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Austro Pipes Adds Value to the Plumbing Framework through Premium Products

15 April 2021, Hyderabad, Telangana [India]: Austro Pipes is a reliable brand specializing in their CPVC pipes, UPVC pipes, PVC casing and capping, PVC conduit pipes, and fittings. The firm’s extensive knowledge helps it devise the best and the most durable pipes and fittings to allow it to be of use across various other verticals. Besides drainage and plumbing, the pipes are also put to use in the electrical and sanitary ware.

“We have been working on several projects offering our expert knowledge and designs for PVC pipes, CPVC, and more. Our R& D team works incessantly on developing unique pipes that withstand any external pressure and damage. It makes our brand the top choice and yet remains affordable, “states the M.D. of Austro Pipes.

The firm also has a vast number of dealers who seek them for their innovative range. The buyers will come across high-quality PVC casings and electrical conduit pipes. These are great for concealing wires and hence a top product for electricians.

“We have seen that today the market is full of poor quality of pipes and fittings. This has inspired us at Austro to innovate and do the world a lot of good by creating the best. We spend a lot of our time and resources finding the most affordable and sustainable methods to create the products. This is why our products are in great demand throughout,” states the Chief of R&D.

Keeping the users’ safety in mind, the firm also produced boxes for concealing the wires and other hazardous aspects. It has only heightened the significance of the brand Austro. Today, across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka around 3000 dealers are a testament to the growing quality. PVC has grown in importance for its varied uses. The benefits are only increasing with time. Today, considering the evolving market, the manufacturers are indulging in improving quality significantly. The users are also aware of the products available and are therefore not willing to compromise with regards to quality.

The unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or UPVC has also made it big in the real estate and construction business. These make the pipes from Austro Pipes a more trusted product. The firm’s consultants will be offering customized products to suit the business needs. Even the underground pipes are great for drainage and sewerage. Residential and business hubs and complexes these days have hygiene and safety in mind. Therefore, they are keen only on getting nothing but the best.

About the Company: Austro Pipes has the motto of reaching out to everyone with their wide range of UPVC pipes, PVC Casing and Capping, PVC Trunking, PVC junction box, and PVC bends. They have carved their name as the leading manufacturer and supplier over a large market. For more details, please visit,

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ICD: Enhancing Expression through Design

New Delhi [India]: With the digital revolution, the demise of the printed book has been predicted. Again. Each time, it was wrong, and the relevance of the printed book remains.

Books are objects we can see, touch, and feel. The feel of paper and ink is beyond anything the screen offers. With books, we develop relationships. We can see them without ‘searching’ for them, like friends. They are treasured and cherished.

The creative design of books is crucial to achieving this. A tribe of specialist designers has arisen, which nurtures and promotes this art, producing objects of power and significance.

The Delhi-based multidisciplinary studio, Itu Chaudhuri Design (ICD) is a prominent member of that tribe. ICD’s design of ‘Cups of Nun Chai’, a unique book on Kashmir reveals what goes into the making of such pieces of art.

‘Cups of Nun Chai’ is an unusual book that cannot be categorised; it blurs the lines of a book and an artwork, becoming a symbol of resistance.

‘Cups of Nun Chai’, authored by Alana Hunt and published by Yaarbal Books is a collection of personal stories that chronicle the life and death of individuals killed in protests in the Kashmir valley during the summer of 2010. The stories for the first time appeared as a newspaper series in Kashmir and then as an exhibition and finally culminating as an unusual book.

In 2010, Alana Hunt observed the normalization of death from political violence in Kashmir. She talked to the families of the 118 dead, as well as others about each, over ‘Cups of Nun Chai’, a ‘pink’ salted Kashmiri tea that’s a daily ritual, a time for news and grief, joy and gossip. A shot of each of the 118 cups marks a conversation.

ICD likes to work closely with its clients. Throughout the project, they had many design directions to try and push the boundaries of designing for a volatile subject such as this. This design finally arrived at what made the author most comfortable and echoed her visions for the book.

The layout blends the personal and public lens to Kashmir. A collection of newspaper scans, advertisements calling out for peaceful protests around the State, breaks with details of the dead. ‘Cups of Nun Chai’ marks each conversation. A reminder of their grief and personal loss, and transforms into a unique and personal memorial of civilian deaths in Kashmir.

