Black Bunny launches the largest BB Club and Game Zone to provide endless fun and a healthy lifestyle to the people of Surat

Surat (Gujarat) [India], May 16: Want to get rid of boredom and immerse yourself and your kids in a world of infinite fun? If yes, you must visit Black Bunny located at VIP road.

Black Bunny is an ultimate destination with endless fun and games for kids and adults, has been launched to provide its members with a luxury retreat as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Black Bunny is divided into two sections: the BB club and the Black Bunny Game Zone, where members are encouraged to push their limits and work towards a healthy lifestyle while having unlimited fun and games. The BB club provides a relaxing environment for members to sweat and achieve their fitness goals.

The state-of-the-art BB Club and Black Bunny Game Zone are the largest facilities in Surat, with a total size of 1 lakh square feet. The Club offers a cutting-edge gym, a swimming pool, shooting, table tennis, and a variety of other activities. Black Bunny features a trampoline park, bowling alley, arcade games, and virtual reality games, as well as India’s largest inflatable park.

Black Bunny, founded by Utsav Arora and Jeet Bhati, combines fitness with boundless pleasure for its members. Surat residents can use the Club’s semi-Olympic size swimming pool, standardised table tennis, and shooting arena to improve their fitness and level up their skills in various activities.

“People in the city of diamonds and textiles (Surat) are always on the lookout for venues where they can have fun and immerse themselves in enjoying adventurous activities with their family,” said Utsav Arora of Black Bunny. “Black Bunny is the best place for those looking for infinite enjoyment while exercising.”

“We always wanted to bring something special to the people of Surat where they can hang out with their family and friends,” said Jeet Bhati. “I believe that folks working in the textile and diamond industries deserve a vacation from their hectic schedules to come to Black Bunny and enjoy the adventures and focus on a healthy lifestyle.”


VABB- A non-invasive advanced technique to remove benign breast lumps

Surat (Gujarat) [India], May 16: Any lumps found in the breast are not cancerous. They may be benign too. Nevertheless, women often feel anxious even if they are benign lesions and non-cancerous. Dr Jenny Gandhi, Intervention Radiologist at Shalby Hospital Surat has expertise in minimally invasive guided treatment in such cases.

Among the younger women (15-35 years), non-cancerous benign lumps – fibroadenoma are more common. Fibroadenoma comprises about 50% of all breast biopsies, and this rate rises to 75% for biopsies in women under the age of 20 years.

Traditionally, these benign lumps would be removed surgically, causing much distress and leaving scars on the breast, or the patient would choose to live with them in anxiety. “Advanced technology like Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy (VABB) comes to respite in such situations. VABB enables removing smallest of benign lumps without leaving scars or disfigurement of the breast, which can be very reassuring for women,” informs Dr Jenny. Shalby Hospital, Surat, proudly announcing scar less solution for breast lumps.

“VABB is one of the safest means to remove benign lumps. The major advantages of VABB in removing benign breast lumps are fast, minimally invasive and scar-free. Moreover, multiple fibroadenoma in one breast or both can be removed without incision or suture. Patients will not get any scars, and no general anaesthesia is required, informs Dr. Virendra Chauhan (COO – Surat Cluster).

VABB has been approved by the FDA (USA) and NICE (UK) to altogether remove fibroadenoma. This advanced technology is widely used abroad and is now available in India and Surat. It is helping women take charge of their breast health and outsmart breast lumps. “The VABB technology increases the efficiency, accuracy and ease of removing benign breast lumps, and therefore it is practised as a gold standard across the globe,” shares Dr Jenny.


