broken fresh new ground in an otherwise academic, ivory-tower-like landscape of public policy, “Dr Natarajan said. “I look forward to helping CIPP’s team of experienced fellows and mentor young researchers in making India’s public policy landscape more research-led.”


K Yatish Rajawat, Founder of CIPP, said that Dr Natarajan’s joining of CIPP’s advisory board is a matter of great prestige and delight for a new-age policy think tank. “Dr Natarajan’s legendary contributions and achievements over several decades are internationally recognized and praised,” Mr Rajawat said. “CIPP is a most interesting and exciting place for young public policy professionals. They will gain enormously not only from Dr Natarajan’s treasure trove of experience in business leadership and implementation but also from his current work with social enterprises and start-ups.”


The Centre for Innovation in Public Policy is a think-and-do tank whose mission is to build the best implementable solutions for the largest public good through collaboration and alliances between the social sector, government, the private sector, and civil society. CIPP aims to be the glue that stitches these alliances together and forges a common platform for them to perform.

To bring about impactful change in agriculture, industry, and financial inclusion, CIPP has been involved with state and central governments to improve existing policies to ensure proper implementation and bridge the gap between administrative goals and on-ground policy impact.

To join India’s most happening think-and-do public policy team, please visit our “Openings” page for internship opportunities.


Arcitech to launch big solutions for small businesses

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 14: Arcitech, a Mumbai-based software solution, web development, and digital transformation company, is ready to scale up its business operations and acquire more international clients to become a household name globally. The company is expanding its team internationally to get access to a larger customer base and new markets. Moreover, it plans to increase its workforce strength from 100 to 1,000 employees. This move of international expansion of business will enable Arcitech to solve newer challenges and help more customers to go digital on a global scale, contributing to its business growth.


Arcitech is a software development and web development firm that assists businesses in seamless and cost-effective digital transformations. Arcitech owes its origin to its CEO, Sonny Arcot, who has been an active part of the software creation and development industry for the last ten years. Riding on his exceptional entrepreneurial acumen and extensive industry
experience, he laid the foundation of Arcitech, a client-centric web, and mobile app development company. Arcitech provides a diverse range of digital solutions, including Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, SEO Optimization, Ecommerce Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. Over the years, it has become a go-to partner for all kinds of digitalization needs irrespective of the scale and size of the business.


Talking about their expansion plan, Company Founder and CEO Sonny Arcot remarks, “As we are delving deep into the Digital Age, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the power of digitalization. In fact, digital transformation has become the need of the hour if a business wants to survive and grow in the competition-ridden marketplace. Arcitech is a one-stop solution for all sorts of digital business requirements. As we plan to expand our business further on international soil, it will be a route to accessing new and exciting markets and capitalizing on their returns. Moreover, it will be a great opportunity to widen the gap between Arcitech and its competitors.”


What sets Arcitech apart from other digital solution firms is its unrivaled customer service and support. Its expert team treats every project with utmost care to yield the best results. In fact, each of its projects is overseen by a dedicated project manager, business development manager, design team, and development team to guarantee the project delivery in an efficient and time-bound manner.


Modern businesses require constant digital evolution to tackle the fast-changing business landscape. In this scenario, Arcitech produces data-driven and customized digital strategies for its clients after thoroughly understanding their business requirements and goals. After witnessing massive success in the last two years, the company is all set to help more businesses integrate digital technology into all areas of a business through its international business expansion.


Journalist turned entrepreneur Pallavi Goorha Kashyup celebrated 10 successful years of PG Communication

