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Come explore global business opportunities at the Grand 3D Event ‘Global Buyer Seller Meet’ organised by Being Exporter

Surat, Gujarat : Let the Virtual World redefine your Business Culture. Being Exporter in association with Association of Global Merchants is here with – ‘GLOBAL BUYER SELLER MEET.’  This International Virtual Exhibition is happening on 26, 27 and 28th February 2021. It is a 360o and 3D platform for buyers and sellers across the world to meet, interact and discover global business opportunities. It has been organised with the goal to generate more and more businesses for people in India to help alleviate their business brands on a big global platform and export effectively.

This grand international virtual event creates a new look for promoting the ‘Make In India’ campaign. This is one of the best events showcasing our local talent on a global online platform, thus supporting the ‘Vocal for Local’ concept in India. Also this shows that we believe in ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ and are duly promoting this ideology. If you see the exteriors we have put our honourable Prime Minister’s image which exhibits our strong belief and support to all three ideologies as proposed by Shri Narendra Modiji.

This time we have created a very extraordinary event by starting a unique initiative. We Have collaborated with the Association with Global Merchants and have invited important dignitaries from across the globe. Our special guests invitees include  Mr Francesco Mirizzi, Kezy Mukiri, and Scarlett Hoffmann from Europe, Africa and South America respectively. We even have core committee members of Global Merchants who will be our special guests – Yadav Ashwani Bishkarma, Brijesh kumar Akoliya, and Akash Sanjay Agrawal. This will give a lot of scope for exploring global business opportunities between India and other countries.

With the belief that ‘export is easy,’ the Man of Exports is introducing one of the biggest and the largest 3D exhibitions happening in India. ‘Global Buyer Seller Meet, ‘ is one of the most exclusive trade shows with a buyers presence from across 100+ countries. Mr. Bhagirath Goswami, founder of Being Exporter has been causing abundant exports and creating exporters in the country. Due to his passion and dedication in the field of exports, he has been named as the ‘Man of Exports’ by many entrepreneurs. In order to promote Indian exports, Mr Bhagirath helps people from all walks of life to export their consignments. Towards this cause, he organises many global events and exhibitions. This time Mr Bhagirath is coming with a unique kind of initiative for the exporters.

It is the most exclusive trade show cum international buyer seller meet where visitors from 100 plus countries will visit the online platform.  The exhibition covers various commodities like agricultural products, textiles, chemicals, furniture, food, machinery, jewellery, kitchen appliances and much more. The whole idea behind the ‘Global Buyer Seller Meet is to connect buyers from different countries to sellers who have been in their business since long. The exhibition will also give buyers access to information like products, websites, presentation, chatting options and also direct video calling. The interesting part about this exhibition is that there are going to be many seminars, panel discussions and other events scheduled to run alongside the stalls. They also have an entertainment zone with live band performances and artistic shows.

If you are interested to explore the international market, then you can do so by simply booking your stall in the exhibition. As a seller, this will be the best opportunity for you to showcase your products, and meet thousands of buyers coming from different countries around the world. This will in turn generate leads and increase your exports and take your business to the next level.

Come be a part of the Global Buyer Seller Meet. Your chance to meet, network and explore the export market. This international exhibition is a once in a lifetime opportunity you cannot miss.

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Krishnamurti Foundation India Releases Real Crisis – A Digital Booklet of excerpts of J. Krishnamurti’s talks, dialogues and writings of 5 decades relevant to the crisis facing humanity

It presents the basis of our crisis and the way out of it.

Delhi, [India] : Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI), was  founded by philosopher, religious teacher,, speaker and writer – Jiddu Krishnamurti, has released a digital booklet – The Real Crisis, in response to the existing world crisis sparked by the pandemic.. This booklet has excerpts drawn from  J. Krishnamurti’s talks and writings of five decades from 1934 to 1985. Real Crisis digital book can be availed online at in 9 Indian languages, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu, Bengali, and Odia as well as in English.

Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) was one of the 20th century’s most influential religious teachers. He is regarded as one of the most significant voices of our times and as one who has a most profound impact on human consciousness. Born in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, he travelled constantly around the world, giving talks to thousands of listeners, writing, holding discussions with the brightest minds of the century, or sitting silently with those who sought his compassionate and healing presence.