The book is stained ‘pink’ taking after the tea’s distinct color, the unifying thread of these conversations. The cover pictures the salt (nun), essential in making nun chai, made to appear like water washing over stones, a symbol of the valley.

“Alana’s narration of what is happening in Kashmir Valley was stoic, calm yet one cannot miss the pain and anger she felt while writing and documenting”, says Lisa Rath, Principal, ICD. “The design tries to echo the same sentiment. Tight visuals, with due respect to her photographs and text, the design pushes the boundaries of visually narrating the plight of those who have lost their dear ones in the Kashmir conflict.”  “A novel way to design a novel”, she says.

Going deeper, she explained behind the design of the book, “Interruptions and visual breaks with nun chai pink pages for the introduction, nun chai pink stain for the Kashmir map, and intense black sections for the preface and afterward of the book—treated as a break and a pause. With names of each of 118 dead, the place and date of death, the pull-outs make the reader stop and ponder on the atrocities of power. All this gives the book the desired gravitas”.

Itu Chaudhuri Design brings powerful design and original thinking to help clients succeed in the marketplace. It offers services in branding, identity, packaging, communication, and digital product design.

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“Quality, Customer Experience & Trust”, In conversation with Taral Shah, the man behind Gujarat’s most progressive Real-Estate Group, ‘Shivalik’

Q – When did you find the real estate businessman in you?

A – The thought that attracted me to this industry comes way back from me observing my father. His belief was strongly in investing/upgrading houses every 5 years before he set his foot in this industry. This provoked an idea into my mind that this is the only industry that will yearn for my profit in a longer duration.

Q – 3 key things that have made Shivalik, the biggest real estate brand?

A – Quality, Customer Service & experiences, Trust

Q – Your life mantra?

A – Do the business that makes you successful and that you love and not the other way around.

Q – A tip for young budding builders?

A – Remember, whatever we are today is because of the faith that our customers have put into us. For guaranteed success in the real estate industry, always think from their perspective and when making changes concerned to their lifestyle, put yourselves in their shoes.

Q – How do you see real estate business in the future?

A – I have high hopes for real estate and infrastructure not just in Gujarat but in the whole country. “What India has done in the last 4 decades, We have to do in the next 10 years”

Q – What are your future plans?

A – I am working towards to create the best eco system with backward and forward integration of real estate and infrastructure.

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International Day for Street Children; Making #TheInvisiblesVisible: A call to action

Pune, Maharashtra [India]: The International Day for Street Children is observed every year on 12th April. The day provides a platform for the millions of children on the streets around the world – and their champions – to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored. Save the Children is implementing a project on making #The InvisiblesVisible (Children in Street Situations). Through this initiative we aim to provide the legal identity document to CiSS that enables them to be visible on the government records and avail schemes they are eligible for, to ensure their overall well-being and self-dependent progressive future. The project is being implemented in Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, and Agra cities. This is a joint collaborative effort of Save the Children and Department of Women and Child Development; Government of Maharashtra, supported by Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

A webinar was organized by Save the Children and attended by representatives from UIDAI, Postal Department, Civil Society representatives from Salaam Baalak Trust, New Vision, and child champions. The call to action that children living in street situations have access to essential services, every child has the right to food, medical care, access to education, safety, and dignity.

Addressing the webinar; Manisha Birasis, Programme Manager, Women, and Child Development Department said “we have formed a Task Force involving Department of Education, Department of Home, Department of Medical and Health, Urban Development along with Women and Child Development Department to protect and provide proper identification to street children. This task force has developed an action plan and presented it to the Government for approval”. She emphasised that there is a need to make special provisions for children without parental care living on the streets, children on move children, and children of migrant labourers. To bring these children mainstream there is a need for strong inter-departmental coordination. Save the Children’s Deputy Director Sanjay Sharma said that “Street Children deserve equal rights like other children and have access to essential services that ensure their mental and physical well-being.  He focused that we should ensure proper implementation of SOP –standard operating procedure for children in street situations”. Chetan Sonje, Programme Manager, IT cell & UIDAI, said that following the Save the Children’s recommendations “the department has made special provisions to prepare Aadhaar cards for street children. To date, 162 camps have been organized and Aadhaar cards of 5000 children have been issued”.

