Relevium helps you heal from pain with home care physiotherapy service

May 14: Why is home physiotherapy Important?

For many people, pain is a constant companion. It can make even the simplest activities difficult and may severely impact your quality of life. Home care physiotherapy can be an effective way to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Get treatment with a physiotherapist who can help you manage your pain and improve your overall function. Home physiotherapy can also be tailored to your specific needs and goals, meaning you can get the most out of each session.

There are many reasons why physiotherapy services at home are important.

Physiotherapy can help you recover from an injury or surgery more quickly.

Physiotherapy service can help people manage chronic conditions like arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

Physiotherapy treatment can provide relief from pain.

Physiotherapy care can improve flexibility and mobility.

For relief from cervical pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and more, many people find it helpful to consult a physiotherapist.

Relevium is a renowned and growing name in the home physiotherapy services. They provide their clients with the highest quality of physiotherapy care at home. Their expert physiotherapists will help you with customised physiotherapy treatments to reach their fullest potential. Relevium is constantly expanding its home physiotherapy services in Delhi NCR.

At Relevium, they offer a quality home physiotherapy treatment that targets the root cause of pain and discomfort. Their experienced team of physiotherapists in Delhi NCR uses the latest techniques and technology to provide relief from pain and promote healing. They offer a comprehensive range of home physiotherapy services that includes stretching, massages, exercises, and electrical stimulations. Relevium has personalised physiotherapy treatment plans to help you heal and live a pain-free life.

Relevium believes in providing the best possible home physiotherapy care for its patients. They offer home physiotherapy services that are convenient and tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health or regain some mobility, Relevium can help you achieve your goals.

At Relevium, you can get a wide range of physiotherapy services in Delhi NCR. They will help you with everything from general pain relief to rehabilitation after an injury. To book an appointment, just give them a call 8929020020 or visit website


ICED-A-THON 2022, Mega Event in health care For Doctors, Dentists, Dermats, surgeons inaugurated in Goa

Goa [India], May 14: ICED-A-THON 2022 is a 3 days mega event from 13th-15th May, 2022 inaugurated by the chief guest Dr. Thol. Thirumavalavan, Member of Parliament, who has the intention in promoting forensics and forensic odontology as one of the emerging disciplines and even he had insisted in the parliament. First of its kind, ICED-A-THON is an integrated conference on emerging discipline  like Forensic Odontology, Medico-Legal & emergency & Jurisprudence, Facial Aesthetics, Cosmetology, Trichology, Implantology, Laserology, StemCells, Regenerative medicine and Oncology.

The conference is conducted by ICEDATHON LLP from DenTrenz Group of companies powered by DenVarsity. It is certified by Council of Accredited Forensic Odontologists, Council of Cosmetology Trichology Regenerative and Aesthetic Sciences of India, Oral Maxillofacial Implantology Laserology and oncology council of India. All councils approved by Govt of India to promote the respective scientific disciplines.

The 3-days event will have Pre-conference workshops, Conference, cultural and award night. Starting from 13th may, 2022, there will be pre conference workshop under cosmetic school on Botox and fillers, PRP, PRF & GFC in Tricho-Cosmo and hair transplant, Oral Implantology, Forensic DNA Extraction, Medico legal issues etc Under implant school, workshop will be on surgical placement in implants, Implant Prosthesis, Laserology in dental and cosmetic practice. It will be certified by oral maxillofacial implantology laserology and oncology council of India. Under forensic school, precon hands on DNA extraction and profiling from blood, saliva and tooth, Lasers in soft tissue and hard tissue operations  and medical emergency in dental office and dento-legal issue certified by Council of accredited forensic odontologists.

On 14th and 15th May, the main event (conference) is planned, where all the workshop topic under cosmetology & trichology, implantology & laserology and Forensic odontology & dentolegal will be covered. The 14th may event will be followed by gala dinner on cruise.  The 3-days event will end with a closing ceremony on 15th may with culturals and awards night.

The key speaker at the event are Dr, VK Swamy, Nisha Sharma, Prof. Gunachandran, Dr. V. Murugadass, Dr. Ajaz Pasha KM, Dr. Chahal,  Dr. Vidyaa Hari Iyer, Dr. Akshatha Shetty, Dr. Aun Srinivasan, Dr. V. R. Ravi, Dr. Mili Arpan Sha, Dr. Kanchan K. Mishra.

