Thermo Fisher Scientific expands its SARS-CoV-2 testing portfolio in India with a point-of-care testing platform

The Accula System is an innovative platform that will accelerate the availability of reliable and accurate advanced molecular diagnostics at the point of care.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 15: Thermo Fisher Scientific today announced the introduction of the new and innovative Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test that delivers gold-standard reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) detection of SARS-CoV-2 in a point-of-care format.

The Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 in Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)–waived environments.

“Since the start of the pandemic, Thermo Fisher has acted quickly to provide support to the scientists and healthcare professionals at the frontlines of combating COVID-19,” said Amit Chopra, Managing Director, India, and South Asia, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Thermo Fisher’s new testing platform combines the accuracy of RT-PCR with the simplicity, convenience, and procedural familiarity of traditional rapid immunoassays. The Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test is a natural extension to our existing offerings and will significantly help to meet the continuing demands for rapid and reliable COVID-19 testing in India.”

RT-PCR testing is streamlined from start to finish using a fully integrated, single-use microfluidic test cassette and the reusable, palm-sized Accula Dock. The test uses nasal swab samples and provides reliable, qualitative results in approximately 30 minutes. The Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test is enabled by proprietary PCR technology that allows for reduced absolute temperatures and reduced temperature differentials—resulting in rapid exponential amplification while reducing overall thermocycling times.

“The rapid Accula point-of-care test will open new avenues of personal and public testing without compromising on accuracy,” added Amit. “The introduction of the test in India is a demonstration of the impact our solutions have on human health during the pandemic, and far beyond.”

In January 2021, Thermo Fisher acquired Mesa Biotech Inc., which developed the Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test to provide accurate and faster results at the point of care.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with annual revenue exceeding $30 billion. Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, improving patient diagnostics and therapies, or increasing productivity in their laboratories, we are here to support them. Our global team of more than 80,000 colleagues delivers an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience, and pharmaceutical services through our industry-leading brands, including Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services, and Patheon.


IC3 Institute comes forward to support women affected by the COVID-19 surge in India

New Jersey/Mumbai (Maharashtra) [USA/India], June 14: The IC3 Institute, a U.S. non-profit, is helping women from families that have lost their breadwinners to COVID-19 in the recent surge in India by empowering them with training and employment opportunities. These women will be trained as career counsellors and connected with full-time employment opportunities within IC3’s global network of high schools.

“The COVID-19 surge in India has brought many challenges, one of which is the loss of the sole breadwinners in many families, pushing them to the brink of poverty. While there has been a lot of international and domestic support for immediate relief measures, as the pandemic wears on, these families need sustenance support beyond having their immediate relief needs met. We hope that providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to the affected families will help them overcome the many challenges of the post-pandemic world.”, says Ganesh Kohli, Founder, IC3 Movement and Chair, Board of Trustees, IC3 Institute.

Through the initiative, women from distressed families will be provided financial aid and welfare, training and education to become career counsellors, upskilling to prepare them to join the modern workforce, and socio-emotional counselling and life skills training, and will be linked to schools in their region to ensure sustainable employment opportunities.

The IC3 Institute is currently raising funds to mobilize this initiative. To read more about the initiative and to contribute, click here.

About the IC3 Institute

The IC3 Institute is a mission-driven non-profit that brings together high schools, colleges, and universities, and industry to ensure early access to career and college counselling, paving the path for students’ college readiness, workforce preparedness, and career success. The IC3 Institute also serves as a think tank and thought leader on global higher education and career readiness through convenings of experts and timely research.


How this Chennai- based startup helps people to spark their ideas into innovations

Business Mint Awarded Meera Shakki Murugan founder of Biznoholic Management as Best Emerging Business Development Expert for creative and effective practices in the field of Business Development


Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 15: The Part and Pieces of each business Entrepreneur and their business is Biznoholic Management. The Biznoholic Management, for the individuals who are curious about it, basically creating development opportunities for your business. Within the actual business and between your business and other relevant organizations, growth opportunities can become growth hacking.

A Chennai-based startup Biznoholic Management aims to assist organizations by planning a correct Business Strategy for all customers and plays a crucial part in supporting and building up organizations & Startups.

Founded and developed by Meera Shakki Murugan, this business makeover, startup analyst, and consulting organization has one mission: to spark your ideas into innovation.

Meera is an entrepreneur who began her business while seeking after graduation. She has done Masters in International Business Management and Masters in Mass Communications and Journalism. Meera is a Business Development Expert with experience of over 12 years.

