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With Potato, Rice, and Wheat as the New Superfoods for Weight Loss, Guru Asha Ashta announces e9UnLOAD, the 9 th edition of the 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge.

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] Mar 26, 2021: Guru Asha Ashta, the Weight Loss Expert for
Women has unveiled the 9 th edition of 90 days weight loss challenge.
Christened as e9UnLOAD, this challenge is aimed at empowering women in a
real sense by motivating them to eat proper meals and thereby lose weight and
become healthy and fit. With its slogan "Eat More, Not Less.", the Challenge
serves as a one-stop solution for all Weight Loss, Waist Loss, and freedom
from illnesses.
The Challenge will start at 01.May.2021. Women, 18 years and above, from
all across the globe can participate in this e9UnLOAD.
While making the announcement, Asha, the Innovator of UnLOAD, said,
“Women, who seriously want to lose weight, are obsessed with the idea that
Weight Loss can be achieved only through Starving and Fasting. As a result,
they start fearing food. The net result of this (mis)concept is that they become
sick. Besides fasting, they undertake rigorous workout activities which further

damage their body, and they end up severely injured. While the fact is, now
proven, that the Permanent Weight Loss can happen only by eating
appropriate food in right combinations and at right timings.”
“My Meal Plans include Aloo Paratha, Aloo Tikki, Pasta, Paav-Bhaji, Idli,
Rice-Daal, Hakka-Noodle, and these are now established Superfoods for
Weight Loss. The participants, with their regular normal meals, have achieved
Weight Loss up to 16kg and up to 10” reduction on their Waistline, in all
previous editions of UnLOAD. There are no herbals, chemicals, pills,
capsules, injections, powders, smoothies, etc. in this challenge.” said Asha.
Besides several live counseling sessions for nutrition, the fitness regime for
this challenge includes 3 live workout sessions every day including Bikini
Body Training, Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Tabata,
Zumba, Aerobics, Bollywood Dance, Masala Bhangra, and many more fun
physical activities. Also, each participant is monitored Daily and mentored as
Asha Ashta said, “Millions of people across the globe suffer from poor health,
primarily due to inadequate nutrition and lack of appropriate knowledge. This
Challenge helps women to understand and experience Good Food and thereby
turn their lives around from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension,
arthritis, etc., and above all depression. This program has been transforming
not only their individual lives forever but also of all their family members”.
UnLOAD was started in 2011 by Asha Ashta as a small free yoga group with
her kitty friends. By 2018, it had expanded to more than 2500 local women.
This was the time when she launched UnLOAD in its full-fledged
professionally designed and executed avatar of 90 Days Weight Loss
Challenge. Now it has proved itself to be the world’s finest, unique and
holistic Weight Loss Challenge.
After lockdown, this Challenge is now conducted Live online and has spread
rapidly. The participants are growing at an amazing pace and thousands of
women from all over the globe, including the USA, Australia, Middle East,
Canada, South Africa, and more, are now connected and receiving awesome
and miraculous health benefits.
“With this challenge, I have been able to bring about an unbelievable
revolution in the lifestyle of the global women. Those who always preferred
to go fasting for Weight Loss have now learned to eat and now have started
loving their food. In this edition, e9UnLOAD, I aim to have 1,000
participants”, said Asha.
“I am providing a never-before practical experience for the participants to lose
their weight in a fun way. Besides their holistic transformation, there are
several cash prizes and Gift hampers, which total more than ₹1,25,000.00, to

