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HDFC Bank Unite, creates a buzz with SantaCause

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : One of India’s leading private banks HDFC Bank, is celebrating the last leg of 2020 on a different note. In an initiative across 11 cities of west India (Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot, Indore, Bhopal & Goa) HDFC Bank Unite has come up with Santa Cause. This activity is aimed at inviting people to donate clothes, toys, foot wear, books and more. Donors for this drive include HDFC Bank staff members, their customers & people from all walks of life. The activity is garnering great support & drawing appreciation.  

There are donation boxes set up at various HDFC Bank branches & people have been asked to drop their donations at branches. Looking at the current pandemic situation it has been requested that the stuff must be well sanitized before offering it in the boxes. As a precautionary measure the donation would be once again sanitized before it reaches the recipients. 

Round Table India has partnered with HDFC Bank Unite for the cause as an NGO partner. The NGO would take the collected stuff to under privileged children across all these cities.

Commenting on the initiative HDFC Bank officials said that HDFC Bank Unite SantaCause is been extremely fulfilling initiative for us. In these difficult times we owe some thing back to the society specially to those who really need it the most. We are grateful to all the donors who have come forward & joined us in this cause.  

With a branch network of more than 500 across 11 cities, HDFC Bank has ensured that there is maximum engagement of everyone in this social cause.  

One dial +917000148835 or can log on to social media to know more about this noble cause. There is a website specifically made for the activity where there are further details available. Radio Mrichi has also been supporting this initiative as an entertainment partner.

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LTG Infrastructure bags 11th Annual India Leadership award for India’s most admired and valuable infrastructure company 2020

Bangalore, Karnataka [India] : The Karnataka famous two decades old Infrastructure Company, LTG Infrastructure limited, is now a recipient of ISO 9001: 14001 and 45001 certification.

Riding on its success, under the aegis of Mr. H P Lakshman, this infrastructure giant has expanded and progressed in its diversified business like warehouse, Industrial townships, housing, IT-BT parks, cold storage units, agriculture sector and several other projects.

Mr. Lakshman, Chairman, LTG INFRASTRUCTURE LTD, said, “I profoundly thank from the bottom of my heart,  my beloved family who has been the store of strength, and all the LTG team members who have stood with me during the crisis time  and well wishers for making my company the winner of the “Indian Affairs India’s Most Admired & Valuable Infrastructure Company 2020” .  Thank you all  once again for making me and our company proud”.

As a result of this, the organization has been honored with several awards. One among them is Indian Affairs India’s Most Admired and Valuable Infrastructure Company 2020 award. The company was the forefront runner for this award in the recently held 11th annual India leadership Conclave Awards 2020. About ten companies had contested for this award. LTG bagged the award in a tough contest as it was voted the best company. This award is a matter of pride for the industrial sector in Karnataka. Shri H P Lakshman has become a role model to many now.

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The Young Minds Of Anand Vidya Vihar Extend Their Care For Their Surroundings Beyond The Classroom.

Baroda, Gujarat : Beyond their classroom environment, the blooming minds of Anand Vidya Vihar have been actively participating in initiatives focusing on shaping and developing the environment in and around Vadodara. The students took part and won a series of competitions in an event which was organised by a local environment centred NGO. Their model on organic farming which they presented as part of the model gardening competition, granted them the first prize. In yet another contest organised during the same event, the Anand Vidya Vihar budding environmentalists, were also awarded the first prize for their self-composed action song focusing on the significance of water.

These events were organised as a part of the annual social centred initiatives organised by SOCLEEN, a Non Governmental Organisation focusing on creating a clean and sustainable environment. The students of Anand Vidya Vihar have been engaged in such initiatives on regular occasions, all throughout their academic tenure at the school. Taking part in such activities has not only given the students a chance to showcase their innovative ideas and creativity, but it has also granted them the awareness regarding important social issues and challenges. The competitions organised in this event were a colourful blend of both creative arts and science, providing the perfect resemblance of the colourful skill sets and talents of the young minds of Anand Vidya Vihar.

The model which was presented by the students on organic farms, focused on the sustainability of natural resources and their conservation to ensure that farmers and gardeners get to have maximum output while at the same time being eco-friendly.  The action group song which the students wrote was as a result of their own ingenuity and creativity. The song was self-composed, self-choreographed and self-written, to project the need to conserve water and its role in saving lives. In recognition of their excellence expressed through their participation and victories in such contests each year, the students of Anand Vidya Vihar were also awarded the rolling trophy for standing first.