Launched PG Digital, a digital marketing arm of PG Communication

New Delhi (India), May 16: The growth of Public Relations in India has been outstanding since
its inception. PG Communication among India’s largest and fastest growing Integrated
Communication and PR advisory company celebrated 10 successful years. Currently operating
in more than 100 + cities in India also have an extensive presence cross border in USA, Dubai
and UK. PG Communication unveiled its new logo which stands for “Developing strategies
together to achieve excellence”.
To celebrate its success in full swing PG Communication also launched its digital arm “PG
Digital”, which will be highly focussed on digital marketing. The core offerings by PG Digital will
have services like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Influencer Marketing,
Logo designing, Content Marketing, Website designing, Lead generation, E-Mail marketing,
Strategy & Planning, Paid Advertising, Branding etc. A dedicated team of digital marketers to
accelerate digital transformation.
Commenting on the completion of 10 years, Pallavi Goorha Kashyup, Founder and CEO at PG
Communication said, “The 10-year long journey wouldn't have been possible without the
enduring support of our clients, media experts, and, most importantly, our wonderful team of
dedicated professionals. PG Digital is a part of our commitment to adding value to our clients
through diversification of our offerings in line with the constantly evolving landscape. Each
customer is presented with a customized and creative strategy to suit their needs the best. We
never shy away to think differently and innovatively. The new clients that get added regularly to
PG Communication family are usually through referrals which reflect that our existing clients are
happy with our service.”
New age illusionist Rahul Kharbanda the man behind all the magic acts of Akshay Kumar in
Atrangi Re, unveiled the new logo of PG Communication through his magic act. Commenting on
the 10 years success of PG Communication, Mr. Rahul Kharbanda, said, “It was an amazing
evening with lovely audience. Heartiest congratulations to PG Communication team for
completing a decade of successful service in the Public Relations.”
In its decade-long journey, PG Communication has been successfully catering to a diverse
clientele, including big Corporates, Lifestyle, Start-ups, IT, Education, Entertainment, Real
Estate, Healthcare/Pharma, Wellness & Nutrition, Hospitality, Fintech, Advertising & Marketing,
Hospitality and many more.


Delhi Doctors mark the victory in DMA Legends Cricket Tournament 2022

New Delhi (India), May 16: Delhi Medical Association Doctors legends tournament comes to a spectacular Finish on 15th May. In a message to organisers, Professor of Radiation Oncology AIIMS Dr. D.N. Sharma who himself is a keen sportsman, congratulated organizers for conducting this tournament for covid warriors. The closing ceremony was attended by senior doctors of various fields from Delhi Dr. Manika Khanna, Owner of Gaudium IVF, Dr. Sanjay Mahindru from Mahindru Hospital, Dr. Balbir Singh Gandhi from Sukhmani Hospital, Dr. Ritu Kaushik Gynaecologist from Janakpuri, Dr. Sozna from Kanta Sethi hospital, Dr. Swastika Aggarwal, Ms. Manisha Singh, Ms. Harsha Tellewar and Dr. Sameer Bhati from Star Imaging amongst others. The Tournament was won by Doctors of Delhi who played against Amritsar and IAP team and chased 141 runs in 18.1 overs. The Amritsar and IAP team team which was led by Dr. Peeyush Khanna and Dr. Amit Bhootra fought well till the end but team Delhi managed to hold their nerves.

The Best batsman of the tournament award went to Dr. Manas from the runner up team, The Best bowler of the series award was picked up by Captain of Delhi team Dr. Shrikant Kaushik and Man of the series award went to Dr. Sumit Tellewar. Mr. Mukesh Rana from Intas pharma, a keen cricket player, provided excellent commentary.

Additional Session Judge from Dwarka Court, Sh. Gautam Manan and Dr. Satish Jain who is a famous ENT Surgeon from Jaipur presided over awards ceremony and felt that such tournaments should be conducted to keep the morale and spirits of Doctors High.


Halesaga launches new health and wellness products with up to 70% discount + an extra 5% discount on prepaid orders

New Delhi (India), May 16: Halesaga, a prominent health and wellness brand, has announced the launch of a new line of wellness goods with a 5% discount on prepaid orders.

The firm introduced Slim Shake for weight control and maintenance, ‘Plant Protein’ for everyday necessities, and ‘Whey Protein’ for advanced muscle growth. All products are sugar-free, cholesterol-free, and certified by the USFDA, HACCP, ISO, Halal, and FASSAI.

The company has a range of products for both men and women. Some of the products are ‘Women Weight Gainer’, Melatonin, Hair, Skin and Nails supplement for women, multivitamin for women, vitamin C capsules for men and women, biotin for hair etc.

Dr Gautam Sihora, the founder of Halesaga, said, “We are following the philosophy of “prevention is better than cure”. We believe in using Nutraceutical products instead of medicine. The discount offer is on all our product range.”

According to Dr Sihora, Halesaga works with a motto of ailment-free and healthy FIT India. The company has achieved the best formulation by spending restless nights to create the best health care products in the industry.

“We are a brand that believes in delivering premium quality health and wellness products for a good ailment-free lifestyle,” said Dr Sihora, a doctor with years of experience and practice.

Visit officiall website https://www.halesaga.com/