ZebLearn offers the best SAP PU Online Training and Certification in India

Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur, Founder, ZebLearn

India, May 12: In the field of softwares, Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) in Data Processing, popularly known as SAP, is the world’s market leader. More than 30,00,000 customers worldwide make use of SAP products. With such a growing number of customers, the need for professionals with accurate skills for the subject increases. Understanding the principles of SAP software has become crucial in today’s age to bag the dream job. ZebLearn, an ED-Tech Company based in Noida, thoroughly prepares individuals for Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP).

The programs offered by ZebLearn are customized and suitable for entry-level and experienced IT professionals as they provide candidates with IT training and ample opportunities to grow into professional experts. So far the training center has trained over 2500 candidates.

The trainers at ZebLearn are a team of certified and qualified professionals with an experience of over 10 years. The team firmly believes in the utilization of practical knowledge over the theoretical approach. Hence, it follows one of the most effective training strategy. Its role-based approach allows trainees to gain a deeper knowledge of features and functions through greater concentration on relevant, practical knowledge. Unlike the traditional product-based training, ZebLearn focuses on complete end to end understanding through their practical knowledge sharing approach. The Modes of training include Instructor-led Live online training and Self Paced Video training.

Mrs. Bhupinder Kaur the founder of ZebLearn, quotes: “In 2022, we aspire to go global. And I think there is a lot of potential for a company made in India to take this kind of industrial training to the world because there is a need for a learning product that completely takes care of learning for a professional from end to end. The right kind of programs, platforms, and products for learning can help create individuals that can take India to a global level.”

The company implemented the digital learning method of training during the recent times of the pandemic. As the whole world is moving forward, ZebLearn has done a paradigm shift towards digitization and moved the learning on the web & LMS. This shift of physical classes to online mode has enabled the training center to choose better trainers for students as there is no limitation of geography along with the advantage of better student reach across the country.

One of the best features of this online training is that it offers certification training globally. Not just that, but ZebLearn also provides trainees with placement opportunities with the topmost recruiters in the industry.  In addition to that, the SAP PU programs are taught according to the job descriptions & Key Role Area (KRA) that are expected from an industry professional. Individuals learn SAP PU modules in the field that they are keenly interested in, including FICO accounts, material management, production, planning, procurement sales and distribution.

ZebLearn’s dedicated placement cell ensures job opportunities right after successful completion of the training courses.  Professionals can then officially start their career as SAP Consultants, IT Developers, Software Testers, Data Analysis, BI and Reporting Professionals, Project Managers, Program Managers and many more.

ZebLearn creates self-paced and self-initiated learners. They are dedicatedly working towards accomplishing their aim of providing the best quality training and education in futuristic and advanced courses across the country.  The company started building its customers’ IT skills in 2006 and has been growing its territory ever since. At present, ZebLearn provides On Job Training in different verticals of SAP and HR. The company’s goal is to create self-paced and self-initiated learners and provide industry working experience to students. Their vision also seeks to constantly revise its plans, programs and ways to achieve the main objective of delivering top-notch experience in IT training along with other advanced courses.

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Modi Government Encouraging and Participation of businessmen, startup, Entrepreneur, women Entrepreneur for India’s 5 trillion dollar economy- Vinay Choudhary

New Delhi (India), May 12: An important initiative was taken by the Bharatiya Janata Party OBC Morcha Research and Policy Division for the emerging businessmen of the country!  Under the 75th Festival of Independence, young entrepreneurs gathered and discussed the issues of development!

Chief guest, BJP’s Union Minister of State for Finance, Hon’ble Dr. Bhagwat Kishanrao Karadji and special guest National General Secretary BJP Honorable Shri Arun Singh ji, National President BJP OBC Morcha Honorable Shri K. Laxmanji, President Policy and Research Pankaj Choudhary ji! 

The program coordinator is Vinay Chaudhary, director of young BJP leader Taurus Group.  Through this program, the suggestions and needs of the emerging traders of the country were discussed in the country.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is busy promoting startups in the country.

There was a fruitful discussion on how the youth of the backward society can take advantage of the schemes of the Modi government!  Entrepreneurs from 21 more states participated in the program!  While addressing the program coordinator Vinay Chaudhary said that the Modi government is making every effort for the young businessmen, setting new dimensions of development!  Shri Chowdhary said that through this program, we have organized this program for the development of backward class entrepreneurs by understanding the suggestions and problems of OBC entrepreneurs.  So that industries can develop along with their development, then they can provide economic and social strength of India!