Zarin Gupta, Founder of Salaam Baalak Trust said that “For the last 30 years we have been working with Street Children and facing various challenges. It is not easy to identify and track these children in street situations and it becomes more challenging to work for them as they don’t have a living address. Our team has been working hard to mainstream these street children and provide them education and skills.  During the lockdown, these children have no access to roads and streets and it becomes a more life-threatening situation to feed themselves.  Somehow they approached us for help and we supplied food, water and supported them in this difficult time. We are thankful to Save the Children and DWCD for supporting Salam Balak Trust in reaching these children“. Highlighting the role of corporate, Yogesh Kapse, Program Manager, PIAGGIO mentioned corporate funding should not be restricted to funding only but rather make better use of funds and leverage resources and support from NGO networks to ensure these street children will get skills, education, and access to basic services”. The public relations officer of the Postal department-Pune, Dattatreya Kodhalkar who has been supporting this initiative shared that we organised 52 camps and linked 4605 children for Aadhaar card registration. Jointly with Save the Children 1100 girls were supported under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.  Shobha Panwar from Child Welfare Committee, Nashik said that we endeavour to make society sensitive and ensure equality and equity of these children in street situations.

In the webinar, the child champions shared their stories. Jahnavi, a girl from Shivaji Nagar Basti, Nashik recalled her story that she did not have any identity proof and address. Save the Children supported thousands of children like me in getting their identity and address by getting us registered in an Aadhaar Card and opened a bank account on this Aadhaar card. Another youth champion Omkar said, my father had gone through an accident that made my life more challenging without having any financial support. Save the Children supported me and I underwent training. Today I am capable and working in an electrical firm and supporting my family. I wish every child living in street situations should be supported like I was and ensure their life will get easier and more independent. Naresh, a young rapper associated with the Salaam Baalak Trust, presented his Rap Song ‘’Street to Stadium’’, dedicating it to the street-connected kids who are playing street cricket and also are ambitious to play professional cricket in a stadium. He also has the ambition to be a famous rapper in the future.

Through this project; 122,000 children were provided with government identity cards & 50,000 children with various social security schemes, 107 youth have been provided skill development training and provided dignified employment. Even during the Covid pandemic, more than 5000 families in street situations supported food shelter, and hygiene materials. Support was also provided to children homes with hygiene and sanitisation materials, educational materials, etc.

The guideline on Individual Care Plan (ICP) for children in institutional care was released by the Department of Women and Child Development. It will assist in assessing the needs of children in institutional care and to identify areas of intervention for support and to ensure the effective development of the children systematically and ensure the protection of the rights of the children. This guideline also helps the caregivers to perform better on their duties in planning as well as proper execution of care plans for each child in institutional care.

On behalf of Save the Children; Ipsita Das, Sr. Manager, Projects Save the Children, Maharashtra thanked everyone and that we all have to work together for a shared value partnership to ensure their access to entitlements for children in street situations.

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ETMONEY launches India’s first Aadhaar based SIP payments

New Delhi,  April 15, 2021: In line with its promise to make investments more seamless and accessible to the widest section of Indian society, India’s favorite investment app, ETMONEY has launched the country’s first Aadhaar-based SIP payments feature.  With this, anyone can now start a SIP online and set up automatic payments using a simple Aadhaar based OTP verification.

In a country like India, digital banking services including net banking have a limited reach and face obstructions like failed login attempts and the hassle of remembering passwords. Because of this setting up automated SIP payment instructions, popularly known as payment mandates, has limited success rate. But with more than 100 Cr bank accounts linked to Aadhaar, and the simplicity of OTP verification, this new feature can now make online investments accessible to a larger section of the society.

ETMONEY’s latest innovation is a step forward in its vision to make India financially stronger. And this Aadhaar-linked SIP payment mandate will enable more Indians to invest regularly via SIPs, promoting better financial discipline amongst the masses.

Speaking on the latest Aadhaar-based SIP set up, Founder-CEO Mukesh Kalra said, SIPs work best for investors who automate the payment towards their monthly investments. And we want to help all those Indians who find using their bank’s internet banking cumbersome by providing them an option to set up their SIP mandates easily through their Aadhaar linked bank accounts. We are confident this will go a long way in taking online investments to that section of Indian society who is still not a part of digital banking services.”


