Online school search aggregator Skoodos app launches a unique Christmas campaign #MeraAsliSanta

New Delhi (India), December 21: When it comes to finding the best schools for their children, parents face an uphill battle. Skoodos, a mobile app, makes it simple for parents and students to locate the best schools in their cities and towns. is a leading online search aggregator functioning from April 2021, has launched a unique Christmas campaign, ‘#MeraAsliSanta’. Announcing the launch, Shruti Verma, Skoodos co-founder, said, “We are launching an engaging and unique Social Media Campaign “#MeraAsliSanta’ this Christmas.” This one-of-a-kind campaign will make parents and children find Santa in their homes and celebrate Christmas with the #AsliSanta. The campaign provides a broader perspective on the relationship and meets the target audience of Skoodos uniquely.“

#MeraAsliSanta Campaign is flooded with entries by photos and videos of people expressing love and gratitude for their parents, teachers and guardians, where they are referred to as their real Santas #MeraAsliSanta.

Skoodos, as a platform, allows parents and students to simplify the process of selecting the best schools. The schools have been verified by a team of experts who evaluate the schools based on a gamut of factors and features to ensure that the parents and students are given the options of the best of the best schools.

Dr. Siya Seth, Founder and CEO of Skoodos, stated, “Our goal with Skoodos is to bridge the gap between schools and students by ensuring that the best educational institutions reach deserving students and vice versa.” We have offices in Gurugram and Pune, and our app provides a user-friendly platform for parents and students by providing schools that have been verified by our expert team with all relevant information. The search is made more accessible by categorical searching.”

The mobile app includes a slew of features, such as school comparisons to help parents make an informed decision. Skoodos, on the other hand, will become a digital partner for schools, assisting them in developing a robust online presence through 360-degree marketing support, according to Dr. Seth.


IVY Growth Associates organizes a pep talk to create growth opportunities for startups and investors in Northeast India

Guwahati (Assam) [India], December 21: IVY Growth Associates, a company dedicated to the development of a startup ecosystem, hosted a pep talk to create opportunities and possibilities for startups and investors to collaborate in Northeast India.

Prateek Toshniwal, an investor, networker, financial advisor, and mentor, along with Sharad Todi, NBFC Owner, Startup Investor and Serial entrepreneur from IVY Growth Associates, visited Guwahati to organise the pep talk and interacted with investors and founders of various startups from Northeast India. The mission was to strengthen and activate the Northeast’s entrepreneurial and start-up communities.

IVY Growth Associates has aided, mentored, incubated, and accelerated early-stage start-ups. The company, which believes in creation, communication, and collaboration, serves as advisors to startups, providing them with rich experience learning with set achievable goals and assisting startups in finding the right set of investors from their angel network.

Prateek Toshniwal of IVY Growth Associates said, “In the last one month, IVY has grown its portfolio by 8 startups and are in the process of completing 4 mandates of fundraising for startups from Surat, Delhi and Bangalore i.e  Hobit, Zappfresh, Refrens, and Bebeburp. The gates at IVY are open for investors to become venture partners and for startups to pitch their ideas.”

The pep talk was attended by – Antariksh Baruah, Manusmita Rabha, Palash Jyoti Mahanta, Himadri Baruah, Pankhi Sarma, Plaban Sharma, Sahil Hussain, Udit Phukan, Diganta Kr Das, Mrinal Jyoti Hira, Sahil Shah, Kaushal Choudhury, Boudhayan Dutta, Sujoy Choudhury, Amit Bhattacharya, Rajib Ghosh, Gunajit Brahma, Prasurjya Talukdar, Sumit Das, Imran Hussain, Sahil Huda, Jigyan Deep Kalita, Rishab Jain, Luhit Parajuli, Abhishek Choudhury, Ratan Kumar, Abhilash, Nimisha Medhi, Aditya Tosniwal, Sandeep Lahoti, Sumouli Banik and Sharique Hussain. The pep talk was covered by Business Northeast and The Northeaster Chronicle!

According to Prateek Toshniwal, Northeast India is the next destination for startups, founders, angel investors, and entrepreneurship. The early-stage startup founders looking for an opportunity of getting funded and mentored can become a part of the most exclusive venture programme at IVY Growth Associates.

IVY Growth Associates main focus is on hand-holding, mentoring, culture development, acceptance of learning, providing knowledge and learning towards emerging technologies, development of new markets, and work towards sustainability and scalability.


Dr. Bhaskar Swami : Deadly Combination of Technology and Spirituality

December 21: A Jack of all trades is a master of none but sometimes better than a master of one. Dr. Bhaskar Swami is one such all-in-one man who is surprisingly the master of all he does. If you’re looking for a full-time Digital Business Consultant, a spiritual and meditation coach, and a founder of various platforms in and around business and technology, you can find it all in him.