be won. The Winner of e9UnLoad takes away ₹50,000.00. 1st runner up &
2nd runner up will win ₹20,000/ and ₹10,000/ respectively.” Asha also said.
The idea of this UnLOAD challenge is to compete with oneself and be a
better version of oneself. Each participant is evaluated based on a set of
measurable parameters, as detailed at her website www.ashaashta.com.
Guru Asha Ashta has conducted 100+ Workshops on Nutrition and Secrets of
Permanent Weight Loss which have been attended by 5000+ participants.
15,000+ individuals have benefitted through her Nutrition Counselling and
have successfully achieved a permanent weight loss of up to 40 kgs in just 7
Winners of all editions of UnLOAD during 2021 will receive their prizes in a
grand Crowning Award Ceremony in December 2021.
About Guru Asha Ashta: Guru Asha Ashta is a Women’s Weight Loss
Expert. Her mission is to empower women through awareness about the
importance of eating the right type of food with a view to attaining good
health and happiness leading to a blissful stress-free life, primarily through
counseling on nutrition and physical exercise techniques like yoga, aerobics,
pranayama, pilates, etc. She runs 12 Prize Winning Weight Loss Challenges
throughout the year 9 of which are for 30 Days duration and 3 are 90 Days.
Asha Ashta regularly posts tip related to Meals, Health and Fitness on her
Facebook group “Weight Loss by Asha Ashta”

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Backup your precious memories and data with Kingston Technology this World’sBackup Day

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] March 31, 2021: India is going through a digital
transformation journey with the growing internet, making India, one of the biggest growth
drivers of data. With so much data being consumed, we at times never pay heed to
backing-up our precious data. With the ongoing work from home, backing up data for
enterprises has become pertinent. Not just our official documents, even backing up our
precious memories is important. It just breaks our hearts when we lose out on our precious
data. Hence to avoid the hassle and heartbreak, this World Backup Day on March 31,
everyone must pledge to back-up their data with compelling products from Kingston
1. DataTravelerExodia – It is a value-driven Type-A USB flash drive, featuring USB 3.2
Gen 1 performance (up to 10x faster than USB 2.0) and up to256GB 2 capacity. With
a lightweight design and colorful key ring loop by capacity, it is ideal for everyday
use to back-up your data at work, home, school, and wherever you need to take
your data. The USB flash drive comes with cap protection which protects the USB
plug and the data.
2. DataTraveler Kyson- It is a high-performance Type-A USB flash drive for
professional and business back-up use, featuring an extremely fast transfer speed of
up to 200MB/s read and 60MB/s write 1 which allows for quick file transfers, and up to
256GB capacity for extra data storage. With stylish and durable metal casing and
key ring loop, which makes it easy to carry on-the-go, while the capless design
saves you the trouble of losing a cap.
3. Kingston Q500 SSD- It is not just great for backing up your precious data but
dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system with incredible
boot, loading, and transfer times compared to mechanical hard drives. Powered by
the latest-gen controller for read and write speeds up to 500MB/s and 450MB/s 3 , this
SSD is 10x faster than a traditional hard drive for higher performance 4 , ultra-
responsive multi-tasking, and an overall faster system. Additionally, it is more reliable
and durable than a hard drive.
4. Kingston KC600 SSD- Itis a full-capacity SSD designed to provide a great option for
back-up as well as remarkable performance and optimized to provide functional
system responsiveness with incredible boot, loading, and transfer times. It comes in
a 2.5" form factor using SATA Rev 3.0 interface with backward compatibility. The
Kingston KC600 utilizes the latest 3D TLC NAND technology while supporting a full
security suite that includes AES 256-bit hardware encryption, TCG Opal, and eDrive.
It features read/write speeds of up to 550/520MB/s 3 to efficiently store your data up
to 2TB 2 .
For enterprise-level back-up
It is equally important for large organizations to focus on backing up their essential data.
Here are some affordable products which will be pivotal for enterprise-level back-up as well
as will improve the performance.

5. Kingston DC450R-It is targeted at workloads that require 24/7 uptime and reliability,
such as Content Delivery Networks (CDN), edge computing applications, and a wide
array of software-defined storage architectures. DC450R presents a specifically
focused feature set that enables data centers to select the most cost-effective SSD
for their workloads. Businesses require results as they deliver on products, solutions,
and service level agreements (SLAs) and DC450R provides system builders and
Cloud providers with high performance, economical SSD standards they can count
on. DC450R gives data center managers the ability to select an SSD tailored for
workloads without overspending on more expensive write-intensive SSDs. The
DC450R delivers I/O speeds and predictable low latency to ensure consistent high-
levels of performance – both in the working application and downstream at the user
6. Kingston DC500R- It is ideal for read-intensive applications such as boot-up, web
servers, virtual desktop infrastructure, operational databases, and real-time
analytics. Cloud service providers and software-defined storage architects can
leverage the drive’s consistent I/O and latency performance to deliver the QoS
needed in demanding read-centric environments. At .5 DWPD (drive writes per
day), DC500R allows IT administrators to maximize their investment in storage
hardware with a drive that delivers on performance, endurance, and reliability.