In addition, two of the schools’ 9th Grade students also got the opportunity to attend a seminar conducted by the same organisation. The AVV students were granted the opportunity to present their report before eminent personalities including town planners, water managers, water scientists amongst others, and they were declared the second prize winners. “Anand Vidya Vihar, believes in the conservation and preservation of the environment and working with concerted efforts in promoting sustainable healthy environment”, said the school Principal Mrs. Poornima Menon.

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The National Esports Federation launches NET 2021 – National Esports Tournament, an annual esports event

  • The National Esports Federation launches NET 2021 – National Esports Try-outs, an annual esports event

New Delhi, [India] : The event will run competitions in 8 popular titles, FIFA, CSGO, Call of Duty, World of Warships, Rainbow Six, Apex Legends, Rocket League and Fortnite, with amateur and semi-professional players being given the opportunity to compete with professionals. The Monaco Gaming Show will also host influencers, esports figures, and esports partners.

Competitors will have the opportunity to win 15,00,000 in cash prizes and full-time contracts for top 50 athletes with more than 15 professional esports teams. The registrations for the tryouts are live on the NeF website.

Apoorv Parihar, President of National Esports Federation stated: “Our objective with the NET is to produce a pure esports event that can grow exponentially every year and establish an open platform at the top of the esports scene in India. India is recognised as a major sporting country, and esports is no exception for our athletes to shine.

“We also want this project to support the development and success of young athletes and help them become tomorrow’s esports superstars. Our partnership with some of the country’s leading names will help this objective become a reality.” added the Secretary General Mr Akhilesh Datta.

The National Esports Federation was established in 2019, as a not-for-profit organization. The former’s goal is to “develop an esports structure, similar to any sport, to support esports events and to promote the detection, recruitment and development of young local and international talents.

SEC is an annual national e-sports competition where the top student e-sports gamers participate under the accreditation of the National Esports Federation (NEF), which has 83 member institutions from all around the country. SEC selects players through regional preliminaries in three divisions for school and college based on the age bracket of the athletes. The preliminary consists of the open tournament being held at local level followed by a ranked tournament for the top athletes. The open tournament that anyone can participate in as an amateur esports event and ranked teams are invited through knockout system because SEC is a spectator friendly league tournament. At the end of the year, the spectators can see the winners of respective game title in the SEC national finals.

The inaugural event will start in 2021 with a total of 8 game titles. The details will be announced around April 2021, and the first national final will be held in Noida at the NEF Xstream Arena. The total prize pool is about 10,00,000 along with athletic scholarships covering up to 80% of the college fees.

For the future post Covid-19 pandemic, we’re considering introducing a membership offering so people can join the federation to avail athlete benefits offered such as

The association also works with the media, produces its own content and is establishing links with schools and academics to help put esports on the map in India and reinforce the positive aspects of competitive gaming. The gap between esports and more traditional forms of sports is getting narrower day by day and the decision to name it a medalled sport in Asian Games 2022 has made it closer than ever. We are constantly exploring ways to better promote future Indian esports champions and highlight academic research in this field.


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ANAAD Consultants LLP won the Best Emerging Company Award from Business Mint

New Delhi, [India] : Anaad is one of the foremost ‘Skill Development and Education Guidance’ Institute in the business world that prepares India’s youth with the skills and guidance they require to build a prosperous career and become Atmanirbhar (self-reliant). The word Anaād means beginning-less; external existence – something that doesn’t begin and cannot end. Something which is there ever-since.

Established in 2019 with the vision to educate and empower India’s youth, Anaād started its journey by working in the skill ecosystem. They have currently touched the lives of 142,000 individuals under various programs, which are promoted by Central/State Governments and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Funds. Another accomplishment of the organization is its numerous partnerships with universities abroad to help students study abroad in their dream colleges.

Anaād is co-founded by Ms. Sukhvinder Kaur, who believes in empowering women, enhancing the gender balance in our workforce, and uplifting women across the entire value chain. She has a background in retail business and has earned her MBA from the University of Delhi.

Talking about her vision, Ms. Sukhvinder Kaur, Founder, and Director, Anaād Consultants, said, “I have always believed learning is a lifelong process and that education should be accessible to everyone. My vision is to also cater to the needs of the marginalized and most vulnerable to provide them with increased opportunities to lead a prosperous and independent life.” Anaād Skills was born out of a strong desire to contribute to the ‘Skill India’ initiative of the Government. Their journey in Skills started with India’s leading at-home services provider.