At the inaugural event chief guest Dr. Thol. Thirumavalavan, member of parliament, said “I am convinced fully that medical science has to be constantly upgraded and updated based on the demand and requirements of the society. We have seen enough in this covid era that nature is always ahead of our human effort. I could see the emerging disciplines here particularly the cosmetic industry. We have to revamp and reform with respect to the incorporating the medical and health care professionals into the cosmetic procedures. Today I could see a lot of dentists entering into the cosmetic industry and performing extraordinarily well in comparison to any other segment in the health care system. I assure you to raise this valid proposition to the Govt. and will definitely speak about these advancements in the parliament. The subject matters of the cosmetic procedures should be included in the curriculum of the bachelors degrees itself so that they can practice right after the graduation. Even I am ready to introduce a private member bill in the parliament. Till that time you can upgrade your knowledge and practice with ethics and standards using these platforms like council of cosmetology Trichology Regenerative and Aesthetic Sciences of India.

Secondly I am very much convinced to see oral oncology creating a big menace to the Indian society. The role of dentists in diagnosing oral cancer is very crucial and as Dr. V K Swamy briefed me the role of dentists beyond just screening but active involvement in the treatment procedures. I will also raise this issue in parliament.


Educational Seminar in Hyderabad by Oxford International Educational group

Hyderabad (India), May 14: The seminar was conducted by Sanwariya Educational Consultants in Hyderabad at Hotel ‘The Park’. From OIEG Mr. Andy Caldwell (Global sales director) and Mr. Imran Huda (Head of agent relationship and recruitment) were present as chief guest for the seminar.

Oxford International Education Group

Founded in 1991, Oxford International Education Group (OIEG) an accredited, private education provider that operates independent boarding schools, international colleges, online courses through the OI Digital Institute and English language centers across the UK and North America to create life-enhancing experiences for students worldwide. Their courses help over 50,000 UK and international students achieve academic success every year. They have built strong relationships with education consultants around the world and pride themselves on delivering the best programmes for their students.

Oxford International has helped students from all over the globe; transcend their limits with life-changing educational experiences. It takes passion, integrity and care to deliver a programme that can change a student’s life. So, in a world where young people are faced with increasing challenges now more than ever, we at Oxford International aim to create environments that foster both academic and personal development–enabling our students to achieve highly on their terms. An Oxford International education is unique in that there is no single set path for success: instead, we offer different journeys depending on the desired destination. Younger students can join one of our prestigious boarding and day schools in Oxford to prepare for GCSEs or A-Levels, while older students can gain UK university study skills and improve their English fluency at one of our four embedded pathway colleges. Alternatively, students of all ages can learn English for study, work or life at one of our 30 English language programmes. With 50,000 students per year from a huge range of nationalities, the diversity of our learners is part of what gives Oxford International its unique atmosphere and energy. Because we want to welcome students from all over the world, Oxford International are also committed to building long-lasting relationships with our international and UK partners. Whatever our students’ needs, we pride ourselves on delivering an education that will prepare them for success at university and beyond.

The global Oxford International team offer higher education expertise across recruitment, admissions, operations and marketing on a global scale. With representatives in over 30 countries worldwide and corporate offices in the UK, India, HongKong, China and North America, we provide our partners with strategic market-led insights and our students with relevant and localized support.

About pathways

Pathway programs are preparatory courses that are designed to help international students build the skills, knowledge, and qualifications that they will need to enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. An Oxford International pathway course is designed to prepare you with subject-specific knowledge and academic English language skills, helping you to succeed as you continue your degree studies. Teaching takes place in small classes that provide individual support and help you adjust to the challenges of academic study–preparing you in the best possible way for higher education.


 Our Oxford International pathway college is a supportive and welcoming place for international students. This environment, together with specialist support and the high-quality of programmes, allows you to develop the study skills you need for university study.

