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Yadu Nandan Fashions Manufactures One of The Best Indian Ethnic Wear

Surat, Gujarat [India] : India is known for its traditions and varied culture. Also, Indian ethnic wear has already won the hearts of many. Indian women look divine in ethnic wear and have one of the best tastes when it comes to fashion. People from all over the world prefer Indian ethnic wear, over any other clothing style. Keeping this in mind, Yadu Nandan Fashions has indulged in the fashion industry, producing one of the best Indian ethnic wear.

The company is committed to connecting with retailers who have a vast customer base either in their state or the whole country. Their connections are believed to have a considerable consumer base, and they sell their products India wide. All products of YNF are manufactured with top quality raw materials that are proven to enhance the entire appeal of the manufactured clothes. Their range of ethnic wear has traces of thoughtfulness and authenticity.

YNF aims to make its consumers proud of what they are wearing. They are successful in delivering the best quality at cost-effective rates. Being Independent and Fairness are the two fundamental aspects that are found in the workplace of YNF.

Resourcefulness is the core value of this organization, and the company is one of the best players in the ethnic market and fashion industry since its establishment. Consumers choose them over others since they promise to deliver the best. YNF shares a relationship of transparency with its consumers, and they have high integrity in their products manufactured.

YNF is an ethnic wear manufacturer. Their enterprise started in 2012, and then they entered the textile industry as a fashion company to sell sarees. Their products are inspired by pride, and YNF is one of the most reliable companies as far as the fashion industry is concerned.

The enterprise is given this name to symbolize the vibrancy and significance of ethnic culture. Fashion evolves too fast, and the company has always thrived in meeting the ever-changing demands of its consumers such that they feel valued and proud upon wearing sarees manufactured by Nalanda. This company doesn’t manufacture products just for the sake of manufacturing; instead, they do so with dedication and a lot of research, and thus how a particular design is invented.

Throughout the manufacturing journey, YNF pays close attention to what they are doing as a company and strives to deliver the best to its suppliers, consumers, and employees. They are committed to becoming accessible, available, and affordable for a wide range of fashion-based products. Also, they are aiming to gain the 5th position in the industry segment soon.

Mr. Rinkesh Agarwal is the Owner and CEO of YNF, and he is one of the thoughtful entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. He strategically plans the processes of the organization and is known as a result of achievers. He started working and entered into the business world at a very young age, and has gathered a vast experience in the textile industry.

A wide variety of consumers are served all around the country by YNF. They distinctly offer their products to different segments, and the needs of each consumer are fulfilled according to their preference. This quality makes them stand out in the competition.

They offer tailored solutions to everyone and serve a large group of people consisting of Online Marketplaces, Suppliers, Distributors, Women Entrepreneurs, etc. A new catalog is launched every week to make the consumers aware of how fast the designs are updated.

Rinkesh Agarwal strives to build one of the best teams, as he firmly believes that the team collectively can achieve greater heights in the future. He understands that varied energies and synergies are used to attain long-term success. He makes sure that YNF products are accessed by and available to all Women.

It is because of the dedication, knowledge, and hard work of Rinkesh, his company, Yadu Nandan Fashions was nominated by Business Mint for Nationwide Awards. With the help of maximum votes from the star-studded jury, the company was presented with the title of Best Emerging Company 2020 – Saree Manufacturers Category.

The company doesn’t focus on profits, instead of delivering quality nationwide. Creating unique designs is not difficult; rather, what is difficult is taking the risk solely based on one’s confidence that the invented design will fit in the market adequately.


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Krishnakumar Pandya has excelled and bagged awards in not one but three distinct industries

Pune, Maharashtra [India] : Krishna is a dynamic, disruptive forward-thinker, trendsetter, determined for excellence and innovation in all that he does. He is a firm believer that Innovation starts with insane curiosity, passion for lifelong learning, and relentless focus on what could be the next.

He is a young generation entrepreneur driven by the core philosophy of infusing “Scalability with Sustainability” through his ultimate vision of Nation-Building by Creating Next Generation Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

He began his entrepreneurship journey with a single self-man to 100 plus Professionals Team, 200 plus Business Associates across 7 Ventures, not just achieving the target but also delivering the exponential 40% plus YOY Growth with a suitability record time of fewer than 30 months from the inception.