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Outdoor workout can be fun without heavy equipment proves K2 Calisthenics Park, Gujarat’s first Calisthenics Training Center

Surat, Gujarat [India]:  “Life is too short to not do what you love,” Aakash Agrawal says. He is the founder and visionary behind bringing to Surat this equipment-less training schedule that is already a rage in Europe and the US. His idea to lead a healthy and green lifestyle was backed up by:

Amit Sharma, currently a trainer with Calisthenics, and Kaushal Patel, who himself is a Calisthenics athlete.

The uneasiness to maintain heavy gym costs along with remote accessibility to gyms during this pandemic made Aakash wonder if he should find a solution to it for all. Thus, the K2 Calisthenics Park came into being.

K2 Calisthenics Park is the best place to practice Calisthenics – a street workout art that allows you to work out in a public space or an outdoor environment with exercises that includes very less or no equipment.

Calisthenics exercises provide a dimension of bodybuilding that goes beyond targeting specific muscles and deliver a holistic workout to each part of your body. Once you learn these calisthenics exercises from K2, they can be performed anywhere. Few may require minimal equipment, such as vertical or horizontal bars, but these can usually be found in any normal park or recreational space.

The outdoor workout training done by K2 gives you an opportunity to connect and play with your body to gain strength. The biggest advantage of this workout is the engagement of compound (multiple) muscles during a workout allowing you to regain your natural body shape. The major benefits of practising these outdoor workout exercises include an increase in metabolism, improved mental health, flexibility, and lesser strain on joints.

“The calisthenics training is not limited to adults only. Any child above 6 yrs of age is perfectly capable of practising this form of training. This workout uses your body weight as resistance for training, thus you enjoy the journey of becoming fit,” explains Aakash.

An early introduction to these kinds of training helps your child build a better synchronization between his mind and body. It increases mind and body coordination with stability.

The major advantage of association with K2 Calisthenics Park outdoor workout is its innovative approach and committed team of coaches, who strive to provide personalized support to you that inspires every member to lead a healthier, happier life.

If this ignites the spark in you, let us do this together and connect on

Insta: k2.calisthenicspark

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The country now gets a new way of expression

Hyderabad, Telangana [India]: The year 2021 shall see luxury fashion brand, Sirisha Reddy venturing into the floral market with the launch of ‘Speaking Roses’. This development would gift the country a new way of expression!

This new brand shall redefine the gifting culture in Hyderabad, and soon across the country, by introducing for the first time printed personalised messages on roses. This technology which is catching up fast across the globe, is being introduced in the country for the first time on a large scale.

The brand, Sirisha Reddy, has already established its name in the luxury retail segment and now wishes to expand its expertise to the country’s floral market. The brand is all set to launch in Hyderabad in the last quarter of 2021. Sanjay Kumar Reddy, the man responsible for setting up the luxury garment business is confident that Speaking Roses will fulfil the void existing in the luxury gifting culture in the cities. He plans to setup flagship stores in both Hyderabad and Delhi.

Sanjay Kumar Reddy, the founder of Speaking Roses said, “Hyderabad and other cities in the country have been facing a dearth of options in luxury gifting. It is this scarcity that the company wishes to fill with the launch. We believe that Speaking Roses will soon become synonymous with luxury gifting in the country. With state-of-the-art equipment, flowers of your choice, and the option to print customized messages for your loved ones the customers will soon be mighty impressed with what will be on offer. One could also compliment the flower bouquet with a wide variety of other gifts such as watches and premium chocolates.”

The exotic flowers that will be used by the brand will be imported from Spain, Vietnam and Netherlands. Once in the city, trained florists will put them expertise and creativity to use, to put them together. Personalization will be done as per the customers’ needs. The brand will be using stencils for the printing, this will ensure that the printing doesn’t affect the flowers and they will remain fresh and fragrant throughout the entire process. Special long-lasting flowers will also be on offer which can last for as long as a month.