  • Single CAS
  • Full university status
  • Attractive scholarships
  • Global student community
  • Excellent learning resources and facilities
  • Expert tuition with years of experience
  • Guaranteed progression to one of 16 Universities

Flexible entry requirements: We are all aware that, even in India when one chose to study in a decent university, they need to have achieved great scores. At OIEG we think differently, with the belief that education is the right to all, we do accept students with 45% and above in their academics and 60% and above in English in standard 12. This makes admissions possible in one of our top ranked universities in the UK.

Small classes for tailored support: It may not be easy for a student to travel to a new country and be comfortable in a big batch of 50 – 60 students. At Oxford International, we run our classes in small class room sizes with a maximum of 15-18 students per batch. It helps students to make friends easily helping them in socializing. Our class sizes are small to ensure that you are given the attention and tailored support you need to thrive in your studies.

Multiple intakes throughout the year: We recruit students 4 times in a year

  • September
  • January
  • April
  • June

This helps the students to start their studies once they are prepared to begin their application process.

Simplified admissions process

 Oxford International Education Services (OIES) a division of the Oxford International Education Group, has their regional office in Mumbai. The dedicated team takes care of the end-to-end admission process. While the industry is struggling with managing the turnaround time, the team at OIES take pride in the service levels delivered:

  • Offer released – 48 hours
  • UO Approval – 5 working days
  • CAS Approval -5 working days
Success points

 97 % students who have joined Oxford International’s pathway programs have successfully progressed to their higher studies in the UK and have showcased excellent out comes in their degree.

Sanwariya Education Consultant is preferred consultant in the world for Oxford international education group which provides varsity of educational programmes.


Travel to Off-The-Beat Destinations – featuring some of the most outré destinations of India

New Delhi (India), May 14: So much of life would be as dull as a traveller without the right destinations to visit as if we were to be deprived of google search results. The right destinations are present through the length and breadth of this wide world, in various forms and styles. Each destination has its own style, a sort of a signature, and that is what distinguishes one from the other. A traveller travels for various purposes, broadly identified as business or leisure, but have you ever travelled to enjoy the love for off beat destinations?

Jazeera Airways Travel Content Awards, 2022 presented a pretty good opportunity for travel influencers to travel to the off-centre destinations in India, and we have compiled a list of some amazing ones as discovered by the winner of the Awards, Mr. Aamir Wani (@kashmirthroughmyeyes) of Kashmir, India.

With over 150,000 views and 10,000 votes Mr. Aamir won and was provided the wonderful opportunity of traveling to the 6 cities namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kochi. He kickstarted his journey from Jazeera Airway’s Delhi office on the 6th of April, 2022, and completed it by the 18th. During the journey, he visited the following off-the-beat track spots in India:

 Traveller’s Opinion

  1. DELHI:

Adham Khan Tomb:

The monument is one massive mausoleum with stunning archways, and you can even see the Qutub Minar from here.

Madhi Masjid:

There are hundreds of birds flying in the premises in the morning and that’s what made it special to me, it was the spiritual energy that I felt here.

  1. MUMBAI:

Ballard Estate:

One can come across amazing stories around this little corner of Ballard Estate where we can escape from all the hustle while indulging in wonderful colonial architecture.

Bhuigaon Beach:

Bhuigaon beach in Vasai is one of the most serene and quiet beaches in Mumbai.


Badshahi Ashurkhana:

The interiors are stunning with beautiful tile work and carvings. Definitely the most stunning building in my view in Hyderabad.

Gudimalkapur flower market:

I found the traders very friendly and infact they love to get photographed. So, definitely a photographer’s paradise.

Qutub Shahi Tombs:

Never have I have seen a mausoleum complex as large as this one with over 30 tombs of the Qutb Shahi dynasty and each one of them built uniquely.


 Dada Harir NiVaar:

Who could have thought that such utility construction as well could be given such an elaborate setup! Looking up from the interiors of the step-well was a first for me.

Jagdip Mehta Heritage House:

The fact that one can stay in this family-run heritage house is what I loved the most.

Sarkhej Roza:

One can witness the perfect blend of Indo Islamic architecture here.


East Coast Road:

Watching the sunrise at one of the beaches on the ECR- Nemelli was perhaps the best sunrise I have ever watched.

  1. KOCHI:

Jew town:

Quaint little streets, shops selling antiques, spice shops- everything was just a beautiful experience to witness.