Zenith Coworking Space launches its centre in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Hits 100% booking even before launch

May 16Zenith Coworking Space is the new eye-catching space for all the businesses, startups and other corporates in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. This is one of the largest coworking spaces under one premise with an area of 7.5k+ Sqft. Situated at the most prime location in the city, no wonder why Zenith has become the priority for the hustlers to come and work.With an impeccable marketing approach, Zenith started marketing its services months before starting its operations. A few reasons for this coworking space becoming a go-to place for professionals include fast commutation, an energetic and vibrant workplace, the most affordable hub that the city has witnessed and remarkable partnerships that help early-stage ventures scale up rapidly. This makes Zenith the best coworking space in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Zenith will facilitate the corporate entities in two different phases. Phase 1 steers towards Dedicated desks, Cabins, a Conference room, Training room, a Meeting room, and an open game area. What’s astonishing is that it is 100% sold out even before launch, while Phase 2 remains confidential.

While talking about the company’s values, Adarsh Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Zenith says, “We’re not here just to provide a better workspace but an unmatched experience that comprises of multiple pillars. We will continue to follow the fundamentals of the organization.”

Whereas Shaily Toppo, co-founder and COO of Zenith mentions, “Our mission is to redefine the workspaces. We want to be a perfect place for freelancers to Fortune 500 companies as we look ahead. We’re here to take the workspaces beyond just providing comfortable seating spaces.”

Here are the few key features of Zenith Coworking Space that are gripping the hustlers:


Zenith is the most affordable coworking space in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The pricing starts from ₹1799 per month for Flexi desks. Moreover, the hub promises to host hourly space hunters with a starting price of ₹49/hour.


Admittedly the coworking spaces provide an added advantage to its communities through various partnerships to help early-stage ventures. Zenith has partnered with a few giants, including Paytm, AWS, Liveplan, Cashfree, Taskade and a few more unquestionably diversified partners. While some of these partners provide free usage credits to the startups and businesses hosted at Zenith, the other partners offer high discounts on purchases. The organization has a dedicated team for partnerships and looks forward to adding more partners continuously.


Zenith’s community plays a vital role in building a wow! factor of the coworking space. Countless opportunities surround individuals being a part of the community at the coworking space. Helping each other scale-up, sharing ideas, and spreading expertise are some of the salient features of having people in Zenith’s community. The business exchange opportunities among the companies inside a coworking remain at the top.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Zenith has managed to bring together many vibrant professionals via various happenings. The coworking is expected to build a robust community of diversified startups and contribute to the startup ecosystem at its best.


The coworking hub makes vibrant and energetic workspaces that are more liked by the people who wish to move out of the traditional office interiors and sit at a place that pushes them to go big every time.

While Zenith offers a wide range of services, it is committed to providing multiple add-on benefits. Zenith plans to expand its footholds in various locations. The organization seems to emerge as a strong player in the market in the upcoming days.


Online hiring & engagement platform Dare2Compete rebrands to Unstop!

May 16: With almost all big company names as their clients, this new-age startup did a major undertaking! We are talking about the online hiring platform Dare2Compete that enables companies to discover, assess, and hire the right talent through accurate coding, non-tech and skill-based assessments, virtual recruitment platform, hackathons, coding challenges, and other gamified engagements like quizzes, case competitions, student challenges, etc.

The brand recently rebranded its name to Unstop, derived from their belief to #BeUnstoppable. Having served almost all big names, including Walmart, L’Oréal, Amazon, HUL, Aditya Birla Group, Marico, Hero, TATA, Flipkart, Asian Paints, Myntra, and many more, the brand is making rapid headway in the hiring industry.

Aimed to prepare for the next 300 million users worldwide, Dare2Compete is rebranded as Unstop so that it can be spelled, written, and spoken by anyone across the world; can be remembered easily at first connect, and above all, can provoke a stronger action – to be unstoppable.

Unstop aims to enable students and professionals to learn, practice, participate in engagements, and get hired, rewarded, and recognized.

The Unstop team celebrated its new identity by hosting ‘Unstop Week’ on Instagram. The fun contests and giveaways drew a good number of students who participated with energy and enthusiasm.

Unstop is the one-stop solution for companies to simplify the entire HR lifecycle – pre-hiring (employer branding), hiring (assessments & interviews), and post-hiring (engagements & leading indicators for offer dropouts) with everything neatly bundled under a single roof.

Both established and new-age companies have already hopped onto this platform, and have successfully met their objectives linked to either hiring or engaging their target audience.