ETMONEY is India’s largest app for financial services that is simplifying the financial journey of new-age Indians. Consumers use ETMONEY to invest in zero-commission direct mutual funds for free, save for their retirement with NPS, protect their families with unique Insurance solutions & use ETMONEY Credit Card to take instant loans at low-cost. Growing at 350% yearly, combined with multiple innovative solutions, it has grown to 8Mn users from more than 1300+ Indian cities and is driving more than $500Mn of non-payment annual transaction volume on its platform.

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Ishwar Shekhar, a 20-year-old Indian Entrepreneur is a name to reckon with in the Digital World

New Delhi [India]: There is a common saying that it is never too early or late to become successful in life. You can begin your entrepreneurial journey and become an achiever at any age. Crossing all barriers and exploring new horizons, many young Indian entrepreneurs are showing the world what they are capable of!

A surprising fact about Entrepreneurship is that it can’t simply be learned from books, but rather the best source to teach one is his own experiences with failures and setbacks. Many youngsters get amazing business ideas but only a few of them have the courage and conviction to go ahead and make these ideas big and turn them into reality. Meet one such young entrepreneur – Ishwar Shekhar.

This article features a small-town Indian teen who rose to become one of the most impactful names among social media/ digital influencers from the country. Born in Deoghar, Jharkhand, a 20-year-old social media nerd, Ishwar Shekhar has managed to make it big in the digital world. His tech-skill acumen has helped him change the dynamics of online reach granting him a clear edge over his counterparts. As a budding Digital Marketer, he provides creative and outstanding online marketing services, fulfilling the business needs of his clients while delivering the best results.

Logical thinking, passion for his dream, and firm determination have led Techie Shekhar to widen the sphere of digital marketing and bringing in some distinctive novel initiatives in the online industry. He works it all ranging from strategy, content, storytelling, to implementation, tracking, campaign analysis, and even live-streaming of games. With a successful gaming channel on Youtube called Mini Maari, to his credit, this Young Entrepreneur acts as a source of inspiration for millennials.

Equipped with most of the modern-day tech tools Shekhar is adroit on Google algorithms, Google publisher, SEO, and other social media marketing technologies. He designs trendy concepts to facilitate audiences to find out their brand organically and this has managed him to be a frontrunner in this virtual world business. Adding to that he has a commendable grip on all major social media platforms, with special mention to Facebook and Instagram. All these, alongside a business-driven marketing perspective, enabled him to pull a huge audience base thereon contributing to countless successful campaigns.

Shekhar has climbed the ladder of success in the digital space by revamping the digital marketing world with his sharp business sense at quite an early stage of his life.

While looking back in time, one can witness that Shekhar has it all to personify the saying “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Consider the below-mentioned lessons that show his character and offer you some key lessons for sustained and satisfying life.

Keep your dreams alive. As Shekhar comes from a lower-middle-class family and his economical condition never allowed him the access to necessary means to fulfill his dreams. But this shortage of resources could not stop him from living life his way. He survived all adversities and his perseverance has helped him succeed.

Find a solution, not an excuse. He used to assist his father in running his small medicare shop, also managing his studies at the same time. Not only that, to pursue his passion in the digital field Shekhar spares out time to try his hands on that too.

It is possible for those who believe. Shekhar didn’t drop the idea of being an IT geek and in the pursuit of realizing his dream, he often uses to borrow a laptop and other gadgets from his friends to surf the internet for YouTube tutorials and free courses as a part of his self-learning.

Remember why you start? He started working on to design and development of websites for clients as a freelancer. Regardless of all uphill struggles, he failed to get desired success. Despite the initial setbacks he always remembered why he has opted for this as a profession and where he has to head it. He continued with the same zeal and commitment.

Never give up. Once he failed in a web development venture Shekhar didn’t let go of things that easily and invested all his savings into mobile app development and somehow managed to pull it back with help of freelance android developers. As they say “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Eventually, his team tastes the desired flavor of success and since then there is no looking back.

His entrepreneurial stint, a well-shaped persona, and technical expertise make Shekhar a complete bundle, and thus he is truly acknowledged as an ace digital marketer.

