IDT INTEARC Sustainable Design Exhibition @ I.F.A.C.E.’2020

Surat, Gujarat : Aristotle Quote: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.”

Keeping this in mind, Institute of Design & Technology (IDT), not only inspires its students to solicit ingenious designs, but also prepares them to effectively execute them.

One such exhibition was IDT’s annual Interior Design Showcase- INTEARC, organized at I.F.A.C.E’2020 (a wonderful amalgamation of diverse artisans and cultures) at DMD PARTY PLOT from 9th Jan-12th Jan.

Redesign is an emerging field of interior design that reuses things and materials to enhance sustainability in homes and work spaces.

INTEARC was conducted with the sole intention of providing the students a chance to explore the inventor in them through sustainable designs. Over 100 students (1st, 2nd & 3rd yr) in a group designed different pieces of furniture and aptly executed them using the recycled materials.

The 4-day exhibition was inaugurated by Architect – Urban Designer-Snehal P. Shah, which constituted 8 different furniture designs, viz., Interscape (Front Desk & Bar Table), Intishtha (Rocking Chair & Wall Clock), M-Benders   (Scorpion Chair & Cat House), Recfly (Convertible Furniture Bag), Idees (Swing Stroller & Playing Chair), Fusion (Chair Desk Unit), Inmagine (Boat Furniture & Lamp) & Distinctive ( Portable Kitchen Platform & Rolling DJ), followed by Award Ceremony by Former President of I.I.I.D.- Architect Bankim Dave.

The specialty about the designs was that they were created out of organic stuffs, like- paper and glass after days of hard work.

While giving the details to the spectators, the students revealed that front wheels and bar tables were made out of bullock wheels, metal, wooden blocks, rope (rope) and bicycles; while the rocking chair and the wall clock were made using old cycle tire rings, old chairs, metal and jute, and, scorpion chair and Cat Houses were made from the unusable water drums and cotton.

While the convertible furniture bag was made using waste wood and a flower pot; swing strollers and playing chairs were crafted from fins and cloths, and portable platforms & Rolling D.J from wood, metal, tires and old music systems.

The exhibition captivated magnificent crowd. Witnessing this, the Director of IDT- Mr. Anupam Goyal disclosed- “The quality of this year’s work shows that this obsession will continue on ardently, and I’d like to congratulate all of the students and esteemed Faculties of IDT for doing such a fabulous job & bestowing another year of exceptional design innovation.”

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Piyuus Jaiswal honoured with Global Peace Excellence Humanitarian & Global Bihar Excellence Awards 2019

Surat : Piyuus Jaiswal was awarded the Global Bihar Excellence Award 2019. This award was presented by Rajya Sabha MP and Padma Shri Awardee Dr CP Thakur and Bihar Women Commission president Dilmani Devi in Patna to promote women empowerment.

The award was given to recognise and felicitated Piyuus Jaiswal’s contribution towards social welfare, women empowerment and introducing new talent in the field of arts and culture.

Piyuus Jaiswal was recently awarded the humanitarian award with the Global Peace Excellence Humanitarian Award 2019 on the occasion of International Human Day

He has also been awarded the Page 3 Award in Mumbai last year.

Piyuus Jaiswal has been working on women empowerment and new talent for the last four years. He has provided a platform to many Women and new talent who have proved their mettle in their respective fields and created a name for themselves.

Piyuus Jaiswal strongly believes that the mission of our PM Narendra Modi should be carried on by each one of us and women empowerment should be one of the priorities of our society. He believes that women have a lot of potentials in them and with the right guidance and platform they can do wonders.

In Piyuus Jaiswal’s words – Everyone has, talent, just the right platform is all we need to showcase it.

He is also actively involved in a lot of social causes and is associated with various NGOs.

Recently Piyuus Jaiswal organised the Indian Achiever’s Award in Surat. The award ceremony was one where known celebrities from the field of fashion and films graced the occasion.

Known names like Malaika Arora, Ahana Kumra, Ajay Jaiswal, Vikas Shetty, Santosh Shukla, Supriya Aiman, Dara Singh Khurana, Sapna Sikarwar, Varsha Tripathi, Aditi Govitrikar, Nishita Rajput and Sakshi Maggo were some of the awardees of the event.

This award function did create a lot of news in India and especially in Bollywood circles.

