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Glimpse up the world @worldwithmaria

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], April 28: Maria, an Indian lifestyle blogger, based in Dubai has a charming way of living and is driven by her passion and creativity. With the enthusiastic and optimistic persona, she’s loved and acknowledged by many for her aesthetic and colourful feed. Our unicorn believer Maria has been a rainbow for many unicorns out there. Our Indian girl, living her dreams in Dubai and following what she really loves, has set a bar up high for females like her to pursue their passion no matter the obstacles. ‘The hurdles and tough times are a part of life, and we must keep moving ahead and tick off the things we’ve been dreading from our bucket list,’ says Maria. Her inspiring words surely are thought-provoking and influential for many.

Maria’s love for being creative has always remained intact and has taken her to places of success through the years of her being a lifestyle influencer. Apart from the creative feed that she has, she’s a digger of traveling and discovering new places now and then. She has traveled across and explored so many new places over the course. Her exploring self has helped many to go around and check out new places. With her colourful and vibrant aesthetics, watching her growing every day does make sense. Her taste for perfection and the beautiful, colourful combinations that she uses and her feed itself, truly sets her apart from the many lifestyle bloggers and influencers. Our indie-Dubai girl Maria, with her passion for creativity, carries her passion through and leaves her sparkle wherever she is ought to go. Her witty and fun way of life brings her much closer to her ever-growing audience. Maria’s content is largely loved by her followers. The authenticity in her work is unmistakably remarkable.

Maria’s creativity does not just stop here. It goes much wide towards her love for content writing as well. Creating the perfect content and writing the perfect caption, brings her in limelight. She has worked with some amazing and prestigious brands and media houses like Emirates Woman, Lovin’ Dubai, Dubai OFW, Expat Woman, and many more. Her work has been inspiring and most importantly inculcated the need in many to bring out their creative side. Maria, with her amazing anatomy, along with being in the social media industry for 4 years, is creating a change and is embarking on her influential self largely today. Take a glimpse of her world @worldwithmaria and surely you won’t regret it.

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The Good Maharaja’, slated for a Christmas 17 December 2022 release

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 28: According to sources, saddled in a new avatar for his second outing, this rising star Dhruv Verma, already famous as ‘Indian James Bond’ worldwide for his intense action sequences in No Means No, has been signed for a whopping Rs. 12 Crore (Around 1.33 Million Euros) as his professional acting fees for a lead role in The Good Maharaja, a World War 2 Epic. Buzz is that the budding actors’ business manager had asked for around Rs. 20 crores (Around 2 Million Euros); but later in negotiations, Dhruv reduced his fee to in light of the economic slow down due to the Pandemic of Covid-19 to around Rs. 12 Crores (Around 1.33 Million Euros). And has even pledged a large chunk of his fees already to be donated for the betterment of  Covid care facilities and Old age homes. Dhruv said on this topic “This is a severe reality and the health of my fellow countrymen is more important than money” and pledges to donate a portion from all his film earnings.

Titled as ‘The Good Maharaja’, slated for a Christmas 2022 release, the film revolves around World War II and is also the second Indo-Polish co-production venture based on a true story which is neither untold nor glorified’ is also about the lion-hearted Indian Maharaja of Nawanagar (now known as Jamnagar in Gujarat) Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji Jadeja (nicknamed as Jam Saheb) who during this war came as a fatherly figure for around 1000 Polish children and sheltered them from the squalid orphanage.

Shedding more light about the film, for which shooting and principal photography has already begun, the elated actor, Dhruv says, “I am thankful and overwhelmed that the producers and directors have reposed their faith on my shoulders once again. The role is different from my debut film.”  Reportedly Dhruv has read the script many times during the holidays in his ancestral home situated at Hyde Park in London, where he often does his script readings.  When the Second World War began in September 1939, Poland was invaded by the Germans and then by the Russians. This is one of the timelines of the film” Keeping his role under wraps, the budding actor adds, “I know the graph of this character and have to submit to my director’s vision. I will start taking add-on training with the guns used in WWII: like M1 Carbine and Enfield M1917 rifles; Springfield M1903 with edged bayonets; Colt pistols; Browning M1917A1 heavy machine guns; Thompson M1A1 submachine guns; amongst many others under the guidance of my mentor-guru, Hollywood’s famous star Steven Segal in Russia.”

Rumour has it that the producers of the film have also restricted Dhruv from signing or working on any other film during the period till The Good Maharaja is complete.