He is often taken as a curious individual who has a deep passion for business and technology. Being a habitual knowledge seeker is something above being just a smart person. He is one of those who love knowing how things work. While in his spare time, he enjoys traveling, playing board games & learning multiple languages.

He has exceptional skills in AWS cloud consulting, strategizing for branding, overall technical documentation, influencer-level marketing services, and digital marketing. Bhaskar is now a Google Certified Digital Marketer and a Strategic Business Partner of Class plus, known for his contribution in molding 1 Lakh coaching institutes to grow their business through their apps.

As a Spiritual & Meditation Coach for Entrepreneurs & Students, he has paved the way for many towards the path of wisdom and eternal blissful life. Bhaskar has placed the foundation stone of Million Dollar Meditation Formula (MMDF) Inspired by Pitamah Brahmrishi Patriji as a stage to work on this noble cause. He’s an active International Member in ISKCON for Spirituality and Meditation. He is also an activist in Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM). Inspired by this Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, Dr. Bhaskar has launched an Application known as PSSM Digital. The app is for free meditation & healing solutions for humanity.

Dr. Bhaskar Swami is a well-known name in the technology sector. He continues to be highly updated and learned in tech and gives away this knowledge wherever he can. Handling the position as a technology advisor for Police Headquarters, Government of Rajasthan, National IT Head, Rural Journalist Association of India (RJAI) are a few of his numerous contributions.

Associating yourself with Supported as Binge Marketing & Subject Matter Expert @ Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. By Dr. Vivek Bindra Dr. Bhaskar Swami is the best you can ever do for Social Media Management in your business; he can upskill businesses efficiently. He has been giving services beyond expectation in Digital and Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Designing, Content Marketing, and whatnot. His unique result-driven approach and business strategies are tailor-made for the target audience in the business world.

To excel in the competitive business landscape, brands need to work on their social media management strategy. If they’re incapable of maintaining such a strategy, even well-established brands lose their authority in due course. The execution of proven social and digital media strategies, like those offered by Dr. Bhaskar Swami, can make businesses and relevant entities pull off advantages of cooperation and collaboration. Dr. Bhaskar Swami-The master of Marketing, Tech and Spirituality.


GIBS Business School, Bangalore featured as the ‘Best Emerging B School of 2022’ in the Outlook India Ranking – 2022

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], December 21: The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) Bangalore has set another milestone in its winning streak. Outlook, one of India’s most widely circulated publications, has published a ranking of B schools in India. GIBS has been featured as the Best Emerging B School for 2022.

The survey is an accurate reflection and outcome-based evaluation on significant industry knowledge and reliable research. The rankings’ goal is to develop a comprehensive framework for assessing B-schools in India that offer management degrees based on internationally relevant employability factors. The faculty-student ratio, as well as research productivity and quality, inclusivity, academic experience, regional distinctiveness, median placement, and many other factors, play an essential influence here.

GIBS Business School has always strived to develop the best in its students, whether in academics or co-curricular activities. The faculties at GIBS employ an amazing array of academic concepts, case-based training, and practical applications. GIBS has created a number of innovative programmes to help its students thrive, including Innovation, Research & Entrepreneur (IRE), Finishing School, and Business Mastery Program (BMP).

Through its program, which addresses the academic requirements of the students, GIBS keeps a careful eye on the academic and holistic development of its students. Along with academics, students are exposed to a variety of concerts, workshops and seminars at both the intra and inter-university levels. In addition, students are customized to their placement needs through career-centric training, where they are extensively supervised and made future-ready.

The rating recognized GIBS’s leadership in providing world-class management education. The transition in training methodologies, resilience and readiness for students’ safety and training has undoubtedly paid off. The rating emphasized and bolstered the best emerging business school’s resources to develop world-class leaders.

Undoubtedly, this rating is the outcome of a collaborative effort by management, faculty, students, and all affiliates. GIBS’s ever-increasing prominence is the result of GIBains’ efforts and continuing support. GIBS wants to make certain that the quality mission continues uninterrupted.

Nonetheless, it’s another feather in GIBS’ hat, and it’s steadfast to adding more. The PGDM programme at GIBS Bangalore is recognized as one of the management educations programmes in the country. The swiftness and intensity with which GIBS has been operating programmes for students’ overall development is likely to be reflected in the coming days in the shape of more accomplishments.


Ready to Fall in Love All Over Again? Kabir Roy Choudhury’s Book A Mindful Mind Will Help You Do So

Author Kabir Roy Choudhury along with the eminent guests at the Book Launch of A Mindful Mind

December 21: Can you fall in love again when all you know is hate?