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‘Pride of Surat’: Man Completes Summit 5.0 Saputara for the second year in the Row

Surat, Gujarat (Newswire India): At an age when people start planning for their retirement and indulge in leisure activities, Rajiv Sheth, a 54-year-old Surat resident, has achieved an impressive fleet on completing Summit 5.0 Saputara- a 100 mile marathon. He had previously participated in year 2018 and had successfully completed the 161km trail.

Saputara trail is not for the beginners. One of the toughest trails and road running race covering Ahwa and Dang jungles with 15000 feet of elevation on mountainous roads, this particular marathon was indeed more challenging with the unfavourable warm weather conditions. Yet Rajiv Sheth remained steadfast and completed his run. All of this was possible due to his determination and disciplined diet and exercise.

Speaking on his preparation for the marathon, Mr. Sheth said, “Appropriate nutrition, timely diet, appropriate water consumption (3.5 ltrs each day), regular yoga and stretching, upper and lower body workouts, 50-70 kms of running practice per week , daily 8 hrs. of sleep, is what it takes to participate in such tough races. High level of technical fitness is mandatory to perform with proper strategy to be worked out before each race and stay alert to execute during the race.”

Rajiv Sheth found his calling with an aim to contribute to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s ‘Fit India’ movement. Gujarati’s are generally known for their immense love for food. He wants to set an example, encourage and inspire others to make their health a priority and take up a sport to their wellbeing.

But Sheth was not alone in this journey. He had an excellent support system in his wife Manisha, who stood by his every single kilometre, taking care of his hydration and nutrition. The organizers KC Jain, Ashish Kapadiya and PRAYAS Darshanbhai  and Physio volunteers worked relentlessly by his side to make his run smooth.

This is not the only feather of achievement in Rajiv Sheth’s cap. He has participated in total 83 races which includes 12 ultra-distance races, 13 full marathon and 58 half marathon. He truly is an ambassador of ‘FIT INDIA.’

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A 26yr old girl entrepreneur sets the wheels in motion of logistics extraordinarily! Bags Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) : A girl with a dream is Nikita Maheshwari who made it come true. After all, becoming a young entrepreneur is not a piece of cake. It all started way back in 2016 with an inspiration by various Tech start-ups whilst also realizing the lack of young entrepreneurs in the core manufacturing industry or allied businesses like logistics and supply chain management. She was totally encouraged with that very thought and with the ability to transform that sector from the grass-roots, she launched Tatkalorry Private Limited along with her partners.

Gujarat houses 90% of the production capacity for the ceramic industry. Despite that, the industry lacked organized logistics and supply chain management. There were several service providers, however, they were not in a position to offer sustainable solutions in the realm of infrastructure development, organization of the labour force and reasonable consumption patterns.

In a bid to fill such long-standing gap, Tatkalorry Private Limited has the permanent and feasible solution. As a boutique logistics and supply chain management company, Tatkalorry is no less than a boon to the manufacturing facilities which can help transport goods and help manage supply chain with excellent dexterity and professional modus operandi.

In about three years since the inception of such a happening startup, Tatkalorry has bagged many prestigious accolades and awards under its belt.  Among the notable one is the National Entrepreneurship Award 2019 by the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship on 9th November 2019. Add to more, the company boasts being the proud recipient of the SSIP StartupPrashansha Award by the Gujarat Government in June 2019 and also the Start Smart Jury Award West Zone in association with NUJS and NITI Ayog which was bagged in December 2018.

Nikita along with her partners always had a vision   to contribute to the 5 trillion dollar economy of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Tatkalorry understands that Logistics and SCM is the backbone of any manufacturing and production-based industry. Especially, after the implementation of GST, EWAY bill and major improvements in the Highway network, companies like Tatkalorry will be crucial in achieving the GDP target. Tatkalorry ensures that the ceramic industry in the State of Gujarat and India metamorphosizes into a sustainable and economically viable industry. They pay attention to the welfare of our workers, truck operators and other vulnerable stakeholders who in turn form the backbone of manufacturing units who contribute to the GDP.

“Tatkalorry has been consistently innovating in terms of its services such as the introduction of part-load and implementing extra shock absorbing inner lining in their vehicles to reduce breakage. The company is planning to commission a state-of-the-art travel hub where the working conditions of their truck operators and workers will be humanized including boarding and lodging.  The company puts the highest regard for the interest of vulnerable workgroups”, added Ms. Nikita.