Koder House:

Staying here was such an amazing experience, I felt like royalty. I loved the deep red colour of the building making it look beautiful from the outside and the beautifully preserved wooden interiors where one feels that time has stood still.

During the journey, he took various editorial shots that are so worth your attention as well.

About the Destinations:

  1. Adham Khan Tomb and Madhi Masjid– NEW DELHI

Adham Khan Tomb, also commonly known as the rest house is a Mughal era tomb located near Qutub Minar, Delhi. It is also referred to as Bhul-bhulaiyan, due to the labyrinthine maze inside.

Madhi Masjid is a 15th Century Mosque that is a magnificent remnant of the lodhi era.

  1. Ballard Estate and Bhuigaon Beach – MUMBAI

Ballard Estate hosts the offices of shipping companies and the headquarters of the Mumbai Port Trust at the Port House.

Vasai’s Bhuigaon beach is one of the very few peaceful beaches of Mumbai, that the city dwellers have access to. This beach is known as the ‘untouched beach’ because it is tucked in the interiors of the suburbs of Mumbai.

  1. Badhshahi Ashurkhana, Qutub Shahi Tombs and Gudimalkapur flower market – HYDERABAD

Badshahi Ashurkhana is an ashurkhana near Charminar in Hyderabad, India. It was constructed in memory of martyrdom of Imam Hussain, and is used during the mourning period of Moharram.

Qutub Shahi Tombs erected in the memory of the departed kings of Golconda, they are magnificent monuments that have withstood the test of time and nature’s vagaries.

Gudimalkapur flower market offers cheap prices for almost every flower and are sold in bundles. You will find a wide variety of roses, tulips, daisies and many other flowers. You will also find bouquet and beautiful floral arrangements in this market at affordable prices.

  1. Dada Harir Ni Vaar, Sarkhej Roza and Heritage House – AHMEDABAD

Dada Harir Ni Vaar was built around 500 years ago under the reign of MehmudBegda, Dada Hari Ni Vav is a stepwell. It is designed to not only store water but also serve as a resting place for travellers. It is proof of the fact that water conservation was well thought of even in history.

Sarkhej Roza is an impressive landmark, the Sarkhej Roza is one of the finest examples of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. More popular as the Acropolis of Ahmedabad, it houses the tombs of Saint Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh, King Mohammad Shah Begada and his queen.

The heritage house is a beautiful place with one of the best host. It is one of its kind homestays and is located very near to the railway station.

  1. Nemeli East Coast Road Beach – CHENNAI

Nemeli East Coast Road Beach is an ideal get away located on ECR express highway of Chennai.

  1. Jew Town and Koder House – KOCHI

Jew Town is the narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and the Pardesi Synagogue. It is famous for the antique shops all along its sides.

Koder House had been a host to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Viceroys, Ambassadors and other prominent dignitaries.


Shailendra Singh Stars in ‘Safar’ – a Music Video from his Album Dil Se Dil Tak

New Delhi (India), May 14: It’s the tenth song released from Dil Se Dil Tak – a first of its kind, independent Bollywood music album featuring ten songs of ten different genres, each with its own music video – but ‘Safar’ holds a special place for Shailendra Singh, the Entertainment and Sports Guru turned Music and Video Director. After featuring an unprecedented 200 different artists on the much- awaited album, it is Shailendra Singh himself that stars in the music video and brings the song to life on the big screen.

Released on Friday, 13th May 2022 on his YouTube Channel, Shailendra Singh Films, ‘Safar’ is a feel-good number composed by Anjana Ankur Singh under the creative direction of Shailendra Singh, and features lyrics sung by Rohit Dubey.

Watch ‘Safar’ here:

In the music video, Shailendra embodies the spirit of safar, travelling from the hectic, enclosed terrain of the city to the expansive, soaring landscape of the Himalayas. As the lyrics of the song say, ‘Life is a journey. Whether the road turns left or right, I don’t know. But I will turn whatever way I feel like.’

Says Shailendra Singh, “This track was inspired by the time I spent in the Spiti Valley after lockdown. I was able to go there, reconnect with nature and remember myself. I am a storyteller, and I like to tell stories with no expectations and no limitations. When I am in the mountains, I feel free. I tried to capture that feeling in the song, and in the music video.”