It becomes a hassle-free process for companies to source candidates with its 3 Mn+ active users who constantly participate in competitions and engagements. It has been reported that some of these engagements even have more than a lakh candidates participating! So organizers can leverage the platform to tap an earlier unreachable talent.

The outcomes of many hiring challenges hosted at Unstop reflect that the companies have enjoyed more hires by interviewing fewer candidates. They have even reduced their interviews-to-offer ratios by at least 70%! Not to forget to mention, the benefit garnered from their nex-gen proctoring to eliminate fake profiles and people.

The clientele of Unstop has also leveraged accurate coding, non-tech, and skill-based assessments that filter candidates who are a real fit for any particular role. The best part is that all of this can be done and dusted on just one platform – Unstop.


Future of Loyalty Rewards with real crypto currency (Blockchain Technology)

May 16: GRO loyalty is disrupting consumer loyalty and rewards program for all industries around the globe. our loyalty program exhibits feature which successfully removes all inefficiencies from a traditional loyalty rewarding program. GRO Loyalty is rewarding platform acts as a perfect marketing tool for creating a universal loyalty program powered by blockchain technology.

We not only aim to provide the most convenient loyalty program for better customer relationships and retention but strive to take cryptocurrency to the mainstream and give the power of loyalty rewards back to the consumers “Says CEO and Co-founder Dhruv Patel a technology enthusiastic having 20 years of technology experience”.

The team found a niche in developing custom programs to drive consumer behavior.

We as a team have addressed universal challenges in the current loyalty programs, according to our CFO and Co-founder Paresh Patel, retail expert having 21 years of retail business experiencein USA. “Current loyalty rewarding programs are completely broken”, “customers are all frustrated due to the limitations and exclusions that comes with earning and redeeming loyalty points or rewards, on the other hand businesses providing these loyalty programs are facing huge liability by carrying the cost of unredeemed points and waste full expenditure by managing these old and obsolete loyalty programs.”

Despite these challenges related to old and redundant loyalty rewarding programs, multiple research and survey proves that consumers have high interest towards these loyalty programs, further this survey indicates that nearly 85% of consumers do belong to at-least 1 or more of such loyalty programs and on an average each consumer is a part of nearly 25 -30 loyalty programs from different brands. Which nearly equates to over hundreds of billion dollars in terms of reward points distributed worldwide every year with a consistent growth rate of about 30% each year.

GRO Loyalty is a platform specially to solve these challenges and bring tremendous benefits to both businesses and their consumers. Our platform will allow consumers to earn crypto tokens known as GROL tokens as a reward for any activity or purchase, consumers can also directly purchase or gift these tokens for their efficient usage withing the ecosystem, so once you have earned or purchased these GROL tokens you can easily use them with any of the partnering merchants to buy and avail their products or services in exchange of GROL token.

GRO Loyalty solves some major issues which were very prominent in the traditional loyalty rewarding programs as GRO is powered through Blockchain technology it simplifies the process of earning and especially redeeming their reward points which allows consumers to effectively use these points without any loyalty card or an expiry date through GRO Loyalty Wallet.

“Through blockchain, users can receive and redeem loyalty tokens that are inter-operable across multiple programs”

These tokens never expire or lose value, unlike traditional reward points, here are few solutions that GRO Loyalty have addressed to make it viable for both consumers and businesses.

  1. It does not belong to a single authority

As this platform runs on a blockchain, the tokens issued cannot be revoked and is recorded publicly with maximum traceability on the blockchain. This is both a win for the consumer who doesn’t have to worry about their points expiring or being devalued before they can use them, and a win for businesses who gain greater customer loyalty by providing a better and more transparent customer experience.

  1. Simplified process

GRO tokens can be used and multiple stores within the ecosystem (partnered merchants), they can be easily stored for future usage, and more. Helping consumers and keeping them from enrolling into multiple loyalty programs, just one platform and GRO Token for their discount points on clothes, food items, travel miles etc….