Meera’s enthusiasm towards her profession has helped many startups and young minds in Business Development and made lots of entrepreneurs. She has reached many Business Development programs and her way of life of planning business techniques, Public Relations to adopt the branding market has made huge accomplishment outputs. Meera’s BIZNOHOLIC MANAGEMENT helps in building up the organization with the required data and methodologies. They are experts in career development and planning strategic analysis. Her excellent and mannered method of approach makes you learn and customer handling methodologies.

Entrepreneurship by women, whenever is sped up to meet its full quality and amount, can create over 30 million women-owned startups. It can change entrepreneurship in the country with 150-170 million new job openings, which is in more than 25% of the job openings needed for the whole working age populace, from this point until 2030, as indicated by the research. That is one reason why our country needs more participation by women.

The startup focuses on collaboration and commitment, which they accept “is the best approach to learn”. The founders give a high need for action-based adapting rather than theoretical perspectives. While the first part of their three-step process is on the most proficient method to make a business content, the next two steps are practical – making their customers pitch to them, followed by a client.

Taking all things together, Meera says people appreciate her for being a compassionate listener and would regularly move toward her for advice. It was then she realized that she was capable of assisting people with options beyond the obvious and proceeded to find out additional learning, aggregating over long years of experience with the development and growth space.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t simple: it’s a 24X7 responsibility that blurs the lines between individual and professional lives. Entrepreneurs impact us from various perspectives. They make services and products we use, grow and develop business, uphold the economic vibrancy of worldwide business sectors make occupations, and stimulate innovations with no limits. 

Being an Entrepreneur she is also a social activist who runs an NGO called Aramsei Barathi. Aramsei Barathi helps in supporting women’s empowerment and career opportunities for young calibers. Meera is a passionate Entrepreneur who is out on a mission to impact the world to advance her dreams. She asserts that she is just finding techniques to propel her dreams. Meera is enthusiastic about inspiring, planning strategic tactics for startups and loss-making companies to accomplish something extraordinary and companies to transform with the future.

A report by Bain and Company and Google in February 2020 uncovered that startups by women can help advance the reason for the financial incorporation of women in India. The report says that 13.5 to 15.7 million startups by women make up 20% of all organizations in the country, an ascent from 14% to the current 20% throughout the last decade.

According to Meera, Your product or service should have the option to tackle the trouble spots in the market that it wishes to serve. This part of being an entrepreneur in business development is grossly misjudged and underrepresented. Also, you should have the option to comprehend what people like, how they would want to see something done, and how to bring across how your product is unique and better than something different your potential client has seen.

It takes out to start any journey, a long and difficult one in the case of a Startup. One of the most common things among effective entrepreneur and their organizations is the hard work, confidence in their vision, and tremendous exploration work involved.

Saluting this hard work of Meera, Business Mint Nationwide Awards nominated her for Best Emerging Business Development Expert – 2021, Chennai. Meera successfully bagged this position because of her innovative, strategic, and effective business practices. Leading a business to success can be a tough challenge, and as such, she is keen to showcase the commitment, expertise, and sheer hard work her.


The new app brings hope to 70,000 cancer patients seeking reliable information to navigate their treatment journey

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], June 15: Cancer patients in India now have access to CURIA, a first-of-its-kind app developed by Swiss company OncoCoin AG, the most decentralized and equitable ecosystem of cancer information. CURIA, with a global community of over 150,000, empowers patients with individualised information on treatments, clinical trials, and experts. It provides them with the much-needed support to navigate the tough decisions throughout their treatment journey.

According to a report by WHO, 1 in every 10 Indians will develop cancer in their lifetime. There were as many as 1.16 million new cancer cases and 784,800 cancer deaths in 2018 alone. High mortality, combined with over 500 types of cancers, has generated a need for highly relevant information more than ever before.

CURIA empowers patients and their families with individualized information about approved therapies, clinical trials, and medical experts. Built over the OncoCoin platform, CURIA offers services such as tailored information, second opinion, and the opportunity to participate in research programmes. The timely availability of this information at patient’s fingertips helps them navigate through tough decisions throughout their treatment journey.

Speaking of this, Amit Ananpara, Innoplexus India Co-MD, said “Globally, 70% of cancer patients feel they do not get the information they need to make informed decisions. Specifically in India, limited knowledge of ongoing clinical trials leaves a gap in research involvement, stifling new insights. CURIA has successfully bridged such gaps in Europe. We look forward to helping cancer patients in India in their journey to cure.”