He revealed the workings of the human mind with great precision and pointed out how it was the origin of all our crises. To preserve and make available for posterity his teachings without any distortion, he set up 4 foundations, each in India, UK, US and Spain. The Krishnamurti Foundation India has recently released a digital book, The Real Crisis, that will provide clarity to anyone interested in exploring their own condition in this crisis. It presents relevant questions such as, ‘‘Why has man, who has lived for thousands and thousands of years, come to such misery and conflict?… If you put aside the easy explanations of over-population, lack of morality—which goes with technological knowledge and this lack of direct communication—what then is the fundamental reason, the fundamental cause of this misery? Why is it that in a country like this that has had the tradition of goodness, kindliness, of not killing, of not being brutal… why is it and whence is it that something has gone totally wrong?’

A spokesperson for the KFI said, “It is 35 years since Krishnamurti died. A whole new generation has grown up without having any knowledge about the sacred treasure that he left behind. What he spoke and wrote about is as relevant today, perhaps more, and it is our intent to make available, to this new young generation, the teachings that could provide much needed guidance and clarity in these difficult times. When asked about his role, Krishnamurti answered: ‘My only concern is to set man absolutely, unconditionally free.’  The KFI, headquartered in Chennai, has in print, more than a 100 of his books. Our dedicated youtube channel has hundreds of videos of his talks and dialogues. The Real Crisis – Digital Booklet is free to download from our website – and is our way of making the teachings easily accessible.”

The Krishnamurti Foundation India has published nearly 100 books of his talks, dialogues, and writings.  These are some of the more widely read books over the past sixty years and are available at and Amazon. His teachings can be also be accessed at The Real Crisis is made available in 10 languages so that people of different geographies can easily access the teachings.

About J. Krishnamurti

  1. Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) is regarded by many as the most significant voice of our times and as one who has a most profound impact on human consciousness. Born in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, he travelled constantly around the world, giving talks to thousands of listeners, writing, holding discussions with the brightest minds of the century, or sitting silently with those who sought his compassionate and healing presence.

Sage, philosopher, and religious teacher, Krishnamurti illumined the lives of millions the world over – it is estimated that he talked to more people in recorded history. More than three million copies of his books have sold worldwide. His material legacy, consisting chiefly of video and audio recordings of his talks and dialogues, is vast.  These dialogues and talks can be accessed at his official channel

Education that would bring about a human being with a radically new consciousness was close to Krishnamurti’s heart. He set up schools in India, UK and USA. Today, the Krishnamurti Foundation India has  six schools – Rishi Valley school (Madanapalle), Rajghat Besant School (Varanasi), Valley School (Bengaluru), The School-KFI (Chennai), Sahayadri School (Pune) and Pathashaala school (near Chennai). Each of these schools has a study centre that is open to anyone wishing to engage with the teachings.

The Krishnamurti Foundation India is located at the Vasanta Vihar in Chennai. This used to be Krishnamurti’s home when he toured India. Today it houses a study centre, a library, a bookstore and an archive of the original teachings.

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Invesco Mutual Fund unveils Invesco India ESG Equity Fund

NFO Opens: 26th February2021; Closes: 12th March2021

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Invesco Mutual Fund announces the launch of its newfundInvesco India ESG Equity Fund, (an open ended equity scheme investing in companies following Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) theme). The fund aims to generate capital appreciation by investing 80% – 100% of the net assets in equity and equity instruments of companies, which are selected based on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, as defined by our proprietary investment framework. The fund will adopt a bottom-up approach to select stocks. While the fund will invest the majority of its assets in large cap companies; it will also offer limited exposure of up to 35% tomid and small cap companies1. The fund is benchmarked to the NIFTY 100 Enhanced ESG Index and will be managed by Mr. Taher Badshah, who has over 26 years of experience and Amit Nigam, who has  over 20 years of experience in the Indian equity markets.

Note – 1The above strategy is based on current views and is subject to change from time to time.

In today’s socially conscious society, we expect companies to care about environment, society and have high standards of governance. And as consumers, we exercise our voice through the products & services we consume. Investors globally consider ESG factors to evaluate where the company has risks because of environment, social and governance issues. For companies today, the risks which originate from environment, social and governance issues are real. Disregarding ESG values can have a serious impact on the company’s operations, profits, and shareholder value. From an investment point of view, it is important to evaluate where the company faces the risk on account of ESG parameters, as ignoring these risks can have far-reaching consequences.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Saurabh Nanavati, Chief Executive Officer, Invesco Mutual Fundsaid, “As a firm, we have been demonstrating our commitment globally to responsible investing by actively encouraging ESG inclusive practices across every area of business.Globally, there is a big difference between being ESG “Aware” and ESG “Inclusive”. Our ESG inclusive practices are at the core of our equity investment process, which differentiates us.