  1. Highly flexible

With GRO loyalty tokens, consumer have more freedom for redeeming their tokens, they can either redeem them in small amounts or all of them together, its for them to decide and with GRO Loyalty they don’t have to abide to traditional complex point redeeming system with limited dates and unreasonable amounts.

  1. Reduced costs

GRO Loyalty program won’t take long years and hundreds and thousands of dollars to implement it is quick and very cost effective also due to blockchain’s ledger, you have a loyalty reward for your business at any given time.

  1. Maximum transparency

Users will know that companies cannot change rules or blockchain token amounts based on their will. This gives customers satisfaction that they can redeem what they want when they want.

  1. Less fraud with maximum security

GRO Loyalty as powered by blockchain technology is based on P2P systems, allowing absolutely no breach in the program or in your store in general. All necessary information is stored on the immutable blockchain ledger. The time-stamped database entries are irreversible preventing issues of fraud and transaction manipulation.

Why is there a need for GRO Loyalty?

4 basic reasons for you to adopt blockchain powered GRO Loyalty program.

  • Convenient implementation for shops of all sizes.

One of the reasons GRO Loyalty can be a game changer for both e-commerce and retail businesses is that it opens doors for smaller businesses to create loyalty programs of their own. Because the loyalty program can be implemented at a lower cost, it can be achieved on a smaller scale with less barrier to entry for new and small businesses.

  • Easier accounting.

In addition to reduced costs, another advantage is streamlined account management. GRO Loyalty isn’t just simpler for customers to manage without having to juggle multiple cards and accounts. From the business side, you won’t need an accounting team to have spreadsheets worth of numbers on who spent what and whose points are where.

  • Improved consumer relationships

Businesses know they need strategies beyond just having a compelling product to attract customers and keep them coming back for repeat purchases. Giving customers rewards for being loyal is one way to achieve repeat customers to any store. With GRO Loyalty, all stores can revamp their loyalty programs to make customers happier because they will have a greater ownership and flexibility over their rewards and a friction less experience

  • Access to huge customer data By using GRO Loyalty to create a network of partnerships where consumers can use their tokens GRO Tokens, a business gains access to an ecosystem of potential customers and numerous valuable consumer data like preferences, purchase frequency, effective spends etc….

Products and services industries are constantly changing along with their customer expectations, their pain points, and various other preferences like use of latest and convenient technology.

GRO Loyalty is a boon for loyalty programs causing greater disruption within the industry with more brands exploring its capabilities

It will be interesting and beneficial to experience this emerging technology and see how it scales throughout the globe including larger companies within its ecosystem.

Lastly it is very important to understand and to know more about GRO Loyalty and its background to understand its standing in the global competition, and the values it adds to the current reform for loyalty rewarding programs.


Sanosan’s presence gives a boost to Junior Miss India 2022 beauty pageant launch

New Delhi/Mumbai, 16th May 2022: Contributing immensely to the personal growth including self-esteem & confidence in the girls of age-group of 4 to 15 years, Sanosan baby, made in Germany baby care brand, has given a big boost with its presence to the much-awaited pageant for children, Junior Miss India 2022, which was launched on Mother’s day 8th May, amidst great fanfare at Juhu Mumbai in the presence of popular film and television actor Vipul Roy who will be the key mentor to the participants.

The ‘Junior Miss India Beauty Pageant’ will be conducted pan-India and all the kids registered for this contest will be the part of modeling & grooming online offline course/ fashion show /gift hampers/photoshoot/ personal page at Junior Miss India website. Acknowledged as India’s biggest Junior Miss India Beauty Pageant, the contest, in presence with baby skin care brand Sanosan, aims to present a platform for the girls in the age group of 4-15 years, interested in making a mark in their career early on.

All the participants will be getting specially designed modeling, training and grooming course by celebrity trainers and well-known experts of fashion industry. The exclusive baby care products of Sanosan are being imported and marketed in the country by Glowderma, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajesh Khatri, Managing Director, Glowderma said, “We are extremely delighted for Sanosan baby brand’s presence in Junior Miss India 2022 launch event that aims to empower the young girls from all over India to showcase their talent and get the opportunity to learn and grow. Its presence at this keenly awaited event is also aimed at bringing into focus Sanosan’s German baby skin care range across the country.”

