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A one-start website for all your spiritual blessings by Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa

“Sometimes small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life.”

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 12: Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa launches a new website to be there with you in every step of your life as a guide.

As human beings, we often come across situations where we become lost and just wish for someone to guide us to the correct pathway. That is when one needs to seek spiritual guidance.

With this new website, Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa would help you with offerings such as astrology, numerology, Vastu shastra, NLP, manifestation techniques, personal transformation, meditation mindfulness, chakra meditation, graphology, energy healing, brand logo/ visiting card analysis, name analysis, etc. courses and workshops on tarot card reading, graphology and meditation marathon are also available on this website at https://naavnedhikwwadhwa.com/

Naavnedhi K Wwadhwa is a well-renowned NLP certified Mind Performance and Transformational Coach, celebrity Numerologist and Graphologist, Vastu Consultant, and Energy Healer. She is the founder and meditation guru at Inner Ziva, a one-of-a-kind Meditation & Breakfast club that combines the ideas of deep meditation and healthy, nutritious food. She has trained with world-renowned experts such as celebrated author and celebrity coach Tony Robbins and renowned American author and co-founder of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Richard Bandler. Through her expertise in NLP, meditation and manifestation techniques, she has helped people across the globe to access the power of their unconscious, make conscious choices and manifest the biggest achievements of their lives. She also has a Ph.D. in Business Management and a degree in fashion designing from NIFT, Delhi.

According to Naavnedhi developing and maintaining a meditation practice can play a key role in helping you access your true potential. She swears by its effectiveness in cleansing the mind, rejuvenating oneself – mentally, physically and emotionally, and maintains that meditation can carve an individual’s path to being a peak performer.

Her’s is a story of sheer grit and courage. Having been a victim of body-shaming in her childhood and faced constant judgement over her appearance and language barriers, she was on a downward spiral and diagnosed with clinical depression. Later in life, she also faced multiple health issues during pregnancy causing her weight to shoot up and muscles to deteriorate. The doctors had declared that her condition was irreversible. But she proved everyone wrong and underwent a radical transformation by embracing diverse spiritual and healing modalities.

In 2019, she was crowned Mrs. Universe Asia Queen 2019. She received the Times Power Woman award and is among the forty most influential women. Earlier this year, she was featured in Forbes in an article that elucidated her journey of transformation. Radio City 91.1 FM honoured her with the Mumbai City Icon award. She was awarded Lokmat Lifestyle Award 2020 for Fortune Teller and Meditation and as the Femina Power Brand of 2021. Moreover, she is the recipient of the INDIA TODAY Excellence in Healthcare award for her work.

This new website is an initiative by her to help others to adhere to the blessings of the universe. Naavnedhi has already helped more than 500 people on their spiritual journey. It is always a blessing to be there for people when they are in need.

This new website will act as a one-step door for all the solutions to your problems. Feel free to connect to her on this website.

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Top best astrologer near you: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

New Delhi [India], May 13: Best astrologer near you or anywhere is a great honour for anyone. Holding a title like the top best astrologer near you or anywhere is a peerless and unmatchable status any person can achieve. When we look for the best astrologer, we should have some idea about the basic methodology & essential criterion for any good astrologer to have.

A good astrologer must be an astrologer by design and not by default. It means the astrologer must abide by certain basic rules of Vedic Astrology. Let us know more about some of these basic principles of Vedic Astrology.

  1. A good Vedic astrologer knows how to co-relate your horoscope with your past life. We know that a horoscope is a direct manifesto of your past life(s) Karmas and all planetary positions are not any random allocation but well-judged results of our past life deeds.
  2. The astrologer should know how to verify your accurate birth details and if there is even an error of one minute, (s)he should know how to ascertain your right birth time through birth time rectification. Date and place of birth are generally known in many cases; accurate birth time is not known.
  3. Any good astrologer should not discuss a child’s horoscope until the child reaches the age of 12th Year unless there are severe health or very uncommon behavioural issues. It is logical to get a child’s horoscope made as it plays an important role, but only when the child reaches the right stages of life like education subject selection, career selection, business decisions, marriage purposes and other similar stages of life.
  4. Your horoscope has both negative & positive planetary positions. The good astrologer should not let the person feel being cursed due to negative planetary position and the same way, blessed or pampered throughout life. Instead of this, (s)he should tell you how to keep the negatives in the horoscope pacified and how to activate positive ones. That is called the Theory of Karma and not the ritualistic way of astrology.
  5. One should know how to advise the child and parents while choosing the best education subject keeping in mind what will be best for the future career of the child.
  6. The advice for a career should not be given only based on the horoscope of a specific person but also, after visualising the potential of any career in the coming times. All Careers do not remain the same, as we have experienced in these Pandemic times.
  7. Any good astrologer should be able to advise on the predictions for the future life partner, timings of the marriage and what would be better for a person, love or arranged marriage. One can read much more on https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/marriage-astrology.php
  8. When it comes to checking the marriage compatibility between two persons, it should be based on the Golden rules of relationship compatibility and not only based on simple mathematical Gun Milan. It helps to check the compatibility of two persons for sexual, behavioural, adaptability and mutual respect with each other. A good astrologer can also help to know about out the possibility of extra-marital affairs post marriage.
  9. Any good astrologer should be able to read the connection of married life to a person’s career. The 7th and 10th house are strongly interconnected & complementary to each other; many astrologers may not consider this while advising on these two aspects separate
  10. Also one should check if you are interacting with the Main astrologer directly or with the juniors in an Astrology Compound.