Krishna is the recipient of the “Marketing Guru” by RE/MAX India, “Best Office Leader (BO) by RE/MAX Asia Pacific Convention at Seoul, South Korea, Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 by Indian Achievers, Best Debut Real-Estate Consultant by Godrej Property and many more.

Being a recognized business leader, he has been inspiring several others to do and achieve more. His mentorship is what budding entrepreneurs seek, and people also come to him for his ideas, strategy, meticulous planning, and flawless execution.

He is a Founder/ Co-Founder of seven (7) companies in diversified verticals. He has been deliberately handling all with his sheer dedication, excellence, commitment with a proven track record of delivering results across ventures. His venture are namely;



With his excellence, he stands with pride and has been considerably managing the operations with flexibility and incredible ease.

He has worked on Projects across 5 Continentals with 30 plus Countries, namely; the USA, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Russia, China, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, and European Countries.

As we say, “the great challenges come with great opportunities” in line with the belief, Krishna started three (3) latest ventures serving three different industries, setting a perfect example for Adoption, Ahead of Competition, Future Ready Market Fit for NEW NORMAL time post-COVID 19.

His First Venture, SALEMAX PLUS TECHNOLOGY is AR/VR/MR enable INDIA’s first Integrated PropTech Virtual Sales Platform, which allows customer to explore multiple options to E – site visits, 360 Walk Through, Real-time Inventories selection to Online Booking and Payment at comfort from their Home, Office or Anywhere without visiting crowds places.

His Second Venture, The World, after Covid-19, aims to return to the world that was before the pandemic. But at HOME+SHIELD INDIA they are trying to embrace as much normality as possible.

The well-researched, thoroughly analyzed, rigorously Tested and Certified, MAKE IN INDIA’s UV Sanitation Product, Launching First of its kind in India to cater to Wider Markets like Homes, Hospitals, Retails, Corporates Offices, Malls-Multiplex, and Institutes, etc.

His Third Venture, HERBSMINE AGROTECH, which focuses on Organic as well as Non-Organic Farming techniques into the field of Agriculture.  HERBSMINE successfully delivered various Export and Domestics Orders and also had a strategic tie-up with 100 Plus Farmers/Traders, Onboarded 25 Plus Business Associates across India.

The three awards presented to his companies are

  • Best Emerging PropTech Company of the Year 2020 – SALEMAXPLUS
  • Agriculture Start-up of the Year 2020 – HERBSMINE AGROTECH
  • Innovative Product of the Year 2020 – Home & Office Sanitation Category – HOME+SHIELD PROTECTION PVT LTD

Business Mint has the opportunity to praise the hard work and dedication of this great personality. Jury members were stunned by the performance of this man, and they like the concept of his company. Krishnakumar Pandya was awarded the title of “Outstanding Serial Entrepreneur of the Year – 2020″. There is no denying the fact that this title suits the entrepreneur entirely and is a great fit.


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Motion Masters-Bringing a new wave of Digital Entertainment Content in Gujarati Film Industry

Ahmedabad, Gujarat [India] : Motion Masters is all set to release its upcoming new Hindi web series ‘Love complications’, starring Khushi Shah, Bharat Chawda, Ragi Jani, Ekta Bachwani, Sonali Lele Desai, Akash Trivedi, Chetan Daiya and Pauravi Joshi, presented by Amdavadi Bandhu Films in association with Motion Masters. The team celebrated and hosted a Mahurat Pooja on the morning of September 27, 2020 for the start of this new journey. The shooting for Love complications starts on the 28th of September, 2020 after a perfectly celebrated commencement.

Motion Masters, after giving one big hit to its audience already, which was, ‘Nazariya’ (won the 1st Runners up prize in the Indian Film Festival, Stuttgart 2020 in Germany) is set for achieving more such milestones ahead. One such project is Kya Ukhad Loge, an upcoming Hindi short film, the teaser of which has received an amazing response and their audience can hardly wait and are all set to watch the new short film. Another such milestone is Love Complications.

Motion Masters is one of the leading film production houses in Ahmedabad. Their main focus is to create content through video productions. The team consists of professional creative writers, Directors, Cinematographers, Line producers, Executive producers, Editors, Graphic designers, 2d-3d Animation, Vfx and colour grading artists.