Staying true to his lifetime of philanthropic efforts, Dil Se Dil Tak has no sponsors and no agendas – just a pure music and video experience, with a heart. Proceeds raised from the music videos will be donated to help the pandemic affected, underprivileged children of India.

Continues Shailendra, “I’ve never understood why all of our music and music videos have to be linked with a Bollywood film. There are so many independent and exciting stories out there to be told, and a whole generation of amazing artists that may never get on a film set. After having been there and done all of that, I am happy to bring together all those talented artists and give a voice to those stories.”

About Dil Se Dil Tak

Dil Se Dil Tak is produced by Boss Entertainment; Shailendra Singh is the Music and Video Director; Anjana Ankur Singh is the Music Composer; Arshad khan is Director of Photography; Dinesh Mali has edited the music videos.

Shailendra Singh is a master-storyteller, creating songs that blend the best of each music genre with an emotional and gripping story in the song and accompanying video. The music videos were shot at picturesque locations all over the country from Himachal Pradesh to Spiti Valley, to various untapped locations in Maharashtra. Filled with colorful characters and glamorous production values, Dil Se Dil Tak is all set to create sensation in the musical world.

About Shailendra Singh

For the first film that Shailendra Singh produced, Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, he was awarded a Limca World Record for ‘the most number of debuts in a film’, launching the careers of over 200 of Bollywood’s biggest talents. India’s Serial Entrepreneur and Inceptor of Percept Ltd, Sunburn, Guestlist4Good and Boss Entertainment, he is the entertainment and sports industries’ all-rounder. He established 23 successful startups in 32 years of his career, is a powerful Producer and Director of films, bestselling author of F?@K Knows and Youth Icon for the new, young India.


Planning to Relocate? Hire Movers from Call2shift and avail upto 30% discount on shifting charges

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], May 14: Relocating homes and offices is a challenging task, and many individuals become upset and concerned during the migration process and while searching for dependable and trustworthy movers and packers to finish the job. If you are in Jaipur, you must unwind and take it easy. Thanks to Call2Shift, an online platform from Jaipur, verified packers and movers are just a click away.

Household or industrial moves can sap your energy, which is why you should engage experienced packers and movers in Jaipur for the job. Professional assistance might make your move go more smoothly. There is a lot more to moving than just packing and carrying your belongings. Many services are necessary during the moving process, including disassembly, safe loading, transportation, and door-to-door delivery, as well as correct unloading, unpacking, and reassembly.

They load and unload domestic appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, and so on, using the proper tools and skills. The services do not stop there; they also offer furniture relocation services to their clientele. Furthermore, they use high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, plastic wrap, thermocol, and so on.

Established in 2018,  is an online reference portal for hiring verified packers and movers. The company has partnered with the reputed movers and packers for providing services like domestic shifting of homes, office goods, office shifting, vehicle transportation, warehouses for rent, commercial goods relocation, packing and moving, loading and unloading, transportation, and international relocation services under one roof.

The Movers and Packers affiliated with Calls2Shift Jaipur are offering economical rates for the local shifting. For 1 BHK apartment shifting, the total moving cost ranges between Rs 3,350 to Rs 8,400, 2 BHK at Rs 4,600 to 12,600 and 3 BHK for Rs 6,000 to Rs 16,300. For domestic shifting of the complete house and vehicle, the rates from Jaipur to Mumbai are between Rs 13,000 to Rs 26,000, Jaipur to Bangaluru between Rs 12,000 to Rs 26,000, Jaipur to Delhi between Rs.12,000 to Rs 28,000, Jaipur to Ahmedabad is Rs 14,000 to Rs 30,000, Jaipur to Chennai is Rs 17,000 to Rs 36,000 and Jaipur to Hyderabad is Rs 14,000 to Rs. 30,000.

Devendra Poonia, director, Call2ShiftJaipur said, “We have tied up with the verified movers and packers companies having expertise in providing all kinds of relocation services in Jaipur”. “Customers can visit our website for hiring packers and movers free of cost as we do not charge for hiring on our website. The customers have a list of movers and packers and they can contact them directly with their details.”