Furthermore, with its unique franchise model, Tatkalorry encourages the entrepreneurial spirited people to begin their business as an agent of the company with a minimum investment of 5-7 lakhs (INR) only, who not only can grow their business multiple folds but will generate employment as well. Tatkalorry has revolutionized the consumption patterns in the industry. With its part-loading services, stalwarts like Somany Tiles, RAK, Nexion, Kajaria, Lioli, Quotone, Jhonson, AGL, Motto and 600 other companies have reposed their faith upon Tatkalorry for their consumer supply chain management.


About Company:

Tatkalorry specializes in the movement of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary. The company is headed by a 26-year-old girl Nikita Maheshwari, who manages a sales and business partner team of 350+ (direct indirect stakeholders). Her board is an average of 35 years old and the company serves almost 2500 customers across the country on every level, their billing ranges from(INR) 1000 to 1,00,000 (INR), the company simplifies deliveries and serve all. In a mere time span of 3 years, it has churned a business of almost 12 crores. The company aims to become 100 crores top line in the next three years by reaching 40 mega cities, generate 10 folds more employment and move to other fragile products of building and construction material.

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CocoHigh: Spreading Happiness one Tin at a Time

Surat, Gujarat (Newswire India):Coco High, a brand of Erocare group, commenced its #CelebrateFriendshipcampaign by distributing their product at various NGOs. The company has launched this campaign with an aim to spread happiness and create unique bond of friendship among people over a tin of Coco High.

With its core belief to give back to the society, CocoHigh conceptualized this campaign and reached out to 3 Old Age Homes and 2 Orphanages. People at Old Age Homes and Orphanages often go through pangs of loneliness. It is at such places, that one discovers true friendship. By spreading happiness and joy among these people, CocoHigh aims to create a lasting bond between the inhabitants as well as the product. More than 700 tins of CocoHigh were distributed among these 5 organizations.

India is known for its values and culture. Our culture has always stressed on helping others. Our values encourage us to engage in simple acts of kindness. Surat based CocoHigh has time and again not only conceptualized but also spearheaded such cause that encourage people to spread kindness and happiness all around.

Elaborating on the campaign, Mr. Veekas Champalal Doshi, MD Erocare Industries, said “We firmly believe that an organization’s growth can be considered success if the people of the organization and society grow with it. CocoHigh, being a socially responsible company, strives to strike a balance between brand growth and social duties. With this campaign we want to send out a message that a little care, a little love and a little kindness can make a difference to someone. What could be better than making a stranger Smile?”

The distribution of tins took place at Shree Maheshwari Old Age Home, Mahajan AnathBal Ashram, Katargam, Shantiniketan Vrudhashram, VJM Balashram and Samvedna Orphanage.

CocoHigh is a premium melted chocolate beverage having the richest chocolate flavor which is a satisfying outcome for chocolate lovers. CocoHighis a premium melted chocolate beverage having the richest chocolate flavor and products such as Coco, Cocoa, Coco drink, Café Mocha, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Swiss Chocolate, White Chocolate, Cool Coco, Milk Chocolate, which are very famous among chocolate lovers.

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Mobil strengthens its presence on Amazon.in and Flipkart

Mobil, the popular lubricants brand,has made its best in class products available on India’s largest online stores- Amazon.in and Flipkart.

In recent times, online shopping has gained a lot of popularity in India as customers look for more choice and greater convenience. With the aim of catering to such digitally savvy customers, Mobil has madeits top-selling range of motorcycleandcar engine oils reachable and available for customers right at their fingertips. The range also includes Mobil 1–  one of the global market-leading synthetic engine oils.

About Mobil 1

In 1974, Mobil 1 became the first globally available synthetic automotive engine oil. For over four decades, Mobil 1 has beenthe world leader in synthetic motor oils with an outstanding heritage that supports both current products and new product developments. Mobil 1 is one of the most recommended engine oils by renownedautomotive manufacturers, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Aston Martin. As the Mobil 1 range offers an exceptional engine cleaning power mechanism along with better protection at higher temperatures, it is used as a “factory fill” by leading OEMs around the world.

Building on a legacy of technical superiority, quality and experience of over 150 years, globally, ExxonMobilis known to have kept millions of vehicles performing at their best, satisfying the unique requirements of different driving styles and conditions.