“It is important to analyze a company through the ESG lens. Governments and society are penalizing irresponsible companies. On the other hand, companies with strong ESG proposition are creating value through increased top-line growth, lower costs of production, better financing terms, government support & subsidies, motivated employees and enhanced returns on capital invested, which in turn help investors in long term wealth creation.”

“First time investors can embark on their investment journey with this new fund and embrace responsible investing from day one”

Invesco and ESG1

  • 32 years journey of sustainable investing
  • Managing US$ 34.5 bn across 44 ESG funds and segregated mandates globally. (managed by our global firm)
  • Signatories to the UN sponsored Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
  • Lead Investor in Climate Action 100 +
  • ESG advocacy through industry associations and participation in policy efforts

1 The details referred above are of our global firm.Source: Invesco; Data as on 31 December, 2020.

The minimum investment amount during the NFO is Rs. 1000/- and in multiples of Rs. 1/- thereafter. For SIP investments, the minimum application amount is Rs. 500/- and in multiples of Rs. 1 thereafter.

No exit load will be charged, if upto 10 percent of the units are redeemed/ switched out within 1 year from the date of allotment. If more than 10 percent of the units are redeemed / switched out within 1 year from the date of allotment , exit load of 1 percent will be charged. No exit load will be charged for units redeemed / switched after 1 year from the date of allotment.

The New Fund Offer (NFO) is open for subscription from February 26, 2021 and will close on March12, 2021.

 About Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited 

Invesco Asset Management (India) is one of the leading asset management companies in India. With over INR 44,776 crores of assets under management across Mutual funds, PMS and Offshore Advisory (as at 31 December, 2020), we serve investment needs of individual investors, corporate and institutions through mutual funds and sub-advised portfolios. Our expertise extends across equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes where we offer the complete range of funds designed to suit investment needs. IAMI’s aim is to provide top class financial care, impeccable service, and best-in-class investment products.

For more details visit

About Invesco Ltd.

Invesco is an independent investment management firm dedicated to delivering investment experience that helps people get more out of life. NYSE: IVZ;

Note: The product labelling assigned during the NFO is based on internal  assessment  of the Scheme characteristics  or model portfolio and the same may vary post NFO when the actual investments are made.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

For further information, please contact


Haresh L Sadani

Director – Marketing & Products

Invesco Asset Management

(India) Private Limited


Nidhi Sampat

Manager – Marketing

Invesco Asset Management

(India) Private Limited






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India’s 1st& Largest PPP on Waste Water Reuse Completed in Record Time During Pandemic; Bags FICCI Water Award 2020

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Since our ancient times, India has been known as the land of ‘Sujalam and Sufalam’. The various rivers worshiped as deities has ensured that Indians remain water secure. However, rising urban population and growing industrialisation have taken a toll on water resources and rivers once worshipped have turned into sewage canals. This demanded a fresher outlook towards the overall management of the Urban Water Cycle. An integrated approach comprising of Water Supply and Sewage Treatment with Reuse is the only solution to this crisis.

The thumb-rule is 80% of potable water supplied to a city returns as sewage. Our towns generate over 61,000 MLD of sewage with only 30% sewage treatment capacity available in cities and 3% in small towns. This untreated sewage is a hazard to socio-environmental health. Our cities mostly pollute the very water source they depend on with sewage generated. We lack STPs in place and for the ones we have, we do not have suitable maintenance budgets. We release 15,000 Million Litres of Municipal and Industrial Waste into the Ganga everyday.

Nagpur was no different. With a 27-lakh population, consuming 700 MLD of fresh water daily roughly 80% translating to ~550 MLD converted in sewage. A solution to this issue was treating sewage and REUSING it.

Nagpur’s sewage flowed through three rivers cum drains viz. Pivali, Pohra and Nag. This polluted the famous Gosikhurd Dam, a source of fresh water and irrigation. The Hon’ble High Court on a petition ordered action to bridge the gap of sewage generation and treatment. For Nagpur Municipal Corporation, it was financially impossible to meet this requirement and took a PPP route focusing on Reuse of the treated sewage water.