Their vision is to create video content which leaves an unforgettable impression in the minds of their audience. They are the only production house providing planning and execution of video productions under one roof.

Their team consists of 5 core members:

Shashwat Shah

Founder, Owner and Creative Producer of Motion Masters. 

Rutu Shah

The very talented Producer who has managed production of more than 6 big banner gujarati films. 

Rishil Joshi

Versatile Actor, visionary director. He directed Nazariya, Kya Ukhad loge and their upcoming project Love complications. 

Kashyap Kapta

Floor Master, Handles the whole production system, line producer and the Executive Producer. 

Alex Mecwan

Our very talented DOP. He achieved so many things at the young age and the mastermind behind all the cinematographic brilliance.


The team believes and plans to approach that they can surely collaborate and achieve their common goals within the stipulated time. The corporate approach for the creative field motivates them and helps them work in an organized manner.

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LANXESS India wins prestigious awards from Indian Chemical Council

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Specialty chemicals company LANXESS India has received multiple awards from the Indian Chemical Council (ICC), recognizing the organization’s commitment and outstanding performance specifically in the areas of Environment and Human Resource Management under the ‘Large Companies’ category. It also won the Certificate of Merit for Best Compliant Company for two codes under Responsible Care – Process Safety Code & Distribution Code. Additionally, based on the Nicer Globe Initiative of ICC for Transportation Safety, two of the top three drivers who were engaged by LANXESS were awarded as the ‘Best Drivers’ for their disciplined performance towards road safety.

LANXESS has been annually bestowing awards to the top Transporters & Driver partners on Safety Performance. All the vehicles contracted with the company are GPS tracked and violations, if any, are recorded and corrective actions are taken including driver counselling by an external partner company – Hubert Ebner.

The Responsible Care Award by ICC recognizes the organization’s ongoing efforts in maintaining high Process Safety and Distribution standards through effective site management. Only 64 out of nearly 40,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in India are Responsible Care Certified and LANXESS is one of them.

The awards were presented to all the winners on Friday, 25th September at the ICC Awards function held virtually in the presence of Chief Guest Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi, IAS, Secretary, Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Government of India and Purnendu Chatterjee, Founder & Chairman, Haldia Petrochemicals & The Chatterjee Group.

Commenting on the success, Neelanjan Banerjee, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, LANXESS India who has recently been appointed the Vice Chair of the National Chemicals & Petrochemicals Committee of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) for 2020 – 21 and also Head of the sub-committee on Safety and Sustainability at CII, said “This is an extremely proud moment for us as we have been continually striving to set newer benchmarks in the areas of business processes and efficiencies with special focus on environmental topics and safety. We are privileged and honored that our efforts in these areas have been acknowledged by ICC.”

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Roshan Shetty announces his new self-help book “SHIFT LEFT”- A counter culture narrative towards emotional wellbeing amidst the pandemic

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : New author on the block Roshan Shetty, a 38-year old seasoned corporate professional, today announced the launch of his self-help book titled “Shift Left” which offers methods and hacks to improve an individual’s mental wellbeing. The book has chapters on a wide spectrum of topics which shape our current beliefs and habits that take us away from real happiness. It has the potential to offer you pathbreaking solutions to manage the conundrum created by the current pandemic. Dr Ajay Sankhe, Director and Dr. Devendra Save, Physiatrist of Bhaktivedanta Hospital along with actor, director producer Avantika Khattri launched the book at Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Meera Road Mumbai. Krescendo Communications will manage the books communications and marketing portfolio in ASIA.

Published by White Falcon, the title of the book has a narrative which entices readers to understand their thoughts and actions better with deep and scientific reasoning.

Dr. Ajay Sankhe, Director, Bhaktivedanta Hospital on launching the book says, “Current pandemic is a classic case study in understanding the damaging human emotions and how we can cure them by building our emotional intelligence. Covid has made us pause for a moment and given us the space to relook at our choices. Why we must value those things which are extremely important to us and not follow societal diktats? It has helped us to understand the vital aspects of life through essential services that matter and the important relations with whom we have been locked inside our homes for months. Covid has fast tracked our lives into the robotic age where automation is poised to make people irrelevant and jobless. Time has come to regulate these emotions and hope we work towards the mental wellbeing”.

