Radha TMT is hoping to go big with exports, Eyeing increase in demand post COVID-19 lockdown

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], August 7: With the recent demand in growth for the steel world over post COVID-19 lockdown, the steel industry is confident of a positive growth outlook. This has given Radha TMT, the prestigious brand of Radha Smelters Pvt Ltd, an ambitious plan to work with, including catering to exports of the company’s speciality steel products like TMT bars, CRS bars, MS structures, specialist billets, to name a few.

To cater to their growing product demand, the company has also set up a sales office in Maharashtra to meet the burgeoning demand.

“We are hopeful of becoming a Pan-India player by 2025 owing to our state-of-the-art manufacturing capability as COVID has also increased demand for local players to cater to growing infrastructure demand under Atmanirbhar Bharat. Our commitment to strict adherence to the quality of our product and ability to execute it with finesse is what defines our core business ethics. With our long-standing legacy in delivering quality, we are today in a position to script the country’s growth story as we are involved in the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, railways, and other infrastructure projects for government and key private players. As a country, if India wants to grow, we have to move from a tax break mentality to a production linked incentive mentality. This pandemic and hereafter if we can go together we can grow together”, said Mr. Akshat Saraf, Director Sales & Marketing- Radha TMT.

Its continuous commitment to developing high-grade quality products through rigorous research and manufacturing has enabled it to emerge as the key player in exports. The demand is steadily increasing, and the company’s technology-driven manufacturing has been able to meet it. The Group company, despite COVID-19 lockdown, is positive of annual growth amounting to Rs. 2000 crore and more as the demand for their products is rising in India and across the world.


Yogpathic’s Master Trainer, Anand Shrivastava Developed an App to make yoga accessible to all

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 6: The master trainer, Anand Shrivastava, who launched Yogpathic online app, is all set to launch a phenomenal yoga studio in Mumbai. To empower people with ancient yoga practices, experiences, and secrets through the futuristic platform.

As a Celebrity Coach and Meditation Expert, Anand has hosted several phenomenal online yoga classes over zoom, yoga retreats, yoga workshops, and private yoga sessions for international clients. The Personal Yoga Coach provides his clients with the most enlightening yoga training and sessions.

Yogpathic is the official online platform through which, Anand gets up close with his versatile clientele. He aims to form a pure connection with the online app users for their overall well-being. Be it mental, physical, or spiritual.

The Yogpathic app has transformed the lives of thousands of yoga seekers across the globe. The app makes a must-have for ultimate yoga sessions with its energizing, inviting, motivational, generous, and engrossing yoga training. Now learning with a master trainer is made easy with the Yogpathic app.

Uniqueness and variety in yoga sessions are what make the wonderful platform stand out. Exclusive yoga experiences will no longer feel a privilege with the useful yoga live session app, Yogpathic.

Most Yogpathic app users share a positive experience with excellent outcomes. They claim that the app incorporates the goodness of mind, body, and soul through mindfulness, alignments, consciousness, advanced asanas, deep understanding, and practical instructions.

Anand Shrivastava, ex-founder of the incredible online yoga and live sessions platform, Apna Yoga, says, “Transformation is a significant aspect of our life. As a master yoga trainer, my goal has always been to create flow instead of going with the flow. That’s the biggest reason I aim to help people explore their inner bliss.” His energetic transformations confidently speak of his 24 year-experience as a self-practitioner.

Anand was motivated to take up yoga by his grandfather when he was just 8 years old. He shares, “Every person has their own story for joining yoga. For me, it all started with a snake charmer show at the village fair.” He further shares, “The snake charmer remained unbitten all the times in his deadly play. This made me question my grandfather how? His answer was yes even you can do this if you do meditation. So, that’s it.”

Over the years, his widening interest in yoga helped him find the solution for the most strenuous pains, struggles, instabilities, and distractions. This inspired him more strongly than ever. So, he decided to observe, learn, and explore the ancient field of yoga. He studied various ancient scripts and textures to understand the ancient form of yoga and its benefits.

Today, Anand has made a name for himself at the global level. He holds RYT-500hrs by International Yoga Alliance USA, in Ashtanga Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga. Through his new studio ApnaYoga, he plans to take over the ongoing and upcoming generations on a journey to a positive life transformation. From therapeutic yoga to yoga for athletes, the studio will serve the best-crafted sessions and gatherings.

Check out the Yogpathic website


Growdense Hair Serum – The Best Hair Loss Treatment for the First Time in India

Dr. Ashok Sinha, Founder, Adon Hair Care Clinic

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 7: Dr. Ashok Sinha, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Hair Expert, Hair Innovator, and founder of Adon Hair Care Clinic, claims to introduce the best hair loss treatment in India for the first time. Adon Clinic, along with Dr. Ashok Sinha launched Growdense Hair Serum on 15th July 2021. This product is FDA approved and is the first of its kind in India. It not only treats hair loss problems without any side effects but also helps in hair regrowth.

Explaining the exclusivity of the product in his YouTube video, Dr. Ashok Sinha says, “For the hair loss patients who do not want to use Minoxidil Finasteride, America, Spain, Germany have other supplements. But until now there was not a single hair care product in India that could be used as a supplement for Minoxidil Finasteride.” Giving an example of the American product Revive Hair Max Serum, Dr. Ashok Sinha says, Revive Hair Max serum has 5% Resensyl along with 14 molecules. Whereas there is not a single hair care product in India with the same composition. And therefore, for the first time in India, Growdense Hair Serum was launched that not only has 5% Resensyl but 16 other molecules.

Giving a detailed description of the composition and how the different 16 molecules used in Growdense Hair serum work, Dr. Ashok Sinha explains, “This product launched in India on 15th July 2021, is thoroughly tried and tested. It has minimal or no side effects and works best for both men and women.” Further adding details about the molecules used, he explains, “Along with 5% Redensyl, 3% Procapil, 2% Anagain, Acetyl Tetrapeptide 3, LCLT, Caffeine, L-Arginine, Melatonin, Cu-Tripeptide, Saw Palmetto, Procyanidin, Green Apple extract, Grape seed extract, Nettle Root Extract, Soy Isoflavones, Horse Chest root extract, and Vitamin E is used.”

Along with the mentioned composition, to fight seborrheic dermatitis, Rosebay extract and Transcutol extract are also used. Further breaking down the working of the molecules used in Growdense, Dr. Ashok Sinha explained, among the total 17 molecules used

  • 5 molecules are DHT blocker
  • 2 molecules to increase the blood circulation (VasoDilator)
  • 2 molecules to increase the hair matrix cells
  • 3 molecules for hair follicle anchor
  • 4 molecules are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory anti-Microbial
  • 2 molecules to keep the scalp healthy and antiseborrheic
  • 2 molecules to keep the hair protein Keratin strong
  • 2 molecules as anti-apoptotic
  • 1 molecule to maintain the natural life of Anagen cells

Whatever possible composition and methods that can be used to control hair loss, are used in Growdense Hair Serum. He also adds Growdense Hair serum is the best product in India for hair loss treatment. After testing it on 17 different hair loss patients for 3 months, it has been concluded that Growdense Hair Serum can be the best treatment if you are young and are suffering from hair loss problems.

You can easily order Growdense Hair Serum from at a minimal launch discount price of INR 925/- only.