An ultimate stage where young talent is identified, nurtured, and promoted to fame in a fun journey, the Junior Miss India event will be held across India in more than 20 cities with Juniors Kids Fashion shows. The overall contest will help the kids get national-level exposure and an opportunity to build unmatched confidence by improving their communication and interpersonal skills apart from making them intelligent and bringing into focus their creative spark.

Available in more than 70 countries across the globe, Sanosan is a renowned brand from 70 years old company – Mann & Schroder Cosmetics (M&S Cosmetics) – Germany. Established in 1951, ‘M&S cosmetics’ manufactures supreme quality products. It manufactures more than 2000 different products in different categories. M&S – Germany is the family-owned company in the 3rd generation with high ethics & values.

About Sanosan: Sanosan baby care brand was launched in Germany in the year 1983. Parents all around the world trust Sanosan for the gentle cleansing and care of the sensitive skin of baby. Natural ingredients such as hydrolysed milk protein & organic olive oil with their protective, soothing properties form the basis of product formulas. Every Sanosan product contains combinations of natural substances developed especially for delicate and sensitive baby skin. All Sanosan products have been clinically tested and are produced only in Germany with a high level of diligence and responsibility. Entire production process of Sanosan is subjected to the strictest quality control.

About Glowderma: Glowderma Lab Private Limited (Glowderma) is a dermatological company based in Mumbai, India. A leading pharmaceutical company, Glowderma started its operations in 2003 with a vision to attain leadership in the field of dermatology by launching trusted, innovative and safe products. Glowderma is known for its highest WHO GMP quality standard operations and extensive research based on the feedback of its valued customer. Glowderma understands the social responsibility towards patient safety and hence it started “MISSION NO PARABEN” by making all products paraben free. Glowderma has 800+ pan-India distribution networks along with 400+ enterprising Glowdermians  and these numbers are growing.


Joy Homes’ founders Akshay and Anurag have been recognized by Business Mint as the most prominent CEO and COO for 2022

‘What We Say… Is What We Do…!”

May 16: Adhering to our own commitments, being responsible for our thoughts and actions, and being accountable are virtues that signify who you are and where you wish to be at the end of the road.

JoyHomes is a company built on the principles of ethics, and accountability, and with the sheer will to provide transparency of works in the best interests of the consumer.

Founded by Akshay Kumar, with the initial goal to build better practices and reform the traditional thinking of greater malpractices of turnkey construction by adapting to superior quality products and workmanship.  It takes great man-management, high-impact, micromanagement, and a clear line of communication and coordination for a services company to stand out, and Akshay has constantly and repeatedly done so. Adding to his vision of quality guarantees and zero tolerance of poor workmanship came Anurag, together they have passionately taken care of tasks and activities as required and then taken all of their learnings into the growth of Joy Homes.

Starting merely as a building services company in high & medium-end residential areas, Joy Homes has transformed itself from not only being building block services but adding multiple layers of services viz Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Turnkey Interior Projects, Construction Management, End-To-End Building Construction services.

Having a combined experience of more than 16 years in the infrastructure industry, together Akshay and Anurag have embarked on a vision to provide quality rich works to the end-users without compromising on accountability and ethics as well. They have helped many customers reach their goal and target with on-time delivery and service guarantees which are unheard of in the industry. After covering more than 40+ societies in Gurugram, Delhi, and completing more than 100+ projects with high-end customers they are on a mission to complete more than 1000+ projects in the next 5 years.

Today JoyHomes is recognized as one of the most upcoming and leading interior design studios of Gurugram and it is a testament to the fact that the mission statement of quality workmanship and ensuring ethical practices to be followed are fuleing the growth ahead for the company.

Akshay, who is the CEO of the company works very passionately and diligently ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained and delivered at all levels of the project and Anurag, COO and Co-founder at JoyHomes makes sure that process of work is taken care of smoothly without any hiccups with the vendor and client as well.


Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Academy Helps Individuals Explore Their True Potential Scientifically

May 16: Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Academy has been empowering students all across India to make meaningful and responsible choices that would stay with them lifelong to transform the lives of students by guiding them in the right direction.

With the growing diversity of programs and courses to choose from, most present-day students find it hard to choose what to pursue in life, how to do it, where to begin, and where to get the essential guidance. Most of these students are unaware of not only their true potential but also the various options that lie in front of them. However, nowadays, this process has been simplified with new generation career counselling websites such as

According to a recent survey, it was revealed that nearly 44% of present-day students feel the necessity to get guidance from a career counsellor. One more study held on career option awareness revealed that a whopping 93% of students all over India had limited awareness of only 7 career options. This clearly states the significance of career counselling and its essentialness to making the right career choice rather than deeming it as some sort of luxury.

Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Academy is an online and offline platform that guides parents and students in a uniquely scientific way. They do so, by holding a special brain mopping test both online and offline called the “Advanced DMIT” test. The “Advanced DMIT” test is 100% successful in elaborating the inborn talent of a student. Thus, helping them identify their real potential in life.

The online website of the organization, serves students and parents looking for genuine counselling services all over India and abroad. What makes this career and life counselling platform different from all the other counselling platforms in the country is its scientifically oriented research reports and over 20 years of experience in the field. Be it career counselling, life counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling, or job counselling, they aid their clients with all kinds of issues.

The counselling academy has a great team of counsellors, psychologists, authors, philosophers, experienced educationalists, senior retired judicial officers, senior medical & health professionals, lawyers or matrimonial counsellors, and more with good years of experience.

Dr. Kumar, the mastermind behind it all, is also a well-known and reputed career counsellor, happiness coach, life coach, teacher, mentor, author, philosopher, psychologist, and career columnist based in India. He has done over 80,000 counselling sessions for career, family, psychological, and personal matters. He is dedicated to guiding all the individuals who approach him through guiding them in a relevant holistic and scientific manner.

Whether it is students unaware of their passions and interests but concerned about what to pursue after class 10, class 12, or graduates, Sanjeevani is the one-stop destination that could help them unveil a successful path in life. Middle-age women sitting idle at home can explore opportunities parallel to their interests through getting accurate counselling as well.

At present, the Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Academy operates over 90+ branches along with their channel partners all over the country, especially in the major cities of India.


Check out this stunning temple-themed saree store in HSR layout!

New Delhi (India), May 16: A breath-taking godly architecture drew the public’s attention to the HSR layout, giving the divine impression of entering a temple, and was enriched with wonderful age-old sculptures and art forms, especially the sacred idol of Venkateshwara Swamy at the storefront.

It was evident upon entering Mugdha that it was not just another textile showroom, but rather a monument to India’s greatest artisans and rich silk tradition. Mugdha has an unending assortment of traditional weaves across India weaved by experienced and skilled artisans of India, The pattu saree collection comprises 10 types of gorgeous and opulent silk sarees, ranging from Kancheevarams to Benerasi, from Ikkats to Gadwals and many more.

Mugdha also exhibits stunning ready-to-wear collections starting from Anarkali, Designer gowns to the designer lehenga. Their fancy saree collection is the cherry on the top, with a diverse selection of sarees ranging from Bandhani, Organza, Banaras to designer and fancy sarees.

Apart from the most diverse collections, it is also the history of Mugdha which stands apart. The journey started way back in the year 2012, when Sashi vangapalli, the creator of Mugdha believed that she could transform her passion for making traditional and enchanting weaves into a successful business venture. Initially, she gained popularity on social media through which she found high profiles and South Indian NRI customers, who really admired her designs. Now Mugdha stands as a house for one of the largest handloom collections in the city!

On the whole, this is a massive architecture which stands tall at HSR layout covering 12,000 sqft that has so much history and passion towards serving people with magnificent silks and handlooms.