Shift Left addresses the fleeting emotions that are critical to our behaviour in times of adversity as we have seen during this pandemic. It directs us to use our emotional intelligence against the growing space of Artificially Intelligent systems and how we can co-exist with machines. It speaks of establishing a universal moral code and the legacy we should leave behind for our future which is beyond plain comfort and convenience. Because comfort and convenience are not always the path to one’s happiness.

Roshan Shetty, Author quips, “My book urges the reader to explore options beyond what society has defined over the years. These options were sold to us in the pretext of making us happy, but we only see more unhappy people today. This potent issue is resulting into an existential crisis amongst millions of individuals causing all forms of depressions, anxiety, frustration, anger and so on. I have explained the solutions to recover from such thoughts and build a solid emotional intelligence that is also critical in our current times with the global pandemic looming over us. Additionally, if we do not strengthen our emotional intelligence today, we can be easily victimized by the artificial intelligence and the machines built by corporations. These will be our masters that influence all our decisions from buying clothes, to marrying the right individual to electing the right leader.”

The book can be ordered from

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It is possible to save tax while filing I-T Return with

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Every year, salaried taxpayers and small business taxpayers and professionals need to file their income tax returns before 31st July. This year this date is extended to 30/11/2020. Because of the Covid pandemic, the taxpayers are preferring online options to file their income tax returns. This makes filing of ITRs very easy from the comfort of their homes. This option is increasingly being preferred by taxpayers since it avoids contact with third parties and keeps their financial information safe and within their reach through the click of a mouse.

Salaried professionals and small businesses generally file their I-T returns based on the form 16, total sales figure and tax saving investments made by them. Therefore, the tax saving investments done consciously by you only count as your tax saving instruments. However, says there are numerous investments and expenses in your routine life which qualify for tax saving. has launched an initiative on Facebook on this issue for better awareness of taxpayers. Many such posts and articles are published on’s Facebook page.

The founder of, Sujit Bangar says, ‘in our daily life, we pay tuition fees of children, earn interest on savings accounts, do routine health check-ups, pay for education loans etc. all such expenses are tax deductible and must be claimed to save taxes’. He further says, ‘we have observed that most of our clients claim deduction on home loan interest but forget to claim deduction on home loan principal, they also forget to claim additional deduction u/s 80EEA in case of home loan interest.’ He says that these are just representative samples and tax saving is possible in case of many routine expenses, investments, and incomes. He claims that even if these deductions are not claimed in Form No. 16, these must not be forgotten to be claimed while filing I-T Return since you may get your excess tax paid as refunds. He says they seriously work for saving tax for the clients while filing their I-T Returns. He claims that 94% of their clients saved tax while filing I-T Returns, minimum savings being less than ₹500/-and maximum being in tens of thousands.

Just filing an I-T Return is not important but filing it accurately is important. And filing an accurate I-T Return means you should not get notice from the Income tax Department. Mr. Bangar claims that 97.4% of clients did not receive the income tax notice. He goes on to add, ‘for, mere filing I-T Return is not important, we own the tax responsibilities of our clients. These are from planning his taxes, saving his taxes, filing returns and also we take care of any notice received by him in respect of ITR filed through us.’ It is interesting to note that doesn’t charge for different services unlike other portals. ‘Once taxpayer chooses, his/her entire tax affairs are our responsibilities and hence delighted customers have showered with generous praise in reviews on Google. We are happy that we are the highest rated tax service portal in India.’

There is one more distinct feature of of which its users talk about, that is you need not pay before your work is done but pay only after your job is done satisfactorily.

‘We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to comb through thousands of tax saving rules and apply those on the data of the customer to produce the perfect combination of maximum tax saving and defect free returns.’

Mr Sujit Bangar says, ‘We simply do not rely on engines to file your I-T Returns, our experts talk to our individual customers and explain to them their tax issues and this confirmation is very important for a tax filer to feel confident about the correctness of her tax filings.’