Like this, there are many more basic rules of Vedic astrology which any good astrologer should consider in giving astrological guidance to a person.

You cannot confine the expertise of any good astrologer to a particular region or country. The best astrologer will remain the best and a good astrologer will remain the good irrespective of area geographical boundaries. In today’s time when the communication modes are so well available, one should focus more to verify the basic qualifications and overall practical experience of the astrologer. One should try to review public exposure and most importantly, people’s reviews about any astrologer. A person depends on an astrologer for getting good guidance thus it is better to know a few things as explained above. Rest is all a fate of the human’s efforts. One can read more on www.vinaybajrangi.com

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How sustainability helped founder Nimit Singhi, to launch his brand Live Linen

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], May 13: Our story at Live-linen revolves around comfortability and quality. We wanted to add value to society and touch the world at large. As a team of stylists and fashion designers, we wanted to contribute using our expertise and passion — using what we love doing as an avenue to add and contribute positively to the world around us.

In our research into the history, we came across a series of concepts, but cloth and household fabric production hit us as an ideal and brilliant idea — our way of doing something unique.

So we made linen our base material. For over 10,000 years dating as far as the ancient city of Mesopotamia and popular Egypt, we spotted the highly-priced and revered Linen fabric.

Our journey into history paid off, we discovered a gem — we unearthed a fabric of quality and comfort. Since our principal material has met our principle of quality and comfort,  we delved into the world of linen, making an assortment of designs that includes dresses, table linen, and linen beddings, and fabrics for kitchen use( apron, potholder, table cloth, napkin, and curtains)Our production is large, including home decor material and conventional women’s wears.

On this Executive Officer, Mr. Nimit Singhi says  ” double quality ”.Double quality is where our quality linen material meets quality production. We pay attention to details in making contemporary designs of clothing, home decor, and linen bedding, and kitchen table clothing, and aprons. Each piece is 100% linen made by passionate designers giving the very best not just to keep the reputation of the brand but especially to ensure every purchase is top-notch, long-lasting, and satisfying.

We’ve come to reinvent the past in the present and keep the culture of linen alive. We strongly believe the comfort it offers should not go extinct — its value should be savored and become a part of our lives.

So to every corner of the earth, our linen products are delivered in excellent condition. You can have a unique design in mind and we’ll bring it alive by following the details of your description — we give exactly what you want. We bring your imagination to reality.

  • So we say shop with us today to enjoy blissful sleep in the comfort of our 100% and well-processed linen bedding.
  • We say shop with us to beautify the interior of your home — your pieces of furniture, and the kitchen area.
  • And most importantly, we say shop with us to own your style with our collection of linen clothing of timeless designs.

We started with a small store on Etsy Marketplace and now we have our online store (livelinen.com) in the future we look to tap some larger marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. We aim to become a household name in India as well as the rest of the world. Along with that we also have some collaborations planned in the future with influencers who believe in our vision and ready to support us in our mission.

We have a wide range of linen offerings, such as linen clothing, linen home décor, linen kitchen, linen bedding and more. Our best sellers are our elegantly designed clothing collection. We believe each style represents a new you.  Along with this traditional collection, we also offer custom sizing for all the products so you can get what you want. Since selling online gifts has become a significant part of business hence we created a special personalized collection for people who like to gift or who love to buy something which is really made for them and unique.

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Kingston sets to inspire people with the power of memories and its new ‘‘Kingston Is With You’’campaign

Campaign kicks off with the premiere of brand-new micro-film,Memories Empower, limited-edition

giftbox and “7-Day Memory Challenge”to invite Kingston users to relive their most precious memories

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 13: Accelerating the vision of preserving memories with its memory and storage products,Kingston Technology, a world leader of memory products and technology solutions, today announced its “Kingston Is With You” campaign.With the newbrand positioning message,“Kingston Is With You,” Kingston aims to bring alive the invincible impact of memories in our lives and emphasizes that memories not only exist in the past, but can also be the driving force that motivates one to move forward in life.

A series of “Kingston Is With You” themed online and offline activitiesbegin today, kicking off with the premiere of the micro-film,Memories Empower,which unveils a self-recovery journey through memories. In addition, Kingston specially designed a limited-edition giftbox that connects memories with the five senses. The giftbox comes with “7-Day Memory Challenge” cards, assigning 7mini-tasks to recipients, helping them relive their most precious moments and provide a chance to win heartwarming gifts. Retail channels will also run promotional activities for customers to preserve their meaningful moments and experience the strength in memory with Kingston’s products.