Life Coach Forum & Falgun Talk About the Divine Hour Workshop

May 12:We come across many opportunities that can transform our life; only if we accept those! And I am glad I and Falgun accepted the ones we came across, even though it meant moving out of our comfort zone, which changed the course of life… for better,” says Forum Pathak, Transformation Coach, The Divine Hour Club.

I still remember the day, when I was scrolling my phone, and suddenly an ad on Morning Routine Workshop popped up. We did not know simply attending this workshop will change our lives completely. Today we coach several people every morning to transform their lives by guiding them through ‘The Divine Hour 5-Day Workshop’,” says Falgun Pathak, Life Coach. With an experience of 15 years in Learning & Development (Corporate), and training over 75000+ professionals, coaching came quite naturally to him. Moreover, a natural inkling towards Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) made it easier for him to foray into this domain. A Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced Life Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner, Falgun’s experience, knowledge and expertise takes his students in the right direction.

“The Divine Hour 5-Day Workshop is our second program. The first program we launched was ‘The Divine Hour 6 AM LIVE’, on Instagram & Facebook. Several participants joined us LIVE and together we performed six powerful morning rituals that would bring about visible transformation in them making them more productive. It also instilled qualities like commitment, consistency & discipline for self-motivation,” says Forum. The Divine Hour Workshop is an extension as it delves deeper into the concepts of how positively it impacts when we spend the first 60 minutes of our day working on ourselves. The workshop broadly covers goal setting, overcoming procrastination, power of emotions, clearing negative energies, etc. The couple’s sole aim of working together is to provide both internal and external transformation for overall well-being!

“After working a media professional & writer for leading newspaper & magazines, I felt the need to do something substantial that would make visible difference in our and others’ life. There came a point when life seemed stagnant and we seemed stuck in a rat race,” says Forum. “I was looking for different opportunities when I & Falgun attended a workshop on ‘Morning Routine’. Probably the Universe knew what we were looking for, and it just delivered to us. It was this workshop that gave our life a desired direction. It worked like magic, clearing our thoughts, and goals, and enabling us to take inspired actions to live the life we always wished for ourself,” adds Forum, who is also The Law of Attraction & Emotional Intelligence Coach.

This was the time when Forum & Falgun decided to educate themselves further, and serve people by sharing their knowledge with them. “By practicing morning rituals every day, we experienced many positive changes, our relationships improved as couple and with the family. We easily overcame negative emotions and channelized them in the positive way. Soon we felt that with lots of disruption around the world, unrest, stress, frustration that people suffer from, life coaching is the need of the hour. We have a habit of complicating life unnecessary, while it is very simple especially when we apply the basic principles on which the Universe works. Forum & I simply want to pass on these simple ways to as many people as we can.” says Falgun.

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Vertu official India- an online smartphone store with amazing collection

May 12: Mobile phones are a must-have accessory in the current scenario. A stylish, sleek smartphone makes you stand out from the crowd. Vertu has made enough noise to be noticed in the mobile phone arena. With several mobile phones to choose from in the vast range they have in their collection, every buyer would like to own one. The sheer variety is a big call card for Vertu’s popularity in the mobile phone segment. The exceptional range is rare, and every collectible’s dream of owning one of the Aster, Signature, Signature Touch, Constellation X and Life Vision phones that seem alluring to buyers across the country. Vertu’s collection comprises phones that fit into every person’s need and desire, even perhaps beyond it.

All Vertu Mobile phones come with a two-year warranty and 100% customer satisfaction. Our after-sales support is diligent, and we look forward to helping you even after the warranty period expires. Buyers who want to buy our Vertu phones can order online and get the delivery within 4-6 days through prominent courier services. Those who wish to use the EMI payment option can do so without any hassle, as we have options for online payment or cash on delivery.

When looking for the best deals on smartphones, you need not look far because Vertu offers some of the best phones at amazing prices. You can get a virtual tour of all the latest Vertu mobile phone collection models launched in 2021, along with the price list. These phones are available at the best prices in India, and when you compare the specifications and features, you will not be able to get a better deal than Vertu’s offer of luxury mobile phones. Our price range for mobiles begins with Rs. 45,000 – Rs.2,60,000, inclusive of a two-year warranty.