Dhruv’s Business Manager who did not wish to be named highlights, “The Indian Maharaja has drawn bilateral ties with Poland. One of the children has even become the Prime Minister of Poland. This collaboration reminds me of the veteran filmmaker and actor Raj Kapoor’s love for Russia beginning his association with his film Mera Naam Joker and herewith our illustrious Vikash Verma’s bonding with Poland.”

Director Vikash Verma the chairman of G7 Securitas Group and G7 Films, says, “Cinema shapes our society and highlights the culture too.” Vikash Verma spoke about many controversies that arose regarding the film, The Good Maharaja, but he will take the blessings of Maharaja Digvijaysaheb’s family. Vikash said “I am sure that Maharaja Digvijay Saheb’s family will not take any objection,” Vikash said that this film’s inception was in 2016, but was put on hold for his ambitious Indo- Polish project, No Means No. And about casting Dhruv Verma… he is an ambitious, determined, and enterprising actor and he fits the bill. Sanjay Dutt plays a titular role in it. According to Sources, Roman Polanski, renowned Polish film director, and Oscar-winner for The Pianist will be approached to direct this film. He is now 87-years-old and his experiences as a witness to the Holocaust will be an added layer of realism to this film. “We will shoot this movie from start to finish once this pandemic crisis simmers down and after everyone is vaccinated, soon after we release first venture of our co-production No Means No in November.

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Detailed Guide to Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [[India], April 28: The bike insurance is a legal document between you, the policyholder, and an insurance company. In these insurance policies, the insurance company will provide you with financial assistance in the event of accidental damage, theft, and any losses incurred by the bike through human-made or natural calamities. As per the law, it is a legal compulsion for every bike driven on the road to hold a valid insurance policy.

If you’re a policyholder, you will be at ease knowing that your vehicle is protected from any danger of damage or loss. However, if you wish to reap the benefits of a bike insurance policy, you must get them renewed on time. Vehicle insurance companies like Tata AIG offer seamless online bike insurance renewal processes. However, you can also opt for offline methods of renewal.

Let us understand the two-wheeler insurance renewal in detail here.

The two methods of renewing bike insurance policy are:

Offline process:

In the offline bike insurance renewal process, you will need to contact an agent or visit your insurer’s office branch to renew your bike insurance policy. This process generally involves filling out some forms and submitting documents. You will have to fill in your vehicle and policy details in the application form.

The insurance company will hand over the renewed policy if you pay the premium by cash, debit card, or DD. If you have made the payment through a cheque, the policy will be emailed to you once the cheque clears. Though the offline process can be quite time-consuming, some people who are still not comfortable with technology choose to go for it.

Online process:

To get the bike insurance policy renewal done online, you must first go through your existing policy and its coverage to analyze whether you wish to continue with the same cover and insurer. If you want to continue with your existing plan, you must visit your insurer’s website and follow the steps to renew the policy and make the payment. However, if you wish to switch to a different policy or move to a new insurance company, you should put in some effort to research other companies and their offerings and find the policy that suits your requirement.

The steps involved for renewal of two-wheeler insurance includes:

  1. Visit your insurer’s website and go to the bike insurance renewal form.
  2. Enter your two-wheeler registration number and other important information needed.
  3. You can continue with the same insurance policy and customizations or choose to make changes to it.
  4. Update the IDV. You can update the IDV depending on your requirement. It is advised that your IDV must be 10% less than the previous year’s policy.
  5. Pick the riders/add-ons based on your requirement.
  6. After finishing the steps, you will get the premium amount that you have to pay.
  7. If you have not filed a claim in the previous policy year/s, do not forget to check if the correct NCB discount is applied to your renewal premium.
  8. Check the final amount and other details and make the payment.
  9. Once you have made the payment, your bike insurance policy renewal is done.

Once you have carried out these steps diligently, your insurance company will send you the renewal documents through email. You can download the policy document and get a printout of the document. You can show this document to traffic police if the need ever arises.

Five things to know before your bike insurance renewal:

  1. Opt for the NCB (No-Claim Bonus):

If you haven’t filed a bike insurance claim during the current policy year, you can opt for the No Claim Bonus benefit during insurance renewal. You will get a discount on the insurance premium based on the number of years you haven’t filed a claim. If you don’t file a claim for five consecutive years, you can avail a discount of up to 50%.

  1. Look for mistakes in information:

You must check your information policy for any discrepancies before filing for renewal. Any minor mistake reflected in your insurance policy can affect your insurance claim settlement. Therefore, you must go through your policy document carefully and provide the required documents.