These personalised gifts are slated to revolutionise the gifting scenario in the country. The brand’s USP will be the curated gifts on offer, made by personalising them to meet the requirements of the customers. The bouquets will be available from as low as Rs 2000 and will go all the way to Rs 50000. Speaking Roses will become people’s go-to brand for any occasion. From small events like birthdays, parties to weddings and corporate events, Speaking Roses will cater to all the floral requirements.

For those who are looking for bouquets to decorate your homes and offices on a regular basis, Speaking Roses plans to offer monthly subscriptions to customers wherein flower bouquets will be delivered to your doorstep for as less as Rs 2000.

Speaking Roses plans to expand across the country with franchises in every major city in the coming years. The team at Speaking Rose is all set to envision your next event with impetuous rigour and perfection to make your dreams come true.

Company website: –www.speakingroses.in

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Eco Smart Mac India – The leading Manufacturer of Oil Press Machine in India

Surat, Gujarat [India] 30 March 2021: An oil press machine helps people get pure oil. With a lot of brands, wholesalers, and retailers saturating the oil market, it gets really tough to tell whether the oil one is purchasing is pure and unadulterated or is impure to its core. To avoid this, it is highly recommended to have installed an oil press machine at your home or to have your oil churned out of one of these machines.

Now, there are a lot of brands that claim to be the manufacturer of the best oil press machines in India. However, not all claims are true. Here, we come across one of the most trusted brands for oil press machines.

Eco Smart Mac India has been actively manufacturing the best oil maker machines in India for commercial and domestic purposes. The firm aims at eradicating the adulterated and impure oil consumption by the masses of India so that nobody gets to face its harsh consequences. Eco Smart Mac India has a lot of oil maker machines that do the job of making pure edible oil efficiently. These are a few top models for reference:

  1. ES 02 TC

This beautiful oil press machine can yield 4 to 8 kilograms of oil per hour working at a capacity of 600 Watts and 220 Volts (which is the voltage for domestic supply). The model has a sleek and modern design, unlike the earlier bulky models. This machine is a great option to ensure that your oil is pure and eatable.

  1. ES 01 IS

This oil extraction machine delivers 3 to 6 kilograms and works at 400 Watts and 220 Volts. Made up of food-grade stainless steel, this machine is also a great choice to make sure that the oil you are getting is a hundred percent pure.

  1. ES 20

Now, this is a heavy-duty oil press machine that delivers 15 to 20 kilograms of oil per hour and operates at 2000 Watts and 220 Volts. Understandably, this machine should be used for commercial purposes only because the electricity bill for this big machine would be too high! However, the machine is a sure-shot beast and churns the best quality oil.

Some other things make Eco Smart Mac India stand out among its competitors. Such as :

  • Free Shipping: Eco Smart Mac India does not charge any amount on shipping the machines ordered from their website.
  • Easy Installation: The machines are easy to install and are easy to operate as well.
  • Zero Maintenance Cost: The machines are durable, thereby requiring little to no maintenance.
  • Easy to use: The machines’ controls are comprehensive even to someone who has never operated an oil extraction machine before.
  • Carry anywhere: The machines are heavy-duty but they do not weigh heavy on your wagon. The machines are easy to move and can easily be shifted from one location to other.
  • Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy: The oil extracted is of the best quality and hence it makes sure that the customer is eating healthy food to stay healthy.

There are a lot of other machines which produce great quality oil. The purpose of this is to make the consumers have healthy oil that will not cost them their health and will only turn out to be fruitful in the long run. People in India are now eating more impure things than ever and with the introduction of cheap junk food, this chart is growing upwards only. The oil used in those items is of pathetic quality and raises serious concerns about the health and cholesterol of the consumers. Hence, it is a must that the eating habits, as well as the kind of ingredients being used in dishes, are being kept in check. Eco Smart Mac India is trying to do their part in this initiative against unhealthy oil by producing the best oil extraction machines in India.