Apart from its excellent contribution to the skills ecosystem, Anaād is known for being an Overseas Education Consultancy. Their core focus is to provide students with assistance to pursue an education in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany. They assist students in all the formalities, from form filling to planning and securing financial assistance and a student VISA.

Their corporate ‘Finishing School’ vertical, Anaād Pro offers professional courses designed specifically to meet the youth’s career aspirations. Extending their education expertise, they offer a range of career-oriented and quality courses in various fields of IT, Data Sciences, Robotics, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and other job-oriented courses. Upon completing the courses, the students are also provided with job placement assistance in top companies. Ms. Kaur believes that professional courses help students transform into successful professionals.

The Anaād family currently has about 24 full-time team members and continues to grow each day. Each member puts their best foot forward to ensure that Anaād is constantly on the path to success, meeting all their endeavors. The bright minds at Anaād, together work efficiently and strive to deliver the most effective results.

Having achieved their milestones in both the Vocational and Continuing Education domain, they are now expanding their base to the new venture. Speaking about Anaād’s latest venture, Ms. Kaur said, “Samagra Solutions is a public policy advisory which is driven to create impact and add value to the society. Through research and analysis, we aim to help transform businesses by providing viable solutions through our consultation services.”

Samagra Solutions doubles as a knowledge hub that provides a platform to various subject matter experts, thinkers, and policymakers to disseminate knowledge through articles, analytical reports, research papers, assessments, polls, and blogs.

Having achieved all its set targets and further aspiring to broaden its horizon, Anaād Consultants LLP ( is on the path to becoming one of the finest education startups. The company continues to deliver world-class education and consultancy services. With their latest venture, becoming a knowledge hub and a public policy advisory makes them a niche player in their field. They are hopeful of becoming a unicorn startup one day.

Due to their contributions to the field of education, Anaād Consultants LLP has won the “Best Emerging Company 2020” in the ‘Education Consulting Category.’ Their commitment to excellence helps them seize every opportunity that comes their way. True to its name, Anaād believes that learning is a life-long process, and each individual should be entitled to it.

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A real way out by Policy Experts on Farmer Bill 2020

Delhi,India : On September 28, 2020, noted agricultural economist and Padma Shri Dr. Ashok Gulati wrote, “The passing of the farm bills in both the Houses of Parliament has sparked a major controversy in the country…..But the opposition parties described the passing of the bills as a ‘black day’…” He further asked “Where does the truth lie? Let us dig a little deeper into the economics and politics of it.” With that, Mr. Gulati had put his finger on the pulse of the problem, or widespread controversy, as is now evident in the form of the farmer protests being carried out around the National Capital Region, which has entered a severe phase with the hunger strike observed on Monday, December 14.


Dr. Gulati, who has served in academic as well as policy-making capacities in his career so far, calls the farmer protests ‘unfortunate.’ He goes on to say that it is this communication gap between the govt. and the farmers that has been ‘exploited’ by vested interests to not only call the farm bills a ‘sellout’ to corporate houses & create a fear psychosis among the farmers. Invoking the history of farm laws, Dr. Ashok Gulati invites the general public’s attention towards a few things, which are – 1) agricultural reforms actually started in 2003, under the then Vajpayee govt.; 2) agriculture sector faces two sets of problems – production problems and marketing problems (the current laws relate to the marketing part); 3) the present dispensation erected a new model of the reforms between 2015-17, after conducting lot of consultations with different state govts; 4)Lack of a champion in the agriculture ministry like former Union Minister, Late Mr. Arun Jaitley, who carried out consultations across the board to generate consensus for an equally complex law like GST.

COVID Opportunity

Touching upon an unexpected benefit of the pandemic situation, Dr. Gulati, the Infosys Chair professor of Agriculture, highlighted the fact that despite suspending the APMC act (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) during the lockdown, to avoid rationing the Mandis, it was found that the system ran better and supply lines remains open despite everything else under a lockdown. It was this unprecedented benefit of temporarily suspending APMC act that inspired the govt. to go ahead with the “somewhat rushed” passing of the new Farm bills in the Parliament, to ensure that instead of congregating in a single Mandi, Indian farmers could go out and sell to whomever they thought was paying them the right price. Here, he is quick to point out that the Opposition has the right to oppose and ask why there was not a proper debate on the reforms before these were converted into law.