Amit Ananpara and Gunjan Bhardwaj

The tailored options in the app seek to answer three main questions which are often at the forefront of patients’ minds when they are diagnosed with cancer: ‘What are the treatment options available to me’, ‘What clinical trials could I participate in’, and ‘Who are the experts for my cancer type’. CURIA serves as a basis for patients to understand those options for their treatment journey, and to have more engaged discussions with their doctors about what’s right for them.

Adding further, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder & CEO, Innoplexus, said, “Cancer is one of the most common non-communicable diseases in India today. What exacerbates the situation further is the fact that there is a clear lack of information on the condition. We aim to bridge this gap through CURIA and enable individuals with this condition to connect with other cancer patients and share information.”

CURIA’s popular feature “Cancer Twin”, addresses patients’ need to connect with someone who really understands what they’re going through. The algorithm matches patients with the most similar other cancer profiles. They can share experiences through a private chat, anonymously. All conversations are encrypted through blockchain, bringing in the highest level of security to protect patient’s vital health information.

CURIA’s India launch follows successful launches in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and France. It is available on Android and iOS platforms.

About Curia

CURIA is a mobile application developed by OncoCoin AG, a Swiss-based wholly-owned subsidiary of Innoplexus AG. OncoCoin, using its patented AI and blockchain technologies, structures trillions of data points from published and unpublished data. The information is tailored by parameters such as demographics, cancer type, stage, possible mutations, to generate the most relevant insights for quick decision making. The insights are fully regulated by a human team of experts. Curia was founded in June 2020 by Innoplexus AG and sits in Eschborn, Germany. The app is currently available in Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland.


Obesity has emerged as a novel risk factor for hospitalization and death due to COVID-19 – Dr. Pratayksha

Jagadhri (Haryana) [India], June 15: Obesity is a huge healthcare concern because it is associated with several chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, and certain types of cancers. Obesity significantly reduces the quality of life and is one of the leading causes of death, worldwide. Recent evidence has shown that obesity weakens the immune system and therefore, making the host vulnerable to infectious diseases. Indeed, Obesity has emerged as a strong risk factor for severe disease in the current pandemic disease, COVID-19. Several independent studies have demonstrated that obese subjects with COVID-19 have a higher risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and increased probability of death.

The global pandemic of obesity and overweight now affects between 2.8 and 3.5 billion of the world population and shows no signs of abatement. Treatment for what is now recognized as a chronic disease includes pharmacotherapy, considered an essential component of a comprehensive therapy. The pace of the US Food and Drug Administration approval for obesity drugs has been glacial. In the last 20 years, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved 208 drugs for cancer, 118 for cardiovascular diseases, 168 for neurological diseases, and 223 endocrinology drugs, but only 6 for obesity, 2 of which have been taken off-market. Currently, there are only 9 drugs approved by the FDA for obesity treatment. Due to which off-label drug businesses have increased rapidly.

Be it weight loss or weight gain, an unhealthy body is something that leads to mental problems as well, and to combat such issues, Shree Skin Care & Slimming Centre is fighting obesity with new-age methods by a young health entrepreneur, Dr. Pratayksha Bhardwaj who is contributing his best in this pandemic of Covid19 to help the society by reducing risk factors.

Dr. Pratayksha has practiced Obesity Medicine & Weight Management in India since 2007. His expertise in caring for patients with weight problems is well known both across India and internationally and also had been two times gold medalist for it. He is widely regarded as an expert in his field because of his research and has published a scientific book on obesity treatment and the use of anti-obesity products. He has also given many lectures and presentations across the globe on anti-obesity. He is an acknowledged Research Member of many organizations including the Indian Obesity Network, Canadian Obesity Network, Indian Laser Association, and World’s Obesity Organization. Dr. Pratayksha’s Shree Skin Care & Slimming Centre, or Shree Slimming as it is popularly called, is committed to providing an exceptional quality of obesity management and medical care with an efficient, knowledgeable, and caring staff in a pleasant and relaxing environment. Shree Slimming team believes that Obesity Medicine Specialists have a moral obligation to their patients and society as a whole to analyze their results and to contribute to improvements in treatment. Dr. Pratayksha devotes many hours weekly to staying current so he can provide the best care available. He plans effective care management for all patients, which prevents further comorbidities. Dr. Pratayksha is loved by his patients, who attest to an improvement in quality of life after the treatment. He takes the time to listen to his patients, educates himself on all cutting-edge techniques and medical knowledge. He has introduced advanced skills with techniques as Non-Surgical Bariatric. Many of his patients have and continue to participate anonymously in research studies.