Eco Smart Mac India is based in Bangalore and is currently operating from there. The company ensures timely delivery of its machines and has a lot of positive feedback from its clients. The number of orders of machines from Eco Smart Mac is increasing at a great rate and this is because of the professionalism followed in the company and the quality of machines that they are manufacturing. Hence, it is imperative for someone who is looking for the installation of an oil extraction machine to check out the services offered by Eco Smart Mac India.

The above three machines are the top models from Eco Smart Mac India and the machines produced by them have premium build quality, efficient performance, and everything which makes for the best oil maker machine. Eco Smart Mac India is an emerging company and any party who is interested in their operations and functionality can visit their website ecosmartmacindia.com anytime.

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Social Activist Dr MK Muneer is the prominent face of Kozhikode and initiated massive changes in the infrastructure and cultural dimensions of the city and God’s own country.

Kerala, [India]: There are many notions of capital cities around the world. New Delhi being the national capital, Mumbai is the financial capital and Kolkata is the cultural capital of India. In the state of Kerala, Trivandrum is the state capital, Kochi being the financial capital and Thrissur being the cultural capital.

Dr MK Muneer, a doctor by profession and in social service by passion inspires the idea of ‘ethical capital’. He envisions his city of Kozhikode being the ethical capital of Kerala.

An award-winning author, he points out the importance of the vision of ‘ethical capital’ or the need for values in the public domain. Due to this, the simple and effective idea of “Good Kozhikode” caught the imagination of people across the state and also won laurels from national media.

His efforts got immense recognition from the present central government too, when he was awarded the ‘best minister for panchayat and social justice’ thrice. The deep work in implementing the projects to benefit the poor and uplift the downtrodden has been applauded by people across the political spectrum and from state and central governments.

Dr Muneer’s initiatives for women empowerment earned him an award from various national media and under his stewardship, India’s 1st ‘Policy of Transgenders’ was implemented in Kerala. The State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala’ created waves across India with activist groups raising a similar template on other states inspired by a Kerala Model Policy. Reaching out and ensuring jobs and transgender justice were some of his epoch-making endeavours.

Dr Muneer is one of the most sought out guests of honour for various faiths and community organisations due to his pluralistic credentials and is an ambassador of harmony between all communities. Representing Kerala’s Indian Union Muslim League, his speeches in Temples, churches and inter-community gatherings were deeply appreciated by various community leaders.

The ‘consensus builder’ approach of the leader in the development domain was also crucial in the mega infrastructure push of pledging billions of rupees to the city of Kozhikode.

Dr Muneer points out the importance of balancing growth and care for all sections of society. The schemes pioneered by him include the direct benefit scheme (DBT) of sending money to the widows, orphans, people without family, the elderly and farmers.

Other major humanitarian aspects of policy he undertook were focusing on ‘human infrastructure’, mental health, women empowerment, protection of child rights, and assistance to the mentally challenged. He made ‘psychosocial counselling’ for the adolescent and teenagers in schools very accessible and affordable.

Dr Munner has initiated projects like ‘Snehapoorvam, Snehasparsham, Samashwasam, Ashwasakiranam, renovation of the public library, up-gradation of Kozhikode beach to global standards, Melody for educational and cultural rejuvenation’.

Bringing his experience from the world of medicine, his resourcefulness was channelised by large scale organising of medical camps for the needy, evolution of public health centres into model health centres and raising the quality of Kottaparambathu Government hospital into global standards.

Acknowledging the geriatric issues in the state, the project of ‘SaphalameVardhakyam’ for the happiness of the elderly won him accolades from across the nation.  He has also initiated a project to make Kozhikode into a ‘fully wifi’ equipped city.

From IUML an organisation led by the Panakkad Thangal family who is well accepted across all communities of Kerala and are a strong resistance against sectarian tendencies. Dr Muneer also carries forward the legacy of his iconic father, late Sri CH Mohammed Koya, who was the Chief Minister of Kerala still cherished for his efforts in building interfaith harmony in the state and across India.