It involved collection of 200 MLD of sewage from rivers and augmenting a 100 MLD STP to 200 MLD with Reuse of treated water as final goal. The project was structured on PPP model with Vishvaraj Environment Pvt. Ltd. selected through a competitive bidding process for 30 years.

Entire project was built though 100% private investment making it the largest and the first STP on PPP model.

The real innovation was Reuse of this sewage treated water by the industry. MAHAGENCO, the state power generation utility agreedto using treated sewage at its two power plants.

Alongside a path-breaking policy by Ministry of Power made it mandatory for power plants across India to use treated sewage water, if available within a 50 km radius. The cost is allowed as a pass-through tariff by power plants making it financially sustainable.

Work on a 200 MLD STP and Reuse phase commenced in June 2018, withMahaGenCogoing to use 190 MLD for its Khaparkheda and Koradi plants. The challenge involved laying a 1,500 mm dia pipeline through dense urban areas and crossing railway lines at six locations.  The project was completed 9 months ahead of its designated construction period of two years that too in the peak pandemic situation.

The project proved to be a winner for everyone – municipality got a facility,city got its

future fresh water needs taken care off for 35 years and the power plants secured water supply. Citizens benefittedas sewage is treated and fresh water freed up.

For the remarkable execution of this path-breaking project, Vishvaraj Environment bagged the first prize at the FICCI water award 2020 held virtually on 16 February 2021.

Mr. Arun Lakhani, CMD, Vishvaraj Environment expressed his views on the Reuse philosophy saying, “Water Sustainability is a term which should remind us all, how inadequately we are coping with these subjects. This is slowly becoming critical for humanity. The Nagpur Reuse Project was conceptualized keeping reuse as a central theme. The potential for reuse at Thermal Power Plants is 8 billion liters per day initially. Indian cities are growing rapidly and water supply to the cities already scarce. The reuse initiative would release fresh water for 8 crore people. Our cities will have to look for the newer avenues for water security and Nagpur reuse model can act as a torch bearer for the cities.

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Milan Verma! The Ex-ROADIES Contestant and Unparalleled Fitness Model of India.

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Milan Verma the fierce Ex-Roadies competitor and Incomparable Fitness Model of India who hails from warrior city Panipat, Haryana, let’s get to know more about his journey of self-made disciplined fitness model and aspiring actor.

Milan Verma is a living illustration of the fact that the relentless caution and emphasis to work is the value one must pay for getting success in life. Milan made hard work his choice and always takes pride in it because he believes that redundancy is an indulgence the none should allow to relish. Man is inborn for working and thrive in life. The person is like steel which gleams in use and deteriorates in rest.

From the early days, Milan was clear about his dream to become not only a usual model but an extraordinary Fitness Model and during this process, he became an expert in a Strength Training form called CALISTHENICS which includes a variety of movements. Calisthenics exercises are performed rhythmically with minimal pieces of equipment, mostly with body weight. Calisthenics can deliver the benefits of muscular and aerobic training, additionally, improving cognitive content & skills such as balance, agility, and coordination.

Milan’s calisthenics moves helped him to get into the Roadies Rising 2016/17 season when judges got impressed by his skills and called for a personal interview at Chandigarh without any group discussion which was unprecedented in the show’s history. Although he was Prince’s gang member in the show, but his aura was such that all the judges wanted him to be in their team. He performed each task with such passion and agility that he made so many fans while the show and ultimately due to his unfaded popularity was called again for 2020/21.

All such good things happened with Milan not because he was lucky but due to the sweat and blood, he gave to be trained relentlessly for these moments. Every athlete, sportsperson, and celebrity with a well-shaped physique is worshiped by people all over the world. Everyone aspires to enjoy the status they have achieved but none understand the pain, discipline, and efforts these role models go through. Every 2-minutes success is the result of years’ dedication, passion, and motivation to achieve their decisive goal.

Now with his desirable ab characterization and athletic look, Milan has landed many deals with Fitness magazines and Fitness Products companies. This fitness model journey started by lifting weights and doing creative exercises in the park which soon became the passion to build muscles and increase strength. The young professional fitness model puts in a lot of effort to maintain his carved physique, especially now that he has become known for it.

Milan is now targeting the setting up a sports-based reality TV show and focusing on preparing Indian youth for international level fitness to make India proud and if all goes as planned, very soon Indian audience will experience fitness drills and task-based fun and entertainment pact real story-based show on reputed channels.

We wish that Milan’s dream fulfill early so that the energy of our great country’s youth will be well directedand, in that way, he will be able to contribute to making Fit Bharat.