  1. Renew before your plan expires:

It is optimal to consider getting the policy renewal almost 15 days before the expiry date. It would help if you didn’t wait for the plan to lapse. If your policy lapses, you may lose out on the advantages like NCB and face a penalty.

  1. Grace period:

If you have missed the renewal date on your policy, you must not worry. Most insurance companies offer a grace period of 15-45 days based on the policy type. If you renew your insurance policy within the grace period, you can still benefit from the NCB (No-Claim Bonus). Therefore, if you haven’t made the premium payment before the plan expires, you still have the grace period to get the renewal done successfully.

  1. Go over insurance plan:

The renewal period for your insurance plan is the best time to evaluate your bike insurance cover requirements. When you reach your policy term’s end, you understand how much coverage you actually need. Therefore, you can adjust your bike insurance policy accordingly.

In conclusion

If you’re a bike insurance policyholder, you must ensure to get the policy renewed on time. Since it is illegal to be found riding a bike without a two-wheeler insurance policy even for a day, individuals opt for the two-wheeler insurance online renewal, as it is quicker than the offline process.

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Acclaimed Music Producer, Composer & Lyricist Shivam Birk is winning the hearts of people with his music

Jalandhar (Punjab) [India], April 28: There’s little doubt that Punjab is home to a vast musical world having numerous singers, composers, and local artists. The overall size of the Indian music industry is as much as 2000 Cr and Punjab music industry comprises 25% of which is huge seeing the size and diversity of the Indian music industry. Punjabi songs have a unique feel and beat to them, which makes people instantly fall in love with the music. There are many emerging talents in Punjab but very few can survive the competition and make it big in the music industry. Today we come across one such young and new talent Shivam Birk who is winning the hearts of music lovers not just in Punjab but across the entire country.

Born and brought up in a small village named Birk in the Jalandhar district, Shivam’s passion for music developed at a very early age. As he grew up, he got inspired by the success of other Punjabi artists and dreamt of making it big in the music industry. Just after college, the young boy started a music production house named “JBD Production.” When he entered the music industry, he created a devotional song “Mera Baba Balak Nath” to get the blessings of the almighty for moving ahead on the success path. And this song was an instant hit and set the tone for his musical journey ahead.

As a musician, he has mastered all the aspects of creating a song that is both popular as well as retains the original folk music of Punjab. Therefore, today he is a successful music producer, composer, and lyricist. With hard work, perseverance, and good work ethics, where within no time he has carved a niche for herself.

Under his banner ‘ JBD Production,’ he has worked on multiple projects giving several hit and catchy party songs and music videos. Known for his hits such as “Rahu Naam Tera and Italy,” Shivam considers himself lucky to have been able to create a space for himself in the Music Industry. Says Shivam, ‘Music is in my blood. But I also believe that Music is a learning process. I have been a slow and steady learner of the music industry’s nuances and developed new skills over the years. And I have succeeded in my career because I make music that comes straight from my heart and touches the audience.’  A great example of it is the song “Italy” which was sung beautifully by a sensational Punjabi singer and aesthetically shot in Italy itself and got an overwhelming response from the audience.

Apart from being a successful music producer and composer, Shivam is a lyricist which gives him an added advantage in song creation, making the song more influential. He has an excellent idea of composing music too; therefore, he is known as an all-rounder in the music fraternity.

Spinning some catchy party songs, with a distinct rawness, Shivam’s brand of soulful music easily melts into the hearts and minds of music lovers, making him quite a successful musician at a young age. This journey of Shivam Birk has been truly an inspiration in which, being from a small village of Punjab, achieved a lot of success and cemented his name in the music industry with sheer hard work and perseverance.

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Aishwarya Vinu Nair to represent India at Miss Teen Earth

New Delhi [India], April 28: Aishwarya Vinu Nair from Kerala crowned as Miss Teen India Earth at Miss Teen Diva 2020 held in January 2021. She will now represent India at the Miss Teen Earth pageant to be held in December. The host country of the pageant will be announced later this year.

Aishwarya Vinu Nair is a 16-year-old belonging to the Alleppey district of Kelara, however, raised in the United Arab Emirates. She is a 12th-grade student studying in Dubai Scholars Private School, Dubai. She holds a keen interest in dance, karate, and modelling. She is a professionally trained classical dancer, a black belt holder in karate, and a very passionate model. She is also an active environmentalist and has been working actively on her advocacies related to the environment.

Her success story adds winning the Ultimate Solo Winner at India’s International Groovefest 2018. She has also participated in and won classical dance competitions at the Kerala State level. She has won several gold medals for Karate at UAE open tournaments.