Another Sane Voice

Dr. Gulati is not alone in expressing this view. Another eminent personality, pained by this conflict between the farmers and the govt., is Dr. Krishan Jha, noted strategist, policymaker and founder of the Anti Corona Task Force. A few days back, Dr. Jha had also expressed a similar viewpoint while saying that meaningful dialogue is impossible amidst the cacophony of sounds emerging out of the multiple farmers’ unions that carrying out the protest.

While suggesting measures, Dr. Jha had advised the govt. to –

  • a)Make Minimum Support Price (MSP) a legal right of farmers
  • b)Direct all the states to set up a Kisan Mandi Authority to ensure that all the Mandis (farmer markets) function properly and in an egalitarian way with all the necessary infrastructure facilities
  • c)Encourage the private players in farming to pay 3-5% extra crop price to the farmers, and
  • d)Ensure that the mandis are freed from the stranglehold of Middle-men whose presence led to increase of corruption in the system.

Dr Krishan Jha further added as:

The execution of MSP can be further improved by adopting technological solutions. These days we read a lot of stories that in UP several paddy purchase-related officers are being suspended either due to their reluctance to work as per the need of the hour or their indulgence in corruption. These officers at the grassroots level have a lot of nuisance. When farmers are not ready to pay around Rs 500 per quintal as commission, these officers delay in weighing processes or report a lot of issues like higher moisture levels or too much dust etc. These issues are raised to give an option to farmers to pay under the table to get their paddy sold at purchase centres of MSP. I have studied and observed this purchase ecosystem at the ground level. I want to suggest certain innovations to ease the life of farmers and to ease out the purchasing processes by reducing human interventions in the weighing and other scrutiny processes of paddy. We can create a place where the farmer can offload the paddy openly in big containers which are fitted with weighing machines and moisture etc measuring machines. The moment farmer of downloads his paddy or wheat in this big container an automated slip mentioning  the moisture and dust etc is generated and grains are de moisturised technologically in these  containers along with the removal of dust etc and the farmer is instantly paid his money in his Aadhar enabled accounts. These machines can be given on rent to private operators with full surveillance through online weighing processes and CCTV’S. This will improve the quality of procurement processes and grains with faster and automated payments to farmers . I mean it will revolutionise the MSP PURCHASE system.

The GOI could do well by hearing what policymakers and strategists like Dr. Gulati and Dr.Krishan  Jha, have to say since such men have their ear to the ground. As a result, their views are quite relevant to resolve the deadlock present on the Farmer Bill’s & their core issues permantly.

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Saina Nehwal goes out of her way to surprise her inspiring fan on Christmas

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : To add to the joy of giving this Christmas, an NGO named Kranti, that works towards providing shelter and empowering girls from Mumbai’s red light areas to become agents of social change, reached out to Saina Nehwal through Tring – India’s largest celebrity engagement platform. This was to surprise a 24-year-old Taniya whose life story is spine-chilling yet inspiring.

Taniya was abandoned at a young age of 9 when her mother showed up and took her home. Her mother had been sold to a red-light area by her uncle and would often leave during evenings for work. Taniya was too young to understand this and was put into a shelter home. After two years of distance, her mother came around with Taniya’s younger sister and a promise of a happy home which caused things to go downhill. Taniya’s mother left for work one evening and never returned, with fear and panic surrounding her, Taniya’s stepfather started forcing himself on her every night for 4 years. Unable to seek help from police authorities, she fled from the house and came to Kranti NGO. The NGO helped her with therapy, education and enabled her to fight her past.

She mustered the courage to rescue her younger sister and started living the life she wanted. She became a girl of dreams and became a licensed Zumba instructor by reading and inspiring herself with the works of Saina Nehwal and other such women achievers.

Kranti wanted to shower this awe-inspiring person with joy and happiness and reached out to Tring. After listening to this exceptional story of resilience and fighting spirit, the Tring team took it upon themselves to get a message from Taniya’s role model – Saina Nehwal and bring her close to her inspiration. Taniya was extremely overwhelmed and couldn’t contain her happiness to see a personalised message from the woman she admires and looks up to.

In the video, Saina Nehwal expresses her feelings of how moving and inspiring Taniya’s story is and praises the strength and courage displayed by the 24-year old and wishes her the very best for her future.

Here is Taniya’s life story that was covered by the Humans of Bombay page and the video by the former World no.1 who made Christmas a little more special by truly spreading joy in the world.

– FaceBook :

– Instagram :

About Tring:

Tring is India’s Largest Celebrity Shoutout platform.