Dr Muneer is a cultural icon, a singer, an artist and an author who has won many awards. He won SK Pottekkatt literary award for his work ‘Sree Narayana Guru MoonnuVicharangal’ and C Achuta Menon Award for literature. He has won Indo British award for best minister too. This innovative vision of making ‘Kozhikode the ethical capital of Kerala’ has ignited tremendous interest from public policy experts in India.

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Effective April 1, 2021: itelligence | NTT DATA Business Solutions will operate as NTT DATA Business Solutions

Rebranding as NTT DATA Business Solutions is part of NTT DATA’s global growth initiative

Bielefeld/Hyderabad, March 30, 2021– itelligence | NTT DATA Business Solutions, one of SAP’s largest partners globally, which generated annual sales of some 1.072 billion euros in the calendar year 2020 with SAP-centric consulting, managed and co-innovation services, will operate under the new company name NTT DATA Business Solutions as of April 1. The previous separate branding will be transformed to match the NTT DATA branding. The rebranding of the company forms part of a major global growth and branding initiative conducted by NTT DATA.

NTT DATA Business Solutions AG will remain a stand-alone company with headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany. With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, the NTT DATA Business Solutions group will operate in the market independently. Headed by CEO Norbert Rotter, the executive board and management will continue their responsibilities as before. All contracts with customers, partners, and service providers associated with the group will stay valid.

“Together with NTT DATA, one of the globally most successful IT service providers, we are opening a new chapter in our corporate history today,” says Norbert Rotter, CEO NTT DATA Business Solutions, “that will further increase our visibility. At the same time, our main focus remains on being the globally leading SAP partner and reseller to the SME sector. With the power of NTT DATA, we will make further inroads into the large enterprise market as well. I am sure that the well-respected NTT DATA brand will help us to be more successful and well-known worldwide. We will also attract more high potentials to start their international career at NTT DATA Business Solutions.”

Global branding initiative within NTT DATA group starting April 1

“We have taken another major step towards global brand integration,” says Kaz Nishihata, Senior Executive Vice President & Representative Director, NTT DATA. “I believe that strengthening the NTT DATA brand will allow us to provide high-quality services more broadly to clients throughout the world and achieve business growth. As NTT DATA grows to become a TOP 5 IT service provider, NTT DATA Business Solutions will play an important role by strengthening and enhancing its SAP-centric business solution offerings.”

SAP expertise and aspirations documented in the mission statement: We Transform. SAP® Solutions into Value

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers customers and institutions an extensive portfolio comprising of consulting, managed, and co-innovation services based on SAP® products and solutions. With offices in 30 countries currently, NTT DATA Business Solutions helps customers in their transformation to become an intelligent enterprise. NTT DATA Business Solutions is one of a few Platinum Partners of SAP and part of the SAP PartnerEdge® program and runs five data centers of its own. NTT DATA Business Solutions is leading the field globally in the implementation of SAP S/4HANA® and in assisting customers with their systems transformation. To date, NTT DATA Business Solutions has realized or is currently implementing, more than 460 SAP S/4HANA projects.

Karl Fahrbach, Chief Partner Officer at SAP said: “Our recent offering RISE with SAP demonstrates the immersive collaboration with partners at SAP. Our ecosystem of partners is key to achieving our ambitious goal, and partners like NTT DATA Business Solutions testify effectively to the power of long-term side-by-side business collaboration.”

“Guaranteeing significant added value and success along with all transformation processes and meeting our clients´ individual requirements is our highest aim,” explains CEO Norbert Rotter. “The new mission statement expresses the aspirations of NTT DATA Business Solutions succinctly: We Transform. SAP® Solutions into Value.”

Sanjeev Deshpande, MD & CEO, NTT DATA Business Solutions India said “As a member of the global NTT DATA family, we will be able to serve our customers with all SAP-related topics and beyond. With an enhanced portfolio from the group, we will be able to partner with our customers in their digital transformation journey more completely. We expect our business to grow in an accelerated fashion in the next few months due to this rebranding.

As a direct result of anticipated growth, we will be able to generate more employment in the next few quarters. The new brand name will help us further consolidate our position as one of the great places to work.”

Following on from the intensification of the collaboration between NTT and SAP SE put into effect last year, all parties now welcome the current branding initiative. Not only will NTT DATA Business Solutions benefit from joining the NTT DATA branding in the domestic SME market, but it will also help it to attract potential large enterprise customers due to the high profile of the NTT brand.