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Finding Way in the Labyrinth of Cyber Warfare By : Yogesh Dadhich

Bangalore Karnataka [India] : As the world gradually evolves into a global village, there has been an accelerating concern regarding the issue of cyber security. An array of individual hackers and rouge states are seen to be participating in cyber warfare; thereby posing a stark threat to cyber security and data breach.

Indian companies are now progressively waking up to the need for cybersecurity and are looking for reliable solutions to help them keep theirand their customer’s data secure. In this scenario, controlling and managing IT Infrastructure Security Exposure has become a high priority for IT Teams and Leaders.

So, we at Ossisto 365, are carving a niche as a leading provider of cybersecurity tools that help inkeeping two of the most commonly used enterprise applications – Active Directory & Office 365 safe and secure.

Recently, even Microsoft took recognition of Ossisto’s efforts in securing Active Directory and posted about Ossisto’s major update on their Social Media handles. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Ossisto 365 has demonstrated strong leadership and innovation in this domain, while competing with major cybersecurity providers globally.

Boasting of an established clientele based in US, South Africa, Europe, and Middle East, Ossisto 365 is efficiently enabling customers across a range of domains such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public/Government Institutions and IT/ITES industries.

Our customers trust us to keep their most important assets safe: Core Authentication Technologies and User Identities & Access Management components of their IT Infrastructures. We respond to this trust by being very aggressive with Product enhancements, patching and expansions.

To confront a new wave of malicious elements and organized attacks on enterprise IT Infrastructures, Ossisto 365 is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence in its IT Security solutions. This has led to a new wave of interest among customers who would like to leverage AI to keep their environment clean and up to date with the industry best practices.

Yogesh Dadhich is an Information Technology connoisseur who has been in this decade for close to two decades now. He presently serves as the Managing Director of Ossisto 365, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a provider of IT Health & Risk Assessment Software & Services for Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft other key server technologies.

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Nishant S Mehta Won Excellence in Fintech & Banking Audits Award from Business Mint

If we have potential and patience then no one can stop us from achieving our goal.

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : His Pathway to success has inspired startups and CA aspirants. Recently achieved “The Indian Achievers Clubs 50 under 50”.

Nishant’s ideology has proved that Fintech & Banking Audits are two powerful elements in any corporate.

Being a famous Chartered Accountant, Entrepreneur and Mentor, his reformation has laid great impact globally. He is a man of his dreams started his professional journey in 1995 as an intern, where he got chance to work with top corporates like Aditya Birla, Tata Group, Philips etc. He is a person of various interest from dance, cricket and music accepts each new talent that brings value.

Holding two master’s degree one from Government Law Collage, Mumbai (LLM) and other from Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research in 2008, (MBA – Finance) he has proved that “Where There Is A Will There Is A Way”. Someone who started his own company in 2001 as ‘M/S Nishant S Mehta & Company (NSM) showed business enterprises a success journey by having offices in Dubai,Singapore, London, Australia, Riyadh & Bahrain with associates in USA, Oman & Kuwait.

“Future of the world is fintech. I am proud to see so many Indians Fintech achieving success”; says Nishant. He is a part of many social associations –

  • Toastmasters International, District 98
  • YI- Young Indians Mumbai (Youth Wing of CCI)
  • YLF – Young Leaders Forum (Youth Wing Of IMC)
  • Rotary Club of Mumbai Coastline
  • Member of Bombay Industries Associates

He has set a benchmark in the legal and financial market as he has been commissioned for various movies Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Love Sex Dhoka, English Vinglish and many more. Been into strategy and operations of various startups related to fashion, travel, social networking platform that would not only help the economy in enhancing the GDP of the country but also will act as a digital achievement. As an entrepreneur he aims to bring holistic development targeting the betterment of the economy.

He is inspired by Mukesh Ambani as his success was had no ends in the same way we can see Nishant’s life which has been a great source of inspiration as business is all about taking risks and challenges. His success seems a challenge which could not be done if he would look towards the difficulties. In his domain he wants to mentor students, Corporate’s, Startup groups to look towards the planning rather than implementation as asset can never be converted to liability.

“I STARTED ALONE”; said Nishant but today he is a man who walks with million people who want to learn something better. Create your own identity Fintech gave me my identity you identify yours…

Nishant revolves around all spheres of life. His flexible nature adds spark to his professional growth. He has brought a change in education by imparting quality knowledge related to finance and investment which has benefited people at large.