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Mustin India LLP launches healthy range of food products

Mustin makes every-day snacking healthy for India

Surat, Gujarat [India] : Mustin India LLP has launched its healthy snacks with a range of seeds, nuts & spreads. The products offered are one of a kind in the industry and have come up with a wide range of offerings such as peanut butter in various flavours, hazelnut spreads, flavoured nuts (cashews & almonds), and seeds such as watermelon, chia, pumpkin and sunflower in raw and roasted forms.

During the lockdown, Shashank Pacheriwal and Rutvik Shah – Partners in Mustin India LLP, looked for healthy snacking options and found very limited options and those Made in India were just a few, which could be counted on fingertips. They found out that there is a huge gap in this segment and with the market demand and size growing constantly; there is an urgent need of a good Indian brand offering the widest range of healthy products. This made them form the company Mustin India LLP, with variety of tasty and healthy snacking options, which are made to satiate the Indian taste buds and are highly affordable at the same time.

Shashank Pacheriwal, Founder Mustin India LLP said, “Mustin products are all manufactured in India and were trying to offer products in a market segment which is otherwise dominated by International Brands. This way, Mustin is trying to ensure more dependency on Indian products and resources. We are ensuring our brand is focused on promoting the locally made products and supporting Vocal for Local and Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiatives.”

Mustin is offering healthy packaged food offerings which are fit for anytime consumption. Mustin India LLP, headquartered in Surat, Gujarat and delivers pan India. With the factory located in Surat, Mustin employs women from the locality for the production of its range of products and hence provides them employment, ensuring women empowerment. Mustin is also employing people for the packaging, sales, marketing and admin roles creating various employment opportunities.

Rutvik Shah, Founder Mustin India LLP on the product range of Mustin said, “Our products fit in as the best possible gifting option for the upcoming festive season. Due to the pandemic, people may not be able to meet their friends and families and for this Mustin is offering the best solution by allowing users to place order on the website; and we will get it delivered directly to their loved ones. Mustin is here to make everyday snacking –healthy, with a product range which is guilt free and can be consumed at any time of the day. Mustin will never fail to surprise you and make you go “Mast Hai”

Shah added on the expansion of Mustin, “We plan to grow into the same Healthy Snacking segment by introducing other product lines and playing the depth and width game. Deeper penetration is also something Mustin is eyeing at by appointing distributors and retailers and ensuring the product line gets available across all Modern Trade, General Trade and Mom & Pop stores in the country. Likewise, Mustin will also eye on introducing other product lines soon in the product categories.”

Mustin India LLP Founders are doing their bit for the “Make in India” campaign by launching very Indian lip smacking healthy snacking options.

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‘Koi Sath Hai’ Horror Comedy to release on OTT

Jaipur (Rajasthan), India : ‘Koi Sath Hai’ the upcoming Hindi-language Bollywood comedy horror drama had all the fans extremely excited about it. Written and directed by Mahaveer Shringi the film will be the first directorial debut of Shringi. The movie poster revelation had all the fans extremely excited about it. The cast of the movie included well known actress Asama Sayed, Neet Mahal, Rajesh Dubeay, Priya Tiwari and Mahaveer Shringi. As the fans wanted more detailed updates regarding the release date and new updates associated with the movie so today in this article we will discuss all the updates associated with Koi Sath Hai. Talking about the film, Mahaveer said that, “Hindi Language Comedy Horror Drama Koi Sath Hai Production started around January 2019. The film shooting was concluded in March 2020 the last part of the filming was shot in Rajasthan, Goa and Mumbai. Originally the movie was planned to get released by Mid-2020 but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and strict government regulations, the release date was postponed but now the production house is planning to release the film on the OTT platforms.”

Talking on the cast of the film Shringi said, “We have Asama sayed who have appeared in many films like ‘Gandi Baat 5’ and ‘Shubh Ratri.’ She will play the role of a witch in the film. Apart from this Rajesh Dubaey, well known actor of Bollywood industry. He is also part of the movie. Dubeay, is also working in Lakshmi Bomb. He will play the role of a ‘Tantric’ in movie.

As per Director Mahaveer Shringi, “Ever since Patallok came out, small films have been striking golden deals with the platforms. Earlier, they ran for a bit in theatres, but launching them straight on OTT has become a more viable option.” Shringi hopes that OTT media will refuse to shift their content focus on big-budget films. “It’s great that their films are striking deals instead of waiting for theatres to reopen.” The increased visibility is a boost. “Medium-budget films struggle to get more than 200 theatres. OTT platforms take them to many more people.” even small films without a star can make a tidy profit. Conventional pressures from the theatre distribution system don’t bog down a bunch of experimental filmmakers from creative novelty, Mahaveer added.