Regarding NTT DATA Business Solutions

NTT DATA Business Solutions designs, implements, manages, and continuously enhances SAP solutions to make them work for companies and their people.

Aiming to help companies to transform, grow and become more successful, NTT DATA Business Solutions connects with a more than in-depth expertise for SAP solutions its clients´ business opportunities with the latest technologies – individually and across all business areas. As part of the NTT DATA group and with close ties to SAP and other partners, NTT DATA Business Solutions gives clients and prospects access to innovative solutions and developments and thus makes an important contribution to innovation and long-term business success.

NTT DATA Business Solutions employs around 10,000 people in30countries. In 2020 the company achieved a total turnover of 1.072 billion euros.

Regarding NTT DATA

NTT DATA – a part of NTT Group – is a trusted global innovator of IT and business services headquartered in Tokyo. We help clients transform through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, digital & IT modernization, and managed services. NTT DATA enables them, as well as society, to move confidently into the digital future. We are committed to our clients’ long-term success and combine global reach with local client attention to serve them in over 50 countries around the globe.

Any statements in this release that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties described in SAP’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC), including its most recent annual report on Form 20-F, that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. SAP cautions readers not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements which SAP has no obligation to update and which speak only as of their dates.

SAP and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and other countries. Please see https://www.sap.com/copyright for additional trademark information and notices.

Media contact [India]

Arathi Biradar

Director Marketing Communications

Email: arathi.biradar@nttdata.com

Media contact international

Head of Corporate Communications

Silvia Dicke

NTT DATA Business Solutions

Königsbreede 1

33605 Bielefeld, Germany

T: +49 (0) 521 / 9 14 48 – 107

E-mail: silvia.dicke@nttdata.com

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Entrepreneur & Stock market advisor Sheshank Ranjan has risen to the top as a Trading expert, guiding clients and making them successful.

As a 22-year-old trader, investor and mentor, he has reached the forefront of the industry in no time.

New Delhi, [India]: The trading and the stock market industry world is something that the world is talking about right now. Ever wondered why people keep holding more talks about this industry and why do they always want to keep up-to-date on their knowledge about these subjects? Well, amongst the many industries that have risen to the top over the years, the trading and the stock market space have also shown great signs of growth and success. However, one also cannot deny the fact that the financial space has been known as a dynamic space since the beginning and also volatile that keeps changing with different times. To set foot into the same, especially as a youngster, takes courage and only a few have astounded people with their unending grit, passion, and determination to take the trading world to the next level.

It would be wrong to say that the stock markets have always flourished, but it has definitely exhibited great promise and potential to rise again. The entire Covid situation has changed many things for the trading markets still; some people have been doing the unusual to keep at it and grow even amidst so much unpredictability. Sheshank Ranjan is one such name that has truly shown what it really takes to become the best in the industry as a young trader, stock market expert, and mentor. Even after so many ups and downs, there has been a certain rise in the stock markets and the boom has only instilled more hope in people’s hearts to take on that risk and become successful as a trader. Sheshank Ranjan has been guiding clients with his increased knowledge and passion and has been changing their lives for the better by sharing his valuable insights and suggestions as a mentor.

Youngsters today radiate a different level of brilliance when it comes to doing what they love. They spellbound people with the kind of talents they show and with that also make a difference in their lives by providing value through what they do.

The young Indian talent as an investor, trader, and mentor has become a partner of growth for all his clients being only a 22-year-old. As a stock market specialist, he has already made a six-figure income for himself, which has further propelled him forward in the industry. He has worked with clients closely and given them unbelievable results and profits.

Sheshank Ranjan is a student of IIT Roorkee and began his journey in trading amidst the pandemic. Today, he is a Senior Financial Trainer and CMO managing hedge funds and marketing to take Sanbun to new levels. He is a trader with tried and tested strategy working to make trading easy for newbie traders. His early success has also multiplied his followers on Instagram, which is over 90K already. To know more, follow him on Instagram now @stockmarket_advisors.