Shekhar’s piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs:

Relying on his personal experience Shekhar shares his success formulae. According to him one must support his ideas, be convinced of what one has to do, and then just give it all to make it a reality. Summing up it in his own words, “Always keep in mind the fact that to achieve anything worthwhile in life requires faith and belief in self, a clear vision, hard work, determination, dedication, and proper time management. One has to be brave enough to live the life of your dreams. Realize early the purpose of your life and then stay focused on to make it happen instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”

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SMEBIZZ Entrepreneur’s Star Awards 2021 awarded to Entrepreneurs from across India

New Delhi, [India]: SMEBIZZ  had organised the Grand Event of SMEBIZZ Entrepreneur’s Star Awards2021 on 10th March at Hotel Pullman, New Delhi

The Chief Guest of the event was Honble Shri Shyam Jaju (Ex-National Vice President of BJP).

Mr. Kshitiz Jindal, Director of Devyani Bangles, Was Felicitated With SMEBIZZ Entrepreneur’s Star Award 2021 For The Young Entrepreneur of the year in the Jewellery Industry for his innovative ideas & appreciable efforts in business.

SMEBIZZ supports Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi’s appeal of “Vocal for Local” and “AtmanirbharBharat”. Also, SMEBIZZ’s Initiative For “Local To Global”  For Entrepreneur To Reach Global Market. SMEBIZZ Core Vision Is  Entrepreneur’s Business Growth. Event Was Hosted By Simran Ahuja (International Celebrity Anchor)

It is remarkable to note that this was the first event in India following all Norms Of Covid19 Mandatory For Participation in event i.e Mandatory RTPCR Test Of Covid19 And Social Distancing, Masks And Sanitization. All Tests Done By Health Partner- DIVOC.

The event was graced by the following Guest of Honour: HE Mr K L Ganju (Hony Consul General of Union of Comoros), HE Dr. Roger Gopaul(High Commissioner Of the Republic Of Trinidad And Tobago), HE Ms. Judith K.K Kan’gomaKapijimpanga (HIGH COMMISSIONER Of the Republic Of Zambia), Mr. Ernest Nana Adjei (TRADE COMMISSIONER- Embassy Of Ghana), Lion Gaurav Gupta(Founder – Global Trade and Technology Council of India), Ms. Anca Verma(Chairman of Olialia world), Dr. Aruna Abhey Oswal (Past International Director – Lions Clubs International),

Mr. Coulibaly D. Herve (Head of Consular Affairs -Embassy of Burkina Faso),MR. RANDRIANARIVONY COUNSELLOR-Embassy Of Republic Of  Madagascar), Dr. Indrajit Ghosh(Chairman of MSMECCII)

Mr. Navratan Aggarwal (Director – Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd), Dr. Vinod K Verma(Vice President – Group Corporate in Aditya Birla Group), and Diplomats from the Embassy of Syria, Ghana, Korea also graced the occasion with their presence.

The event also witnessed the presence of Special Invitee Mr. Vinay Choudhary (Spokesperson BJP Delhi (Youth)), Shubham Gupta, Raj Khatri(Chairman Handicrafts Exporter Association), Shyamli Rathore, Atul Shagotra(KATM ZAMBIA LTD), Mr Subbu Turimella (senior vice president, Publicis Sapient), Pooja Gupta, Subhash Jindal & Sanjay Singh. The Award Ceremony was supported by Lions Club Delhi Veg., OLIALIA WORLD & MSMECCII.


This award ceremony is being organised by SMEBIZZ to felicitate and showcase exceptional entrepreneurs chosen from their respective business categories. The awardees are recognized for their dedication, commitment and best performance to their businesses. Our Initiative for entrepreneurs encouragement and recognition with Business networking opportunities. The awards are not simply an event of recognition but a community and a program of initiatives that offer the opportunity for businesses.