Make every moment special with a personalized message from your favorite celebrity.


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Canada-based Philanthropist-Entrepreneur Bob Beri Believes In Working For The Greater Good

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Bob Beri, Founder-CEO of RAB Logistics LTD, is a constant learner & a doer in life. As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Canadian Service Industry, he is known for his conscientious approach to life. Bob has worked hard to be where he is today. As a businessman, he doesn’t think only about profits but also about how to keep contributing back to society. In fact, it is this attitude of his that saw him working tirelessly through the Covid-19 Pandemic, ensuring the supply of essential goods, masks, kits, medicines, food, etc across the communities that needed succour during difficult times. Bob is the quintessential businessman-philanthropist whose vision in life is grand and includes building a legacy for his children & dear ones to carry on.

A Driven Entrepreneur, Bob Beri is a highly motivated businessman who is not oblivious to the fact that the market is a very volatile entity. He knows what it takes to succeed in the cut-throat world of business. It was this driving attitude that saw him give up the 9-to-5 routine and choose to become an entrepreneur. In his initial days, he has been a star performer as an employee, who is well-qualified, both in terms of theory and practice. He has been a topper throughout his school and college time and has done his Master’s in International Public Relations and Marketing from the Cardiff University, UK. He has had an extremely over whelming career as one of the largest stockist and distributors of top FMCG MNC’s like the Johnsons and Johnsons, Nestle, Kraft Foods, Vodafone, etc. At the peak of his FMCG Distribution Business, Bob handled a team of 70+ employees and with annual sales of USD 20 Million.

By virtue of an extremely successful career in the FMCG Business and overseeing the Logistics Division of his FMCG Distribution Company, Bob understood the nitty-gritty of the logistics business and developed deep passion into it. This led to the birth of Rab Logistics Ltd. which is one of the most sought after Logistics and Transportation company operating in Canada & USA.

At the onset of his Logistics Venture, he himself explored the Trucking Routes in Canada, USA because of which his logistics business grew with a steady year on year growth. “Before acting like the CEO of my company, I was involved and worked in every department that include operations, despatch, HR, sales and accounts. Most importantly, I took training in professional truck driving, obtained license, drove all routes by myself to be able to understand the problems that our drivers would face and the actual costs involved. You cannot just open a company; hire people and drivers without knowing the costs, hurdles at every mile that your company delivers. Today my team is my family and the success of our company is highly attributable to our fantastic team. Miles to go before I sleep” said Bob Berry.

Since Covid has also dealt a big blow to the world markets, with an unprecedented number of people facing unemployment globally, Bob considers himself fortunate that he is able to transport essentials like food and medicines across the borders. In fact, it is his optimism, market-wise, that has him all upbeat about the future as well.

Bob takes active interest in the Canadian real estate market and is passionate about it.

In his words, “Right now in Canada, surprisingly, real estate market is at its peak during Covid. People have realized the value of living in peace and make most of whatever resources available. The first thing that comes in the mind of someone who wants to stop and settle down is having their own home and workplace. It is because of this sentiment that people started investing money in real estate and securing their roof” It is situations like these that strengthened Bob’s belief in the fact that the market is a very volatile entity.

A Philanthropist Entrepreneur

When Corona struck Canada, like the rest of the world, socially-conscious entrepreneurs like Bob Beri took up the cudgels on behalf of the needy sections in the society. For the most part of it, Bob worked hard through the hardest of times, almost living an army man’s regimented life. He kept on doing his bit by moving essential goods, masks, kits, medicines and food across the border. Even though Bob never took a day off through those months of lockdown, he still considers it “a very fulfilling experience” Speaking about that experience, Bob says, “I have always felt the need to contribute to the society, which is why I go beyond COVID to support other causes associated with animals, children, and healthcare.” He adds, “I want to make a hospital for kids, a shelter for dogs, I want to allocate most of my earnings towards the betterment of the society & that is something, which inspires me every day.”

In order to expand his business, Bob is actively diversifying and investing into sectors like Real Estate and Information Technology. He is always on the go whether it is his work or his vision. Another step ahead for him is the “Bob Beri Foundation”, through which he seeks out public causes related to healthcare, children, animals & the elderly. Once he identifies the cause, he sets about building an infrastructure to address these issues in a timely manner.