According to Poonia, the movers and packers listed on Call2ShiftJaipur are verified and are experts in relocating all kinds of goods domestically and internationally. “We have been providing Rs 500 discount on local shifting, Rs 1,000 on domestic shifting for hiring movers and packers from us. Additionally, customers can save up to 30 percent on shifting costs by comparing quotes of professional movers” said Poonia.

Giving tips to reduce Packers and Movers cost in Jaipur, Poonia said that there is a scope to reduce packers and movers rates up to 20-30 percent. For this, the customers need to plan, eliminate unwanted goods, plan their move on weekdays, compare moving quotes, negotiate with movers, etc.

“People make common shifting mistakes during the home location which increases their cost of shifting. There is no inventory or checklist, last-moment shifting, no labeled cartoons, etc. However, people should look for the packing and moving services early, sort and declutter unwanted items, start organizing documents and valuables, start deep cleaning and check for repairs, prepare a separate bag for essentials, plan the move on the right day, update new address at important firms, etc” said Poonia.


Adhyyan Book Launches Super Power Mindset by 12 Experts from Various Fields

New Delhi (India), May 14: Adhyyan Books, one of India’s leading publishing houses, brings to you India’s 12 top experts from various fields to present the most advanced strategies to develop the necessary mindset that you need to make it big in various areas of your life. Success in any field is 30% mechanics and 70% mindset. Whether you talk about entrepreneurship, career, health, or relationships: In this book “Super Power Mindset” you will understand and get timeless wisdom, tips & hacks which will help you develop a winner’s mindset. Authors of this book are CA Nitin Soni, Devjeet Das, Balagopal Keeran, CA Shivani Gupta, Sandeep Tahilramaney, Nishant Awasthi, Manohar Dev, Vidhya Janaki Raman, Narendra Singh, Manoj Chhablani, Dr Suwarna Tambade, and  Dr Dilip Gupta.

Adhyyan Books International is an end-to-end book publishing service provider that is well-reputed for its profitable and reliable publishing, marketing, and distribution solutions. Under the leadership of its Founder CA Nitin Soni, the publishing firm is on a mission to support budding authors in their journey of becoming accomplished authors from a struggling one. In fact, Adhyyan Books cater to every publishing need of writers of every stage and genre. So, whether you are a first-time publisher or an experienced one, the expert publishing team at Adhyyan Books carries the potential and experience to produce the best results for you.

The Founder & CEO of Adhyyan Books, CA Nitin Soni is a leading Author Coach, Chartered Accountant, Digital Marketing & Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, Publisher, Speaker, and YouTuber. Sharing the news of the overseas expansion, Nitin Soni remarks, “It has been a great experience supporting the Indian writers in their journey to success. But, we want to see ourselves in the international market now, nurturing and uplifting writers from different countries, regions, races, religions, and ethnicities. So, we are moving to Dubai and Singapore with this aim in mind. And, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my co-workers and associates without whose dedication and hard work such a day won’t ever come.”

Adhyyan Books International shares the reputation of being a safe house for authors, especially the first-time publishers with no or little knowledge of book publishing. The publishing house upholds the culture of fast and easy publishing coupled with transparent and author-friendly policies. From the highest royalty rates to 100% book rights to advanced marketing support, the company leaves no stones unturned to provide the writers with a memorable and profitable publishing experience.

Moreover, when the demands for digital prints are rising in the digital era, Adhyyan Books offers comprehensive publishing packages that include EBook creation and digital marketing coverage, allowing the authors to reach their audiences globally. Since its inception, the company has published 500+ titles and 100+ Amazon #1 Bestsellers riding on its tailormade allround publishing strategies. Now with the Super Power Mindset book, Adhyyan Books hopes to gift the world with advanced strategies to develop the necessary mindset.

Check their latest books here-


Mad Club Introduces Sustainable & New World Woman Jewelry Designs

New Delhi (India), May 14: Mad Club brings a big change in the retail trade segment by introducing modern fashion jewelry affordable for all. Mad Club is a pro-woman brand that celebrates freedom of choice and profusion by creating a vast artistic range and exquisite designs for the new-world woman.