Speaking on these collaborations, Rupinder Paintal, Director, Market Development– India, ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd., said, “Customerexperience is of paramount importance to us and we are ready to take this experience up another notch with the launch on India’s leading e-commerce platforms. Nowour customers can buy the best engine oils for their vehicles from the comfort of their homes with just a few clicks. We believe Amazon.in and Flipkart are great selling platforms for us as they reach customers across India- thereby making Mobil’s products nationwideaccessible.”

The available range of products can be looked onAmazon.in and Flipkart.

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India’s best/top-selling woman author Savi Sharma unveils her latest book ‘Stories We Never Tell’ at Surat

Surat (Newswire India):  There are stories we never talk about. For the simple reason being that they hurt too much or no one wants to listen to them. Weaving in a beautiful collection of some of those inspirational reads, Savi Sharma, the famed and highest-selling fiction woman author, unveiled her latest book, “Stories We Never Tell’, at Surat. Gracing the launch event will be the renowned best-selling author Ashish Bagrecha, who would also engage in an interesting Tete-e-Tete with the author. Published by Westland Publications (an Amazon company), the book is an inspirational romance, that revolves around two people who struggle with mental health issues.

The colloquial event witnessed a relatable and engrossing conversation between Savi Sharma and her life partner Ashish Bagrecha, where they both exchanged views on the thought behind the book, and how it not only deals with mental health issues (something that is much talked about today), but also the pressures that young people put on themselves. Further delving into the conversation, they talk about the emotional connect of the two characters in the book- Jhanvi and Ashray. The book ‘Stories We Never Tell’ is a ‘story of hope, light and recovery’.

Expressing her delight at the launch of her third novel, Savi Sharma said, “I never thought I would be able to write a book likeStories We Never Tell’. For me, this book is completely different from my previous books and is a very important story in today’s time. It is based on such hidden secrets in every individual’s life which they are scared to share or think about. The characters are layered and complex, the storyline is dark and destructive and the journey is heart-breaking yet inspiring. I really want my readers to read this book and hope they will like it.”

Savi is one of India’s highest-selling female authors with over 6 lakh copies of all her books sold till date. An active social media geek, she has almost 140k Instagram followers and over 7.5 lacs followers on various social media platforms. 

Readers worldwide can purchase their copy of Stories We Never Tell at Amazon.in.

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Dr. R Ananthanarayanan appointed as the new CEO & Managing Director of Strides

Ahmedabad (Newswire India) –Strides Pharma Science Limited (Strides) today announced that the Board of Directors (Board) of the Company have appointed Dr. R Ananthanarayanan as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of Strides effective January 09, 2020.

Dr. R Ananthanarayanan (Ananth) will succeed Arun Kumar, Founder, and the incumbent CEO &MD of the Company. Arun will transition his active responsibilities at Strides by the financial year ending March 31,2020, and will step into a strategic role as Chairman of the Board with effect from April 01, 2020.

Ananth brings with him over three decades of top pedigree global pharmaceutical experience across both the technical and commercial functions. Until recently, Ananth was the Global Chief Operating Officer at Cipla Limited, where he was responsible for the company’s generics business in regulated markets and branded generics in emerging markets. He was also driving their API business, biosimilars, complex drug-device combinations, including 505(b)(2) products.

Prior to Cipla, Ananth was the President & CEO ofGlobal APIs, Biologics, &Medis Generics B2B division at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd in the US,managing multi-billion P&L responsibility.He has also held leadership roles at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Piramal Healthcare (Formerly Nicholas Piramal), Galpharm International, UK (Acquired by Perrigo Group), and Zydus Cadila.

Ananth is a Graduate in Pharmaceutical Sciences and earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Mumbai, India. He hasalso been a member of the Board of Advisors at the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey.

Ananth’s appointment at Strides comes at the time when the company has concluded its reset strategy to drive profitable future growth on the back of a stronger balance sheet. The Board strongly believes that Ananth’s exceptional global techno-commercial experience and leadership stature in managing the P&Ls of large global pharmaceutical companies will multiply the company’s commitment to creating perpetual value for all its stakeholders.