To sum it up, Bob Beri is a focused individual, who has attained success as an entrepreneur because of his hard work and honesty. The most beautiful thing that he has done, as a businessman, is to invest back in society, which has given him so much.  His dream in life is to take everyone with him, especially his fellow Canadians, on this successful journey. He hopes that his children will carry on his legacy of contributing towards the society.

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Denta Mitra brings a Dentist to your home and offers 24×7 video consultation

Bengaluru, Karnataka [India] : Due to COVID-19, where all dental clinics were closed and driven by the idea of making dental services accessible from anywhere and anytime, awarded Public Health Dentist who is also a Professor in one of the Dental College & Hospital, Dr.Pranjan Mitra started Denta Mitra.

Denta Mitra is a digital clinic, a mobile app that is a one-stop dental care solution. It is a revolution in digital dentistry with state-of-art features like House Call dental team visits, 24×7 Video consultation, artificial intelligence-based mobile diagnosis tool to detect teeth diseases, sweet-score to measure daily sweet consumed, Oral hygiene reminders, e-prescription, and many more.

“By empowering and providing in-house dentists and dental clinics with the mobile app and a portable dental clinic in a suitcase along, Denta Mitra delivers dental care at your doorstep at significantly low costs,” says Dr.Pranjan Mitra, Founder and Chief Medical Officer(CMO). Besides providing affordable dental care, the idea behind ‘a dental clinic in a suitcase’ was also aimed at empowering young dentists’ scores and helping them build a career.

Renowned serial entrepreneur Satyajeet Pradhan who is currently the co-founder and CEO of Bizydale has partnered with Dr.Mitra and heads the Business, Technology, and Operations. He is also a coach for this startup.

Denta Mitra is a Bengaluru-based startup, registered in July 2020, and is the recipient of the Healthcare Excellence Award from Indian Achievers Forum.

During the lockdown, the dental team of Denta Mitra was quite busy and on their toes. They have provided 1000+ video consultations and more than 10 webinars to date. They have recently started house-call visits of dentists, and the home visit service is currently available in Delhi and Punjab.

The startup was founded with Rs 20 Lakhs investment and is currently in discussion with top angel investors to raise the capital for its expansion.

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Seema Singh is on a mission to provide a better education to underprivileged children

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : They say, ‘The Children of Today will make the India of Tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.’
For the underprivileged people in India, education is perceived to be a luxury and most of them cannot afford to provide basic schooling to their kids. Poverty has a far-reaching and adverse effects on the education of the kids.
Seema Singh, a Social Entrepreneur in Mumbai is working towards building a bright future for the underprivileged children. Seema Singh is the founder of NGO ‘Meghashrey,’ which works towards the betterment of underprivileged children and to feed the hungry in India. Seema has been doing social service since past 15 years.
Says Seema Singh ‘I have always wanted to spread awareness of education amongst the poor children. Because I strongly believe that nothing is more important than education to build a better future, especially for those coming from the weaker sections of society. My aim in life is to provide education to the underprivileged children through my NGO. As a team, we try to understand their educational needs and dedicatedly work towards fulfilling them.’
In order to help the underprivileged children, she has organised various educational initiatives. On Teacher’s Day, Ms. Seema Singh had committed  her life’s goal to provide quality education to children from underprivileged sections, and build a better future for them, with the promise of a stronger India. She has shown us the importance of our guru’s teaching which tells us to share our knowledge and spread learning with others. On this day, Ms. Seema Singh distributed educational kits amongst the poor children.
Through her various social initiatives, Seema has added value in lives of countless poor people. Her spirit of serving the society and living selflessly is an inspiration to many. The team of Meghashrey is working for the better livelihood and safety of the children living in slum areas of Mumbai. They have distributed the protective mask, gloves and hand sanitizer along with Notebook, compass box and school bag.
They say family is the backbone in your endeavours towards your goals in life. Seema is deeply blessed to have a family who not only supports but also contributes to her cause of making a difference in the world in their own small way.
Says Seema, ‘I have always received immense support from both my children in all my social activities. This makes me stronger as a person and motivates me to work hard towards my goals and aims to make the world a better place. Without the constant support of my son & daughter, it wouldn’t be possible to support the unprivileged children. In the world where morality, humanity is becoming rarer day by day, I glad that my children are always ready to give more and have helped many children to join their school again.’
Seema and her team at NGO Meghashrey are working on their mission to develop a better and brighter future of Young India. And they are happily and dedicatedly supporting poor children for their bright and good education. May Seema inspire everyone around her to contribute towards the education and good learning of the underprivileged children. For together we can make a Big Difference!