We1, Prerna Arora & Bay Films introduce RANG DE Season 1 – A collection of 8 music singles

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 16: We1, Prerna Arora and Bay Films have put up RANG DE Season 1, consisting of stories of people from different walks of life woven into 8 musical pieces, which will be followed by Season 2.

The first video single ‘RUK’ presents the charming Rimi Sen, who comes back to screen after a long hiatus, along with Karanvir Bohra and Rohan Mehraa. Rimi plays a singer who goes through the journey of success and failure.

The second video ‘MANZOOR’ features Shivin Narang. ‘Manzoor’ narrates a story of revenge and reincarnation that takes place in the southern state of Kerala.

The third video features the beautiful Erica J Fernandez titled ‘KHUBSOORAT’. It showcases the inspirational story of a woman who talks of inner beauty.

There are many more inspirational stories, such as the narrative of a common man’s aspirational journey of life, played by the popular actor Arjun Bijlani and the story of a young couple’s divorce and remarriage, played by Shloka Panditand Adhyayan Suman. Zain Imam is also acting in a piece as a young director. And so on.

“As times are changing, story-telling is becoming a big challenge. We would like to reach out meaningful content to the audience with simplicity and what better way to convey it than through music. Music is the live wire that connects us humans to our inner deeper self and it touches a chord in our hearts. All the songs in this album have been meticulously selected by me after listening to many numbers. The first two songs, RUK and MANZOOR, are sung by Raja Hasan Sagar in his mellifluous voice. Lathaji who heard the songs was very impressed by Raja’s singing. I’m delighted to be working with my favorite

DoP Shakeel Sir and the beautiful, Rimi Sen. It was a pleasure working with them and to Rimi for trusting me with her comeback.” says Prerna Arora.

Smt. Latha Rajinikanth Ji, through this platform, is leading her mission for us to create value and contribute to society through music, art and culture. The upcoming season is an epitome of her vision.

Latha ji says, “Having grown up in an artistic family with parents, sister, brother, and later my extended family. My husband… All being wonderful singers, instrumentalists, dancers, and actors. It was only natural for me to be creatively inclined. I was a singer from my kindergarten days and composed music and wrote lyrics for my songs and albums. But from the beginning, I always felt that in our creative world there must be an underlying cause. It can be a message or social awareness on children and the needy in our society that can make us feel satisfied with our work. Also through our creative work, we can contribute to the welfare of the underprivileged, especially of children, which I have taken up. Also, let’s make creativity purposeful by encouraging many hidden talents & skills by providing a platform and opportunity as this also contributes to the lives of many who are waiting for help. In this process, I would also like to contribute through my music to this cause I welcome all of you to join me to give back to the society that has given us much happiness through our art.”

Rimi thrilled of her comeback says, “Thank you to Prerna for giving me this chance to work with her. She is a wonderful director to work with. I would also like to thank Smt Latha Rajnikanth ji for contributing towards various cause for children & women, social messages & testimony, that leaves a message to the society and contributes to the awesome musical in Season 1. This is first time ever a music video is compiled & presented, as a series of 8 musical journeys in Season 1, which will hold a social message & will pierce the hearts of the listeners and spark a light.”

Rang De Season 1 will create its magic through the 8 singles and will soon begin work on the sequel in Season 2.

Prerna, who has created this platform, has been a visionary for strong content and making the biggest films like Rustom, Padman, and Toilet & Pari, which have won National Awards.

“Delighted to share, in Season 3 would be the launch of 3 OTT films. In August we commence shooting for a big pan India film. Announcement Dogla followed by Aane bhi do yaaro & the title of the 3rd film is yet to-be- decided, with Sangeet Sivan. The Pan India film will be a Love Story mounted on a big canvas and it is to be shot in Mumbai, Chennai and Kashmir”, says Prerna Arora.

Archana S adds, “Coming together of We1 and Prerna Arora and a beautiful cause led by Latha ji, I know that there would be amazing content created and I’m happy to be on board with them as a Co-producer.

Kussum Arora & Sattyajit Gazmer also join as Co-producers and Khyati Kale as an associate producer.