Jitender Chawla, CEO Of SMEBIZZ Along With Hon’ble Shri Shyam Jaju, Ambassadors And Diplomats to felicitate various entrepreneurs for their excellence in their respective fields. SMEBIZZ awarded entrepreneurs from all walks of life and from over INDIA who are: Dr. Kallar Vimraj, M.K Arora, Ajay Singh Jakhar, Kapil Kapoor, Subhash Jindal, Priti Agarwal, Siddharth Singhmar, Pappu Thakur, Tarrun V Jain, Sonali Khandelwal, Mohammed Tajuddin, Rozi Pundir Rajput, Mukesh Pandey, Satendra Agarwal, REETESH KUMAR VISHWAKARMA, Ranjeet prasad, Kshitiz Jindal, Arisha Nigam, Nikita Pundit, Pooja Duneja, Nirvan Sharma, Sanjeev Jaitley, Shivani Jindal, Harmandeep Khurana, Shreya Singh, Anuja Monga, Satinder Malhotra, Amit Chaturvedi, Arjun Arora, Amit Nagar, Amit Garg, Dr. Raj Dev Patro, Dr S Raghunandan, Dr Gaurav Goyal, Dr Ajeet Mishra, Davender Baweja, Dr Dibyayan Das Sharma, Shivaji Veerbhadrappa  Wakale, Ravi R Kumar, Naresh Parihar, Pushkar malik, Sameer Bhati, Pravin R Jha, Yaduraj Nandan, Maneesha Saraswati Mittal, Purvi Roy, Jony Dhankar, Vaishali S Verma, Munish Goel, Dr. Akhilendra Singh, Danish Suhail, M.K Arora, Gurpreet Singh.

Everyone appreciated SMEBIZZ for their wonderful efforts and enjoyed Music Performance By Vishal Singh (Voice Of Rajasthan) And Vicky Ahuja. Also, dance performances of Malika Baig  & her team Ol That Jazz And Mr. Arvind Arora-Actor. SMEBIZZ Always Supports All Entrepreneur And All Entrepreneurs Associations For business growth. All Events Photographs Taken By Mohit Behl, Pawan Sachdeva And Rahul Saini.

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3 Reasons Why Renting Furniture and Home Appliances is the New Revolution Amongst Millennials?

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Rent or purchase? When it comes to choosing and furnishing a living space, it is a question young people often ask themselves as they begin establishing their personal as well as professional lives. Well, of course, buying everything that you need in your house seems like a great option but with time, this perception is changing. Haven’t you heard? Renting is said to be the new way of living for millennials!

In India, the boom has fueled the rise of new furniture and appliance renting in recent years. The country’s furniture and appliances rental market alone is expected to be worth $1.89 billion by 2025, according to Research Nester. For millennials, choosing to take furniture on rent option is as much about taking a road less travelled as it is about saving money.

Call it the change of lifestyle, change in preferences, or simply the budget. According to a survey of 1000 students living away from their homes, 7 out of 10 prefer to order their furniture on rent and even home appliances instead of purchasing everything. Why? Well, due to the nature of their jobs, millennials most often seek mobility and do not want to stick to one particular geography. They go where their jobs take them. Moreover, it’s not just the working-class people, but the ones who study as well. Interestingly, with a new generation, there is a shift in values & culture. Millennials are not so amused or keen on furniture or even home appliances ownership like the previous generations.

Instead, they are now more focused on their jobs and look for financial freedom rather than buying everything and getting ownership of assets. This paradigm shift in their mindset compared to previous generations has also meant that millennials shy away from the obligations and hassle that tag along with buying the furniture. Searching, making huge payments, paying extra while moving to another place, or finding a buyer to sell the furniture to, etc. There are a lot of factors involved. Plus, it is a huge toll on the pockets.

Due to the nature of their jobs, millennials seek mobility and do not want to get stuck in one location. Taking the furniture on rent offers more flexibility and freedom of moving base when a more exciting job opportunity comes their way. Well, there are other benefits too. Let’s discuss in detail why renting is their preferred option and what benefits do they get out of it.

Here are the reasons why renting is the new revolution amongst millennials –

Taking Furniture on Rent is Easier on Pockets

You know how much a single piece of furniture can cost. And if you are furnishing your place from the scratch, purchasing every single item of furniture can take a huge toll on the budget. The down payment itself is a big deal. Therefore, renting is the most preferred option. Why? Well, of course, because it is extremely easy on pockets. Taking the furniture on rent involves no huge down payment or huge investments. There’s a nominal monthly fee which even students can pay. Therefore, millennials prefer a small monthly rent for the things that they need, instead of putting a load on their pockets and purchasing everything. Plus, as mentioned before, it’s a perfect option for students as well. If they are living on a sharing basis, even this monthly rent of both the furniture and the home appliances can be divided. This makes the whole process extremely easy on their pockets.
Renting Makes Moving to a New Place Much Easier

As we said, millennials are more focused on their jobs, and due to this, they move to different places more frequently. When you’ve purchased everything, you either have to tag everything along with you wherever you move (which is extremely hard and involved a huge pickup and delivery costs) or you have to sell (which again, is hard because you have to find the buyer and wait for the things to get sold). But with renting, moving out and settling into any place becomes easy. There’s no headache of searching for sellers and selling everything or packing everything and moving everything to the new place. With rentals, there are easy returns and you save on extra costs of pickup services. Plus, furniture renting companies like Cityfurnish provides free delivery and pickup options!