Kevin Wu, Sales/Marketing and Business Development Vice President of APAC region, Kingston, said, “Kingston has always been a leader inenabling people to preserve their memories through our most reliable and high-performing memory and storage solutions products forbusiness, creative and daily settings.We staunchly believe in the power of memories and its unlimited impact. During these times, we want to bring inspiration and strength to people with a promise that ‘Kingston Is With You.’ We striveto stand alongside all ourcustomers, to celebrate cherishedmoments and be there with them during tough times.We would also like to express our deepest admiration and respect, and pay homage to those who show courage, resilience and strength during these testing times.”

Brand New Micro-filmBrings Memories From the Past to Future

Kingston believes that video is one of the best ways to tell a story. The previously released A Memory to Remember Trilogy micro-film seriescentered around the significance of past memories and has touched the hearts of millions. This year, to show how “Kingston Is With You,”Kingston has brought back celebrated advertising director Lo Ging-zim to direct its latest micro-film. Mr. Lo also directed Kingston’s three previous micro-films.

While the A Memory to Remember Trilogy micro-film seriesfocused on the memorable past, MemoriesEmpowerexpands time and space to the present and future. The story depicts a younggirl’s encounters after an abrupt change in life and exploring the theme that memories not only connect peopleto their past, but it also provides the courage to continue moving forward. Kingston invites viewers to embark on this journey of self-recovery through this micro-film.

Experience the Power of Memories with Kingston’s Limited-edition Giftbox

Extending its credo of Memories Empowerfurther, Kingston has specially designed a limited-editionmemory giftbox that stimulates the five senses:sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell. Cards for each day of the 7 memory-related challenges, along with a Kingston x CSD face mask are included in the giftbox, encouraging people to revisit small but treasured moments and rediscover the happiness of little things in life.

From May 14-18, Kingston will recruit its users to participate in the 7-Day Memory Challenge. Participants selected will be announced on Kingston’s Facebook Fan Page on May 20. Those who share their challenges online will have a chance to win an iPhone 12 and other exciting gifts. Please visit Kingston’s Facebook for more information.

From cherishing memorable moments of the past to continuing the journey forward, Kingston Is With You.

Kingston Is With You Campaign Site: http://kings.tn/PR_KingstonIsWithYou

Watch the Memories Empower micro-film here: https://youtu.be/JeHRCuy_Lo0

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New Age production house IdeaRack enters OTT space with Runaway Lugaai for MX Player, stars Sanjay Mishra, Naveen Kasturia

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 13 After the successful debut in the television space with Tara From Satara, that won the Indian Television Academy Award (2019) for Best Drama Show and Best Story, IdeaRack is all set to venture into the OTT space with its exciting offering Runaway Lugaai, a light-hearted web series set in the heartland of Bihar.

It is developed by Saeed Akhtar & Aisha Faizan of IdeaRack Pvt. Limited and helmed by Avinash Das of Anaarkali of Aarah fame. Runaway Lugaai will be streaming on MX Player from May 18th, 2021 onwards.

Runaway Lugaai stars Naveen Kasturia, Ruhi Singh, Sanjay Mishra, Ravi Kishan, Aarya Babbar, Pankaj Jha and Chittaranjan Tripathy in the pivotal roles. The web show is a humorous yet heartwarming journey of Rajni played by Naveen looking for his Runaway Lugaai.

Saeed Akhtar, Founder IdeaRack Pvt Limited says, “The OTT space being cluttered with crime and thriller shows, we wanted to bring a differentiated story for our audiences. Runaway Lugaai celebrates the dysfunctional relationships between a father & son with a quirky love story at the center of the plot”.

Aisha Faizan, Co-Founder, IdeaRack adds, “While developing Runaway Lugaai, we wanted to give our audiences a realistic flavour & the local nuances, so we got Avinash Das to direct the series along with actors who belonged to the heartland to bring in the authenticity of Bihar.”

Elated actor Naveen Kasturia shares, “Runaway Lugaai has been a very exciting project for me. It was fun working with Saeed and Aisha as they bring so much passion and detailing to their work. Saeed Bhai was absolutely clear about his vision and tonality of the show which encouraged me to push beyond and try and create an endearing character of Rajnikant Sinha.”

In the past 5 years, IdeaRack has developed shows like Guru Aur Bhole, Sab Jholmaal Ho, Paapo meter, Fab5, Kicko & Super Speedo for Sony Yay. They have also curated the animation series of iconic show Tarak Mehta Kka Chhota Chashmah for Sony Yay In 2021. Besides this, they also launched India’s first online filmmaking course for kids Filmmaker Jr in 2020.

Currently, IdeaRack is creating interesting content for some of the top studios in the industry and aiming to tell even more exciting stories soon.