Vertu mobiles are attractive and come with unique features that you would want on your phone. The outer cover is in beautiful metallic accents of colors you love to own, with a great interactive and user-friendly display that comes with a fingerprint sensor to ensure safety. The display panel is made of AMOLED paneling which is highly defined for better visibility by striving off sunlight. The front of Vertu mobiles has been designed exquisitely using seven different materials to bring in that sleek look. The high pixel camera set-up is a fantastic feature that users are delighted to capture memories and treasure. With a great RAM capacity of 4GB/6GB options and the inbuilt storage allows as much storage as most devices do. You can accordingly pick from so many Vertu phone options that come with great battery backup because Vertu presents excellent options.

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Zee & Give India launch ‘Born to Shine’ scholarship to give wings to young art prodigies

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 12: It’s never easy to excavate diamonds out of coal mines. In a country of 1.3 billion people, spotting young talent and nurturing it is equally difficult. This is where Zee CSR along with Give India has come together for ‘Born to Shine’ initiative — a launchpad for talented budding child artists. The initiative seeks to make a difference by recognising young talent in Indian art forms and providing scholarships to help them shine. The scholarship is a way of empowering girls and attempting to revive Indian art forms.

India, as a country, offers abundant talent especially when it comes to myriad art forms, but very rarely are these talents recognised and honoured. This has led to a fall in number of artisans in various art forms as there is a lack of motivation among artists who are apprehensive about nurturing their talent with limited means. Born to Shine aims to break these barriers and also help young girls realise their ambitions of emerging as India’s next generation role models. We want to ensure that child prodigies get the complete care and attention they deserve to be able to achieve their fullest potential.

Through Born to Shine, we are not just offering scholarships but also creating an ecosystem where we can identify, nurture and guide child prodigies to success. Zee has always been focused on creating the extraordinary and in joining hands with Give India, we have now got a chance to nurture and mentor extraordinary talent.

Who can apply?

Any girl who has achieved mastery in any art form and is below 15 years can apply for the Born to Shine scholarship. The reward is a scholarship of three years that will ensure these prodigies can reach their fullest potential. The 6 weeks application process will be open across all languages and geographies and will help in shortlisting 100-300 child prodigies. The top thirty across the country will receive scholarship for honing their skills and accomplishing maestro status.

Through this initiative, we plan to reach out to more than 60,000 schools and make selections without any kind of bias or discrimination. Both virtual and physical format will be used to select the candidates.

Mr. Umesh Kr Bansal, Executive Vice President, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited said, “As a brand, we are always striving unwaveringly to deliver excellence. We are constantly pushing ourselves to make the world a better place through meaningful actions that drive impact.

Born to Shine is a fruit of that attempt, and we hope this initiative will help us make a big difference to the world of artists and child art prodigies. Seeing them excel would give us tremendous joy because there’s nothing quite exciting as achieving the impossible.”

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Sandeep Raj Varma, Eminent Lifeskills Trainer Honoured with the ‘Influential Lifeskills Trainer of the Year 2022’ Award in Hyderabad

Sandeep Raj Varma, Serial Entrepreneur & Eminent Lifeskills Trainers Receives Lifeskills Trainer of the Year 2022 by Telangana Govt officials

 Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 12: He has Taught Life Skills to Over 3 Lakh Students from over 400 Schools and 60 Engineering Colleges in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh in only three years.

Meet Sandeep Raj Varma, An Eminent Life skills Trainer who was Honoured with the ‘Influential Lifeskills Trainer of the Year 2022′ Award at the Airaa Icon Awards 2022 in Hyderabad by the Telangana Government, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), and Telangana Tourism for his Contributions as a Trainer and Coach in the Students’ Community.

L Ramana, a Member of the Telangana Legislative Council gave away the Award to Sandeep Raj Varma for his Contribution the Field of Coaching and Training for teaching life-skills to So Many Young Minds.

Sandeep Raj Varma started his career as a Life Skills Trainer at a Very Young age. He was often invited by Top schools and Colleges for Delivering Inspirational sessions and Entrepreneurship Talks to Transform Students and makes them think differently in the area of their interests.

Sandeep Raj Varma, a lifeskill trainer said, “I am deeply honored to receive the award from Airaa Icon Awards and the Telangana Government.  My mission is to make the students ‘Future Ready’ through my life skills Training and workshops.

Lifeskills are essential for the next generation of India and the students should be trained to make them ready to face challenges in life.