Nishant has uplifted many investors to choose path towards financial freedom. This is an added advantage which opens a pathway to all his dreams. Having hardworking personality, he has launched his podcast, YouTube and Instagram page which is filled with top notch knowledge that can act as a guiding source of information to thousands of viewers.

Nishant says, ” Freedom can only come when you have key to all problems”. For him key was hidden in his passion towards finance. His areas of interest were laid down to bring out the best in the business world. His achievements made business reach towards an unexpected level.

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Business Mint Announce the Winners of the Nationwide Awards under 30 – Rising Entrepreneurs– 2021

Nationwide Awards is one of the India’s generally perceived and elite brands, providing assurance of the highest quality and innovation. An incredible wide range of sectors and industries from all over the India were represented.

 Hyderabad, Telangana [ India] : The Grand Nationwide Awards 30 Under 30 –RISING ENTERPRENEURES– 2021 were acquainted with recognize and reward the extraordinary work and the outcomes picked up by the pioneers of the corporate space, despite an always increasing competitive market.Almost 650 of the main figures in global responsible organizations entries at Nationwide Awards Under30 –RISING ENTERPRENEURES– 2021.

The diversity on display – both in terms of geographical origin and working sphere – exhibited fantastically a developing devotion to mindful strategic approaches.Continuing with our hunt, the Nationwide Awards Under 30 –RISING ENTERPRENEURES– 2021 search out the leading lights of the wide range of rising entrepreneurs, searching for those whose imagination, technology, responsibility, innovations and solid initiative has assisted them with making progress in an increasingly challenging corporate atmosphere.The judges were searching for organizations who have been “RisingEntrepreneursThese honors perceive and honor the most regarded entrepreneursalongside their C-Level executives within a variety of industries, while rewarding deserving success all its forms throughout the Global business community.

To honor those bright minds, Business Mint issued a list of companies, agencies, nonprofits and government organizations whose groups and missions brought home a success here:

We are pleased to specify that all the RisingEntrepreneursare startup FOUNDERS or ‘’Business legends’’ that drive forward with thoughts, advancements and persistent coarseness that is moving the business and the society the correct way.

The Nationwide AwardsUnder 30 –RISING ENTERPRENEURES– 2021was an enormous achievement in which more than 650 nominations came from across different industry areas, for example Trading, Education, Health, Architectural, Marketing, Media, Real Estate etc.Afterselecting the most creative and bright minded nominees, there were 30 winners under several unique classifications.The winners came from everywhere India.

Startups and Entrepreneur shape our lives. They make occupations and stimulate innovations with no limits. They add to the interaction of country working by filling financial development and success. With their visionary thoughts and tenacious soul, they challenge problematic powers and carry with them imaginative arrangements in any event, during the hardest occasions. Driven by their longing to improve their general surroundings, they stop at nothing to accomplish their most prominent aspirations. Startups are the fate of India.

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, expressed “It’s a pleasure to see so many organizations from such a variety of enterprises and geographies are working hard towards our common goal.”

List of “Nationwide Awards Under 30 –RISING ENTERPRENEURES– 2021” winners:

  1. VibhorHasija – Founder & CEO – Yours Eventfully in Artist Management Category
  2. Parikshit – Founder & CEO –MeraMaali in Urban Gardening Category
  3. Manu Mathew Palathungal – Co-Founder – Nutmeg Valley & MD – Electro Fibres in Trading & Manufacturing Category
  4. Varnika Bhargava – Founder –Creativeshowz in Wedding Planners Category
  5. Sahil Wadhwa – Founder & CEO, Pathshala (Brainchild Smart Ventures Pvt Ltd) in Education Category
  6. Nilesh Prabhakar Shingote – Co-Founder, PropCheckup in Innovative Startup Category
  7. Rajesh Kumar – Founder, Sixpackabsindia in Fitness Startup Category
  8. Ajitabha Bose – Chairman, BDL Studios &Ajitabha Publishers in Author Category
  9. Anurag Srivastava – Founder & CEO, Mad Over Print Pvt Ltd in Creative Merchandise Category
  10. Rishabh Jain – Founder – RishiRich Jewels in Fashion Jewelry Category
  11. Dr Samiuddin Ahmed – BDS, MDS | Dental Implantologist in Dental Healthcare Category
  12. Shamsia – Artist in Art Category
  13. Shyambhavi Gulati – CEO – Babita Arts and Designs in Art & Design Category
  14. Bibin Babu – Co-Founder, Payiza&Innowork – Emerging Technology Category
  15. KundavaiArivudainambi – Founder & CEO, Eduzo in Edu-Tech Category
  16. Anjali Nar – Founder & Director, METRISTAMBH in Architectural & Interior Design Category
  17. Aayush Chaudhary – Founder, ACad Studio in Architectural & Interior Design Category
  18. Pranav Mehra – Co-Founder – Brew Whale Brewing LLP in Brewery Category
  19. Bharat Ramavtar Gupta – Founder – Mungos Media in Marketing & Media Category
  20. ShivashishTarkas – Founder & CEO – The InterMentalist in Marketing & Media Category
  21. Adhunika Singh – Founder & Creative Director – Look What Happened in Branding & Advertising Category
  22. Aashish Bhardwaj – Founder & CEO – Sociopool India Private Limited in Marketing & Advertising Category
  23. Aditya Gurwara – Managing Partner – Services, Qoruz / Terareach in Marketing & Advertising Category
  24. Tarun Sunil Nainani – Co – Founder, Pentableu in Marketing & Advertising Category
  25. Dhanraj Madnani – Founder & CEO, LiquidSpear Experiences in Marketing & Advertising Category
  26. A V Sai Prakash – CEO, Fave Labs in Home Automation category
  27. Paresh Sunil Dugad– Director, Dugad Group in Real Estate & Manufacturing Category
  28. Harsh Agarwal – Founder & CEO, Greenland Agro Foods in Healthy Foods Category
  29. Vinit Vinod Jain – Founder, Techinnovadors Solutions Pvt Ltd in Startup Incubator Category
  30. Mohit Vanjani – Founder, Keeo Skin Essentials in E-commerce in Beauty & Hygiene Category

Mr. Vinay KanthKorapati , Founder of Business Mint says,“I might want to salute everyone on the shortlist, and especially our winners of Nationwide Awards Under 30 –RISING ENTERPRENEURES– 2021 ,You all show genuine development and administration in driving Responsible Business. We hope you all will share your experience far and wide and look forward to reading follow-up actions next year! All demonstrated the strategic importance of sustainability to their business or organizational activities.

It was extremely inspiring. Leading a business to success can be a tough challenge, and as such we are keen to showcase the dedication, expertise and sheer hard work of our deserving winners. I would like to wish them the best of luck for the future and congratulate them on their win in this prestigious awards program.” where you can get to the winner’s supplement.

About Business Mint

Business Mint is one stop destination to serve organizations and entrepreneurs for their professional advancement through research and recognition approach.Business Mint is a platform for associations and business people where individuals get acknowledgment for their diligent effort. Their good try to perceive the incredible business thoughts, adventures and great individuals behind them that get it going at any expense.

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Meet KC Naseer an advocate and activist who is on a run for the empowerment of weaker sections

Kerala, [India] : Born in the Malappuram District of Kerala, Adv KC Naseer has been prominent and headlines because of a lot of pro bono cases for the poor and marginalized sections of the society. He is an advocate as well as a member of – AILC (All India Lawyers Council). Naseer had also contested as a SDPI candidate, in the Kottakkal assembly in 2011 and the Tiruragadi constituency in 2016. And became an SDPI candidate in Vengara in 2017.

Naseer has started running several campaigns for the betterment of society. But he came into recognition and was noticed by all after his speech in Kolkata at the seminar titled “Against Child Labour”. Naseer is also well known for his blood donation drive, anti-alcohol, and anti-drug awareness campaigns. Naseer has started his journey into social activism while working in MSF. Well, nobody can become a social activist in a moment one needs to think of societal issues and the work they can do and how they can contribute to society. Being a lawyer, he was an office-bearer in MES college and Thrissur Law college. He was also part of the Indian council for social welfare.

He got known by the nation and became part of several headlines as an advocate in the controversial Hadiya case before the Kerala High Court and Supreme Court. Naseer’s arguments turned many heads and he also fought for the right of girls to choose the path and partner for her life. He was instrumental in getting human rights and dignity for Hadiya which became a landmark case in the history of the Indian judiciary.

Naseer has not only contributed socially but has also intervened and taken the stand in cases that were against anti-social elements snatching away the cattle wealth. His legal and social interventions in the district of Malappuram have earned his laurel from regional media and leaders of the state, which paved his way in the field of politics and activism. Not only this, the recognition made him more enthusiastic to work more for society.