Kabir Roy Choudhury’s debut book A Mindful Mind is a page-turning intriguing experience about the nuances of how our mind is influenced by situations and people who make us feel worthless, and how we can overcome hate to fall in love again through a gripping, urban, contemporary woman story.

“This book is inspired by the journeys of many strong women I have come across in my career. How they overcame their situations and made their dreams come true is a true testament of their grit, resolution, and persistence,” says author Kabir Roy Choudhury about his debut book.

In his career journey of over 20 years, from a hotelier to a corporate professional, to an astrologer to an author, Kabir Roy Choudhury has lived by the philosophy of YOLO – You Only Live Once, constantly learning new things and implementing them for the greater good.

He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies in senior management roles, specializing in business transformation and analytics.

He was born and raised in Kanpur, in India, from where he moved to Kolkata to complete his studies in Hotel Management and Global Business Management from IHM and IIM Kolkata, respectively.

When he is not working, he practices astrology to help people and share his knowledge about the ways of life. He admits to being a movie fanatic who feeds his addiction by watching them in multiple languages.

A hotelier at heart, he continues to kindle the chef in him by occasionally cooking at home, for family and friends. He has been naturally inclined to paint, read, and sing since childhood. He spends the entire day in these activities whenever he gets the chance and time. He makes his family in India with his wife, son, and self-curated library.

A Mindful Mind is a fiction book that focuses on a girl’s dream.

This is how the story unfolds –

In Delhi, a brave, small-town girl’s dreams are shattered when her career ends, even before starting.

In Jaipur, she is made to feel worthless by the only person she cares about.

In Bangalore, she goes through abysmal situations which make her bitter, dejected, fearful, and her insecurity compels her to shut down her passionate enterprise.

She is confused, fearful, belittled, homesick, and she cannot share her pain with anyone at home. As a result, she forgets herself and her dreams.

Can she overcome her inhibitions and insecurity to achieve what she had always wanted? Can she resolve herself and her life before it’s too late?

An action-packed entertainer reveals how our mind is influenced by situations and people who make us feel worthless and how we can overcome hate to fall in love again.

Kabir Roy Choudhury believes, “When you know who you are, you can identify what actually interests you.”

He recently launched his book A Mindful Mind at Nowhere Brew Café, Cross Point Mall in Gurugram. The book launch was graced by renowned book enthusiasts of Delhi NCR, lifestyle and food influencers, and local media Suburb Magazine Founder.

The book has received many positive reviews about the story and the author’s writing style. One can read the book from Amazon –


From a young college pass out to a Successful Entrepreneur- See the success story of Mr. Harpreet Singh Chadha

December 21: Harpreet Singh Chadha is a leading entrepreneur who is doing wonders in his business and has taken his business to great heights because of his wisdom, ethics and high instincts. He was born on 11/09/1986 in Amritsar, Punjab. Following his academic pursuits, he completed his graduation from Middlesex University, with a degree in Business Administration from the year 2005-2008 and post-graduation from the University of Nottingham from the year 2008- 2009 and holds a degree in Finance and Investment.

HARPREET SINGH CHADHA first became the director of LAND CONSOLIDATOR AND DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED. Currently, he is holding active directorship in 19 companies by using spectacular leadership skills. At present, his most recent directorship is with HUMBLE IMMIGRATION PRIVATE LIMITED. A marvelous personality with a huge heart and down to Earth instincts, he is providing a large number of jobs to our country’s unemployed youth and giving his valuable contributions in our country’s economic sectors.

Under his leadership as a Managing DirectorHUMBLE, BREWMASTERS and CLARKS INN, three well-renowned brands achieved distinctive performance by rendering quality services to the stakeholders. HI and Brewmasters are currently the best brands in Amritsar, rendering the best services to the customers. And this has been only possible because of Harpreet’s vision and foresight which eventually led to the creation of such an image among the stakeholders.

HI is a Government & ICCRC (Canada) Authorized Immigration Company and is the leading immigration consultancy which is the best canada Visa consultants in Amritsar managed by an efficient and effective team, under the direction of Mr. Harpreet Singh Chadha.

Federal Minister of Immigration designates ICCRC, Refugees and Citizenship. ICCRC- a national regulatory body began regulating immigration consultants in 2011 and citizenship consultants and international student advisors in 2015.

According to Canadian federal law, immigration consultants who provide their assistance for Canadian immigration or international student services for a fee need to be registered with the ICCRC and must be accredited as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) or Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs), respectively.