She works with a non-profit environmental organisation which is also the first environmental NGO in the world to be ISO 14001 certified and the first environmental organization in UAE to be accredited to the United Nations.

Aishwarya says that “Since she got selected as a national finalist for Miss Teen Diva, she had diligently prepared herself for the journey of self-transformation. The lockdown period gave her a lot of time to work on herself. She worked on her body, communication skills, practiced Questions and Answers, and improved her ramp walk. She also took online pageant training from India. She was determined and excited about the pageant. She wanted to give it her best no matter what happened. It started as her mother’s dream to see her wear the beautiful crown and the sash across her shoulder. This dream instilled in her gradually but firmly. This pageant will always have a special place in her heart as it gave wings to her dreams.”

When asked about her thoughts she said, “I am excited to represent India, also I hope that girls around me would also believe in their dreams and make them into reality.”

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This EdTech startup wants to bridge the gap between classroom learning & industry – “Your Learning Platform” (YLP)

Hardik Dave and Rashi Joshi, founders of “Your Learning Platform” (YLP), talk about how students can learn Practical and Essential Skill Courses besides preparing for academic/degree courses and Entrance exams Coaching while learning online by YLP.

 New Delhi [India], April 28 : EdTech, which was clocking a healthy double-digit, year-on-year development before Covid-19, suddenly got a gigantic lift with the inflow of investments, procurement, up-gradation in offerings, and more players quickly shifting and adding studies because of one of the lowest Internet data charges. To rapidly address the need of this hour, startups like YLP came to enlightened students.

Started in 2020, YLP provides Practical and essential Skill Courses as well as coaching for Degree Courses and Entrance Exams Coaching. The Practical Skill courses include courses for Accounting and Tax Professionals, Finance Professionals, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, Animation, Web Development, Coding, and other such job-oriented courses. Whereas Essential Skill courses include courses on Computer Training, Spoken English, Corporate and Inter-Personal Skills and such other skill courses that are relevant for all students irrespective of which industry they wish to join.

The unique advantage of the courses provided by YLP is that all these courses all taught by Faculties with relevant industry experience are self-paced interactive courses and available for a very affordable price. The e-learning platform provides a course-specific chat forum where all the students enrolled for any course can interact, ask queries to Faculty or other students, and resolve doubts. YLP also organizes live lectures for doubt solving.

“We always wanted to offer our courses at a very affordable price so that all students irrespective of their financial background can ensure their skill development.” Say Hardik and Rashi, when asked about why they decided to offer such premium courses at very nominal costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the growth of India’s EdTech area and the National Education Policy is required to give it a further fillip.

The EdTech players are offering an entire host of Apps for all age-gatherings of students. The more students and teachers adapt to the ‘new normal’ (online classes), the better it is for those dealing with the EdTech organizations.

“We are building a platform that can comprehensively groom a student for the practical world and help them get good placements. We are also tying up with good companies who are willing to hire our trained students. Such well-groomed students would help the corporates to reduce their corporate training budget which they otherwise need to burn to bridge the skill deficit of the students graduating out from colleges but not able to match the skill requirements of such Corporates.” says Hardik and Rashi.

Besides such Practical and Essential Skill Courses, YLP would also be offering courses for entrance/ competitive exams such as CAT, CET, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, CA/ CS Foundation, public service exams at both National and state levels.

Students who are preparing for entrance exams regularly need to shuffle internships and studies parallels. It is a rare occurrence of classroom timing with their plan for getting work done. On-demand training turns the table in support of students empowering them to get to courses and study material anytime. Study materials, textbooks, and hardcopies have gotten old-fashioned. The new age of students is ‘visual’ courses more than they are finding out about it. Video courses are rich with lectures, video – audio illustrations, and intelligent components that make getting the hang of fascinating and charming. The visual method of learning also reinforces the comprehension of ideas.

Talking about the entrepreneurial journey, they both have excelled in their educational and career field. Being an Entrepreneur, Rashi Joshi has won the Young Indian achievers award’ 2020-2021. Hardik Dave by profession is CA, CS, B. Com, Startup Consultant, Worked with E&Y and Baker Tilly International. He is also having a Teaching experience of 5+years.

Although 63% expected established, certified universities to offer full degrees online by 2030, just 24 percent believed that the online versions would be better known than traditional regular university-based degrees.

Faculties, training institutes have incredible education experience, and this is the thing that will unleash the force of EdTech. Our main goal is to empower a great many remarkable faculties in India to take their classes online by utilizing YLP as their tech backbone.