Expressing confidence in the Board’s choice , Arun Kumar, remarked, “Having founded Strides and led the company for close to 30 years, I believe the time is right for me to step aside and have Ananth lead it to greater heights. Ananth brings in the right balance of technical and commercial expertise, and I am confident that Strides will significantly benefit from his leadership experience, industry perspective, technical knowledge, and business acumen. As he takes on the mantle of Strides, I will now move to a more strategic role as the Chairman of the Board and will dedicate time to Strides’ newly announced investments in Biotech and sterile injectables.” 

Dr. R Ananthanarayanan,the new CEO & MD of Strides, commented, “It’s my privilege and honor to take over as the CEO &MD of Strides, and I would like to appreciate the confidence reposed in me by Arun and the Board. These are exciting times for Strides, and I look forward to partner with all the global colleagues to ensure successful realization of the Stridesstrategic objectives while ensuring that we consistently deliver quality medicines to all our patients globally.”


SBM Bank (India) & Pay Nearby sign up to offer ‘open banking’ to the masses

Ahmedabad (Newswire India): SBM Bank (India) – the first bank to receive banking licence in India through wholly owned subsidiary route, announced a tie up with PayNearby, India’s largest hyperlocal fintech start up. Both firms signed a Memorandum of Understanding to build an “open banking” network towards delivering basic banking solutions as well as advanced financial services, to their customers.

The partnership would enable the Bank to offer complete suite of digital and assisted banking solutions through PayNearby’s exhaustive network of micro-enterprise and retail touchpoints. Besides a win-win for the partners; the alliance will not only empower the underbanked and unbanked segments; but also enable the micro-enterprise and retail touchpoints to earn better returns on their investments. The deployment of the banking module will be done in a phased manner and will work seamlessly with the existing platforms at PayNearby outlets and touchpoints.

Both companies are focused to build open modular architecture-led platforms, that can support plug and play APIs, ensuring highly customized environments which can expand using respective partnership approach.

Commenting on the partnership, Sidharth Rath, MD & CEO, SBM Bank (India), said, “At SBM Bank, banking has become an on-demand experience for the new age customers. Branch locations, banking hours or normal waiting time – these concepts are fast eroding. We, being a new bank, have set sights on offering a seamless experience, comprising of taking the bank to where customers prefer to be. Our partnership with Nearby Technologies is built on a commitment to facilitate financial empowerment among underbanked and unbanked segments – through the wide network comprising of the MSMEs and retail outlets. Together, we will not only make secured, digital and assisted banking accessible to these entities but also add value in their economic growth. These entities are the backbone of the Indian economy and reaching them directly with the value drivers will trigger a visible positive impact and reduce inefficiency in their economic chain.”

PayNearby is the largest agent banking platform from Nearby Technologies – built to educate, engage and push wide range of fintech services, including basic banking facilities like account opening to more advance options like the latest ecommerce experience, the latest payment technology, including UPI, P2P payments and many more. The technology platform connects consumers via local retailers and micro enterprises, to the solution providers – thereby not only expanding their offerings, but also improving their financial viability and reach. The network of PayNearby retailers, spans across 16,700+ PIN codes in the country.

Commenting on this, Anand Kumar Bajaj, MD & CEO, PayNearby remarked, “We will have more than 20 lakh new age retail partners on ground, who will be sourced in a phased manner. They will be the first touch point to onboard customers and serve as the founding stone for the neo-banking initiative. The multi-modular, scalable architecture will allow us to easily plug and play different partner APIs and create an ecosystem where in addition to banking facilities, we are also able to offer value added services based on consumer interest. From 9 Crore customers to 50 Crore beneficiaries, we believethrough our distribution strength and the banking solutions from SBM Bank, we can together realize the dream of bridging the digital gap and making essential services available for all. PayNearbywill transition India from assisted service to self-service nation by upgrading and reskilling our partners. We are geared to actualize this goal through our trained, tooled and tested retail partners on ground. The measure of success comes from enabling customers with what they want at a time, place or mode of their choice.”

In a research conducted by Nearby Technologies, it has been observed that consumers of all genres have shown their preference for simple to use banking interfaces and are willing to adapt to new technology and services if presented accordingly. Upgrading cash into digital currency will bring about large-scale adoption of commercial digital products in this country.