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Kingston Technology Top DRAM Module Supplier in 2019

  • Rankings by Revenue Places Kingston at No. 1 with 80.33% Market Share
  • Memory Leader Provides 16Gbit-based Modules as Industry Transitions to Higher Density

Mumbai [Maharashtra] India : Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced it has been ranked the top third-party DRAM module supplier in the world, according to the latest rankings by revenue from analyst firm TrendForce (formerly DRAMeXchange). Kingston retains its number 1 position with an estimated 80.33% market share on $12.9B (USD) revenue, according to TrendForce. The rankings for 2019 mark the 17th consecutive year that TrendForce has placed Kingston in the top spot.

TrendForce states DRAM prices were lower in 2019 due to an ample supply combined with weaker demand from both the server and client sides, thusresulting in less revenue for many module makers. Kingston was one of the few manufacturers to go against this trend and see market share grow, according to the analysts. Kingston has maintained its competitive advantage by working closely with its partners and customers to remain flexible while adapting to their ever-changing needs as well as market conditions.

The following chart with results provided byTrendForce shows the top 10 DRAM module suppliers:

New Wafer Lithography Leads to Higher-Density DRAM for DDR4

As the industry transitions from current memory modules built using 8Gbit density DDR4 chips to 16Gbit, Kingston stands ready to assist customers and address their concerns with the compatibility of these new higher-density chips on legacy platforms.The new wafer lithography needed to produce 16Gbit DRAMalso provides a power savings over last-generation 8Gbit, providing improved battery life on mobile systems and reducing costs in data centers ― all while increasing the capacity per module. Kingston began shipping 64GB Registered DIMMs last December, and also refreshed the entire Server Premier product line to feature 16 Gbit solutions in July 2020.

“The generous findings from TrendForce reflects the company’s continuing growth and position as the leading third-party manufacturer of DRAM solutions,” said Kingston. “Our top position in the market allows us to work closely with our partners and vendors and help educate and guide customers on the transition to 16Gbit modules. The new advancements greatly further the growth of cloud computing, edge data centers and 5G networks”

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DTM FinTech Ventures plans to transform the financial infrastructure of the country

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India : The FINTEGRATION™ strategy championed by DTM Fintech Ventures is paving the way for the company to become an enabling ecosystem specifically designed to integrate and upgrade the existing financial infrastructure in India by removing the inherent inefficiencies in the system.

DTM aims to not only plug the existing gaps in the financial infrastructure of the country, but also create a system that is able to deliver for the young and aspiring entrepreneurs, the financial institutions, youth looking for the next generation of job opportunities, Governments & agencies alike delivering essential services to the citizens, regulators keen to create an efficient economy, and the leaders who want to create a better tomorrow for all.

DTM Fintech ventures ecosystem is purposely conceived to deliver first world solutions and services to the market. And help build the next generation of financial market ecosystem for an aspiring India of tomorrow. All powered by tested innovative technology and through efficient execution by a group of people with extensive experience in their respective fields.

The FINTEGRATION® strategy helps create new types of liquidity bridge for the larger market participants including of banks that are looking at better compliance and risk assessment regime as well as distribution of risks and better access to efficient capital, the non-banking financial sector interested in accessing alternative capital pools along with efficient syndication and distribution of transactions, entrepreneurs and businesses needing help with right capital support and funding, state governments looking at creative ways to finance infrastructure and essential citizen services, and budding startups as well as VCs that are looking to secure funding for the next big idea.

DTM FinTech Venture is conservatively valuing its entire ecosystem of businesses at $ 250 million, and has received initial funding from its promoters and partners. Also, to become more transparent and efficient, the company has agreed to merge with a publicly listed non-banking financial company in India.

The company is also in talks with local and overseas analysts and research firms to start providing an independent research on the company’s activities.

As a people centric business, the company aims to deliver long term value creation to its shareholders as well as the society at large.

For more information please visit us DTM GLOBAL HOLDINGS