India’s jewelry industry contributed 7.5% to India’s GDP as of February 2021. The billion-dollar industry is also expected to employ a total of 8.22 million people by the end of this year. Vitally riding over the growing notion of the jewelry trade, Mad Club is bringing a pertinent shift in the way jewelry is perceived, entitled, and adorned across the globe.

As its strongest value proposition, the company offers inexpensive products that do not compromise on quality.

It has everything covered to deliver the most innovative and sustainable options that are proving to be the one-up choice for jewelry customers. The brand is proving to be the sector’s powerhouse and suggests ample growth potential in the future.

It is pushing its sales and revenue figures every quarter to achieve new performance highs.

Mad Club stands out to be a progressive brand that pushes through innovation in technology, equal pay, and sustainable growth across the line of charge. Besides, it is able to offer economical designs and sustainable products that have a sensible value appeal that attracts younger women towards the brand.

Their latest, trendy fashion accessories come in sustainable packaging, reducing plastic use. The affordable accessories are also paving the way towards woman empowerment as women create the products for women.

With services like cash on delivery, free shipping, and easy return, they are seeing a massive increase in demand amongst the gen Z and Millenials. Their products have been received very well in the US market, and the brand is looking to expand its operation to the Middle East now.

This achievement of the trade goal is vital for the country. Although the industry has seen a 50% growth in the last year, there was a considerable trade deficit due to the high imports. As the jewelry industry largely drives the imports, it becomes all the more important for India to support the brands like Mad Club.

With sustainable and affordable designs offered by Mad Club, the success of achieving the full potential of the industry is only a matter of when and not how.


Kotyark Industries Limited reports H2 & FY22 results

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], May 14: Kotyark Industries Limited, India’s only pure play listed Biodiesel Company, has announced its financial results for the half-year and year ended March 31st, 2022. The company announced an increase of 727 % in profit and declares dividend of ₹ 2.

Financial Highlights for the half-year ended March 31st, 2022:

  • Revenue from Operations stood at 8,974.83 Lakhs in H2FY22 compared to ₹ 3,470.91 Lakhs in H2FY21 and ₹ 6,629.76 Lakhs in H1FY22, an increase of 159% YoY and 35% sequentially
  • EBITDA (excluding Other Income) stood at 04 Lakhs in H2FY22, an increase of 450% YoY and 202% sequentially
  • EBITDA margins stood at 7% in H2FY22, an increase of 565 bps YoY and 588 bps sequentially
  • PAT stood at 65 Lakhs in H2FY22 compared to ₹ 72.82 Lakhs in H2FY21 and ₹ 197.37 Lakhs in H1FY22, an increase of 815% YoY and 238% sequentially

Financial Highlights for the year ended March 31st, 2022 :

  • Revenue from Operations stood at 15,604.59 Lakhs in FY22 compared to ₹ 6,520.61 Lakhs in FY21, an increase of 139% YoY
  • EBITDA (excluding Other Income) stood at 1,272.32 Lakhs in FY22, an increase of 338% YoY
  • EBITDA margins stood at 2% in FY22, an increase of 370 bps YoY
  • PAT stood at 04 Lakhs in FY22 compared to ₹ 104.44 Lakhs in FY21, an increase of 727% YoY

 Commenting on the H2 & FY22 performance, Gaurang Shah, Chairman and Managing Director, said:
“Your Company has reported robust numbers in its H2 & FY22 results. I am pleased to state that we have set a new benchmark for ourselves in terms of topline, operating profits and bottom line. Our FY22 Revenue from Operations stood at an all-time high of ₹156.05 crores, an increase of 139% on a Y-o-Y basis. This growth has been despite a delayed rise in fuel prices in Q4FY22. The Company has been driving growth primarily on the basis of higher volumes and better utilisation of its manufacturing facility. As a result, Operating Profit margins for the year FY22 stood significantly higher at 8.2% compared to 4.5% in the previous year. An increase in margins coupled with a significant increase in topline led to an exponential 727% increase in net profit for the year under review.