Whether you have a little or a lot to lose, Dr. Pratayksha and his foundation Shree Skin Care and Slimming Centre have the blueprint to help you quickly and safely achieve your weight loss and health goals.


International Yoga Day: Relevance of Yogic practices – Pranayama in tackling Covid challenges and beyond

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 15: Being celebrated as an annual event, 21st June is celebrated every year as International Yoga Day globally. As coincidentally coinciding with the summer solstice, the day is relevant in our nation as having a connection with the ancient practice of yoga. This day was internationally given recognition by the United Nations General Assembly and the proposal of recognizing it specifically on 21st June was given by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. International Yoga Day is not just a day but a beginning and a practice to create positive awareness regarding Yoga worldwide.

Yoga has got its origin before the Vedic period as mentioned in the oldest Veda, Rig Veda. But its popularity was mainly seen in the 1980s as the Western World brought it into practice in the form of physical exercise. Indeed, practicing yoga today is not just a trend in India but also abroad too. A 2017 National survey report states that about one in seven U.S adults practiced yoga and the percentage of people practicing yoga has grown since a decade i.e. from 2007-2017.

Yoga, in a layman’s language, is just a physical exercise that heals physical problems, but it is not just limited to physical issues. It’s more of a therapy and a spiritual practice that heals both the mind and the body and gives it relaxation. According to a report, it has been mentioned among the top fitness trends in 2019. Its popularity has increased more due to its diversity of providing long-term benefits in every chronic problem. It has been found and observed that yoga is more beneficial in relieving stress and solving several mental issues related to stress such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. Along with that its practice has helped treat ailments like hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and many others. India, the birthplace of Yoga has seen drastic popularity among the people. A study conducted in 2017 has witnessed the fact that over half of the 200 million people practicing yoga are of Indian origin.

Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar, a global trainer, industrialist, author, and international sportsman is also a yoga teacher. He is the founder of E-cube India Pvt. Ltd. (Empower, Enable, educate), a training team that uses the science of “Pancha Kosha Shuddhi”, inner engineering technology to help an individual to release its potential in order to achieve productivity in both personal and professional life. The team has a deep understanding of yogic inner sciences and the mastery to use them in the transformation of an individual and organization. It is an initiative to create a proactive and performance-driven culture in the organizations.

Dr. Arunagiri has been studying, practicing, and teaching yoga as a human empowerment tool for the last thirty years.

The current pandemic has negatively impacted the respiratory tract functioning of people. So, E-cube has been conducting free pranayama shivirs to teach people about strengthening their immune system. Apart from that, they are also helping to boost their lungs and respiratory tract functioning to prevent covid ailment and in the recovery of infections. This year, on 21st June, on International Yoga Day, E-cube India under Dr. Arunagiri’s leadership has planned to conduct a pranayam yogic shivir for children to assist them in understanding and experiencing their mental and physical well being. E-cube India under Dr. Arunagiri’s leadership is growing rapidly due to the deep yogic practices, corporate work experience, and delivering impactful training methods of its founder.

Dr. Arunagiri has completed five batches of yogic practices training including Pranayama and positive mindset strategies covering over a thousand participants from India and abroad. The participants range from students, homemakers, executives, business owners, politicians, etc.  All of them have immensely benefitted from this well-designed customized yogic shivir.  Many of the participants were infected with Covid and some were in the post-Covid phase. The customized Pranayama and mindset strategy program helped the participants hasten their recovery.

In 2018, NITI Aayog suggested that Yoga should be introduced in schools, universities, and other organizations as a regular activity to revolutionize the value of education and turn the attention also towards health and self-care. A study by the authors of the University of South Australia stated that around 131 volunteers suffering from mild to moderate levels of stress found yoga effective in reducing stress and providing calmness and relaxation to the body and mind.

Yoga has entered into the tourism industry as well with the name ‘Yoga tourism’. Various yoga schools and centers have welcomed the concept of ‘yoga retreats and cruises’ in cities like Kerala, Rishikesh, Pondicherry, Goa. The present pandemic period has witnessed the enormous effect of yoga and the way it has helped people. Even medical science has recommended yoga for people to give spiritual and physical well-being to their bodies and mind. Yoga, although an ancient practice, today is a modern way to keep you balanced mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Dr. Arunaagiri is committed to helping business owners and organizations to reset their businesses using yogic practices of body and mind in these challenging times.