Adding his views, Neeraj Sinha, Head, Consumer & Retail Banking,SBM Bank (India) said, “We believe a new age banking experience is built on empowering and partnering with best-in-class players who can help us solve key challenges, in our pursuit to take a superior banking experience across key markets. We are elated to partner with Nearby Technologies – a new age fintech company and together, we shall take a superior and customized banking experience to the people who need it the most.”

PayNearby, powered by SBM Bank (India) will offer all the banking solutions – ranging from account opening, banking transactions, final product sales, AEPS. Also, all payment transactions and relationship management can be executed at the outlets using the digital app or through assisted banking feature.

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Mahindra First Choice Wheels inaugurates two new authorized dealerships in Surat

Surat (Newswire India): Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. (MFCWL), India’s No. 1 multi-brand certified used car company, today  added  two  new outlets in Surat, Gujarat to its network. These outlets, Sai Car World (Near Omkar Heights, Opp Maharaja Farm, Simada BRTS road) and Rani Sati Motors (Chandramani Society, Nr. Gayatri Mandir, Opp.Anuvrat Dwar, City Light, Surat) were inaugurated by Hon . Health Minister Gujarat Shree. Kishorbhai Kanani and Shri V.D.Zalavadiya M.L.A. Gujarat, These are the company’s 50th and 51st outlet in Gujarat.

“We are delighted to welcome both Sai Car World as well as Rani Sati Motors to the Mahindra First Choice Wheels family  Gujarat  has great potential for pre owned cars and we  hope to include more dealerships in this ecosystem to create and develop an organized aftermarket” said Mr. V. Janakiraman,CFO, Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. at the inauguration.

“Mahindra First Choice Wheels is a  well known  name in Surat, and  offesr customers with a range of multi brand certified used cars along with a range of other  services like easy car finance, comprehensive warranty products and assistance in transfer of documents. We believe in having a strong business capability to challenge the existing competitors.” said by Mr Ketan Malaviya, Managing Director of Sai Car World  

“The used car market in Surat has been growing over the years and this partnership will help us to further expand our business through  comprehensive products and technology enabled solutions offered by Mahindra First Choice. This association will also help us solve challenges we face in our day to day opertaions.” said Mr Dilip Tibrewal, Director of Rani Sati Motors 

Over the  years, Mahindra First Choice Wheels has not only emerged as India’s leading used car company but has also contributed to the creation of a used car ecosystem by bridging wholesale and retail channels while leveraging physical and online infrastructure.The company is driven by its mission to transform the way used cars are retailed and has introduced several innovations along the way.The company has received an excellent response from C&D category towns as well.

The list of innovations include developing a unique franchisee based business model, selling certified multi-brand used cars under warranty and offering the most comprehensive warranty product available on used cars in the country.

MFCWL has also developed a variety of industry first products which use technology to ease used vehicle operations. The company has recently launched innovative products which are smart, simple, standalone tools that solve many challenges for every kind of stakeholder including consumers, dealers, financiers, leasing companies and manufacturers.

In short, buying a used car from Mahindra First Choice offers several advantages, including quality assurance, safety and a hassle-free driving experience. To give complete peace of mind to the used car buyer, the company has Warranty products like WARRANTYFIRST, CERTIFIRST and CERTIFIRST+.

Subject to specific terms and conditions, WARRANTYFIRST provides Warranty for all the major mechanical and electrical components of the car. The concerned components are covered for a period of 12 months or 15,000 km, whichever is earlier. The CERTIFIRST Warranty covers the car’s Engine and Transmission for a period of 6 months or 7,500 Km, whichever is earlier while CERTIFIRST+ covers for a period of 12 months or 15000 kms, whichever is earlier.

The Warranty products come with the facility of 24X7 Roadside Assistance across the country. The 24×7 Roadside Assistance, subject to specific terms and conditions, assures the certified used car buyer that should the car breakdown, he will be provided assistance.

The Warranty product gives tremendous peace of mind to buyers of certified used cars. Mahindra First Choice has a website – www.mahindrafirstchoice.com – which provides complete assistance to customers wishing to buy or sell a car. Mahindra First Choice also has retail finance relationships with major banks like Mahindra Finance, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra and ICICI Bank for helping consumers buy their dream cars through loans.

The used car market in India is expected to reach between 6.7mn/year to 7.2mn cars/year by FY22.The current slowdown notwithstanding, it is expected that the used car market will become almost double the size of the new car market in the next 5 years.