On the operational front, Kotyark Industries has added 8 more mobile retail outlets (MRO) of biodiesel under its brand ‘Green N Green’, which puts the total to 25 such operational MRO’s. Further, in line with its strategy of expanding Retail Outlets’ revenue stream, the Company plans to apply for 50 more licenses. The Company has also made noteworthy progress in leveraging the benefits of carbon credits in its business. At present, the Company is envisaging a potential ~4 lakh units of carbon credit, given its current scale of operations. We have also recommended a dividend of Rs 2 per share to our shareholders, subject to approval at the AGM, in light of our robust financial performance and strengthened balance sheet position.

As we set out to revolutionise the fuel industry by enabling sustainable alternative energy, we are pleased with the direction that the Indian government has accorded. We are confident that policy changes such as the envisaged 5% blending targets of biodiesel in diesel by 2030 will augment our performance in the coming years and will enable us to realise our goal of becoming the leading biodiesel manufacturer in India. Furthermore, our performance for the year adds legitimacy to our goals, and we are confident that we will be able to deliver on our promises.”

Kotyark Industries Limited, incorporated in 2016, is engaged in the manufacturing of biodiesel and its by-products, and is one of the key players across the state of Rajasthan in India. The Company focuses on green energy and sustainable development of renewable resources (biofuel) through the adoption of environmentally friendly technology. It’s manufacturing unit at Swaroopganj, District Sirohi, RICCO, Rajasthan has a capacity of producing 500 KL of biodiesel per day from multi feedstock.


Sravani Asuri, founder of Diginomad honored with ‘Vidya Ratna’ award for her immense contribution in the field of digital marketing

Sravani Asuri, founder of Diginomad receiving ‘Vidya Ratna’ award

 Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 14: Sravani Asuri, a digital marketing Guru and the founder of Diginomad in Hyderabad, has been honored with the ‘Vidya Ratna’ award for her contributions in the field of digital marketing by the Telangana Government, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), and Telangana Tourism at the Airaa Icon Awards 2022.

Sravani, who has helped thousands of students, working professionals, women and entrepreneurs to build a career in the digital marketing field, was given away the ‘Vidya Ratna’ award by Justice G Chandraiah, chairman of State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) at the glittering Airaa Icon Awards ceremony for her contribution in the field of digital marketing  in Hyderabad.

A few years ago, Sravani was a next-door mom trying to make money online to support her family. It was then she realized the value of social media marketing, especially on Facebook and Instagram, and developed a knack for internet marketing—Digital Marketing. She was hired as a trainer at a premium institute in Asia and after gaining the confidence she picked up her father’s business and the results were amazing.

She (Sravani) created websites and sales funnels for selected, created videos and content strategies, did SEO for others, and created google ads for a few businesses. In the end, she was able to earn Rs 1 crore in 11 months for the digital marketing of a business as a profit and other retail businesses earned her Rs 38 lakh per annum for two consecutive years. A prominent insurance company was billed Rs 5 lakh from her agency.

“It is a big honor for receiving the ‘Vidya Ratna’ award from Airaa Icon Awards,” said Sravani Asuri, founder and head trainer of Diginomad. “DiginomaD stands for Digital earth, Digital Waters, and Digital Rocket” where I teach good methods in digital marketing through online classes and the ‘earn while you learn’ models on the concepts like POD, Dropshipping, Affiliate marketing, etc.  This allows one to start their agency or become a freelancer or start a career in digital marketing. My focus is mainly on entrepreneurs, women, working professionals, and students.”

Asuri Gopal Iyengar, chairman of  and father of Sravani Asuri said, “It is amazing. Your hard work and sincerity has put up in a great position and people call me as world famous astrologer. This is more than enough for my life.”

Sravani is associated with GrowthClub, a leading community-based learning platform as a growth trainer. GrowthClub, a community to enhance skills, build future, and fuel growth, is the place where students experience community-based learning from experts and like-minded individuals.

Karan Shah, founder of GrowthClub said, “Sravani Asuri has proved her mettle in the field of digital marketing. We at GrowthClub are overwhelmed for the great achievement by Sravani.”

Nikeelu Gunda, growth marketer and, founder and CEO of Digital Connect, a digital marketing agency said, “We are proud of Sravani Asuri, who is our fellow growth trainer at GrowthClub for receiving the ‘Vidya Ratna’ award for her contributions in the field of digital marketing. She is a beacon of hope for tens of thousands of students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and women in India.”