Naseer has also contributed to several agitations regarding National Highway development, Gail Pipeline, and taken pro-people stands. He is also an RTI activist who is always ready to fight and take a stand for transparency in the system.

One of the most important or the well-known campaigns is for a new district Tirur which can bring more governmental facilities to the people of Malappuram and he has conducted a people’s march for the same. He is also an active part of the National Confederation of Human Rights Organisation (NCHRO) and has been an active speaker in the seminars conducted in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.

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A company grew its business TEN times during covid-19 pandemic using ingenuity and business resilience!

Vadodara, Gujarat [India] : Vadodara-based food startup All That Dips achieved ten times business growth despite covid-19 pandemic through the well-timed launch of gourmet cooking sauce brand Bechef.

Vadodara: The Covid-19 pandemic made tasks difficult for companies, small or big. It has disrupted economic and social normalcy throughout the world. Many successful companies had to shut down operations or cut down businesses overnight. People lost their livelihoods; social connections disappeared with built-up health concerns.

In the middle of this mayhem, the Vadodara-based food startup All That Dips has managed to overcome the pandemic challenge and achieved 10 times business growth. This significant achievement has been possible solely because of the intelligent and well-timed business decisions and product launches.

For over 10 months, country-wide lockdown forced people to stay confined in their homes, while restaurants and food joints remained closed. Food being an obvious choice to spice up our lives and nourish health, everyone started experimenting and attempting to home-cook delicious restaurant-style dishes. Ordinary people – food lovers, bachelors, mothers, or rookie cooks – was trying to be the chefs at their homes.

All That Dips leveraged people’s crave for healthy, nutritious and restaurant-style food at home. They launched their new product line up Bechef. It is a brand of gourmet cooking sauces from cuisines across the world; prepared with farm-fresh ingredients; no colour, flavour or harmful chemical added.

“Food is a sacred business, what we consume has a direct effect on the health of the consumer and hence there lies no room for error and use of inferior quality ingredients on what goes in our products.” – Dr Deep Lodhari, Founder & Director of All That Dips.

Bechef cooking sauces come in various world cuisines, from North African Harissa Sauce to Jamaican Jerk Sauce and Chinese Kung Pao Sauce. The company strictly adhere to the principle of quality over quantity. Only farm-fresh ingredients, directly sourced from farmers markets, are used in preparing Bechef sauces. Production of sauces in small batches ensures that ingredients remain fresh and authentic. Products also taste uniform, and nutrient value remains intact.

Bechef helped the company to survive and grow during the pandemic lockdown. Today, All That Dips has a pan-India reach–Panjab to Kerala and Gujrat to Assam. These gourmet cooking sauces are now available in more than 1000 supermarkets across 13 Indian states contributing over 50% to All That Dips revenue. The word-of-mouth publicity and reorders from satisfied customers, significantly, helped the brand to succeed.

The company gets direct-to-customer business from its presence in online platforms and business-to-business sales through traditional distributions and modern trade format. They also sell products to various restaurants, caterers and hotels in bulk.

For promoting Bechef brand, All That Dips is tieing up with the best chefs in India, engaging consumers through social media interactions, regular online cooking contests and other fun, engaging activities. Sampling and tasting activities in retail stores, malls and societies are also in full swing. The founders have plans to go international by launching the brand in South East Asian and Middle East Markets soon.

All That Dips’ goal for 2021 is to be the fastest-growing company in the healthy foods and condiments category consolidating its presence across the territories in Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities and becoming a national brand.

The story of All That Dips started in 2017 when Dr Deep Lodhari and Mr Dhaval Patel prepared a particular batch of Hummus & Fresh Salsa and sold worth of  ₹50,000/- within just two days in a local market! Both these gentlemen share craziness and passion for good food from across the world; they believe that good food can change the way of life. The initial success with Hummus gave birth to All That Dips. In a short period, the company became a big success. It started supplying fresh dips ranging from Fresh Hummus, Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese Dips, Aiolis and Yogurt in 16 yummy flavours to premium supermarkets across five states. Then covid-19 happened. And their thriving business got stuck with lockdown, closed stores and supermarkets. However, with their ingenuity and entrepreneurial zeal, the founders helped the company overcome the pandemic onslaught. All The Dips launched its gourmet cooking sauce brand Bechef for people willing to home-cook delicious healthy restaurant-styles dishes.

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