Furniture Rentals Give You the Freedom to Upgrade

Owning the furniture is a long-term investment. No one would be willing to invest that big of an amount to change the furniture every 6 months or so. Unless, of course, if you are extremely rich. Buying the furniture means you are stuck with it for years. 10 years, 15 years, who knows? And what if when you moving out of a place but don’t want the same furniture or home appliance at your new place? What if there are some new models of furniture or appliances that you want but you restrain yourself due to the budget? With renting, you have this option. This is also the main reason why millennials prefer renting over purchasing. Don’t like to keep the same piece of furniture for more than 6 months? Change it! A great option, right? With rentals, there is the freedom to upgrade to newer or fancier models because there is no heavy investment or loss involved. New place, new furniture, new ambience. Sounds great, right?

No wonder millennials prefer renting over buying. From getting everything that they want in their set budget to getting added benefits like free delivery, pickup, and maintenance of the home furniture and home appliances, millennials have it best. And given that the demand for furniture rentals is increasing and there is relevant supply too, we at Cityfurnish believe that renting furniture is set to grow significantly in the future.

Haven’t tried renting yet? Well, what’s stopping you? See how taking furniture on rent can benefit you. Save up on costs and get free services with renting. No hassle on the documentation process as well, as we provide doorstep documentation too. Check out our huge range of furniture and appliances, compare and order without any hassle!

Premium furniture at affordable monthly rentals is available on, the official website of Cityfurnish.

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Simran Kaur App: Helpful App For Times When You Are Feeling Lonely

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: In this Covid pandemic era, it is quite common to feel lonely. Social interactions have been diminished due to continuous work from home culture. However, it is widely recognized that anyone can feel lonely sometimes regardless of the relationship status of the person, but in these testing times, several people are suffering from loneliness and added mental disorders due to aloof modus operandi.

In such a scenario, Simran Kaur, an interactive app is trending nowadays due to its multiple engaging features. Simran comes live on the app as a fashion blogger to interact with her fans. She gives answers to their queries about the latest fashion trends and presents her ideas beautifully which keeps the users engaged all the time. Her videos are getting a lot of attention and traffic due to her unique and exciting content. She is also feeling great about the success of this app which is helping people in uplifting their spirits in these testing times.

Every common man is mesmerized with the fashion world and wants to know more about the latest trends and style, as well as, they are curious to get the details of models’ & super models’ day to day activities. To interact with them is a dream of many and the Simran K app just does that quite efficiently which provides the peep into models and super models’ personal space and understands their lifestyle.

Today when theatres and cinemas business is all-time low and superstars are losing their fan base on all platforms, Simran Kaur is continuously getting an increment in fan base on her live interactive platform with special greetings being exchanged and personalized interactions with each fan of hers. Whether any fan is going through tough times and just need to drive away their attention from the life issues, they come on Simran K app and forget their struggle for some time by going through Simran’s antics, she is so refreshing.

With big names in the tinsel town, trying to get away from the blind fan following, Simran Kaur is day by day getting more closer to her fans irrespective of the caste, creed, and economic strata of her fan base. This open interactive platform is not just driving her fans crazy for this app but also getting her an edge over the other B-town Superstars.

Loneliness is a state of mind which leads to low mood and aversion to any activity, it is a very serious problem because it may affect a person’s thoughts, feelings, motivation, overall behaviour and sense of well being, and therefore, to stop people to reach such condition, Simran K app is doing a great job to maintain the social harmony and structure.

Simran K app is helping people to overcome any sadness, improving concentration by giving the dose of instant happiness and this noble thought is really showing good signs for everyone involved by seeing the constant traffic on this app which is the next big thing.