Mr Sandeep Raj varma is A Certified Corporate Trainer from INDIAN Academy of Training and Development, Varma is also a certified NLP practitioner and got trained by Yogendra Singh Rathore, an NLP Guru.

Sandeep Raj Varma’s YouTube channel has more than 7,000 subscribers with about 600 paid participants. He also runs ‘Positive Life Whatsapp Groups’ with more than 250 participants in each group and He is a Member of the BNI Zenith Chapter in Hyderabad.

Mr Sandeep Raj Varma was awarded the ‘Youngest Motivational Speaker Award’ in 2017. Sandeep Raj is an Active Member of JCI Hyderabad SUPAR. He is also soon getting featured at Josh Talks.

Sandeep Raj is also a Serial Entrepreneur Who runs Video Galaxy Production Private Limited Creates Content for YouTube Channels and Helps Coaches, Trainers for their Digital Media Presence and Growth. Second Venture, Transform India Trainings Private Limited which offers skill development Training programs for Unemployed Youth, Students and Upcoming Trainers.

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SWAS NGO founded by Adilabad’s Youth Icon Karingula Pranay awarded ‘Inspiring NGO of the Year 2022’ at Airaa Icon Awards

Adilabad Youth Icon Karingula Pranay Founder of SWAS NGO  Receiving ” Inspiring NGO of the Year 2022″

Adilabad (Telangana) [India], May 12: Students Welfare Association Society (SWAS), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Adilabad, Telangana, that works for the development and upliftment of people through education, health, and innovation, was honoured with the prestigious ‘Inspiring NGO of the Year 2022’ award from Government of Telangana, Telangana Tourism Department, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) at the Airaa Icon Awards 2022, which was held at Sri Palani Conventions, Uppal, Hyderabad.

Justice G Chandraiah, chairman of State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), Telangana and former Member of Parliament (M) from Adilabad, Smudrala Venugopal Chary presented the ‘Inspiring NGO of the Year 2022’ award to the founder of SWAS, Karingula Pranay. Dr. Eppalapalli Ramesh, founder of Airaa Icon Awards, Sudheer Sandra (Founder – SUPAR School) and Nikeelu Gunda, founder and CEO of Digital Connect, a digital marketing agency were also present.

SWAS NGO’s foundation is inspiring. In 2011, after completing the 10th grade with seven friends, Karingula Pranay, 18, unlike other youngsters his age, proposed the formation of an NGO. The fact that Pranay and the other youngsters of Adilabad celebrated their birthdays at orphanages and old-age homes inspired them to form the Students Welfare Association Society (SWAS) to engage additional peers in community work.

SWAS has had a significant impact on the state of Telangana through its social causes and programmes for children, youth, and the elderly for more than a decade. Currently, the SWAS team comprises over 700 members of the NGO. The organisation has successfully trained 600 individuals for the tailoring and cosmetology industries, as well as 300 members for customer relations sales. SWAS has educated a large number of tribal people in Telangana’s interior villages about Thalassemia. SWAS operates in around 10 Telangana districts, New Delhi NCR, and Odisha with the tagline “Service With a Smile.”

“It is a big honor for us to receive the ‘Inspiring NGO of the Year 2022’ award from Airaa Icon Awards,” said Karingula Pranay, founder of SWAS. “From blood donation camps, eye check-up camps and operating over 600 people with cataract blindness to book donation drives, organ donation awareness camps, job fairs for the educated youths and helping tribals with malnutrition,  poor healthcare, and education, etc., SWAS is doing every bit to help the mankind.”

SWAS is the first NGO in Telangana to help the small vendors and Self Help Groups (SHGs) with funds and investments by setting up a credit society named ‘Adilabad People’s Credit Cooperative Society. Using the credit facilities, many have set up businesses on small scale by securing loans at low-interest rates in the remote area of the state.

Nikeelu Gunda, founder and CEO of Digital Connect, a digital marketing & leading PR agency said, “Karingula Pranay’s is an inspiring story for the other youths to follow. We are proud of his achievements in the field of social service for the youths, elderly and children in Adilabad and entire Telangana state.”

Not only this, SWAS is working extensively for the protection of the environment in Adilabad. Till now, the NGO has planted 14,000 trees with the slogan ‘Each One Plant One. During Covid-19 infused lockdown, the NGO distributed food, medicine, and grocery to the over 40,000 families in Adilabad.