Established in 2010, with offices in India as well as Canada, the company has made a sparkling name for itself in the list of top service providers in India, helping you achieve your Academic Goals abroad. Its Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U80900PB2020PTC050845, and its registration number is 50845. They are listed in Trade India’s list of verified companies offering a wide array of immigration services like IELTS training and IELTS coaching to students who wish to study abroad in Canada. Apart from that, they provide counseling to the students who wish to go to Canada for their higher studies or settling permanently in Canada. They are specialized in providing Canadian PR.

They are known for 100% success rates and ensure an error-free application process which will help you to get Canadian PR easily. If you are planning to move to Canada with a PR express entry visa, you can feel free to get in touch with them. They will be glad to serve you!

Their Consultation Service grants you the opportunity to get in touch with one of the best Immigration Consultants in the city, having profound and in-depth knowledge of the Visa Application Process.

It is classified as a Non-government Company and is registered by the Registrar of Companies, Chandigarh. It is a Private Co. incorporated on 21 February, 2020.

The company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on July 2021.


How Uneecops is Enabling SMEs to Accelerate their Business in the Pandemic Era

Is your small or medium enterprise ready for the post-pandemic era? Uneecops provides a gamut of business automation products and services to help companies optimize organizational productivity and prepare for the future

December 21: Are you ready to function your business according to where you are today and where modernization takes you in the future? We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. Businesses were hit, management collapsed, operations took a toll, employees were disturbed, and the demand-supply chain was completely disrupted.

After over 2 years of facing business challenges, one thing became clear – Only those who can convert the pandemic situation into an opportunity to transform witnessed business success.

Realizing the need for technological innovation to power business transformation, Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) strengthened its mission. While we were always at the helm of ERP, digital, web and analytics solutions, the pandemic gave us another vision. We are more driven by a passion for bringing unprecedented growth to SMEs across the country. Being a CMMI Level 5 company with multiple ISO certifications and 50+ awards in various business categories, Uneecops strives to support small and medium businesses to grow exponentially.

Crisis Breeds Innovation

Ultimately, the business world is also about the ‘survival of the fittest. Since the pandemic, only those SMEs who are willing to adopt next-gen technologies can breakthrough. Today’s business models have evolved, and ERP is the name of the game for future-ready SMEs. Ideal for start-ups and small businesses, ERP technology, is the day-to-day business requirements of startups and mid-size enterprises. Uneecops offers innovative ERP products that are flexible, customizable and smart. We offer SAP Starter Package, SAP Business One and SAP Business By Design ERP that weaves all core functions in an end-to-end business suite. What’s more, we offer Tableau and Power BI – two data-intelligent BI tools used by businesses to make actionable decisions faster.

The Uneecops Edge

We help over 1800+ SMEs across 18+ industry verticals to do business more efficiently and profitably. Our customer base spans from the public to the private sector, and from startups to industrial and enterprise giants. We have been helping SMEs automate and accentuate their businesses in more than one way, including:

Introducing Cloud Automation

Since the pandemic, working models have changed and what matters today is the centralization of all business information. With contemporary, cloud-based ERP, security and resource planning gets real-time. You can get both – a birds-eye view and an in-detail view of your business – all at your fingertips. Uneecops offers cloud-based ERP for SMEs at affordable prices. It can be easily integrated with your business functions and strategy.

Revolutionizing SMEs With Mobile ERP

Today, SMEs are often faced with this question – To be a future-ready organization, which path to choose: migration or modernization? The Uneecops answer is – migrate to modern! This means bringing your business to your mobile. Uneecops’ services for SAP Mobile enable businesses to quickly and accurately perform tasks, respond dynamically to the needs of their clients and find the information they need from anywhere they are.

A Partner In Growth

For SMEs, spending on ERP or analytics tools is a potential investment. Also, it is not just about implementing digital products and services right. What matters is that you need a partner who can help you make informed decisions. Uneecops offers custom ERP software solutions to SMEs. We take the time to understand your unique business needs and then devise a digital ERP solution that can foster business growth. It does not end there. We offer complete support with SAP technology and other BI tools. With us, interpreting data and acting on it gets easier.

Uneecops is Asia’s #1 SAP BI partner and India’s first Platinum SAP BI partner. With over 10 years of data science experience, we have built time-tested methodologies that enable us to offer end-to-end Tableau implementations to SMEs. Being one of the reputed Tableau Silver partners in India, we serve over 120 clients such as Mother Dairy, Select CityWalk, Lenskart, Apollo Munich, Mankind Pharma, Uno Minda and DS Group, to name a few. We extend our services to many cities in the country, including Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. We have also been awarded SAP awards for 10 consecutive years, SAP Business One Partner of the year APJ for three consecutive years (2018, 2019 & 2020) and have become the SAP No.1 MVAR for the Indian region. From our inception in 1995, we have grown into a conglomerate with 750+ experts across 9 centres of excellence. For more information, visit