SWAS started about seven skill development centers and trained over 10,000 youths and organised five mega job fairs where more than 4,000 youths got job offers.

Karingula Pranay has become a youth icon for the youngsters in Adilabad. Under the Leadership of Pranay there are lot of social activities organized.


Sudheer Sandra, Psychologist, founder of SUPAR school – Worlds First Digital Parallel School, enters the International Wonder Book of Records

Sudheer Sandra, Career Counsellor, Founder of SUPAR School and President of JCI Hyderabad SUPAR received the International Book of Records for doing a Training Marathon in 24 Days

 Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 12: Sudheer Sandra, Founder & Managing Director of the world’s first parallel digital school ‘SUPAR School’ has found a coveted place in the International Wonder Book of Record for his unique feat of training about 15,480 students from 153 schools in just 24 days.

A psychologist, behavioral skills coach, and career counselor, Sudheer Sandra educated about 15,480 students on various career opportunities and motivational classes at the event held from March 3 to April 1, 2022.

Bingi Narender Goud, Chief Co-ordinator of Wonder Book of Records in India along with Telangana Chief Co-ordinator Dr. LN Dr. Devender Bandari—Telangana Chief Coordinator lauded the unique efforts of Sandra and handed over the official record certificate of the International Wonder Book of Records.

“It gives me immense pride and joy for finding a place in the prestigious International World Book of Records. This award is recognition of my undying spirit of training students in career opportunities and motivational guidance” said Sudheer Sandra, founder of SUPAR School.  “I have taken more than 2,800 sessions in over 525 schools, and colleges and imparted corporate training Pan-India to more than 7 lakh professionals and students, I also thank my guru Gampa Nageswar rao from Impact Foundation, Parents and Master Minds for CA Mohan garu for their Support.” 

The World Human Rights Protection Commission (WHRPC) awarded an honorary doctorate degree in psychology to Sudheer Sandra recently.

Sudheer Sandra has conducted inbound training programmes and sales training on ‘power of responsibility, creating vision and mission, effective planning, time management, leadership skills, and interpersonal skills at workplaces for various corporate organizations including LIC India, BSNL, Reliance Group, JCI, Maruti Suzuki Private Limited, etc. Sudheer Sandra is a TEDx Speaker and JoshTalks Speaker. He participated in more than 120 Television shows on ETV Life, N Studio, Bharath Today, Mahaa TV, HMTV, Door Darshan, and T News.

SUPAR School founded by Sudheer Sandra runs on a concept of a parallel school that focuses on enabling children to learn real-life skills necessary for growth. His content online is followed by at least 10 million individuals across the world. SUPAR School as recently launched Mobile Apps on Andriod and IOS Store. Sudheer Sandra is Gamifying the Education Experience for Students Via SUPAR School in order to implement 360 Character building of the student rising multiple intelligence and through activity based learning.

Sudheer Sandra, who is the president of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Hyderabad SUPAR, has won over a dozen awards and recognitions since 2017. Union Minister of Industries and Commerce, Suresh Prabhu, and Governor of Tamil Nadu, Banwarilal Purohit felicitated him with the ‘UWA Excellence in Motivation and Youth Empowerment award by United Writers Association in 2017-18. He has won ‘Pride of Hyderabad’ by Telangana Tourism in 2019, Social Media Influencer Award from Jignasa in association with KL University in 2019, CTI Excellence Award in 2019, Vishishta Seva Puraskar award in 2019, APJ Kalam Visista Seva award, etc.

On April 29, Sandra was conferred with the ‘Vidya Ratna’ award by Government of Telangana, Telangana Tourism, Greater Hyderabad Muncipal Corporation (GHMC), Airaa Icon Awards 2022 at the hands of L Ramana, a member of the Telangana Legislative Council at Hyderabad, Sri Palani Conventions.

Nikeelu Gunda, Secretary – JCI Hyderabad SUPAR, founder & CEO of Digital Connect, a digital marketing & Leading PR agency said, “Sandra Sudheer is an impactful personality as he has touched the lives of more than 10 lakh students in Telangana and Pan-India through his career counseling training, motivational courses, etc. It is a matter of great pride to see Sandra finding a coveted place in the International Wonder Book of Records for his amazing feat.

Mrudula Doraswamy (Director – SUPAR School), Dr. S.Mahesh Kumar (Sri Veda Sushruta Ayurveda Hospital), Swathi Kiran were also present.